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Sale Record Number Unverified Common Address Date of Sale Mortgagor(s) Type of Sale
16100463820 46th Ave S, Minneapolis10/24/2016Michael A Fusaro, Mortgage
161004711627 Elmwood Ave N, Champlin10/24/2016Ruben Aponte, Cecelia D AponteMortgage
16100483817 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis10/25/2016Deborah Hyatt, Mortgage
16100494832 4th Ave S, Minneapolis10/25/2016Magnolia Whitson, Mortgage
1610050709 27th Ave N E, Minneapolis10/25/2016Dorothy I Birr, Mortgage
161005215716 27th Ave N, Plymouth10/26/2016John Theobald, Karen TheobaldMortgage
16100547941 Idaho Circle N, Minneapolis10/26/2016Mone Thammavongsa, Chnhfot Thammavongsa & Sysomphone L ThammavongsaMortgage
16100552921 Troy La N, Plymouth10/26/2016Brett R Carlson, Lisa L CarlsonMortgage
16100571430 Hillsboro Ave S, St. Louis Park10/28/2016Doness E Weiner, Mortgage
16100589201 Merrimac La N, Maple Grove10/28/2016Donna G Nylin, Mortgage
16100597700 Vincent Ave S, Richfield10/28/2016Margaret C Lew, Mortgage
161006010340 Nathan La N, Maple Grove10/31/2016Calvin R Bean, Lisa A BeanMortgage
16110019332 Overlook Tr, Eden Prairie11/2/2016Susan L Elling, Mortgage
16110023701 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis11/2/2016Michelle L Fischer, Mortgage
16110033223 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis11/2/2016Rita M Holmes, Mortgage
16110042120 Black Oaks La N, Minneapolis11/2/2016JoAnna K Samuels, John RenneMortgage
16110055221 Kings Cir N, Brooklyn Park11/2/2016Teresita Aguilar Becerra, Mortgage
16110069540 Penn Cir, Bloomington11/2/2016Deverne Danburg, Mortgage
16110076848 Hallmark Dr, Eden Prairie11/2/2016Leslie P Henstein, Heidi L HensteinMortgage
161100810311 Cedar Lake Rd #201, Minnetonka11/4/2016Bonnie L LaBeau, Association
16110108001 Wesley Dr, Golden Valley11/4/2016Anna Hyde, Mortgage
1611011333 8th St S E #204, Minneapolis11/4/2016Nicholas Halverson, Jeanine M HalversonMortgage
16110128939 Kirkwood Cir N, Maple Grove11/4/2016Malinda Ortiz, Mortgage
16110135100 Xerxes Ave N, Minneapolis11/4/2016Iola Williams, Mortgage
16110145004 Jennings Rd, Mound11/7/2016Frank Breyette, Mortgage
16110158948 Neill Lake Rd #151, Eden Prairie11/7/2016Sandra F Hinton, Mortgage
16110163558 Stinson Blvd, Minneapolis11/7/2016Roxane G Lind, Mortgage
1611017653 Fillmore St N E, Minneapolis11/7/2016Alissa Borrink, Mortgage
161101821648 Evergreen Tr, Rogers11/7/2016Robin K Tokar, Mortgage
16110194087 Sunset Tr N, Minneapolis11/7/2016Martha K Nuah, Josiah B NuahMortgage
16110213345 Library La, St. Louis Park11/8/2016Cindy A Whitney, Mortgage
16110221523 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis11/8/2016Chris Lein, Mortgage
16110238450 Adair Ct N, Brooklyn Park11/9/2016Stacey A Lumley aka Stacy A Lumley, Mortgage
16110243988 Games Dr, Minnetrista11/9/2016Luis A Araiza, Rosa AraizaAssessment
1611025100 2nd St N E #A310, Minneapolis11/9/2016Andrew L Robinson Jr, Mortgage
16110264054 Pillsbury Ave S, Minneapolis11/9/2016Thomas A Staael, Mortgage
16110278033 Xenia Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/10/2016Harold Maniffa, Mortgage
16110294032 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis11/10/2016Marva L Overton, Mortgage
16110304038 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis11/10/2016Dorothy Hamer, Mortgage
161103110981 106th Ave N, Maple Grove11/10/2016Chad A Dudinsky, Mortgage
161103216461 Ellerdale La, Eden Prairie11/14/2016Daniel D Stensgaard, Assessment
16110334053 44th Ave S, Minneapolis11/14/2016Maricia K Gibbs, Mortgage
161103414200 46th Pl N, Plymouth11/14/2016Shilina Cheng, Simon M ChengMortgage
16110356618 Park Ave S, Richfield11/14/2016Ryan Popehn, Jessica Popehn FKA Jessica LaValleeMortgage
16110368865 Peony La N, Maple Grove11/14/2016Mark s Erlandson, Kimberly C ErlandsonMortgage
16110372646 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis11/14/2016Lavaughn R Rachey, Frederick A RacheyMortgage
1611038233 Althea La, Hopkins11/14/2016Robin C Mariska, Mortgage
16110394521 Rosewood La N, Plymouth11/14/2016Kenneth R Hasse, Mortgage
161104015141 Patricia Ct, Eden Prairie11/15/2016Jerome Gardner, Deborah GardnerMortgage
16110413350 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis11/15/2016Kristina M Riley, Jeffrey S RileyMortgage
161104211147 Virginia Ave N, Champlin11/15/2016Sharon L Lane, Mortgage
16110436601 44th Ave N, Crystal11/15/2016Cynthia A Hentges, Mortgage
16110444341 33rd Ave S, Minneapolis11/15/2016Jeremy T Carvell, Mortgage
16110454064 Decatur Ave N, New Hope11/15/2016Rober M Wacholtz, Sharon K WacholtzMortgage
16110467447 Franklin Ave W, St. Louis Park11/15/2016Patricia L Wilson, Mortgage
16110473740 25th Ave S, Minneapolis11/15/2016Jesse Lee, Gabriele LeeMortgage
161104815660 Diamond Lake Rd N, Dayton11/16/2016Christine D Wollersheim, Mortgage
16110492019 Taylor St N E, Minneapolis11/16/2016Ann M Roubik, Mortgage
1611050807 74 1/2 Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/16/2016Jeffrey Anderson, Mortgage
161105116005 37th Ave N, Plymouth11/16/2016Jules L Fisher, Jeanne FisherMortgage
16110523122 Buchanan ST N E, Minneapolis11/17/2016Diane L Herrick, Mortgage
16110531806 44th Ave N, Minneapolis11/18/2016Saul Meza, Mortgage
1611054401 2nd St N #323, Minneapolis11/18/2016William Boldenow, Timothy G MackerethMortgage
16110555426 Zealand Ave N, New Hope11/18/2016Emilia J Martschinske, Mortgage
1611056921 7th St S #4, Hopkins11/18/2016Meghan R O'Brien, Mortgage
1611057739 2nd St N E, Hopkins11/21/2016Bonnie Levy, Mortgage
16110583718 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis11/21/2016Carey K Amsler, Mortgage
16110594110 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis11/21/2016Michael A Little, LaJune M LittleMortgage
16110603100 Manor Dr, Golden Valley11/21/2016Hallie B Hendrieth-Smith, Noah S SmithMortgage
16110614359 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis11/21/2016Andra Suchy a/k/a Andra L Suchy-Pierzina, Andrew J PierzinaMortgage
16110621920 1st St S #505, Minneapolis11/22/2016Emily E Van Kampen, Assessment
1611063821 Douglas Ave S #303, Minneapolis11/22/2016Fabrice N Ouandji, Assessment
1611064250 Park Ave #310, Minneapolis11/22/2016Marc Filister, Assessment
16110657317 Cartisian Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/22/2016Susan E Emond, Mortgage
16110663946 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis11/22/2016Iris J Morales Perez, Mortgage
16110672913 4th St N, Minneapolis11/22/2016Janet Jacox, Mortgage
16110683110 Colorado Ave S, St. Louis Park11/22/2016Christopher A Claus, Mortgage
16110697708 Newton Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/22/2016Bradley A Gangnon, Mortgage
16110705537 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis11/22/2016David W Kosmas, Mortgage
16110714150 Dight Ave #107, Minneapolis11/23/2016James E Springer, II, Mortgage
161107213880 Dayton River Rd, Dayton11/28/2016Chris L Archambo, Monica R ArchamboMortgage
161107310115 Florida Cir N, Brooklyn Park11/28/2016Kimberly A Schuck, Mortgage
16110746615 Lake Shore Dr #1016, Richfield11/28/2016Adelle C Anderson, Arthur A AndersonMortgage
16110752732 York Ave N, Robbinsdale11/28/2016Heidi J Baroun, Mortgage
16110774415 38th St E, Minneapolis11/29/2016Frank S Rudnik, Mortgage
16110789024 44th Cir N, New Hope11/29/2016Christina L Brown, Mortgage
16110799818 Troy La N, Maple Grove11/29/2016Brendan Donohue, Mortgage
16110803452 Major Ave N, Crystal11/29/2016Donald A Hastings, Susan S HastingsMortgage
16110816625 Wyoming Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/29/2016Eric J Aydt, Jennifer N AydtMortgage
16110825120 Columbus Ave S, Minneapolis11/29/2016Faith J Moselle, as surviving joint tenants, Mortgage
16110833532 32nd Ave S, Minneapolis11/30/2016Anna A Wickoren, Benton Watson f/k/a Jennifer A WatsonMortgage
16110841506 71st Ave N, Brooklyn Center11/30/2016Muyinat M Awonuga, Mortgage
16110855980 Chasewood Pkwy #102, Minnetonka11/30/2016Kathryn N Anderson, Mortgage
16110865415 32nd Ave S, Minneapolis11/30/2016Vera L Moriarty, Therese A MoriartyMortgage
16120013511 Johnson St N E, Minneapolis12/1/2016Janelle B Ross, Maria BuliczMortgage
161200211110 Washburn Ave S, Bloomington12/1/2016Viona D Harrison, Mortgage
16120037576 Carnelian La, Eden Prairie12/1/2016Mariola Minta, Mortgage
16120048811 Knollwood Dr, Eden Prairie12/1/2016Douglas Shevlin, Latasha ShevlinMortgage
161200613130 55th Pl N, Plymouth12/2/2016James M Gaudette Jr, Mortgage
16120071524 Independence Ave N, Golden Valley12/2/2016Robert F Bruckbauer, Cindy A BruckbauerMortgage
16120082200 38th St E, Minneapolis12/2/2016Hermilo Villaldama, Francisco Santiago & Alba VillaldamaMortgage
1612009535 Virginia Ave, Long Lake12/2/2016Keith D Miller, Mortgage
16120102735 Kirkwood La N, Plymouth12/2/2016Stacy M Maxwell, Mortgage
16120119373 Tewsbury Gate N, Maple Grove12/5/2016Valerie M.N. Fotso, Eugene FotsoMortgage
16120129505 Hartford Cir, Eden Prairie12/5/2016Byron A Nesheim, Mortgage
16120136012 Creekview La N, Brooklyn Park12/5/2016Hallie B Hendrieth-Smith, Noah S SmithMortgage
16120144117 Elliot Ave S, Minneapolis12/5/2016Walter A Wilson, Mortgage
1612017173 Peninsula Rd, Medicine Lake12/8/2016Geraldine E Berkholz, Mortgage
16120185909 Decatur Ave N, New Hope12/8/2016Lela M Jones, Mortgage
16120196013 West Broadway #303, New Hope12/9/2016Richard T Beaulieu, Association
16120205011 Vera Cruz Ave N, Crystal12/9/2016Debra L Burke, Mortgage
1612021244 18th Ave N, Hopkins12/9/2016Maria T Wojciechowski, Mortgage
16120223301 Zane Ave N, Crystal12/9/2016Henry R Remigio, Maria HilarioMortgage
1612023144 Norman Ridge Dr, Bloomington12/9/2016Barry C Tanner, Mortgage
161202410558 Russell Ave S, Bloomington12/9/2016Charles W Lamb, Mortgage
161202517036 Candlewood Pkwy, Eden Prairie12/13/2016John S Brumback, Clare A BrumbackMortgage
161202612720 Pioneer Rd, Minnetonka12/13/2016Mark C Schillinger, Laura M SchillingerMortgage
16120275644 Vera Cruz Ave N, Crystal12/13/2016Ricardo E Batres, Yesenia B BatresMortgage
16120283924 58th St W, Edina12/14/2016Paul A Egtvedt, Heather L Wittstruck-EgtvedtMortgage
16120292111 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis12/14/2016Theodore Wooten, Tanya D WootenMortgage
16120308625 Stevens Ave S, Bloomington12/14/2016Katrina L Morgan, Jeffrey K MorganMortgage
16120315929 Drew Avenue S, Edina12/14/2016Carol L Berg, Mortgage
16120322141 Tamarin Tr, Golden Valley12/14/2016Anne P Winter, Assessment
161203310500 Bloomington Freeway, Bloomington12/15/2016Sirad W Osman, Assessment
16120341800 LaSalle Ave #103, Minneapolis12/16/2016Carissa Keeler, Association
161203510203 Kingman La, Minnetonka12/16/2016John D Nordwell, Gwendolyn I NordwellMortgage
1612036910 Ithaca La N, Plymouth12/16/2016Matthew D Hill, Kimberly A Gruby-HillMortgage
16120373404 98th Cir N, Brooklyn Park12/16/2016Carlos Andrades, Timonil D AndradesMortgage
16120387094 Queensland La N, Maple Grove12/19/2016Ebizimo Nagberi, Jessica HarstadMortgage
16120393824 Welcome Ave N, Crystal12/19/2016Scott J Oppegard, Heidi R OppegardMortgage
16120403247 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis12/20/2016Erin M Maloney, Mortgage
16120445134 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis12/20/2016Francis B Jackson, Annie L JacksonMortgage
16120455629 Pompano Dr, Minnetonka12/20/2016Cliff Fleischmann Jr, Mortgage
16120466407 46th Pl N, Crystal12/20/2016Bryan Sean Judge, Theresa L JudgeMortgage
16120477426 Aldrich Ct N, Brooklyn Park12/20/2016Tamika R White, Julian B WhiteMortgage
161204810495 Dupont Rd, Bloomington12/21/2016Sirad W Osman, Assessment
16120491832 33rd St E, Minneapolis12/22/2016Alex Everest, Mortgage
161205014980 Ridge Rd, Eden Prairie12/22/2016Kristi A Olson, Dean R OlsonMortgage
16120513136 Longfellow Ave S, Minneapolis12/28/2016Jennifer A Hanson, Ananda BatesMortgage
16120526440 83rd Ct N, Brooklyn Park12/30/2016Bernhard A George, Darlene M GeorgeAssociation
16120536000 Duluth La, Golden Valley12/30/2016Gregg W Prest, Karen A PrestMortgage
17010012465 Co Rd 92 N, Independence1/3/2017John D Latterelle, Ann M LatterelleMortgage
17010025409 Nokomis Ave S, Minneapolis1/3/2017Jeffrey S Kiehl, Stacy L KiehlMortgage
170100321601 Linden Way, Rogers1/3/2017Michele R Wing, Mortgage
17010045756 Yates Ave N, Crystal1/3/2017Timothy Hoppe, Katherine A KnutsonMortgage
17010054818 Overlook Lake Cir, Bloomington1/4/2017Fariba Parniani, Mortgage
170100620137 Co Rd 50, Corcoran1/4/2017Heidi A Shawd, Mortgage
17010073244 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis1/5/2017Rumaldo Ramirez, Susana Quintero CuateMortgage
17010082325 Troy La N, Plymouth1/5/2017Lisa M Low, Jay LowMortgage
1701009401 1st St S #1617, Minneapolis1/6/2017Thomas P Rode, Mortgage
17010103315 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis1/6/2017Marcia L Pelham, Mortgage
17010112220 35th St E, Minneapolis1/6/2017Ronald D Snell, Mortgage
17010125808 Schaefer Rd, Edina1/9/2017Richard Fischer, Mortgage
17010132848 Kentucky Ave S, St. Louis Park1/9/2017Sheri A Gerhardson, Mortgage
17010145834 Aldrich Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/9/2017Paul Scully, Mortgage
17010159760 Troy La N, Maple Grove1/9/2017Michael J Rundell, Kate A RundellMortgage
17010164100 Parklawn Ave #216, Edina1/9/2017Sharon De Mott Fischer, Mortgage
170101715198 Shadow Creek Rd, Maple Grove1/9/2017John R Risbrudt, Nora M RisbrudtMortgage
17010184619 Brunswick Ave N, Crystal1/10/2017Cheryl L Benkofske, Loran D BenkofskeMortgage
170101911269 98th Ave N, Maple Grove1/10/2017Danica A Burr, Joseph R GruhlkeMortgage
170102014663 Queens Tr, Eden Prairie1/10/2017Robert C Matzen, Jacqueline P MatzenMortgage
17010212735 Marshall St N E, Minneapolis1/10/2017Ann M Haney, Mortgage
17010222921 40th Ave S, Minneapolis1/10/2017Joe R Seely, Mortgage
17010248408 122nd Ave N, Champlin1/11/2017Dustin J Stenglein, Stacie L StengleinMortgage
17010254046 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis1/11/2017Shedrich I Greene Jr, Mortgage
17010265632 Brunswick Ave N, Crystal1/11/2017Todd E Fryar, Kimberly R FryarMortgage
170102711517 Carriage Ct, Eden Prairie1/12/2017Steve A Johnson, Mortgage
17010285227 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis1/13/2017Pamela A McCrea, Association
17010291301 50th Ave N, Minneapolis1/13/2017Fred Bennett, Candra BennettAssociation
17010305209 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis1/13/2017Mohamed A Ahmed, Safiyo O AliAssociation
17010319586 Polaris La N, Maple Grove1/13/2017Jon N Jensen, Mortgage
17010325135 Belmont Ave, Minneapolis1/13/2017Scott A Bettin, Teresa E Gerdes BettinMortgage
17010332701 Dean Pkwy, Minneapolis1/13/2017Bonnie M Fleming, Mortgage
17010342040 Archer La N, Plymouth1/13/2017Georgene V Connelly FKA Georgene V Spencer, Michael D ConnellyJudgment
170103510384 Quaker La N, Maple Grove1/17/2017John Willett, Mortgage
17010361126 Independence La N, Champlin1/18/2017Scott A Vadman, Joseph B Vadman JrMortgage
1701037205 17th Ave N, Hopkins1/18/2017Jacob R Barber, Alissa M Barber a/k/a Alissa M NordinMortgage
170103822450 128th Ave N, Rogers1/18/2017Jason M Armstrong, Mortgage
17010393232 Columbus Ave, Minneapolis1/18/2017Jeane Tinsley, Mortgage
17010403555 34th Ave S, Minneapolis1/19/2017Steve O Giron, Mortgage
170104116461 Ellerdale La, Eden Prairie1/20/2017Daniel D Stensgaard, Mortgage
17010421008 76th Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/20/2017Rolley R Hull III, Therese A HullMortgage
17010434362 Halifax Ave N, Robbinsdale1/20/2017Jeanne M Miller, Mortgage
17010443343 Edinbrook Ct N, Brooklyn Park1/20/2017Tanya M McElroy, Derrick C McElroyMortgage
17010453415 High La, Long Lake1/23/2017Richard G Marklund, Nina E Guertin-Marklund a/k/a Nina GuertinMortgage
170104613530 McGinty Rd E, Minnetonka1/23/2017Gerald O Beth, Mortgage
17010472601 Fillmore St N E, Minneapolis1/24/2017Dawn M Dresch fka Dawn M Drewelow, Jerome D DreschMortgage
17010488579 Cortland Rd, Eden Prairie1/24/2017Amy J Mork, Mortgage
17010492635 Pilgrim La N, Plymouth1/25/2017Valeriy P Partyka, Vera PartykaMortgage
17010503310 Zinran Ave S, St. Louis Park1/25/2017Kyle P McNary, Erica D McNaryMortgage
17010518936 Neill Lake Rd #121A, Eden Prairie1/25/2017Denise Olsen, Assessment
17010535590 Timber La, Shorewood1/26/2017Jason Houtman, Brooke WoitallaMortgage
17010549512 Vera Cruz La N, Brooklyn Park1/27/2017Kristin K Fanetti, Association
17010551420 104th St W, Bloomington1/27/2017John W Schlagel, Mortgage
17010562720 Rosalyn Ct #202, New Hope1/27/2017Nicole Joyce, Mortgage
17010574017 3rd Avenue S, Minneapolis1/27/2017Gary E Willets, Mortgage
170105810501 Cedar Lake Rd #514, Minnetonka1/30/2017Ruth M Johanson, Mortgage
17010594206 Washburn Ave N, Minneapolis1/30/2017Michael J Hadley, Sarah J HadleyMortgage
17010609826 Alvarado La N #5003, Maple Grove1/30/2017Kelli L Jordan, Calvin W Durdahl JrMortgage
17010626505 Lancaster La N, Maple Grove1/31/2017Deann S Boyd, Mortgage
17020011635 Kelly Dr, Golden Valley2/1/2017Linda R Carter, Robert K MillsMortgage
17020023751 Louisiana Ave N, New Hope2/2/2017Jeanne M Lawniczak, Mortgage
17020032801 Flag Ave N #116, New Hope2/3/2017Marvin E Anderson, Association
17020041920 1st St S #505, Minneapolis2/3/2017Emily E Van Kampen, Mortgage
170200513250 90th Ave N, Maple Grove2/3/2017Cindy K Karels, Association
17020069088 Neill Lake Rd, Eden Prairie2/3/2017Steven P Meyer, Mortgage
17020078785 Basswood Rd, Eden Prairie2/6/2017Andrea Trembath, Mortgage
17020085501 44th Ave S, Minneapolis2/6/2017Jennifer T Lane, Mortgage
17020098125 34th Ave N, Crystal2/6/2017Steven J Robertson, Mortgage
17020102122 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis2/6/2017Scottie B Tatum, Mortgage
17020112201 3rd Ave S #201, Minneapolis2/6/2017William S Owen, Mortgage
17020123234 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis2/6/2017Hector O Aguirre, Rejina Palacios-CornejoMortgage
170201311151 Oregon Cir #26, Bloomington2/7/2017Rita J Clark, Mortgage
17020146 St Albans Rd E, Hopkins2/7/2017Martha T Doughty, Mortgage
17020156301 Winnetka Ave N, Brooklyn Park2/8/2017Stephen W Hutton, Donna HuttonMortgage
17020165254 Idaho Ave N, Crystal2/8/2017Sarah J Johnson, Mortgage
17020183542 Grimes Ave N, Robbinsdale2/9/2017Robert E Agan Jr, Geraldine E AganMortgage
17020192736 York Ave N, Robbinsdale2/9/2017Barbara M Thompson, Mortgage
17020203734 Stevens Ave S, Minneapolis2/10/2017Tracy Jackson, Vincent JacksonJudgment
17020215205 Ridge Rd, Edina2/10/2017Nick C Kennedy, Lisa KennedyMortgage
17020225553 1st Ave S, Minneapolis2/10/2017Greg J Wanser, Mortgage
17020232809 29th Ave S, Minneapolis2/10/2017James A Schacht, Mortgage
17020243432 Kyle Ave N, Minneapolis2/10/2017Donna M Lundquist, Mortgage
17020261607 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis2/13/2017Brian M Saxton, Mortgage
170202712545 Tussock Ct, Eden Prairie2/13/2017Michael R Duff, Lindsay W DuffMortgage
17020286375 Vagabond La N, Maple Grove2/13/2017Fawzia Elmtalab, Jabbar ElmtalabMortgage
17020292500 Blaisdell Ave #201, Minneapolis2/13/2017Curtis Rykhus, Mortgage
170203012028 Kentucky Ave N, Champlin2/15/2017Michael R Larson, Sarah J LarsonMortgage
17020315319 Hyland Pl, Bloomington2/15/2017Nancy L McCann, Mortgage
170203224512 Tucker Rd, Rogers2/15/2017Patricia A Bock, Mortgage
170203317710 Creek Ridge Pass, Minnetonka2/16/2017Gregory A Gottsacker, Mortgage
17020349306 1st Ave S, Minneapolis2/17/2017Joseph O Tranby Jr, Mortgage
17020357301 18th Ave S, Richfield2/21/2017Joyce A Pedersen, Mortgage
1702036350 Shelard Pkwy #111, St. Louis Park2/22/2017Gregory A Hegg, Mortgage
170203711905 71st Pl N, Maple Grove2/22/2017Alexis Louricas, Mortgage
170203811439 Entrevaux, Eden Prairie2/22/2017Brett E Bauer, Danelle K BauerMortgage
170203911148 Xavier Ct, Bloomington2/23/2017Cathy L Neslund, Assessment
17020405504 Cahill La, Edina2/23/2017William M Barber, Diane L BarberMortgage
17020413901 52nd Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/24/2017Adrian Dormond, Lynn M DormondMortgage
17020423512 Woodbine La N, Brooklyn Center2/24/2017Todd M O'Connor, Mortgage
17020435120 102nd St W #108, Bloomington2/24/2017Jean A Moran, Assessment
17020445324 Georgia Ave N, Crystal2/27/2017Beverly J Bugos, Mortgage
1702045604 River St, Minneapolis2/27/2017Babu N Aharam, Cris E AharamMortgage
17020463641 35th Ave S, Minneapolis2/27/2017Tammy J Sly, Mortgage
17020473275 Co Rd No 44, Minnetrista2/28/2017Paul M Bardine, Mortgage
170204815198 Shadow Creek Rd N, Maple Grove2/28/2017John R Risbrudt, Nora M RisbrudtMortgage
17020495854 Creek Valley Rd, Edina2/28/2017William M Carlson, Nancy A Nelson & Cheryl NortonMortgage
17030011014 Westbrooke Way #7, Hopkins3/1/2017Diane Tingvold, Mortgage
17030023622 Stevens Ave S, Minneapolis3/1/2017Francis G Bellesen, Grace C BellesenMortgage
1703003425 Sunnyridge La, Minneapolis3/2/2017Hattie M Bonds, Mortgage
17030042189 Shadywood Rd, Orono3/2/2017Thomas Larson, Mortgage
170300516932 81st Pl N, Maple Grove3/3/2017Eric J Judovsky, Mary M JudovskyMortgage
17030061806 Orchard La, Long Lake3/3/2017Lynnette K Christinson, Mortgage
17030072353 James Ave N, Minneapolis3/3/2017Kao Thao, Mortgage
17030086590 Saunders Lake Dr S, Minnetrista3/6/2017Gary J Nygaard, Kerri NygaardMortgage
17030094942 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis3/6/2017Kakuma Kennedy, Mortgage
17030107949 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis3/6/2017David A Canfield, Mortgage
17030113956 21st Ave S, Minneapolis3/7/2017Eric A Jernall, Chelsea T JernallMortgage
170301515236 Lesley La, Eden Prairie3/7/2017Mary Jo Hanson, Mortgage
17030162726 Polk St N E, Minneapolis3/7/2017Robert L Foster, Rosanne J FosterMortgage
17030179415 Penn Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/7/2017Mary Mwah, Roseline ElliottMortgage
17030182953 Taylor St N E, Minneapolis3/7/2017Richard Miller, Desiree MillerMortgage
17030191847 Brookdale Ct N, Brooklyn Park3/8/2017Brian Plantenberg, Sophany PlantenbergMortgage
1703021816 57th Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/10/2017Rickey L Washington, Mortgage
17030223763 Texas Ave S, St. Louis Park3/10/2017Hugo Jukua, Mary L JukuaMortgage
17030234815 Jewel La N #B, Plymouth3/10/2017Guillermo A Maldonado II, Mortgage
17030244138 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis3/10/2017Glenn A Beecher, Nancy R BeecherMortgage
17030257145 Quail Cir, Eden Prairie3/10/2017Charlotte A Gustafson, Gregory D GustafsonMortgage
17030265242 15th Ave S, Minneapolis3/10/2017Peter Caffrey, Mortgage
170302710201 Portland Ave S, Bloomington3/13/2017Gary E Anderson, Dolores M AndersonMortgage
17030289689 Washburn Ave S, Bloomington3/13/2017Thomas E Palmquist, Suzanne M PalmquistMortgage
17030296720 Washburn Ave S, Richfield3/14/2017James L Chambers, Lisa R ChambersMortgage
17030307438 Elliot Ave S, Richfield3/15/2017Andrew N Isanda, Chantell IsandaMortgage
1703031222 25th St W, Minneapolis3/15/2017William H Schrickel, Pamela H NettletonMortgage
17030325217 Phelps Rd, Mound3/16/2017Gayle L Winters, Mortgage
17030332737 Shenandoah La N, Plymouth3/16/2017Joshua Peterson, Charity ThomasMortgage
17030344148 Standish Ave, Minneapolis3/16/2017Robert B Anderson, Barbara J AndersonMortgage
17030354200 Joyce La, Brooklyn Center3/16/2017Lowell D Jansen, Mortgage
17030366824 France Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/17/2017Mark L Lanning, Mortgage
17030375012 Schaefer Rd, Edina3/17/2017Jeffrey B Rich, Amy A RichMortgage
1703038334 Belle Aire Dr, Champlin3/17/2017Peggy L Boyce, Mortgage
17030394131 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis3/17/2017Douglas M Crawford, Mortgage
17030404042 27th Ave S, Minneapolis3/17/2017Grace M Schultze, Mortgage
1703041651 82nd St E, Bloomington3/17/2017Ray I Ellenson, Jodi R EllensonMortgage
1703042911 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis3/17/2017Phyllis D Braxton, Mortgage
17030431905 Lowry Ave N E, Minneapolis3/17/2017Ruby Thomasson, Kent ThomassonMortgage
17030447640 Douglas Dr N, Brooklyn Park3/20/2017Michael E Hoemberg, Pamela J HoembergMortgage
17030452726 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis3/20/2017Shirley A Parker, James ScottMortgage
17030462939 30th Ave S, Minneapolis3/21/2017Delwin A Swanson, Mortgage assumed by Lawrence T Swanson Mortgage
17030473900 Xerxes Ave S, Minneapolis3/21/2017Donald J Knox, Mortgage
17030496199 Sinclair Rd, Mound3/22/2017Wade Scanlon, Mortgage
17030503800 Columbus Ave, Minneapolis3/22/2017David W Johnson, Patricia A JohnsonMortgage
17030513958 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis3/22/2017Suniel S Basant, Ruth A BasantMortgage
170305214511 Woodruff Rd, Wayzata3/22/2017Donald Swanson, Carla Christen-LauranceMortgage
17030532413 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis3/22/2017David A Dahlke, Lynn M DahlkeMortgage
17030546309 Brooklyn Dr, Brooklyn Center3/22/2017Nicole F Stewart, Mortgage
1703055708 1st St N #533, Minneapolis3/23/2017Melissa Sweet, Assessment
17030568740 11th Ave S, Bloomington3/23/2017Timothy Rice, Mortgage
17030573445 1st Ave S, Minneapolis3/23/2017Christopher P Shields, Alyssa K FordMortgage
17030601818 Arthur St N E #4, Minneapolis3/24/2017Melissa L Vu, Mortgage
17030616213 Loch Moor Dr, Edina3/24/2017Barbara S Carriger, James D CarrigerMortgage
170306214240 Starlite Dr, Rogers3/24/2017Roger Boeser, Judith A WrobelMortgage
17030633415 19th Ave S, Minneapolis3/27/2017Dylan Ickler, Mortgage
17030648155 Wentworth Ave S, Bloomington3/27/2017Consuella Evans, Mortgage
17030655806 June Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/27/2017Jeff Bohrer, Sarah W BohrerMortgage
1703066405 10th Ave N, Hopkins3/28/2017Thomas H Mason, Annastasia MasonMortgage
17030673355 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis3/28/2017Kyle C Osvog, Mortgage
17030683816 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis3/29/2017Wayne Espelien, Marlene J EspelienMortgage
17030696828 Merrimac La N, Maple Grove3/29/2017Matthew A Kleine, Assessment
17030713950 Alabama Ave S, St Louis Park3/30/2017Gregory Edwards Jr, Darlene EdwardsMortgage
17030727642 Hampshire Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/31/2017Henrietta S Zeele, Association
17030732209 91st Crescent N, Brooklyn Park3/31/2017Linda M Green, Harold L GreenMortgage
170307410800 Kyle Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/31/2017Samir Flaifel, Mortgage
17040011907 University Ave N E, Minneapolis4/3/2017Jennifer Gasper Damm, Jeffrey DammMortgage
17040021335 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis4/3/2017Pao K Thao, Blia VangMortgage
17040035950 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis4/4/2017Jeffery T Willey, Cynthia M WilleyMortgage
17040043116 Texas Ave S, St. Louis Park4/4/2017Richard C Swedlund, Cynthia C SwedlundMortgage
17040064007 Janet La , Brooklyn Center4/4/2017Joe N Yang, Por G YangMortgage
17040074035 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis4/5/2017Rachael Sommers-Fusaro, Keith W FordeMortgage
170400814256 Chesnut Dr, Eden Prairie4/5/2017Ferial Mehrdadfar, Assessment
17040098700 Queens Gardens, Brooklyn Park4/5/2017Rosalyn Parker, Aaron ParkerMortgage
17040103331 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis4/5/2017Allison J Wittmer, Mortgage
17040119793 Zinnia La N, Maple Grove4/5/2017Annette L Carrington, Mortgage
17040127000 Oliver Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/6/2017Roger M Quast, Joyce A Waalk-QuastMortgage
17040134218 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis4/7/2017Margaret L Jones, Mortgage
17040148250 Yellowstone La N, Maple Grove4/7/2017Donald D Wraa, Deborah J WraaMortgage
17040151380 French Creek Dr, Wayzata4/7/2017John M Palombo, Susan Grant PalomboMortgage
17040166617 43rd Ave N, Crystal4/7/2017Joshua R Hensel, Mortgage
17040172525 Oregon Ave S, St. Louis Park4/7/2017Edward J Webber, Mortgage
17040189273 Queensland La N, Maple Grove4/7/2017John M Mihalchick, Jodi M MihalchickMortgage
17040191216 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis4/10/2017William H Juntunen, Joanne E Gordon f/k/a Joanne E HilaryMortgage
17040202503 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis4/10/2017Tiffany Ospina, Michael OspinaMortgage
17040217709 Major Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/10/2017Joan C Plantenberg-Witzig, Steven L WitzigMortgage
170402211649 Gentilly Rd N, Maple Grove4/12/2017James M Hart, Margaret H HartMortgage
17040237123 Penn Ave S, Richfield4/12/2017Shirley M Brening, Mortgage
170402510211 Cedar Lake Rd #218, Minnetonka4/13/2017Lynnette R Hanson, Assessment
170402610198 Noble Ct N, Brooklyn Park4/13/2017Lyfu Vang, Mortgage
17040275375 Moline Rd, Maple Plain4/13/2017William Abbott, Kimberli AbbottMortgage
17040288176 Zenith Ct, Brooklyn Park4/13/2017Tanya M McElroy, Mortgage
170402912636 Sandy Point Rd, Eden Prairie4/13/2017Kyle C Duncan, Suzanne M DuncanMortgage
17040314073 Gettysburg Ave N, New Hope4/14/2017Daniel R Casserly, Mortgage
17040323335 Xylon Ave S, St. Louis Park4/14/2017Leroy McKelvy, Myrna C Banham-McKelvyMortgage
1704033803 56th Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/14/2017Kristal D Oliva, Luis F DominguezMortgage
17040344101 Parklawn Ave #324, Edina4/17/2017Kathryn N Sorenson, Mortgage
1704035865 Bayside La, Minnetrista4/17/2017Michael M Stulberg, Linda R StulbergMortgage
17040364917 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis4/17/2017Leslie Frazier, Mortgage
17040372082 Sherwood La, Minnetonka4/18/2017Robert P Jeub, Patricia M JeubMortgage
17040386837 Wooddale Ave, Edina4/18/2017Donald Edam, Heather EdamMortgage
17040393406 Woodbine La N, Brooklyn Center4/19/2017Pamela J Oppegard, Mortgage
17040406650 Vernon Ave S #109, Edina4/19/2017John M Thorstad, Mortgage
17040416228 Eagle Lake Dr, Maple Grove4/20/2017Jestine L Schuler, Matthew SchulerMortgage
170404213690 74th Ave N, Maple Grove4/21/2017Jeffrey Lande Jr, Megan BignellAssociation
17040432314 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis4/21/2017James R Iliff, Catherine H IliffMortgage
17040448232 Riverview La N, Brooklyn Park4/21/2017Robert J Dougherty, Carol L DoughertyMortgage
17040451501 American Blvd E #218, Bloomington4/24/2017Daniel E Hansen, Erin A MorganMortgage
17040461210 Landmark Tr N, Hopkins4/24/2017Gary J Nygaard, Kerri L NygaardMortgage
17040473421 4th Ave S, Minneapolis4/24/2017William Matrious, Mortgage
17040484952 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis4/24/2017Tina M Andrews, Mortgage
1704049450 Ford Rd #227, St. Louis Park4/24/2017Corey D Arp, Mortgage
17040502545 Monterey Ave S, St. Louis Park4/24/2017Shayne C Karasov, Mortgage
17040513437 Zane Ave N, Crystal4/24/2017Robert R Russell, Marilyn P RussellMortgage
1704052729 West River Rd, Champlin4/25/2017Robert H Bouten, Laura L BoutenMortgage
17040533701 Westmark Cir, Minnetonka4/25/2017Nick Angeloni, Mortgage
17040541052 80th Ct N, Brooklyn Park4/25/2017Rita A Welu, Mortgage
17040554400 Deering Island, Orono4/25/2017Donald A Driggs a/k/a Donald Driggs, Mortgage
17040565212 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis4/26/2017Dorothy R Marr, Mortgage
170405712621 Otto St, Rogers4/26/2017Teresita M Kent, Mortgage
17040581705 Stevens Ave S #301, Minneapolis4/26/2017Andrew J Geiser, Mortgage
17040594355 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis4/26/2017Nicole Lian, Luke UttingMortgage
17040603264 North Shore Dr, Wayzata4/26/2017Russell A Norum, Terry Norum f/k/a Bachuyet T NorumMortgage
170406116015 Excelsior Blvd, Minnetonka4/26/2017Jeanette D Hinrichs, Donald E HinrichsMortgage
1704062425 36th St E, Minneapolis4/26/2017Rafael Carrillo, Irma LopezMortgage
1704063302 1/2 48th St E, Minneapolis4/26/2017Jeffrey A Whalen, Mortgage
17040643345 Aquila Ave S, St. Louis Park4/28/2017Jill M Anderson, Mortgage
17040654401 Parklawn Ave, Edina4/28/2017Mark E Gmitro, Michael G GmitroMortgage
17040662226 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis4/28/2017William J Eberly, Sadee L EberlyMortgage
17050011 Lake St W #413, Minneapolis5/1/2017Karma Wangchuk, Mortgage
17050029633 Toledo Rd, Bloomington5/1/2017Donn V Grannan, Sue A GrannanMortgage
17050033716 90th Crescent N, Brooklyn Park5/1/2017David Gisvold, Leann Gisvold a/k/a Leann GilmanMortgage
17050044933 56th Pl N, Crystal5/1/2017Michelle M Meyer, Mary L HashagenMortgage
17050057331 Franklin Ave W, Minneapolis5/2/2017David J Waller Jr, Mortgage
17050067124 Idaho Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/2/2017Yeng Yang, Bao YangMortgage
17050074946 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis5/2/2017Glenn L Hughes, Olive E HughesMortgage
170500811015 Tilton Tr S, Rogers5/2/2017LeMae M Rinehart, Mortgage
170500914045 Gadwall La, Rogers5/2/2017Thomas Stirek, Mortgage
17050102233 Country La, Minnetonka5/2/2017Marci L Tiesel, Mortgage
17050115704 27th Ave S, Minneapolis5/2/2017Michael T Riggs, Clare ObertMortgage
17050125238 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis5/2/2017Michael J Staub, Mortgage
17050132800 44th St W #609, Minneapolis5/3/2017Kelsey J Severance f/k/a Kelsey Horner, Matthew M SeveranceMortgage
17050147236 Noble Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/3/2017Jennifer Helmbrecht, Mortgage
17050155981 Rhode Island Ave N, Crystal5/3/2017Marguerite E Delaney, Mortgage
17050165828 France Ave S, Edina5/3/2017Daniel M Drain, Mortgage
17050173517 McKinley St N E, Minneapolis5/3/2017Christine M Skwarek, Kevin E SkwarekMortgage
170501813751 Dorothy Dr, Rogers5/3/2017Lynn Stusse, Mortgage
17050191011 105th St W , Bloomington5/3/2017Andrew L Jackson, Assessment
17050202926 25th St E, Minneapolis5/3/2017Julie M Biel, Mortgage
170502110409 Quail Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/4/2017Deborah Zupke, Mortgage
17050222500 Harriet Ave, Minneapolis5/4/2017Carrol Gatlin, Mortgage
170502413400 60th Pl N #145, Plymouth5/5/2017Kerri L Capeti, Mortgage
17050257211 Portland Ave S, Richfield5/5/2017Ingrid Lund, Mortgage
17050262261 Wildwood Cir, Minnetonka5/5/2017Lois H Nelson, Mortgage
17050279925 Russell Ave N #7, Brooklyn Park5/5/2017Sherenia Gibbs, Mortgage
17050283411 Larchwood Dr, Minnetonka5/5/2017Paul D Sorensen, Judith M SorensenMortgage
1705029682 Lowry Ave N E, Minneapolis5/5/2017Steven C Swendra, Cynthia A SwendraMortgage
17050305142 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis5/8/2017Richard Gulleson, Mortgage
17050319664 Hampshire La, Eden Prairie5/8/2017Ann M Phillippi, Mortgage
17050327609 Edinborough Way #4219, Edina5/8/2017Hernan A Rodriguez, Mortgage
17050332331 Cleveland St N E, Minneapolis5/8/2017Inez G Clark, Mortgage
170503410562 Mount Curve Rd, Eden Prairie5/8/2017Sandi R Holien, Donald A HolienMortgage
17050354824 59th Ave N, Crystal5/9/2017Carole M Davis, Karl S DavisMortgage
17050369736 Almond Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/9/2017Trieste Wells, Mortgage
17050371226 Landmark Tr N, Hopkins5/10/2017Tonyus Y Chavers, Mortgage
17050388935 Sylvan Ridge, Eden Prairie5/10/2017Leon J Duda, Margaret M DudaMortgage
17050393830 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis5/10/2017Tiffany Quarterman, Mortgage
17050404436 43rd Ave S, Minneapolis5/10/2017Andrew T Teeter, Shante BasantMortgage
17050414335 13th Ave S, Minneapolis5/10/2017Arturo M Marroquin, Mortgage
17050423957 26th Ave S, Minneapolis5/10/2017Nicholas Buck, Mortgage
17050435333 Mayview Rd, Minnetonka5/10/2017Tom Theisen, Mortgage
17050448557 Thomas Ave S, Bloomington5/10/2017Iris J Smith, Mortgage
170504511131 Edgewood Cir N, Champlin5/10/2017Shannon Johnston, Association
17050468602 South Maplebrook Cir, Brooklyn Park5/10/2017Samuel S Mbayo, Judgment
17050477427 Franklin Ave W, St. Louis Park5/12/2017Douglas F Schneider, Nathan D SchneiderAssociation
17050482614 Quincy St N E, Minneapolis5/12/2017Jeanette A Howard, Kieth H WestphalMortgage
17050497509 Xenia La N, Brooklyn Park5/12/2017Mai Xiong, See YangMortgage
170505010332 Vincent Ave S, Bloomington5/12/2017Rochelle Nelson, John NelsonMortgage
170505110531 Cedar Lake Rd #214, Minnetonka5/12/2017Lida L Kurtz, Mortgage
1705052345 Glenmoor La, Long Lake5/12/2017Carrol J Gatlin, Philip V GatlinMortgage
170505318345 48th Ave N, Plymouth5/12/2017Jeff R Walker, Susan E WalkerJudgment
17050542101 Kings Valley Rd W, Golden Valley5/12/2017Terry L Gervais, Mortgage
17050553948 Georgia Ave N, Crystal5/12/2017Daniel R Menk, Kimberly A MenkMortgage
17050564928 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis5/12/2017Daniel E Hansen, Erin A MorganMortgage
17050576617 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park5/12/2017Joell Greven-Engelstad, Mortgage
1705058175 Crestview La, Loretto5/12/2017Juan E Gutierrez, Tiffany L GutierrezMortgage
17050593010 80th Cir N, Brooklyn Park5/12/2017Ibraheem Alibalogun, Danielle C AlibalogunMortgage
17050607600 Lake St W, St. Louis Park5/12/2017Michael P Cafferty, Ellen K CaffertyMortgage
17050621012 Westbrooke Way #3, Hopkins5/15/2017Karen L Meyer, Mortgage
17050635357 Highpointe Ter, Bloomington5/15/2017Anne Ferguson, Mortgage
1705064607 Adams St N E, Minneapolis5/15/2017Irina Stepanova, Mortgage
17050657632 Chicago Ave, Richfield5/16/2017Tou Voraveth, Mortgage
17050664314 Nawadaha Blvd, Minneapolis5/16/2017Jane R Thomas, Mortgage
17050677224 East Fish Lake Cir, Maple Grove5/17/2017Matthew A Schwab, Natalee M SchwabMortgage
1705068433 7th St S #1526, Minneapolis5/17/2017Alice Sydow, Assessment
1705069521 7th St S # 411, Minneapolis5/17/2017Thomas B Meckey, Kristin S MeckeyAssessment
17050703917 Heritage Hills Dr #109, Bloomington5/19/2017Pamela M Beall-Vincent, J. Dennis VincentAssociation
17050712000 Whitewater Tr, Brooklyn Park5/19/2017Troy Richardson, Lynette Richardson fka Lynette StudakerMortgage
17050724428 Josephine La, Robbinsdale5/19/2017Diane L Yahr, Mortgage
17050733234 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis5/19/2017Adam J Scott, Josephine A RoderMortgage
17050747405 Edgebrook Dr, St. Louis Park5/19/2017Carah E Foster, Mortgage
17050756253 Creekview La N, Brooklyn Park5/19/2017John B Breher, Mortgage
17050764020 19th Ave S, Minneapolis5/19/2017Ricki L Nyhlen, Anne E NyhlenMortgage
17050778807 Kentucky Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/19/2017David J Norby, Jillian L NorbyMortgage
17050781525 Princeton Ave S, Minneapolis5/22/2017Steven L Flynn, Tonya FlynnMortgage
17050799677 Toledo La N, Brooklyn Park5/22/2017Laurice Lewis, Mortgage
170508034 Creekside Dr, Long Lake5/22/2017Jeanne M Singer, Mortgage
17050823636 38th Ave S, Minneapolis5/23/2017Lee A Dunn, Mortgage
17050832827 18th Ave N, Minneapolis5/23/2017Morris M Dukuly, Thelma B DukulyMortgage
1705084233 15th Ave N, Hopkins5/23/2017Emad E Zaghmut, Tracy L Grundman-RezaMortgage
17050858115 Kentucky Ave S, Bloomington5/24/2017Pamela A McCoy, Mortgage
17050874520 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis5/24/2017John P Burgard, Mary J BurgardMortgage
17050882943 Cleveland St N E, Minneapolis5/24/2017Carol A Johnson, Mortgage
170508910519 Abbott Ave S, Bloomington5/24/2017Robert W Rankka Jr, Mortgage
17050915336 Pennyslvania Ave N, New Hope5/25/2017Joshua Arneson, Angelina Arneson a/k/a Angeline DelmonicoMortgage
17050925250 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis5/25/2017Dawn M Gordon-Bailey, Mortgage
17050939932 106th Pl N, Maple Grove5/26/2017Bernice A Piehowski, Mortgage
17050941114 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis5/26/2017Pamela M Davis, Gail S AdamsMortgage
17050956727 46th Ave N, Crystal5/26/2017Jenny L Hauser, Mortgage
17050966127 72nd La N #190, Brooklyn Park5/26/2017Diane H Kresa, Mortgage
17050976918 Halifax Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/30/2017Anne M Bydlon, Mortgage
17050983100 Polk St N E, Minneapolis5/30/2017Melody J Lahmann, Scott C LahmannMortgage
170509918106 96th Ave N, Maple Grove5/30/2017Richard J Gabler, Leah M VasquezMortgage
17051003245 Indiana Ave N, Robbinsdale5/31/2017Susan Robinson, Deborah RogersMortgage
17051013118 Lincoln St N E, Minneapolis5/31/2017Barbara E Snaza, Jodi P SnazaMortgage
17051022700 Shenandoah La N, Plymouth5/31/2017Kathryn L Doyle, Mortgage
1705103730 72nd Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/31/2017Sai Chang, Mortgage
170510415 Circle West, Edina5/31/2017Nicholas P Karos, Athena G KarosMortgage
17051054330 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis5/31/2017Brandi Stillings, Mortgage
17051066123 Creek View Tr, Minnetonka5/31/2017Robin A Schiel, Mark E SchielMortgage
17060016311 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park6/2/2017Kira A Smith, Association
17060026926 Park Ave, Richfield6/2/2017Richard A Moore, Mortgage
17060038256 Morgan Ave N, Brooklyn Park6/2/2017Thao L Lao, Mortgage
17060044510 Beard Ave S, Minneapolis6/2/2017Verda R Gould, Edward L GouldMortgage
17060053957 Wisconsin Ave N, New Hope6/2/2017Christopher Tibbetts, Mortgage
17060066829 10th Ave S, Richfield6/2/2017Mellissa Johnson, Troy JohnsonMortgage
17060074700 Maryland Ave N, Crystal6/2/2017Richard Amos, Norma Wofford-AmosMortgage
17060085102 53rd Ave N, Crystal6/2/2017Julie J Asplund, Mortgage
17060092537 12th Ave S, Minneapolis6/2/2017Robert J Reed Jr, Mortgage
17060106329 Halifax Dr, Brooklyn Center6/5/2017Herbert A Portillo, Isis A PortilloMortgage
17060115752 25th Ave S, Minneapolis6/5/2017Mary F Stone, Mortgage
170601212202 Pioneer Rd, Minnetonka6/5/2017Valeriy Loyevskiy, Raisa LoyevskiyMortgage
17060137621 Hampshire Ave N, Brooklyn Park6/5/2017Howard B Foxx, Marilyn D FoxxMortgage
17060144721 Cavan Rd, Mound6/5/2017Christopher A Jakubiak, Karalee A Jukubiak aka Karalee A JakubiakMortgage
17060151501 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis6/5/2017Barbara A Howard, Mortgage
170601615112 Glen Oak St, Minnetonka6/5/2017James E Odland, Mortgage
17060178890 Cottonwood La N, Maple Grove6/6/2017Jean E Rieschl, Mortgage
17060185133 William Ave, Edina6/6/2017Towanda Reaves, Mortgage
17060193917 Heritage Hills Dr #109, Bloomington6/7/2017Pamela M Beall-Vincent, Mortgage
17060204015 Brookdale Cir N, Brooklyn Park6/7/2017Sean Hubin, Mortgage
17060213920 Xenia Ave, Robbinsdale6/7/2017Sheryl L Nunn FKA Sheryl L Malenke, Perry E NunnMortgage
17060223327 Washburn Ave N, Minneapolis6/7/2017Dennis D Ramsey, Archea L RamseyMortgage
17060238321 35th St W, St Louis Park6/7/2017Heidi McArthur, Mortgage
170602412525 Ridgemount Ave S, Minnetonka6/8/2017Christopher Horton, Megan HortonJudgment
17060251611 44th Ave N, Minneapolis6/8/2017Luis C Reyes, Nicole M ReyesMortgage
17060261030 66th St W #2, Richfield6/9/2017Scott L Hanson, Association
170602711323 Florida Ave N, Champlin6/9/2017Eric M Dobrava, Christina C DobravaMortgage
17060283523 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis6/9/2017Kenneth C Frazier, Mortgage
17060295658 Winnetka Ave N, New Hope6/9/2017Kathryn J Neuman, Lee R HowardMortgage
17060304525 5th Ave S, Minneapolis6/9/2017Michael O Johnson, Dena R JohnsonMortgage
17060319126 Larch La N, Maple Grove6/9/2017Timothy J Hurley, Amy L HurleyMortgage
17060323048 Portland Ave, Minneapolis6/9/2017Salomon A Vasquez, Marina Alvarez de VasquezMortgage
17060337112 72nd La N #258, Brooklyn Park6/9/2017Cathryn E Weslock, Mortgage
17060342600 Monroe St N E, Minneapolis6/12/2017Sandra J Shevchuk, Peter ShevchukMortgage
17060353443 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis6/12/2017Milton C Whitfield, Claudia A.M. WhitfieldMortgage
17060366212 Dupont Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/13/2017Samantha R Olive, Mortgage
17060372915 Overlook Dr, Bloomington6/13/2017Nora A Beall, Mortgage
170603810626 Union Terrace La N, Maple Grove6/13/2017Heidi L Hautala, Mortgage
170603918946 96th Pl N, Maple Grove6/14/2017Olufemi Desbordes, Assessment
17060405120 102nd St W #102, Bloomington6/14/2017Neil R Sorensen, Jane E SorensenAssessment
170604113712 Marigold Way, Rogers6/14/2017Brett Dahlen, Amy DahlenMortgage
17060428001 Georgia Ave N, Brooklyn Park6/15/2017Gordon J Oberg, Vicki E ObergMortgage
1706043916 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis6/15/2017Paul E Robinson, Mortgage
17060457211 Divinity La, Eden Prairie6/15/2017Richard L Formisano, Mortgage
17060467038 18th Ave S, Richfield6/15/2017Navann Yim, Sokhan PalMortgage
1706047110 Bank St S E #L1904, Minneapolis6/16/2017Assiat Boke, Judgment
17060482325 Grand Ave S #001, Minneapolis6/16/2017Sarah M Alvarez, Mortgage
170604911224 Xenia Ave N, Champlin6/16/2017Deng B Bolgai, Awein N ManyokMortgage
17060503408 Baillif Pl, Bloomington6/16/2017Ryan B Hopkins, Kristen E HopkinsMortgage
17060514750 53rd St E #103, Minneapolis6/16/2017Rashaun Sourles, Mortgage
1706052513 Lyn Park Circle N, Minneapolis6/16/2017Charles E Thomas, Shirley A TurnerMortgage
17060535525 81st Ave N, Brooklyn Park6/19/2017Amos L Matthews, Fabrae D MatthewsMortgage
17060545024 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis6/19/2017Gary A Schmidt, Mortgage
17060554325 Georgia Ave N, Crystal6/19/2017Juan Aguilar, Janet S WhiteMortgage
1706056465 Turnham Rd, Orono6/19/2017Paul Cady, Judy CadyMortgage
170605717897 Lorence Way, Eden Prairie6/19/2017Brinn M Witt, Mortgage
17060586416 Welcome Ave N, Brooklyn Park6/19/2017Pamela Carter, Mortgage
17060592107 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis6/19/2017Susan K Shelton, Mortgage
17060602416 Gunflint Tr N, Brooklyn Park6/20/2017Caroline J Benton, Mortgage
17060616215 Bryant Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/21/2017Rachel A Falkinburg, Mortgage
17060627318 22nd St W #311, St. Louis Park6/21/2017Lori K Langreck fka Lori K Twedt, Corey LangreckMortgage
17060638709 Hopewood La N, New Hope6/21/2017Stewart L Whelan, Mortgage
17060642406 Westedge Blvd, Mound6/21/2017William A Garrity, Mortgage
17060655348 Hiawatha La, Minneapolis6/22/2017Matthew R Drew, Mortgage
17060662910 Princeton Ave S, St. Louis Park6/22/2017Theresa A Conklin, Mortgage
17060681320 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis6/23/2017Lottie M Dixon, Michael DixonMortgage
17060693537 35th Ave S, Minneapolis6/23/2017Cheryl R Fischbach, Mortgage
17060705292 Edsall Rd, Mound6/23/2017Carol J Sterling Newkirk, Mortgage
17060713619 15th Ave S, Minneapolis6/23/2017Scott C Lahmann, Melody J LahmannMortgage
17060724011 Perry Ave N, Robbinsdale6/23/2017Rosalinda Hernandez, Mortgage
17060734738 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis6/27/2017Jeanna M Letzring, James B LetzringMortgage
17060742608 Portland Ave, Minneapolis6/27/2017Carrie Washington, Mortgage
17060753438 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis6/27/2017Charles Williams, Mary WilliamsMortgage
17060767612 Auto Club Cir, Bloomington6/27/2017Thomas J Esterley, Julie E EsterleyMortgage
170607713210 Arthur St, Rogers6/27/2017Wayne F Peterson, Joan D PetersonMortgage
170607811125 Edgewood Cir N, Champlin6/27/2017Vicki L Pieri, Mortgage
17060794980 Garland Ct N #B, Plymouth6/27/2017Tania R Anderson, Mortgage
17060807032 113th St W, Bloomington6/27/2017Steven M Perlman, Natalya Rogozhina-PerlmanMortgage
17060811770 Bryant Ave S #119, Minneapolis6/28/2017Steven M Lewandowski, Assessment
170608218713 Clear View Ct, Minnetonka6/28/2017Amy J Holzman, Assessment
17060835229 Beachside Dr, Minnetonka6/28/2017Barbara A Hanson, Assessment
170608411505 Lakeview La W, Hopkins6/28/2017Kenneth W Brimmer, Jaye M SnyderMortgage
17060856812 34th Ave N, Crystal6/29/2017Elizabeth Gonier, Mortgage
170608611384 Louisiana Cir, Bloomington6/29/2017Linda J Burt, Gregory A BurtMortgage
170608713306 Hynes Rd, Rogers6/29/2017Jeremy O Long, Mortgage
17060886381 Walnut Rd, Mound6/30/2017Milton W Hentges, Mortgage
17060893617 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis6/30/2017Teresita M Vergara, Alejandro D RosasMortgage
17060909514 Vera Cruz La N, Brooklyn Park6/30/2017Elizabeth Cavanaugh, Timothy CavanaughAssociation
17060918928 Neill Lake Rd #101A, Eden Prairie6/30/2017Michael P Kilian, Mortgage
170609210521 Cedar Lake Rd #313, Hopkins6/30/2017Jo A Craven, Mortgage
170609317573 72nd Ave N, Maple Grove6/30/2017Valdemia Dema, Mortgage
17060942753 Ewing Ave S, Minneapolis6/30/2017Monroe Hodroff, Mortgage
17060954328 Colfax Ave S, Minneapolis6/30/2017Richard P Devay, Mortgage
17070014350 Brookside Ct #206, Minneapolis7/3/2017Kathleen G Wetherall, Mortgage
170700211173 Quinn Ave S, Bloomington7/3/2017Beverly J Erickson, Mortgage
17070033459 6th St N, Minneapolis7/3/2017Delbert Murschel, Gladys MurschelMortgage
17070054045 Portland Ave, Minneapolis7/5/2017Ruby L Glover, Mortgage
170700610450 Decatur Ave S, Bloomington7/6/2017Kathleen N Anderson, Mortgage
17070075440 Wedgewood Dr, Excelsior7/6/2017Richard W Rawlings, Barbara I RawlingsMortgage
170700811466 Basswood La N, Champlin7/6/2017Kenneth L Dube, Billi A DubeMortgage
17070106809 86th La N, Brooklyn Park7/7/2017Hadja Jalloh, Habie JallohMortgage
17070113605 Columbus Ave S, Minneapolis7/7/2017Stanzer Knox, Mortgage
17070125129 Beacon Hill Rd, Minnetonka7/7/2017Theodore L Beaudoin, Jacqueline BeaudoinMortgage
17070138900 Windsor Ter N, Brooklyn Park7/7/2017Jerome Smith, Eula I SmithMortgage
17070143251 Indiana Ave N, Robbinsdale7/7/2017Amy J Wigen, Mortgage
17070151725 85th St W, Bloomington7/7/2017Janet E Hart, Mortgage
17070163718 13th Ave S, Minneapolis7/7/2017Linda M Gardner, Mortgage
170701710296 Arrowwood Dr, Eden Prairie7/7/2017Michael D Armesto, Christine R ArmestoMortgage
17070189961 Lee Dr, Eden Prairie7/7/2017Jones N Bitange, Mortgage
17070192708 Pearson Pkwy, Brooklyn Park7/7/2017Brian Schinke, James PottebaumMortgage
17070204023 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis7/7/2017Elizabeth A Burnside, Mortgage
17070212315 58th St W, Minneapolis7/7/2017Catherine A Ellingen, Mortgage
17070226901 34th Ave N, Crystal7/10/2017Anthony J Krmpotich, Mortgage
17070237688 Hampshire Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/10/2017Linda L Larson, Mortgage
1707024680 Willow Dr S, Orono7/11/2017Michael E Larson, Stephanie MarchMortgage
17070251520 Pribble St N, Champlin7/11/2017Nathan L Bursch, Tracy J BurschMortgage
170702612842 Belle Aire Dr, Champlin7/11/2017Michele M Bobel, Mortgage
17070276425 83rd Ct N, Brooklyn Park7/11/2017Ayanna A Farrell, Mortgage
17070284300 Trenton La N #2210, Plymouth7/11/2017Samuel J.W. Smolley, Mortgage
17070295617 1st Ave S, Minneapolis7/11/2017Michelle L Balck, Mortgage
1707030710 4th St N #102, Minneapolis7/12/2017Holly A Evans, Assessment
17070318416 South Pond Tr, Champlin7/12/2017David T Wheeler, Annette M WheelerAssessment
17070324829 Dominick Dr, Minnetonka7/13/2017Michael A Kaluzne, Nancy E KaluzneMortgage
17070333649 Brookdale Dr N, Brooklyn Park7/14/2017Mark Schutz, Nacole SchutzMortgage
17070346615 Lakeshore Dr #611, Richfield7/14/2017Elsie M Erickson, Mortgage
1707035224 7th Ave S E, Osseo7/14/2017Nicholas M Isika, Sandra A IsikaMortgage
17070366501 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park7/14/2017Janet L Ryan, Mortgage
17070371820 1st Ave S #002, Minneapolis7/14/2017Adam M Dykes, Mortgage
1707038911 7th St S #2, Hopkins7/17/2017Steven A Schmidt, Mortgage
17070392931 Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis7/17/2017Bernard Harmon, Janice HarmonMortgage
17070407224 Halifax Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/18/2017Luther Henderson Jr, Sharon A HendersonMortgage
17070417182 72nd La #220, Brooklyn Park7/18/2017Sara Hickle fka Sara Rengstorf, Dan HickleMortgage
17070428742 Oregon Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/18/2017See Xiong, Xiong LeeMortgage
1707043975 Wildhurst Tr, Orono7/20/2017Anthony R Soderman, Mortgage
17070442741 Ulysses St N E, Minneapolis7/21/2017Joseph M Duca, Todd M HubbardMortgage
170704512886 74th Ave N #3, Maple Grove7/21/2017Yuriy Zlochevskiy, Larisa LemeshevskayaMortgage
17070461033 19th Ave N E, Minneapolis7/21/2017Michael E Ospina, Tiffany J OspinaMortgage
17070472722 4th St N, Minneapolis7/24/2017Tabota I Seyon, Mortgage
17070488941 Girard Ave S, Minneapolis7/24/2017Mary S Malecka, Deborah K MaleckaMortgage
17070491100 30th Ave N, Minneapolis7/24/2017Cynthia G Workman, Mortgage
17070504295 Trillium La W, Minnetrista7/24/2017Gregory B Snyder, Mortgage
17070514108 Longfellow Ave, Minneapolis7/24/2017Ryan Anderson, Mortgage
17070525601 91st Crescent N, Brooklyn Park7/24/2017Brenda D Smith, Mortgage
17070532008 84th Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/25/2017Robert D Caufman, Enid K Johnson-CaufmanMortgage
17070546320 Saint Johns Dr, Eden Prairie7/25/2017Craig R Odegard, Terese M OdegardMortgage
170705515 Franklin Ave #319, Minneapolis7/25/2017Christopher T Mau, Assessment
17070568491 Emery Pkwy N, Champlin7/25/2017Autumn E Grabowski, Mortgage
17070573617 36th Ave S, Minneapolis7/26/2017Jennifer L Schmidt, Mortgage
170705814611 Stone Rd, Minnetonka7/26/2017Jennifer A Applebaum, Mortgage
17070597501 Welcome La N, Brooklyn Park7/26/2017Henrietta N Anderson fka Henrietta Dunbar, Assessment
17070604200 Woodstock Ave, Minneapolis7/26/2017Dennis Wood, Mortgage
17070616021 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis7/27/2017Suzanne M Farrell, Mortgage
17070636842 Drew Ave N, Brooklyn Center7/28/2017Michael Hoemberg, Pamela HoembergMortgage
17070646206 106th Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/28/2017Bruce L DeArmon, Tara L DeArmonMortgage
17070654616 Colorado Ave N, Crystal7/28/2017Margaret R Sellstedt, Mortgage
17070664040 Lake Rd, Robbinsdale7/28/2017Prince O Wheaton, Toyee WheatonMortgage
17070674992 West End La, Minnetonka7/31/2017Nate J Williams, Mortgage
17070683218 62nd Ave N, Brooklyn Center7/31/2017Pai Y Vu, Pao L VuMortgage
17070692530 Medicine Ridge Rd, Plymouth7/31/2017Shawn T Adams, Alyson L Adams fka Alyson L TangenMortgage
1707070500 1st Ave N E, Osseo7/31/2017Bradley J Scharber, Dale ScharberMortgage
170707110008 Belmont Rd, Hopkins7/31/2017Ronald P Nelson, Mortgage
17070727111 Perry Place N, Brooklyn Center7/31/2017Dorothy C Russell, Mortgage
17080018640 Annapolis La N, Maple Grove8/1/2017Daniel A Nelson, Karrie A NelsonMortgage
17080021415 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis8/1/2017Carrie Jones-Fleming, Mortgage
170800310925 Jefferson Cir N, Champlin8/1/2017Rodney W Sanford, Jacqueline C SanfordMortgage
17080045512 29th Ave S, Minneapolis8/2/2017Arunsiri Insixiengmay, Mortgage
17080052710 Old Shakopee Rd W, Bloomington8/2/2017Daniel M Houchin, Joan HouchinMortgage
17080068331 3rd Ave S, Bloomington8/2/2017Lisa M Leclerc, Mortgage
17080077749 Elm Grove Ave, New Hope8/2/2017Kimberly V Porter, Mortgage
17080084401 Vera Cruz Ave N, Crystal8/4/2017Sourinhathai Phimpradapsy, Mortgage
17080099001 Lakeview Rd, Bloomington8/4/2017Jeremy Benacka, Mortgage
17080103759 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis8/4/2017Adam Sagan, Mortgage
17080111801 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis8/7/2017Charles H Goff, Mortgage
17080126225 Century Blvd N, Brooklyn Park8/7/2017Darlyne M Schutte-Malle, Sebastian MalleMortgage
17080132200 California St N E, Minneapolis8/7/2017Andrew W Palmer, Mortgage
17080146013 West Broadway #303, New Hope8/7/2017Richard T Beaulieu, Mortgage
17080153500 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis8/7/2017Christopher M Martyn, Mortgage
17080161806 31st St E, Minneapolis8/7/2017Marilyn L Pregler, Mortgage
17080172325 Walton Pl N, Minneapolis8/8/2017Steven J Passow, Mortgage
170801810219 Scarborough Rd, Minneapolis8/8/2017Jack W Carlson, Mortgage
17080193252 40th Ave S, Minneapolis8/8/2017Charity M Lusteck, Mortgage
17080205307 Colfax Ave N, Brooklyn Center8/8/2017Helen S Melchert AKA Helen A Melchert, Mortgage
1708021420 Jefferson Ave S, Edina8/9/2017Thomas P Reinke, Kelly D ReinkeMortgage
17080227404 Girard Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/9/2017Brandi S Lockrem, Mortgage
17080233243 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis8/10/2017Latoya J Long, Mortgage
17080247544 Blackoaks La N, Maple Grove8/11/2017Dennis T Gates, Melanie M GatesMortgage
17080254351 Blaisdell Ave S, Minneapolis8/11/2017Judith A Taylor, Mortgage
17080262801 Flag Ave N #116, New Hope8/11/2017Marvin E Anderson, Mortgage
170802714357 Raymond La #503, Eden Prairie8/14/2017Cynthia Ellis, Mortgage
17080283308 32nd Ave S, Minneapolis8/14/2017Douglas A Shilson, Winifred F ShilsonMortgage
17080297375 Kurt St, Loretto8/14/2017Scott T Baer, Mortgage
17080301811 44th Ave N, Minneapolis8/14/2017Katherine T Bouley a/k/a Katherine T Finley, Mortgage
170803124740 Amlee Rd, Shorewood8/14/2017Kevin S Conley, Elizabeth K ConleyMortgage
170803212643 Sherwood Pl, Minnetonka8/14/2017Linda K Fauchald, Mortgage
170803311881 Utah Ave N, Champlin8/14/2017Brent D Hickel, Mortgage
17080342305 Cavell Ave N, Golden Valley8/14/2017Robert J Borman, Mortgage
17080357538 4th Ave S, Richfield8/14/2017Nancy Rangel, Mortgage
17080367007 Orchid La N, Maple Grove8/15/2017Andrew W Buirge, Mortgage
170803715576 Crabapple La, Eden Prairie8/15/2017Alicia Ellis, Mortgage
17080385355 Oregon Ave N, New Hope8/17/2017Agnes L Blaylock, Mortgage
170803910301 Cedar Lake Rd #310, Minnetonka8/18/2017Aina J Essig, Association
17080409516 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis8/18/2017Robert W Nell, Mortgage
17080413125 Boone Ave N, New Hope8/18/2017Paul L Johnson, Mortgage
17080421880 86 1/2 St E, Bloomington8/18/2017Janette M Scherer f/k/a Janette M Daniels, Scott SchererMortgage
17080435837 Upton Ave N, Brooklyn Center8/21/2017George A Veeder, Mortgage
17080445200 Morningside Rd, St. Louis Park8/21/2017Debra Y Orr, Mark R OrrMortgage
17080457645 Harold Ave, Golden Valley8/22/2017Russell L Grant, Kathleen A GrantMortgage
170804611011 Oregon Ave S #45, Bloomington8/22/2017Ava B Berzina, Assessment
17080476625 Sioux Tr, Greenfield8/23/2017Darcie R Moe, Mortgage
17080487616 Major Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/25/2017Robert J Prochaska, Mortgage
17080504643 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis8/25/2017Thomas Aronson, Mortgage
17080516800 Peony La N, Maple Grove8/25/2017Anthony W Kosobud, Mortgage
17080523539 Grimes Ave N, Robbinsdale8/25/2017Georgia E Meyers, Mortgage
17080537213 Stevens Ave S, Richfield8/28/2017Teresita M Vergara, Alejandro D RosasMortgage
17080543616 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis8/28/2017Ralph Cork, Rhonda CorkMortgage
17080559518 Stanley Ave S, Bloomington8/28/2017Sean M Mathwig, Mortgage
170805610609 Vincent Ave S, Bloomington8/28/2017Beth D McGoldrick, John W McGoldrickMortgage
17080576444 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis8/29/2017Kathleen C Theibert, Philip R TheibertMortgage
17080589053 Blaisdell Ave S, Bloomington8/29/2017Denise Carroll, Jeffrey CarrollMortgage
17080593338 Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis8/29/2017Mario H Rangel, Araceli JimenezMortgage
17080606633 Wyoming Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/29/2017Jill Steorts, Mortgage
17080611879 Hampshire La, Golden Valley8/29/2017Eduardo E Drake, Therese DrakeMortgage
17080623485 Lakeside Dr, Minnetrista8/29/2017Thomas Dreyer, Linda M DreyerMortgage
17080634401 Colorado Ave N, Crystal8/30/2017Vincent Martin, Mortgage
17080642926 Lincoln St N E, Minneapolis8/30/2017Coral J Watanabe, Mortgage
17080657601 Aldrich Ave S #111, Richfield8/30/2017Brian M Busse, Mortgage
17080661618 5th St N E, Minneapolis8/31/2017Moses A Puetz, Zoanne E PuetzMortgage
17080677830 Yates Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/31/2017Syed Y Abbas as contract vendor, Jerome N Wlalee Sr & Cecelia K Brownell-Wlalee as contract vendeeAssociation
17080689030 15th Ave S, Bloomington8/31/2017George W Gilbertson, Jonay M GilbertsonMortgage
17080697006 Newton Ave N, Brooklyn Center8/31/2017Robert Hamlin & Chantal Hamlin, Jared A Prusha & Beth A PrushaMortgage
17080707525 Regent Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/31/2017Jennifer P Rose, Mortgage
17090018200 5th Ave S, Minneapolis9/1/2017Jason E Zimmerman, Mortgage
17090023446 Rhode Island Ave S, St. Louis Park9/1/2017Edwin J Cardenas, Maryann S CardenasMortgage
17090034601 Elmdale Rd, Golden Valley9/5/2017Cheryl Wilson, John C WilsonMortgage
17090047725 Unity Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/5/2017Chantal Taylor, Mortgage
17090051613 Lyn Curve Ave N, Minneapolis9/5/2017Shonee R Phillips, Mortgage
17090063444 Louisiana Ave N, Crystal9/5/2017Terrence W Davis, Mortgage
1709007398 Margaret Cir, Wayzata9/5/2017Elizabeth Bruntjen, Jonathan BruntjenMortgage
17090088354 Shadyview La N, Maple Grove9/5/2017Craig S Jones, Mortgage
17090091822 Jersey Ave S, St. Louis Park9/6/2017Thomas J Boblitt, Judgment
170901013818 78th Ave N, Maple Grove9/6/2017Dustin R Feyo, Mortgage
17090114738 Galway Rd, Mound9/6/2017Michael D Hinck, Mortgage
17090128124 28th Ave N, New Hope9/7/2017Sheila R Graves, Mortgage
17090138980 Cambridge Ave, Brooklyn Park9/7/2017Juliette M Garcia, Mortgage
17090145920 Sheridan Ave S, Minneapolis9/7/2017Janet M Lien, Russell R LienMortgage
17090152627 13th Ave S, Minneapolis9/7/2017Idris Abdi, Mortgage
1709017971 Co Rd 19, Maple Plain9/8/2017Stephen E Curtis, Lisa M CurtisMortgage
17090184615 Gaywood Dr, Minnetonka9/8/2017Neil L Friedman, Jane J FriedmanMortgage
17090193240 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis9/11/2017Hazel Fields, Mortgage
170902012742 88th Ave N, Maple Grove9/11/2017Dennis D Copenhaver, Mortgage
170902111730 Vista Dr, Minnetonka9/12/2017Jack W Moore, Janice E MooreMortgage
170902252 Groveland Ter #A113 & #A19, Minneapolis9/12/2017David A Wencel, Mortgage
17090237024 Fremont Ave N, Brooklyn Center9/13/2017Anthony J Brown, Theodora BrownMortgage
17090243900 41st Ave S, Minneapolis9/13/2017Raul B Omana, Aurora Pliego De BurgosMortgage
170902512910 26th Ave N, Plymouth9/14/2017Kathryn S Thomas, Mortgage
17090263150 Excelsior Blvd #G2, Minneapolis9/14/2017John L Arnold, Assessment
17090284530 Park Commons Dr #107, St Louis Park9/15/2017Peter Kordich, Mortgage
17090298124 28th Ave N, New Hope9/15/2017Sheila R Graves, Mortgage
17090303157 23rd Ave S, Minneapolis9/15/2017Virginia L Brown, Mortgage
17090316013 West Broadway #301, New Hope9/15/2017Marianna Sjoberg, Mortgage
17090321850 Glacier La N, Plymouth9/15/2017Mary A Koltes, Mortgage
17090333048 Hampshire Ave S, St Louis Park9/15/2017Lana J Gast, Mortgage
1709034609 79th Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/18/2017John D Moltzen, Kimberly A MoltzenMortgage
17090356387 St Johns Dr, Eden Prairie9/19/2017Marielle J Louwers, Timothy A NelsonJudgment
170903610002 Elm Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/19/2017Lilong M Vang, Sim ChangMortgage
17090373540 Hennepin Ave #309, Minneapolis9/19/2017Douglas P Kempf, Mortgage
17090384246 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis9/19/2017Chen Vaungh, Yer VaunghMortgage
170903916110 18th Pl N, Plymouth9/19/2017Debra L Woods, Mortgage
17090405243 Louisiana Ave N, Crystal9/19/2017Gail L Rathmanner, John P RathmannerMortgage
17090419407 Cherrywood Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/19/2017Gilberto N Barreto, Mortgage
17090421030 66th St W #2, Richfield9/20/2017Scott L Hanson, Mortgage
170904322450 128th Ave N, Rogers9/20/2017Jason M Armstrong, Mortgage
17090446807 Drew Ave N, Brooklyn Center9/20/2017Danielle L Maas, Mortgage
17090453315 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis9/22/2017Tracy Hamilton, Mortgage
17090469116 Westmoreland La, St. Louis Park9/22/2017Noel W Neff, Mortgage
17090479528 Trail East Rd, Bloomington9/22/2017Amanda I Vlachakis, Mortgage
17090485504 Village Creek Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park9/25/2017Jeremy D Haskins, Sinautuloa HaskinsMortgage
1709049905 Ghostley La N, Champlin9/25/2017Robert M Hazuka, Mortgage
1709050210 Grant St W #525, Minneapolis9/25/2017Thomas S Stern, Mortgage
17090516510 58th Ave N, Crystal9/25/2017Josiah D Filson, Brooke R FilsonMortgage
170905218315 32nd Ave N, Plymouth9/25/2017Marilyn K Lievers, Gary A LieversMortgage
170905311705 54th Ave N, Minneapolis9/26/2017Matthew Bloom, Michelle BloomMortgage
17090544604 Rosewood La N, Plymouth9/27/2017Harry R Carlsen, Ann M CarlsenMortgage
17090554937 Beard Ave N, Brooklyn Center9/27/2017Victoria L Hamlin, Mortgage
17090567309 Dupont Ave S, Richfield9/28/2017Pernie R Peterson, Mortgage
1709057532 2nd Ave N E, Osseo9/28/2017Craig W Clothier, Kathleen M MoenMortgage
17090583523 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis9/29/2017Sadia Dickson-Green, Mario D. Dickson-GreenMortgage
17090592731 Major Ave N, Golden Valley9/29/2017Barbara Bousquetpapa, Petelo PapaMortgage
17090604820 Park Commons Dr #130, St. Louis Park9/29/2017Blake L Christensen, Mortgage
170906114786 91st Pl N, Maple Grove9/29/2017Boris Gorshteyn, Mortgage
17090622514 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis9/29/2017Tremaine Brown, Mortgage
17100013325 Xylon Ave S, St. Louis Park10/2/2017Michael Chock, Mortgage
17100022110 Ridge Dr #11, St. Louis Park10/2/2017Rosemary Houlihan, Mortgage
17100032320 Jonquil La N, Plymouth10/2/2017Dimitri Capetz, Brittani CapetzMortgage
17100048133 Fremont Ave S, Bloomington10/2/2017Shelley Bree aka Shelly Bree, Richard BreeMortgage
171000511084 Maple Valley Dr, Maple Grove10/2/2017Julio Ortiz Saavedra, Mortgage
17100064940 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis10/3/2017Robert L Stifter, Mortgage
1710007710 4th St N #102, Minneapolis10/4/2017Holly A Evans, Mortgage
17100085552 26th Ave S, Minneapolis10/4/2017Stjepan Hlaca, Mortgage
171001011110 Vincent Ave S, Bloomington10/5/2017Cathryn L Pearson, Matthew J PearsonJudgment
17100116017 Gettysburg Ave N, New Hope10/5/2017Kathleen A Kolve, Mortgage
17100122939 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis10/5/2017Sonja E Kraft, William GravesMortgage
17100133150 Excelsior Blvd #210, Minneapolis10/5/2017Christopher K Nelson, Emily K NelsonAssessment
17100142832 Trappers Tr, Medina10/6/2017Brian D Maginnis, Mortgage
17100157139 Knox Ave S, Minneapolis10/6/2017Lavonne R Saeb, Mortgage
17100163861 Covey Tr, Minnetrista10/10/2017Abigail L Wilson, Ryan J WilsonMortgage
17100173758 Colorado Ave S, St Louis Park10/10/2017Nicole M Frank, Mortgage
17100182630 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis10/11/2017Jacqueline G Farrell, Mortgage
17100194572 Cedar Lake Rd #2, St. Louis Park10/11/2017Vanessa Plantenberg a/k/a Vanessa Wilcox, Mortgage
1710021215 Lindawood La, Wayzata10/12/2017Gerald R Seppala, Debra G SeppalaMortgage
17100222545 Kelly Ave, Orono10/12/2017Robert H Ponzetti, Barbara A PonzettiMortgage
17100233308 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis10/12/2017David Zopfi, Mortgage
1710024605 Park La, Orono10/12/2017Sean Daly, Leah DalyMortgage
171002511432 Pennsylvania Ave N, Champlin10/12/2017Robert J Kubitschek Jr, Mortgage
17100265120 102nd St W #108, Bloomington10/13/2017Jean A Moran, Mortgage
17100271430 Louisiana Ave N, Golden Valley10/13/2017Sharon T Glover, Mortgage
17100283157 Webster Ave S, St. Louis Park10/13/2017Mary K Eigner, Mortgage
171002931 105th Street Cir E, Bloomington10/16/2017Verla G Gilroy, Mortgage
17100301615 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis10/17/2017Varnilla Esaw, Mortgage
171003114468 Village Woods Dr, Eden Prairie10/17/2017Torie Elftmann, Mortgage
17100323816 Brookdale Cir N, Brooklyn Park10/18/2017Robert Mercier, Susan MercierMortgage
17100336314 Cavell Ct, Brooklyn Park10/19/2017Marjorie Hale FKA Majorie E. Staupe, Mortgage
17100344742 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis10/19/2017Tara J Bates, Mortgage
171003510726 Cavell Rd, Bloomington10/20/2017Weyma J Reavis, Mortgage
17100365837 Admiral La N, Brooklyn Center10/20/2017Tupee M Cheneyon, Mortgage
17100373614 Stevens Ave S, Minneapolis10/20/2017Pamela P Anderson, Mortgage
17100381316 Independence Ave N, Champlin10/20/2017NormaJean K Thurmer FKA NormaJean K. Linnell, Mortgage

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