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Sale Record Number Unverified Common Address Date of Sale Mortgagor(s) Type of Sale
14081257081 Unity Ave N, Brooklyn Center8/29/2014Anthony B Slaughter, Dionne Collins-Slaughter & Barrett Builders X, LLCAssociation
14081264006 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis8/29/2014Darl Boone, Caron E BooneMortgage
14081271219 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis8/29/2014Raymond L Callahan, Mortgage
140812813010 73rd Ave N, Maple Grove8/29/2014Richard J Klohs, Stephanie J Klohs, Lori J Vander Heyden & Clinton Vander HeydeMortgage
14081296829 Chesshire La N, Maple Grove8/29/2014William V Sutton, Ashley G SuttonMortgage
140813013683 63rd Ave N, Maple Grove8/29/2014Gregory W Klesk, Mari L KleskMortgage
14081313723 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis8/29/2014Elizabeth R Carter, Mortgage
140813210411 Cedar Lake Rd #505, Minnetonka8/29/2014Galina Remyannikova, Dmitriy RemyannikovMortgage
14081336500 Zealand Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/29/2014Stephen R Irrgang, Bong L IrrgangMortgage
14090012014 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis9/2/2014John D Hutchison, Mortgage
14090029124 Newton Ave S, Bloomington9/2/2014Richard L Jacobsen, Martha L JacobsenMortgage
14090038256 Douglas Cir N, Brooklyn Park9/2/2014Khang V Lam, No Thi TranMortgage
14090047958 Fairfield Cir N, Brooklyn Park9/3/2014Alexander Beaver, Sierra PlunkettMortgage
14090053572 Livingston Ave, Orono9/3/2014Mark W Cuff, Judgment
14090063513 Blaisdell Ave S, Minneapolis9/3/2014Jane C Norman, Mortgage
14090073124 Yukon Ave N, Crystal9/3/2014Phillip B Bukstein, Sherry A BuksteinMortgage
14090085040 Hankerson Ave, Edina9/3/2014Steven W Rusk, Mortgage
1409009138 7th Ave N, Hopkins9/3/2014Mary Veblen, Mortgage
14090107637 53rd Ave N, New Hope9/3/2014Corey R Anderson, Mortgage
140901118 Westwood Dr, Long Lake9/3/2014Steven L Malenke, Karla J MalenkeMortgage
14090127395 Williams La, Eden Prairie9/3/2014Richard S Rider, Susan A RiderMortgage
140901313975 Starlite Dr, Rogers9/3/2014Jennifer A Rosenlund, James E RosenlundMortgage
14090142402 16th Ave S, Minneapolis9/3/2014Abshir Ahmed, Mortgage
14090155201 37th Ave S, Minneapolis9/3/2014Mohamed O Awale, Amina A HousseinMortgage
140901610680 93rd Ave N, Maple Grove9/3/2014William J March, Mortgage
14090192700 Rosalyn Ct #301, New Hope9/4/2014Benjamin J Hendrickson, Assessment
14090205070 Holly Lane N, Plymouth9/4/2014Russell E Hoyt Jr, Lupe HoytAssessment
14090217010 Irving Ave S, Richfield9/4/2014Cynthia K Hardy, Mortgage
14090229680 Belmont La, Eden Prairie9/4/2014Joseph G Bauman, Mortgage
14090235410 Three Points Blvd #421, Mound9/5/2014Janice Reese, Assessment
14090243529 36th Ave S, Minneapolis9/5/2014Michael E Burrill, Kelly A BurrillMortgage
14090253801 27th Ave N, Robbinsdale9/5/2014David E Williams, Magon K WilliamsMortgage
14090264001 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis9/5/2014Janette B Walker, Mortgage
14090275601 88th Crescent N, Brooklyn Park9/5/2014Irene Muldrow, Mortgage
14090285244 44th Ave S, Minneapolis9/5/2014Adrienne B Todd-Walden, Mortgage
14090293708 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis9/5/2014Noah Wolf, Kerry WallaceMortgage
14090306625 Harlan Dr, Eden Prairie9/5/2014Eric S Langaard, Shanda LangaardMortgage
14090314247 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis9/5/2014Morgan E Copeland, Easther I Copeland FKA Easther I RustMortgage
140903214810 Gleason Lake Dr, Plymouth9/5/2014Deodat Datt, Yameshware DattMortgage
14090334943 6th St N, Minneapolis9/5/2014Nilvia M Brinkley, Quince P BrinkleyMortgage
14090343935 Harbor La N, Plymouth9/5/2014Cindy L Carlson, Mortgage
14090357741 Irving Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/5/2014Sheila Venson, Brian J VensonMortgage
1409036501 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis9/5/2014Jean A Coste, Mortgage
140903714784 80th Ave N, Maple Grove9/5/2014Chad A Shero, Angela S Shero & Cheryl A SheroMortgage
14090383607 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis9/5/2014Mary A Williams, Mortgage
14090394827 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis9/8/2014John Erickson, Katie EricksonMortgage
140904075 Fairway Ridge Dr, Minnetrista9/8/2014Raymond E Jutila, Gail M JutilaMortgage
140904110401 Toledo Dr, Brooklyn Park9/8/2014Darith Manikhong, Lisa ManikhongMortgage
14090425701 27th Ave S, Minneapolis9/8/2014Megan L Goggleye F.k.a. Megan L Smith, Todd D GoggleyeMortgage
14090435036 38th Ave S, Minneapolis9/8/2014Viola E Ahrens, Mortgage
14090442610 Garfield Ave S #106, Minneapolis9/8/2014Paul E Scott, Mortgage
14090456505 47th Ave N, Crystal9/8/2014Beth C Ahrens Fka Beth C Schlussler, Dave E AhrensMortgage
14090463967 Dakota Ave S, St. Louis Park9/8/2014Bree J Schuette, Mortgage
14090473633 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis9/8/2014Joseph N Jackson, Naomi J JacksonMortgage
14090482724 Oakland Ave, Minneapolis9/9/2014Benedict A Schirber, Kari W SchirberMortgage
140904920490 Carol La N, Rogers9/9/2014Gordon B Conn Jr, Terry L ConnMortgage
14090506621 Chicago Ave S, Richfield9/9/2014Souksady Souvannarath, Phosany SouvannarathMortgage
14090513438 Buchanan St N E, Minneapolis9/9/2014Elisabeth L Amarvi, Mortgage
14090524641 Boone Ave N, New Hope9/9/2014Robert A Nygaard, Marilyn B NygaardMortgage
14090531271 Landmark Tr S, Hopkins9/9/2014Wanda R Rehmann, Mortgage
14090542806 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis9/9/2014Olieka Mathis, Nathaniel T MathisMortgage
14090555560 Nathan La N #2, Plymouth9/9/2014Larry L Lawler, Mortgage
14090566507 Cloverdale Ave N, Crystal9/9/2014Brenda L Smock, Karroll K SmockMortgage
14090575246 6th St N, Minneapolis9/9/2014Sharon K Dickinson F/K/A Sharon K Callander, Mortgage
14090582210 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis9/10/2014Shelley L Rothstein fka Shelley Lynn Carlson, Joseph D RothsteinMortgage
14090599935 Russell Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/10/2014Travis D Sorenson, Mortgage
14090602530 Hayes St N E, Minneapolis9/10/2014Wendy B Watson, Mortgage
14090617010 Corvallis Ave N, Crystal9/10/2014Joseph W Wondra, Diana L WondraMortgage
14090625242 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis9/10/2014John A Trettin, Mortgage
140906312015 Mayflower Cir, Minnetonka9/10/2014Scott Lansing, Judgment
14090642942 Xerxes Ave N, Minneapolis9/10/2014Marcos R Lopez, Trudy A LopezMortgage
14090655505 Orleans La N #1, Plymouth9/10/2014Elaine B Rubenstein, Allen RubensteinMortgage
14090662727 16th Ave S, Minneapolis9/10/2014Ardith J Lussier, Mortgage
14090674108 81st Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/10/2014Theodore R Walter, Geraldine H WalterMortgage
14090681520 66th St W, Richfield9/10/2014Connie Meyer f/k/a Connie Vanderklomp a/k/a Connie M Vand, Mortgage
14090695227 13th Ave S, Minneapolis9/10/2014Ryan R Santoo, Amy E SantooMortgage
14090701014 25th St E, Minneapolis9/11/2014James A Dowds, Virginia S DowdsMortgage
140907110365 Orchard Tr N, Brooklyn Park9/11/2014Steven G Hill, Jennifer L HillMortgage
14090725425 31st Ave S, Minneapolis9/12/2014Marcia M Barnes, Mortgage
14090735753 35th Ave S, Minneapolis9/12/2014Daniel L Douglas, Chinda T DouglasMortgage
14090743549 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis9/12/2014Shawnte A Peery, Mario Martinez JorqueraMortgage
14090756524 West Shore Dr, Edina9/12/2014Christopher P Grimes, Stephanie A GrimesMortgage
14090762437 Park Ave, Minneapolis9/12/2014Deaundres D Wilson, Leslie WilsonMortgage
14090772827 Grand St N E, Minneapolis9/12/2014William J Caron, Mortgage
14090782816 Xerxes Ave S #3, Minneapolis9/12/2014Darrin S Shaughnessy, Shelli L ManzolineMortgage
14090799660 Hampshire La, Eden Prairie9/12/2014Michael T Del Viscio, Mortgage
14090804751 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis9/12/2014Luis A Gonzalez, Mortgage
14090818224 Kentucky Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/12/2014Tami L Petersen, Young NyangwesoMortgage
140908216480 Luther Way, Eden Prairie9/12/2014Linda L Case, Mortgage
14090835158 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis9/12/2014Danielle R Ramsey, Mortgage
14090844743 Yates Ave N, Crystal9/15/2014Deland Brick, Mary BrickMortgage
14090855242 Georgia Ave N, Crystal9/15/2014Craig H Wood, Mortgage
14090869803 93rd Pl N, Maple Grove9/15/2014Jeffry A Lazer, Mortgage
14090873729 Snelling Ave #308, Minneapolis9/15/2014Matthew J Karst, Mortgage
14090882658 Stinson Pkwy N E, Minneapolis9/15/2014Terry L Peterson Jr, Marisa E PetersonMortgage
14090891717 2nd Ave N, Minneapolis9/15/2014Matthew C Jones, Mortgage
14090909616 Peony La N #1304, Maple Grove9/16/2014Bryan C Anderson, Maria C FresquezMortgage
14090913322 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis9/16/2014Youa Fang, Ngia XiongMortgage
14090927543 Louisiana Ave, Brooklyn Park9/17/2014Janice A Ehlers, Mortgage
14090939107 Louisiana Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/17/2014Ron Moua, Chao Khang MouaMortgage
14090954017 14th Ave S #7E, Minneapolis9/17/2014Aster G Sebhatu, Mortgage
14090963237 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis9/17/2014Macario Burgos, Emma RodriguezJudgment
1409097311 Lowry Ave N E, Minneapolis9/17/2014Jose H Neira Calle, Execution
140909813029 Durum Ct, Eden Prairie9/17/2014Leslie A Rau, Assessment
14090997709 82nd Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/17/2014Gnia Vang, Choua VangMortgage
14091009701 97th Pl N, Maple Grove9/17/2014Blong Vang, May L VangMortgage
14091019800 11th Ave S, Bloomington9/18/2014William W Fisher III, Mortgage
14091023918 103rd Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/18/2014Brandon Tran, De TranMortgage
14091031700 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis9/19/2014Lorraine Haynes, Mortgage
14091047140 72nd La N #268, Brooklyn Park9/19/2014Semir Abdulla, Association
14091055120 Holly La N #1601, Plymouth9/19/2014Leila M Schneider, Mortgage
14091068421 12th Ave S, Bloomington9/19/2014Ladonna M Oakes, Mortgage
140910713005 55th Ave N, Plymouth9/19/2014Donald N Kutz, Kay Y KutzMortgage
14091085612 Hyland Courts Dr, Bloomington9/19/2014Anita M Comer, Robert L ComerMortgage
14091093201 Amhurst La, Mound9/19/2014Wade L Severson, Connie L SeversonMortgage
14091104921 Beard Ave S, Minneapolis9/19/2014Julie M Naas, Mortgage
14091111410 98th St E, Bloomington9/19/2014Wayne T Thurik, Janice M ThurikMortgage
14091126433 Georgia Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/19/2014Theresa A Diebel, Christopher A BrownMortgage
1409113414 23rd Ave N, Minneapolis9/19/2014Brian Cheese, Mortgage
14091143669 Brookdale Dr, Brooklyn Park9/19/2014Kimberly K Jones, Mortgage
14091151303 Yale Pl #5, Minneapolis9/19/2014Robert F Copeland, Gregory G StalerMortgage
14091166721 Dudley Ave N, Crystal9/19/2014Michael L Wheeland, Kristina M WheelandMortgage
14091173316 Skycroft Cir, Minneapolis9/19/2014Michael C Jacobs, Michele JacobsMortgage
14091184001 25th Ave S, Minneapolis9/19/2014Kim R Manney, Mortgage
14091193337 Oakland Ave S, Minneapolis9/22/2014Lisa E Swinson, Ernest C SwinsonMortgage
14091204749 Spring Cir, Minnetonka9/22/2014Gregory Sargent, Mortgage
14091214504 Drew Ave S, Minneapolis9/22/2014Anne Atwood, Christopher ReimerMortgage
14091223257 Halifax Ave N, Robbinsdale9/22/2014Pedro Brannum, Mortgage
14091232438 Unity Ave N, Golden Valley9/22/2014Jay C Hinz, Trinity T Hinz AKA Trinh T Hinz FKA Trinh T ChiaokhiaoMortgage
14091244530 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis9/22/2014Stefeni C Harvey, Mortgage
14091252218 Johnson St N E, Minneapolis9/22/2014Arthur J Baas, Joanne BaasMortgage
14091261818 44th Ave N, Minneapolis9/22/2014Julie A McCanney, Mortgage
1409127343 19th St E #3B, Minneapolis9/22/2014Kristopher P Lambert, Mortgage
14091287100 Oliver Ave S, Richfield9/23/2014Laura Majewski, Tomasz MajewskiMortgage
14091292716 16th Ave S, Minneapolis9/23/2014Jennifer A Duncan, Preston C DuncanMortgage
14091302726 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis9/23/2014See Yee Xiong, Mortgage
14091316724 Colorado Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/23/2014James E Hinz, D'Ann D HinzMortgage
14091324140 Zane Ave N, Robbinsdale9/23/2014Diane M Merritt, Mortgage
14091336949 Idaho Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/23/2014Phung Nguyen, Ut Chi NguyenMortgage
14091343944 25th Ave S, Minneapolis9/23/2014Linda I Holmes, Mortgage
14091352124 74th Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/24/2014Randall R Johnson, Mortgage
140913615700 25th Pl N #B, Plymouth9/24/2014Liana Kazaryan, Serge OganovMortgage
14091376624 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park9/24/2014Crystal Flint-Holloman, Mortgage
14091381337 Xylon Ave N, Champlin9/24/2014Charles G Salb, Diana L SalbMortgage
14091393037 18th Ave S, Minneapolis9/24/2014Delores M Wakefield, Mortgage
14091409905 Russell Ave N #8, Brooklyn Park9/24/2014Basheba Martin, Mortgage
1409141506 27th St E, Minneapolis9/24/2014Lucis Reece Jr, Mortgage
14091421322 5th St N E, Minneapolis9/24/2014Jason J Reed, Cynthia L ReedMortgage
14091433414 Taylor St N E, Minneapolis9/24/2014Lief C Larson, Ann M ZitzmannMortgage
14091442219 6th St N, Minneapolis9/24/2014Douglas C Thayer, Victoria ThayerMortgage
14091451810 Yuma La, Plymouth9/25/2014Gail Sabasko, Association
14091461848 Zanzibar La, Plymouth9/25/2014Jeyn M Hofacker, Association
14091476645 Rolling Hills Rd, Corcoran9/25/2014Mark J Roskop, Judith L RoskopMortgage
14091487364 Ontario Blvd, Eden Prairie9/26/2014Mari B Chambers, Mortgage
14091497665 Bittersweet Dr, Eden Prairie9/26/2014Gregory D Lofthus, Mortgage
14091502625 Commerce Blvd, Mound9/26/2014Monte E Rude, Kelley L RudeMortgage
140915112040 64th Ave N, Maple Grove9/26/2014Betsy Stoneking NKA Betsy Ott Stoneking, Jeffrey StonekingMortgage
14091526765 Troy La N, Maple Grove9/26/2014Eduard A Rokhman, Svetlana I RokhmanMortgage
14091532919 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis9/29/2014Sally J Fritz, Mortgage
14091543248 Louisiana Ave N, Crystal9/29/2014Kristina Witsoe, Tara L PaitrickMortgage
14091552611 Humboldt Ave, Minneapolis9/29/2014Youa V Lee FKA Youa Moua, Na Yang FKA Phia MouaMortgage
14091563136 Calhoun Blvd W #206, Minneapolis9/30/2014Benjamin J Kuchta, Mortgage
14091573735 Washburn Ave N, Minneapolis9/30/2014Thomas E Major, Wendy MajorMortgage
140915810865 97th Pl N, Maple Grove9/30/2014Matthew L Goodhart, Joan M Goodhart fka Joan M GrantMortgage
14091595410 Three Points Blvd #421, Mound9/30/2014Janice G Reese, Mortgage
14091601712 Avocet La, Mound9/30/2014Gregory K Olson, Mortgage
14100012420 Parkview, Golden Valley10/1/2014Dustin McLagan, Glenda MorrisMortgage
14100026425 Logan Ave S, Richfield10/1/2014Heather Berwald, Mortgage
14100039141 HWY 55 #106, Golden Valley10/1/2014John Christian Russell a/k/a John C Russell, Mortgage
1410004700 Washington Ave N #512, Minneapolis10/1/2014Gary Voggesser, Assessment
14100053412 Oak Ridge Rd #204, Minnetonka10/1/2014Haskel Fishman, Assessment
14100067224 16th St W, St. Louis Park10/1/2014Velma R Bolles, Mortgage
14100072001 57th St E, Minneapolis10/1/2014Thomas R McHale, Sara A McHaleMortgage
14100082853 Flag Ave N, New Hope10/1/2014Thomas Whiteis, Execution
14100092427 Ilion Ave N, Minneapolis10/1/2014Anjelia Vang, Vang ThaoMortgage
141001010630 Rockford Rd #208, Plymouth10/1/2014Kathryn L Pendergast, Mortgage
14100113300 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis10/2/2014Tonia Anderson, Mortgage
14100126264 Sumter Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/3/2014Thomas Ajayi, Olushola AjayiMortgage
14100133022 39th St E, Minneapolis10/3/2014Thearie Downs II, Irita D DownsMortgage
14100143664 Yuma La N, Plymouth10/3/2014David R Pomije, JoAnn PomijeMortgage
14100153405 France Ave N, Robbinsdale10/3/2014Grant W Erickson, Renee D EricksonMortgage
14100165437 32nd Ave S, Minneapolis10/3/2014Marvel Ann Hughes, Mortgage
14100174715 Wedgewood Dr, Minnetonka10/3/2014Robert F Bednar, Barbara L BednarMortgage
14100185219 Ewing Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/3/2014Daniel Brewer, Mortgage
14100195633 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis10/3/2014Carlos A Porras-Cano, Mortgage
14100202318 38th St E, Minneapolis10/3/2014Dena M Sanford, Mortgage
14100213137 Argyle La, Mound10/3/2014Kevin Pemberton, Mary PembertonMortgage
141002211208 Stanley Ave S, Bloomington10/3/2014Thomas A Hohag, Beverly M HohagMortgage
14100239565 Highview Dr, Eden Prairie10/3/2014Olivia E Borden, Thomas M BordenMortgage
141002410928 Maryland Ave N, Champlin10/6/2014Monica Peterson, Mortgage
1410025309 6th Ave N E, Osseo10/6/2014William J Evans, Dena M EvansMortgage
14100267017 75th Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/6/2014Brandon L Gagnon, Mortgage
14100279633 Hampshire La, Eden Prairie10/7/2014Margaret I Sheady, Mortgage
14100288331 Clinton Ave S, Bloomington10/7/2014Jan R Goebel, Mortgage
14100292222 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis10/7/2014Richard J Corbett, Mortgage
14100302719 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis10/7/2014Ahmed N Hasib, Mortgage
14100313742 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis10/7/2014Dana L Kuehn, Mortgage
14100323112 Clinton Ave S, Minneapolis10/7/2014Hussein J Abdullahi, Berlin Hussein FarahMortgage
141003324860 Smithtown Rd, Shorewood10/8/2014Debra I Pahl, Steven L PahlMortgage
14100343501 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis10/8/2014Sherilyn Luschen, Mortgage
14100354000 Columbus Ave S, Minneapolis10/8/2014Mohammad Moleazay, Mortgage
14100361505 5th St N #204, Hopkins10/8/2014Anh T Nguyen, Mortgage
14100379525 Rich Rd, Bloomington10/8/2014Gregory M Ganske, Michelle C GanskeMortgage
14100388760 North Maplebrook Cir, Brooklyn Park10/8/2014Todd Vlasaty, Amy Christopherson-VlasatyMortgage
14100393939 Regent Ave N, Minneapolis10/8/2014Timothy Kohner, Mortgage
14100403050 Larch La N, Plymouth10/8/2014Allen R Cail Jr, Jodi L CailMortgage
141004110215 Lakeview Dr W, Minnetonka10/8/2014Lawrence J Kelso, Bonnie J KelsoMortgage
14100421316 Oxford St, Hopkins10/8/2014Howard S Walstein, Mortgage
1410043731 Jackson St N E, Minneapolis10/8/2014David W Youso, Roberta M DahlMortgage
14100444226 29th Ave S, Minneapolis10/8/2014Ronald E Thunberg, Mortgage
14100457006 Morgan Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/8/2014Eugene O Noding, Mortgage
14100462922 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis10/8/2014Sao Ze Yang, Chue XiongMortgage
1410048300 Ridgewood Ave #4, Minneapolis10/8/2014Craig Lewis, Gloria LewisAssessment
14100494914 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis10/8/2014Eunice E Smith, Mortgage
14100504765 Wilshire Blvd, Mound10/8/2014Joshua Evans, Mortgage
14100529030 Columbus Ave S, Bloomington10/9/2014Paul D Guilfoyle, Geneva J GuilfoyleMortgage
141005321200 Minnetonka Blvd, Greenwood10/9/2014Timothy A Quinn, Robert J Quinn JrMortgage
14100549309 Erickson Ct N, Brooklyn Park10/10/2014Cary Turner, Victoria TurnerMortgage
14100556012 Halifax Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/10/2014Todd Okan, Theresa OkanMortgage
14100562818 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis10/10/2014Francis Bassan, Mortgage
14100575536 Regent Ave N, Crystal10/10/2014Elijah Kollie, Mortgage
14100589456 Saratoga La N, Maple Grove10/10/2014Bruce E Harms, Yvonne M BarthelMortgage
14100593423 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis10/10/2014Michael A Mackey, Ericka L MackayMortgage
14100605706 102nd Ave, Brooklyn Park10/10/2014Quan Truong, Thao TruongMortgage
14100613809 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis10/10/2014Emmett Bryant, Barbara BryantMortgage
14100635427 Winnetka Ave N, New Hope10/14/2014Eugene L Koeck, Laura Reiko Shellum KoeckMortgage
14100644885 109th Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/14/2014Kubmuaslaij Khang, Mortgage
14100653628 Major Ave N, Robbinsdale10/14/2014Katherine J Westberg, Mortgage
14100663546 Xerxes Ave N, Minneapolis10/15/2014Chris Waterbury, Dennis W KragerMortgage
14100677619 63rd Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/15/2014Terina Karimi, Faiz M NekzadMortgage
14100683965 Brunswick Ave S, St. Louis Park10/15/2014Sharon A Ose, Mortgage
14100693226 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis10/15/2014April L Hawthorne, Mortgage
141007014131 54th Ave N, Plymouth10/15/2014James T Hess, Meredith HessMortgage
14100713720 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis10/15/2014Tommie M Simmons, Mortgage
14100723339 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis10/15/2014Scott A Shoemaker, Cheryl E ShoemakerMortgage
14100734118 54th St E, Minneapolis10/15/2014Doloris Robertson, Mortgage
141007410917 Douglas La N, Champlin10/15/2014Rafonne L Rucker, Mortgage
14100753119 James Ave N, Minneapolis10/15/2014Elizabeth A Jarvi, Mortgage
14100762612 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis10/15/2014Lamin M Dibba, Awa B DibbaMortgage
14100772730 Rosalyn Ct #302, New Hope10/15/2014Saralyn E Wallace, Assessment
1410078500 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis10/15/2014Khamsene Vongsoth, Bangone VongsothMortgage
14100794337 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis10/16/2014Daniel S Nelson, Assessment
14100807341 Chowen Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/17/2014Aaron D Johnson, Barbara C JohnsonMortgage
141008111138 Xavier Rd, Bloomington10/17/2014Beverly E Cornely, Mortgage
14100829036 11th Ave S, Bloomington10/17/2014Iva Rose Quear, Mortgage
14100832527 Monroe St N E, Minneapolis10/17/2014Bassirou Konare, Fatoumata M KonareMortgage
1410084912 19th Ave S E, Minneapolis10/17/2014Melissa N Engstrom, Mortgage
14100854420 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis10/17/2014Bryan S Watt, Stephanie A WattMortgage
14100867340 Colorado Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/17/2014Shelli L Schultz, Mortgage
14100879558 Fallgold Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park10/17/2014Barry L Corns, Susan J CornsMortgage
14100889801 Girard Cir, Bloomington10/17/2014John Keophothisane, Desiree R KeophothisaneMortgage
14100893433 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis10/17/2014Elia A Torres, Mortgage
141009017620 Dayton River Rd, Dayton10/20/2014Roland P Evenson, Earleen J EvensonMortgage
14100911409 84th Way N, Brooklyn Park10/20/2014Pang Lee, Mortgage
14100928248 Logan Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/20/2014Junior Bismarck, Mortgage
14100935109 Baker Rd, Minnetonka10/21/2014Dean Westlund, Mortgage
141009411610 Louisiana Ave N, Champlin10/21/2014Nathan M Burgess Jr, Mortgage
14100953326 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis10/21/2014Clifton Myles, Cynthia L MylesMortgage
14100963433 Texas Ave S, St. Louis Park10/22/2014Rodolfo A Shorey, Sara Leticia G ShoreyMortgage
14100971345 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis10/22/2014Norman R Jarrett, Mortgage
14100984559 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis10/22/2014Robert Winslow, Mortgage
14100996105 Lincoln Dr #336, Edina10/22/2014Joan Pride, Assessment
141010010013 Nicollet Ave S, Bloomington10/23/2014Donald Helgesen, Mortgage
14101013421 33rd Ave S, Minneapolis10/23/2014Sheri VonEschen, Mortgage
1410102217 22nd Ave N E, Minneapolis10/23/2014Joy C Thompsen, Mortgage
14101033835 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis10/24/2014Elizabeth A Booker, Mortgage
141010417401 80th Ave N, Maple Grove10/24/2014Conrad L Ehrmantraut, Kristina L EhrmantrautMortgage
14101053719 6th St N, Minneapolis10/24/2014Jennifer Zurn, Mortgage
14101063765 Togo Rd, Wayzata10/24/2014Renee M Hasse, Mortgage
14101073224 Drew Ave N, Robbinsdale10/24/2014David L Nickel, Sarah J NickelMortgage
141010842 17th Ave N, Hopkins10/24/2014Gail Davis, Ronald B DavisMortgage
14101097710 Corcoran Tr W, Corcoran10/24/2014David A Green, Jeanette A GreenMortgage
14101105130 Howe La, Brooklyn Center10/24/2014Alfred M Seley, Martha M KugbehMortgage
14101114114 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis10/24/2014Nong Khai Lor, Mortgage
14101123856 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis10/27/2014Frans E Lindgren, trustee of the Frans E Lindgren Revocabl, Mortgage
14101133811 27th Ave N, Robbinsdale10/27/2014Alan Tyree, Mortgage
14101149955 Russell Ave #2, Brooklyn Park10/28/2014Dominick W Wernicke, Rebekah M WernickeMortgage
14101157725 Beard Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/28/2014Scott R Burt, Debra K BurtMortgage
14101163304 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis10/28/2014Nancy K Nordlund, Mortgage
1410117517 83rd Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/28/2014Mindy A Holzer, Chad J GibeauMortgage
14101184633 Clinton Ave S, Minneapolis10/28/2014Raven A Loya, Mortgage
14101193640 Pauly La, St. Bonifacius10/29/2014Matt Logelin, Stacy Logelin fka Stacy HendricksMortgage
14101203030 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis10/29/2014Matthew H Williams, Mortgage
14101212601 Kenzie Ter #319, Minneapolis10/29/2014Carolyn L Hunt-Dady, Mortgage
1410122433 7th St S #1805, Minneapolis10/29/2014Melissa H Collier, Joshua CollierMortgage
14101234922 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis10/29/2014Stacey Carroll, Desmond CarrollMortgage
14101241049 25th Ave S E, Minneapolis10/29/2014Thomas E Shawgo, Fletcher WanlessMortgage
14101254534 Zane Ave N, Crystal10/29/2014Michael J Allshouse, Jayna M AllshouseMortgage
14101262500 Blaisdell Ave #412, Minneapolis10/29/2014Rebecca L Nelson, Mortgage
14101274213 71st Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/29/2014Rebecca C Halberg, Kevin M HalbergMortgage
14101282212 24th Ave S, Minneapolis10/29/2014James A Miller, Mortgage
14101298007 Rhode Island Cir, Bloomington10/29/2014Steven A Alsip, Julie A Van DerostyneMortgage
14101305309 34th Ave S, Minneapolis10/31/2014Mark W Swanson, Mortgage
14101315904 Ashcroft Ave S, Edina10/31/2014Darrell B Pearson, Mortgage
14101322710 Clare La, Mound10/31/2014Steven C Smith, Mortgage
141013313905 53rd Ave N #401, Plymouth10/31/2014Kelly K Hecker, Dennis E HeckerMortgage
14101348701 Cottonwood La N, Maple Grove10/31/2014Gary L Lyson, Mortgage
14101352625 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis10/31/2014Victor Perete Rodriguez, Ines Benitez-Mejia & Rene Castillo BenitezMortgage
14101368832 Chicago Ave S, Minneapolis10/31/2014LuJean B Wanous, Leonard J WanousMortgage
14101373908 Kentucky Ave N, Crystal10/31/2014Ryan Nielsen, Mortgage
141013810037 Toledo Dr N, Brooklyn Park10/31/2014Amananabor Nagberi, Bintu KamaraMortgage
14101394350 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis10/31/2014Katherine F Nierengarten fka Katherine F Chock, Paul A NierengartenMortgage
14101401530 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis10/31/2014Jessie E Hammonds, Mortgage
14101413351 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis10/31/2014Michael W Poe, Nancy M Poe & Andrea PoeMortgage
14101428418 Knox Ave S, Bloomington10/31/2014David L Behnken, Mortgage
14110016019 Halifax Ave N, Brooklyn Center11/3/2014Karey M LaCrue, John J LaCrueMortgage
14110028708 Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Park11/3/2014Miguel A Gomez, Mortgage
14110037843 Yucca La N, Maple Grove11/3/2014Jeffrey L Grimm, Mortgage
14110043354 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis11/3/2014Allison T Battles-McCall, David McCallMortgage
14110052170 Ridge Dr #34, St. Louis Park11/3/2014Michele J Speranza, Mortgage
1411006815 Ludwig Ave N, Champlin11/4/2014Theresa M Bakos, Mortgage
14110071807 36th Ave N E, Minneapolis11/4/2014John W Jensen-Barrie, Marcia R Jensen-BarrieMortgage
141100811260 36th Pl N, Plymouth11/4/2014Debra S Greene, Mortgage
14110095110 Holly La #1704 a/k/a #4, Plymouth11/4/2014Robert T Isbell, Mortgage
1411010506 22nd Ave N E, Minneapolis11/4/2014Timothy Nelson, Thea NelsonMortgage
141101117100 89th Pl N, Maple Grove11/5/2014Timothy R Klick, Holly J KlickMortgage
14110123570 Polk St N E, Minneapolis11/5/2014Christopher J Nappa, Stephen C SmithMortgage
14110133546 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis11/5/2014Julia Moore, Mortgage
14110149097 Xenia St, Greenfield11/5/2014Patrick J Benson, Rhonda J BensonMortgage
14110156042 Dupont Ave N, Brooklyn Center11/5/2014Kean Stenberg, Mortgage
14110163326 Chowen Ave N, Robbinsdale11/5/2014Emmanuel C Ezike II, Mortgage
14110171033 Lowry Ave N E, Minneapolis11/5/2014Yuleana Shorey, Mortgage
14110182812 18th Ave S, Minneapolis11/5/2014Jennifer L Keal, Mortgage
14110198416 Medicine Lake Rd, New Hope11/5/2014James M Baker, Mortgage
141102020 2nd St N E #1601, Minneapolis11/6/2014Archie Peltier, Mortgage
14110218500 Humboldt Ave S, Bloomington11/6/2014Kevin A Semrau, Jessica L SemrauMortgage
14110223833 Zane Ave N, Crystal11/6/2014David J Durand, Gretchen A DurandMortgage
14110239461 Polaris La N, Maple Grove11/7/2014Thomas T Robinson Jr, Association
14110242775 Ranchview La #5, Plymouth11/7/2014Francine L Lewin, Association
14110263249 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis11/7/2014Merlin R Garner, Mortgage
14110271500 Westwood Dr, Mound11/7/2014Jim Koch, Laurie KochMortgage
141102811101 Washburn Ave S, Bloomington11/7/2014Peter Elftmann, Minga ElftmannMortgage
14110298116 Toledo Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/7/2014Jared Kouri, Mortgage
14110301543 33rd St E, Minneapolis11/7/2014Robert W Cooch, Mortgage
141103110681 Gingseng La N, Hanover11/7/2014Pennie M Harrington, Patrick Harrington & Michael J HarringtonMortgage
14110328009 Upton Cir N, Brooklyn Park11/7/2014Mayourinh S Thavongsinh, Bounxom S PhomsengdyMortgage
14110335709 Adair Ave N, Crystal11/10/2014Franck Henri-Andre Delbart, Mortgage
141103412397 74th Ave N, Maple Grove11/10/2014Walter W Miller, Inez B MillerMortgage
1411035909 Parkside Blvd, Hopkins11/10/2014Uwe Muegge, Mortgage
141103610840 99th Pl N, Maple Grove11/10/2014Ruth A Weiler, Mortgage
1411037405 Pineview La N, Plymouth11/12/2014Renee C Anderson, Robert G JohnsonMortgage
14110384041 Chicago Ave S, Minneapolis11/12/2014Margo A Asher, Mortgage
14110394826 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis11/12/2014Gwenice D Hurst, Mortgage
14110407300 Portland Ave S, Richfield11/12/2014Susan Musial, Michael MusialMortgage
14110414304 43rd Ave N, Minneapolis11/12/2014Katherine E Antrim, Mortgage
14110423339 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis11/12/2014Marcellus J Davis, Mortgage
14110431108 Landmark Tr S, Hopkins11/12/2014Curtis Cammack, Assessment
14110443844 Nicollet Ave S #101, Minneapolis11/12/2014Nicholas K Petersen, Mortgage
141104512570 Crowfoot Ct, Eden Prairie11/12/2014Brenda J Hamilton f/k/a Brenda Jo Johnson, Mortgage
14110464600 Cedar Lake Rd #2, St. Louis Park11/12/2014Theresa Murphy, Assessment
141104713011 Balsam La N, Dayton11/12/2014Andrea R Taylor, Mortgage
14110482675 Valley Rd, Independence11/12/2014Michael D Monge, Leah M MongeMortgage
14110495335 County Road 151, Minnetrista11/12/2014Patricia Carl, Mortgage
14110506401 Colony Way #1A, Edina11/12/2014Richard Jackson, Mortgage
14110515365 Orleans La N #4, Plymouth11/13/2014Christopher D Thorsen, Assessment
14110524111 James Ave N, Minneapolis11/13/2014Mary Sullivan, Michael SullivanMortgage
14110538816 Elliot Ave S, Bloomington11/13/2014Bountheng Thammavongsa, Mortgage
14110543110 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis11/13/2014Carol D Schwab, Mortgage
14110554243 28th Ave S, Minneapolis11/13/2014Sylvia J Gubatan, Rick A FisherMortgage
14110562605 101st La N, Brooklyn Park11/14/2014Todd M Thesing, Association
14110578115 Curtis La, Eden Prairie11/14/2014Mary K Testin, Association
14110589027 18th Ave S, Bloomington11/14/2014Susan Bunting, Mortgage
14110591001 Orkla Dr, Golden Valley11/14/2014Hatyba Aasutenit FKA Gloria J Massey, Mortgage
14110601320 Landmark Tr S, Hopkins11/14/2014Reginale B Hall, Mortgage
14110613221 Xenwood Ave S, St. Louis Park11/14/2014Daniel W Gooselaw, Margaret A GooselawMortgage
14110626130 Colfax Ave N, Brooklyn Center11/14/2014Trent B Boldt, Mortgage
14110633756 10th Ave S, Minneapolis11/14/2014Ann Patterson A/K/A Ann M Honkala, Robert PattersonMortgage
14110646839 Medicine Lake Rd, Golden Valley11/14/2014Chad W Brancamp, Kelly A BrancampMortgage
14110653188 North Shore Dr, Orono11/14/2014James A Rosati, Debra L RosatiMortgage
14110667410 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park11/18/2014Diana J Schoenenberger aka Diana Jo Eide, Mortgage
14110674235 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis11/18/2014John Fowler Jr, Katherine FowlerMortgage
14110682107 6th St N, Minneapolis11/18/2014Justin J Demike, Benjamin L DavisMortgage
14110692829 40th Ave S, Minneapolis11/18/2014Donald R Lindahl, Annette M LindahlMortgage
14110706209 Bethia La, Brooklyn Park11/18/2014William P Anderson, Vicki L AndersonMortgage
14110713454 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis11/18/2014Rupel Marshall, Renette MarshallMortgage
14110726255 West Branch Rd, Minnetrista11/18/2014Eric B Iverson, Cheryl D IversonMortgage
14110732615 Shadywood Rd, Orono11/18/2014Thomas P Huber, Nancy A HuberMortgage
14110745552 Elm Grove Ct, New Hope11/18/2014Oleksandr Vinnytskyy, Lyudmila VinnytskaMortgage
14110757325 Kentucky Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/19/2014Cajetan C Egbujor, Mortgage
14110767507 College Park Dr N, Brooklyn Park11/19/2014Lavela S Subah, Hassatous Porte-SubahMortgage
14110773327 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis11/19/2014Rena L Cade, Mortgage
14110782418 3rd St N E, Minneapolis11/19/2014Ronald B Larson, Kathleen R LarsonMortgage
1411079861 70th Ave N, Brooklyn Center11/19/2014Rebekah F Brown, Mortgage
14110807615 Elm Grove Ave, New Hope11/19/2014Todd Mayer, Assessment
141108115820 9th Ave N, Plymouth11/19/2014Charles T Murphy, Wendy M MurphyMortgage
14110824415 Nevada Ave N, New Hope11/19/2014Reed Olson, Diane OlsonMortgage
1411083217 27th St W, Minneapolis11/19/2014General J Nicholson, Lynn Rubenstein NicholsonMortgage
141108428200 Boulder Cir, Shorewood11/19/2014Roy Bredholt, Faith BredholtMortgage
14110855862 Bartlett Blvd, Mound11/19/2014Steven M Roxberg, Mortgage
14110861205 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis11/19/2014Willis Young, Patricia YoungMortgage
14110879682 Gander La, Minnetrista11/19/2014Brent J Helland, Emily S HellandMortgage
14110881712 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis11/19/2014Koffi R Mongo, Nina A Ekue HettahMortgage
14110899732 Mill Creek Dr, Eden Prairie11/19/2014Kimberly A Diamond, Michael A DiamondMortgage
14110904134 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis11/20/2014Leah Demaris Lawrence, Mortgage
14110913038 13th Ave S #12, Minneapolis11/20/2014Roosevelt Johnson, Assessment
14110924364 Mackey Ave, St. Louis Park11/20/2014Amanda K Wee, John L.P.G. WeeMortgage
141109310359 Wildwood Rd, Bloomington11/20/2014Leif Aronsen, Wendy AronsenMortgage
1411094902 10th Ave N, Minneapolis11/20/2014Karl P Dehkes, Mortgage
14110951824 15th Ave S, Minneapolis11/20/2014Arafat Hassan Elbakri, Adrianna H SutherlandMortgage
1411096 Address unassigned, Edina11/21/2014Roma J Brown, Mortgage
14110979925 Russell Ave N #7, Brooklyn Park11/21/2014Sherenia Gibbs, Association
14110982301 24th St E, Minneapolis11/21/2014Edward Mulkeen III, Mortgage
14110992219 4th St N, Minneapolis11/21/2014Thomas R Hill, Cynthia HillMortgage
14111003142 23rd Ave S, Minneapolis11/21/2014Antonio D Stanton, Melissa StantonMortgage
14111014216 Park Ave, Minneapolis11/21/2014Rozetta Norman, Mortgage
14111029722 Greenspruce Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/21/2014James T Tran, Linh N NguyenMortgage
14111032043 Kentucky Ave S, St. Louis Park11/21/2014Ronald F Hort, Mortgage
14111043310 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis11/21/2014Elizabeth Jarvi, Mortgage
1411105433 7th St S #1821, Minneapolis11/21/2014Linda J Studenski, Mortgage
14111066051 West Broadway Ave #205, New Hope11/21/2014Ross Womble, Mortgage
14111074001 23rd Ave S, Minneapolis11/21/2014Tony J Newsom, Stacy A NewsomMortgage
14111082800 17th Ave S, Minneapolis11/21/2014Jose P Guevara, Mortgage
14111091045 27th Ave S E, Minneapolis11/24/2014David J Gulso, Mortgage
14111103021 Monterey Ave, St. Louis Park11/24/2014Annette Ryshavy fka Annette Johnson, John W RyshavyMortgage
141111110498 Yorktown La N, Maple Grove11/24/2014Susan D K Schmitz, Mortgage
14111124731 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis11/24/2014Michael L Anderson, Mortgage
14111136803 Perry Ave N, Brooklyn Center11/24/2014Beverly Pollard, Mortgage
14111147733 Unity Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/24/2014Vang Yang, Becky MouaMortgage
14111155220 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis11/25/2014Chong Moua, Mikee LorMortgage
14111168575 Sycamore La N, Maple Grove11/25/2014Howard J Kurtzweil, Peggy J SkellyMortgage
14111176033 11th Ave S, Minneapolis11/25/2014Steven R Mattson, Mortgage
141111819927 Larkin Rd, Corcoran11/25/2014David E Lindblom, Penny E LindblomMortgage
14111196941 Janell Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/26/2014Laura L Smith, Mortgage
14111203500 Welcome Ave N, Crystal11/26/2014Meghan E White, Jessica L GordonMortgage
14111217513 Vinewood Ct N, Maple Grove11/26/2014Heather E Mills, Mortgage
14111225637 10th Ave S, Minneapolis11/26/2014Thomas J Weiland, Teresa M WeilandMortgage
1411123541 3rd Ave N E, Osseo11/26/2014Dorothy V Jones, Mortgage
14111244319 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis11/26/2014James W Marshall, Mortgage
141112517736 Elm Rd N, Maple Grove11/26/2014Jeanne Hamoude, Mortgage
14111264228 12th Ave S, Minneapolis11/26/2014Alvin A Savage, Mortgage
14120018149 Blaisdell Ave S, Bloomington12/1/2014Willie Vo, Judean HayeMortgage
141200211900 St. Albans Hollow Dr, Minnetonka12/1/2014Bruce A Specktor, Marcee L SpecktorMortgage
14120031336 Xerxes Ave N, Minneapolis12/1/2014Joseph N Jackson, Naomi J JacksonMortgage
14120043400 44th Ave S, Minneapolis12/1/2014Ann M Smith, Mortgage
14120052634 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis12/1/2014Robert Johnson, Mortgage
14120063614 Washburn Ave N, Minneapolis12/1/2014Wade L Peterson, Mortgage
14120075227 41st Ave S, Minneapolis12/1/2014Angela L Flitter, Mortgage
14120084175 Pepperwood Tr, Minnetonka12/2/2014Robert L Atkinson, Mortgage
14120093108 Wilson St N E, St. Anthony12/2/2014Larry A Jakubic, Sandi J JakubicMortgage
141201017525 72nd Ave N, Maple Grove12/2/2014Tim E Sullivan, Rebecca L SullivanMortgage
14120115349 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis12/2/2014Carmell K Demarie, Mortgage
14120124516 104th Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/2/2014Molley Kamara, Mortgage
14120131400 Dakota Ave S #304, St. Louis Park12/2/2014Carl Harstad, Young H YangMortgage
14120148309 Goodrich Rd, Bloomington12/2/2014Phillip Hannon, Mortgage
14120158028 Morgan Cir N, Brooklyn Park12/2/2014Keith Griffin, Mortgage
14120163213 Louisiana Ave S, St. Louis Park12/2/2014Jeffrey W Robinson, Laura M RobinsonMortgage
14120173723 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis12/2/2014William J Knebel, Michele H ReeMortgage
14120181138 Underhill Cir, Long Lake12/3/2014Carol M Kelley, William D KelleyMortgage
141201911171 Edgewood Cir N, Champlin12/3/2014Frances J LaCroix, Mortgage
14120201019 Main St N E, Minneapolis12/3/2014Jacques G Simon Sr, Mortgage
14120214161 Yuma La N, Plymouth12/3/2014Cindy J Long, Mortgage
14120227321 Woodstock Cur, Bloomington12/3/2014Madeline Boulay, Assessment
14120236057 Covington Ter, Minnetonka12/3/2014William M Knutsen, Sandra J KnutsenAssessment
14120245407 Yukon Ave N, New Hope12/3/2014Wayne L Heinz, Mortgage
14120251703 31st St E, Minneapolis12/3/2014Melissa Nicnick, Joseph W SheltonMortgage
14120262465 Gunflint Tr N, Brooklyn Park12/3/2014Janice E Townsend, Mortgage
14120277138 Merrimac La N, Maple Grove12/3/2014Tatyana Chernikh, Vitaly ChernikhMortgage
14120283105 16th Ave S #1, Minneapolis12/5/2014Travis R Christianson, Mortgage
14120296922 58TH Ave N, Crystal12/5/2014Gregory S Christensen, Marilyn K ChristensenMortgage
14120307222 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park12/5/2014Joy A Gunderson, Mortgage
141203143 6th Ave S, Hopkins12/5/2014James D Melius, Mortgage
14120322518 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis12/5/2014Princess Titus, Mortgage
14120333304 Weenonah Pl, Minneapolis12/5/2014Wade K Arms, Crystal ArmsMortgage
14120348500 Quinn Ave S, Bloomington12/5/2014Kelly Bach, Dean ReutelerMortgage
14120354955 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis12/5/2014Walter L Byrd, Mortgage
14120365122 50th Ave N, Crystal12/5/2014Jacqueline A Dionne, Mortgage
14120378142 Spruce Tr, Eden Prairie12/5/2014J Ross Lippincott, Tanya R LippincottMortgage
14120381219 Landmark Tr S, Hopkins12/5/2014Allison Fiecke, Kristopher FieckeMortgage
14120398001 Florida Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/5/2014Thor Yang, Tou H ThaoMortgage
14120401425 Orkla Dr, Golden Valley12/5/2014Lowell R Gomsrud, Mortgage
14120418145 1st Ave S, Bloomington12/5/2014Georgette Caulk, Mortgage
141204215710 Corrall La, Eden Prairie12/5/2014Mario A Campos Jr, Lori L CamposMortgage
14120432701 81st Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/5/2014Ger Pha, See VangMortgage
141204417715 12th Ave N, Plymouth12/8/2014Titus N Winger, Jamie E WingerMortgage
14120454741 Florida Ave N, Crystal12/8/2014Paul K Mallow, Sharon J MallowMortgage
14120464324 Zenith Ave N, Robbinsdale12/8/2014Warren L Skeesick, Mortgage
14120478300 Upton Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/8/2014Terry L Buie, Mortgage
14120484614 Indiana Ave N, Robbinsdale12/8/2014Carla M Avalos, Moses J AvalosMortgage
14120492745 Regent Ave N, Golden Valley12/8/2014Rebecca A Walkner, Mortgage
14120503546 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis12/8/2014Cassandra N Braaten, Mortgage
14120512318 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis12/8/2014Ralph Galindez III, Georgia C GalindezMortgage
1412052523 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis12/8/2014Maria E Huertero-Ramirez, Felipe SaavedraMortgage
141205313893 54th Ave N, Plymouth12/9/2014Janice L Meimaridis, Peter S MeimaridisMortgage
14120544900 Quail Ave N, Crystal12/9/2014Joshua B Coleman, Julie M PattersonMortgage
14120552628 Salem Ave S, St. Louis Park12/9/2014Michael Mischke, Rebecca MischkeMortgage
14120563240 Emerson Ave S, Minneapolis12/9/2014Indrajit C Thambiah, Mortgage
14120574862 Tuxedo Blvd, Mound12/9/2014Steve Krueger, Linda KruegerMortgage
14120585517 Unity Ave N, Crystal12/9/2014Curtis D Palmer, Arlene L PalmerMortgage
14120601001 11th Ave S #1, Hopkins12/10/2014Andrea L Benolkin, Mortgage
14120612335 Aquila Ave N, Golden Valley12/10/2014Jeffrey Grossman, Virginia Bamonti-GrossmanMortgage
14120626901 Morgan Ave N, Brooklyn Center12/10/2014Comfort Bropleh, Mortgage
14120632642 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis12/10/2014Marguerite Belmares, Mortgage
1412064504 Franklin Ave W #2C, Minneapolis12/10/2014Beth A Dickman, Mortgage
14120663739 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis12/10/2014Thomas K Sonnenberg, Elaine M SonnenbergMortgage
14120673410 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis12/10/2014Heidi Garman, Mortgage
14120682946 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis12/10/2014Robin L Palmer, Mortgage
1412069801 Smetana Rd #3, Hopkins12/10/2014Thomas H Uppman, Mortgage
14120705201 Maryland Ave N, Crystal12/10/2014Julie K Wodtke, Adam L WodtkeMortgage
14120714631 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis12/10/2014Joshua D Sathre, Mortgage
14120723700 6th St N, Minneapolis12/10/2014Erik R Moe, Mortgage
14120732634 18th Ave S, Minneapolis12/11/2014Shaina Briscoe, Mortgage
1412074326 13th Ave N, Hopkins12/11/2014Suzanne Underland Nelson a.k.a Susan Underland Nelson, Mortgage
14120756537 Chowen Ave N, Brooklyn Center12/11/2014Ebrima Touray, Ramatoulie TourayMortgage
141207615388 40th Ave N, Plymouth12/12/2014Christy M Logan, Association
14120778062 Curtis La, Eden Prairie12/12/2014Roger J Shafer, Association
14120794147 31st Ave S, Minneapolis12/12/2014Joan E Poe, Mortgage
14120803625 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis12/12/2014Eric Sanders, Mortgage
141208110814 Sunset Ter N, Brooklyn Park12/12/2014Carolyn Waters, Mortgage
141208213735 57th Ave N, Plymouth12/12/2014Nancy J Farden, Trustee, Mortgage
14120838802 North Brook Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/12/2014David M Gross, Anna L GrossMortgage
141208410532 Thomas Ave S, Bloomington12/12/2014JoAnn Bohn, Mortgage
14120854120 Parklawn Ave #121, Edina12/12/2014Theodore L Zawadski, Mortgage
14120861726 Irving Ave S, Minneapolis12/15/2014Jeffrey W Cook, Mortgage
14120879177 Nevada Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/15/2014Vanita C Arrindell, Mortgage
14120885808 Fremont Ave N, Brooklyn Center12/15/2014Thomas J Lyman, Mortgage
14120893488 Pilgrim La N, Plymouth12/15/2014Gregory P Bredlow, Mortgage
14120906716 Shingle Creek Dr, Brooklyn Park12/15/2014George B Innis, Mortgage
14120917732 Beard Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/15/2014Roselyn Ogudu, Mortgage
14120921422 Cambridge St, Hopkins12/15/2014David S Anderson, Stacey A AndersonMortgage
14120933145 31st Ave S, Minneapolis12/15/2014Paula A Ponsonby, Mortgage
14120941635 Co Rd 110 N, Minnetrista12/16/2014George R Gulso, Arlene M GulsoMortgage
14120957403 Dupont Ave n, Brooklyn Park12/16/2014Terry Wagner, Jennifer WagnerMortgage
14120965406 49th Ave N, Crystal12/16/2014Vladimir Garcia, Mortgage
14120978133 102nd St W, Bloomington12/16/2014Richard Soderberg, Susan SoderbergMortgage
14120981824 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis12/16/2014Carlos F Canizales, Inga S DemeMortgage
14120995309 Wooddale Ave, Edina12/17/2014Leroy E Codding IV, Kristin L CoddingJudgment
14121006235 Wentworth Ave, Richfield12/17/2014Jacalyn Kawiecki, Craig A BossenMortgage
14121015309 34th Ave S, Minneapolis12/17/2014Mark Swanson, Myndi SwansonMortgage
14121024810 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis12/17/2014Eric A Euteneuer, Mortgage
1412103605 Baxter St N, Champlin12/17/2014David A Scherer, Karen L SchererMortgage
14121044885 Co Rd 6, Independence12/17/2014Timothy M Edwards-Hughes, Jennifer M Edwards-HughesMortgage
14121053748 29th Ave S, Minneapolis12/17/2014Candace L Hicks, Matthew G HicksMortgage
14121066090 Lake Linden Dr, Shorewood12/17/2014Karl R Bost, Angel E Bost formerly Angel E GimenezMortgage
14121072409 Edinbrook Ter N, Brooklyn Park12/17/2014Nikolay Pavlenko, Anna PavlenkoMortgage
14121084216 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis12/17/2014Jerone I Mitchell, Mortgage
141210912117 Brenlyn La, Minnetonka12/17/2014Jacqueline C Stepanek, Mortgage
1412110115 Maddaus La, Golden Valley12/17/2014Marshall B Shields, Janet GordonMortgage
141211110513 Dupont Rd, Bloomington12/17/2014Wayne C Malmanger, Assessment
1412112527 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis12/17/2014Raymond Ivey, Mortgage
14121135139 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis12/17/2014Elizabeth A Hughes, Mortgage
141211417361 Hanson Ct, Eden Prairie12/17/2014Sambit K Das, Mortgage
14121159944 Humboldt Ave S, Bloomington12/17/2014Laurie A Nyberg, Mortgage
14121166517 38th Ave N, Crystal12/17/2014Donna M Schwendemann, Mortgage
14121179516 Oliver Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/17/2014Julie K Miller, Donald L MillerMortgage
14121184552 33rd Ave S, Minneapolis12/17/2014Rachelle Humphrey, Mortgage
14121197525 Idaho Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/17/2014Hai A Ngo, Mortgage
14121212612 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis12/17/2014Lawrence A Hill, Wanda L Phillips-HillMortgage
141212214525 Starlite Dr, Rogers12/17/2014Thomas Hendrickson, Kathi HendricksonMortgage
14121234828 Vincent Ave S, Minneapolis12/18/2014Christopher R Walsh, Mortgage
14121246155 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park12/18/2014Irene Somerville, Mortgage
14121252223 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis12/18/2014Benjamin N Johnson, Mortgage
141212610240 ,10220, 10280 Hennepin Town Rd, Eden Prairie12/19/2014Ruth K Hustad, Judgment
14121273 Unassigned addresses, Greenvale Township, 12/19/2014Ruth K Hustad, Judgment
14121283263 Welcome Ave N, Crystal12/19/2014Lori H Buck, Mortgage
141212918175 Highland Ave, Deephaven12/19/2014David M Harvath, Moonyeen C HarvathMortgage
14121302200 Nevada Ave S #310, St. Louis Park12/19/2014Michelle L Blommel, Mortgage
14121311225 Lasalle Ave #1501, Minneapolis12/19/2014Brent M Johanson, Mortgage
14121322814 78th St W, Richfield12/22/2014Patricia A McCoy Zellner aka Patricia Ann Zellner, Timothy J ZellnerMortgage
14121333588 Hillsboro Ave N, New Hope12/22/2014Linda K Kay, William J WaltersMortgage
14121347624 118th Ave N, Champlin12/22/2014Diane Peterson, David A PetersonMortgage
1412135714 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis12/22/2014Lamont A Farrell, Kathy FarrellMortgage
14121365124 65th Ave N, Brooklyn Center12/22/2014Jospeh Okrakene, Mortgage
14121372510 Unity Ave N, Golden Valley12/23/2014Linda Petersen, Mortgage
141213811117 Yates Ave N, Champlin12/23/2014Robert D Wagner, Mortgage
14121394535 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis12/29/2014Stacey J Giordano, Mortgage
14121403521 33rd Ave S, Minneapolis12/29/2014Gerold B Westberg, Linda WestbergMortgage
14121413437 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis12/29/2014Walter L Hollis, Lisa L HollisMortgage
14121423516 Zane Ave N, Crystal12/30/2014Eric M Mueller, Angela A MuellerMortgage
15010012008 84th Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/2/2015Robert D Caufman, Enid K Johnson-CaufmanMortgage
15010026914 10th Ave S, Richfield1/2/2015Bryan T Struck, Jennifer StruckMortgage
15010033024 Lake Shore Dr, Minneapolis1/5/2015C. William Quady, Assessment
15010047147 Excelsior Way, St. Louis Park1/5/2015Richard Lewandowski, Lalainia LewandowskiMortgage
15010055407 Fairview Ave N, Crystal1/5/2015Suzanna George, Mortgage
15010065642 Dupont Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/5/2015Roxanne D Maass, Mortgage
15010074628 Lake Harriet Pkwy W, Minneapolis1/5/2015Michelle P Heine, Christopher C HeineMortgage
15010085041 6th St N, Minneapolis1/5/2015Jeffrey M Rudolph, Mortgage
15010091700 Polk St, Minneapolis1/5/2015Penny L Olbekson, Mortgage
1501010620 Beaver Dam St E, Wayzata1/5/2015Elyse Richmann, Jacob RichmannMortgage
15010119665 Friar Dr, Eden Prairie1/5/2015Jay Marie Hester Payne, Samuel Payne IIIMortgage
15010125727 Major Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/5/2015Judith L Cabral, Mortgage
15010137624 Newton Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/5/2015Curtis McMillon, Victoria Martinez-McMillonMortgage
15010143236 Aldrich Ave S, Minneapolis1/5/2015Gayle F.L. Gorsuch, Theodore A GorsuchMortgage
1501015809 82nd Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/5/2015James D Randle, Angela D RandleMortgage
150101611641 Elmwood Ave N, Champlin1/5/2015Rodney Kotaska, Mortgage
15010173210 46th Ave N, Robbinsdale1/5/2015Melvin Newbern, Cassandra NewbernMortgage
15010183446 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis1/5/2015John J Hill, Mortgage
15010196502 Cloverdale Ave N, Crystal1/5/2015James M Richter, Mortgage
15010201395 84th La N, Brooklyn Park1/5/2015Willie Mitchell, Mortgage
15010211516 Sumter Ave N, Golden Valley1/5/2015Erin Turner, Mortgage
150102214436 Fairway Dr, Eden Prairie1/6/2015George E Kotars, Assessment
15010236566 France Ave S #712, Edina1/6/2015Ruth A Robin, Mortgage
15010255301 Girard Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/6/2015Charles A Levangie, Mortgage
15010262240 Chippewa Rd, Hamel1/6/2015Horn You, Heng HouMortgage
1501027627 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis1/6/2015Bernest Brown, Angelique M BrownMortgage
15010285952 Independence Ave N, New Hope1/6/2015Judy I Trujillo, Javier VazquezMortgage
15010292220 Ulyssess St N E, Minneapolis1/6/2015Dianne M Churik, Katie D MiskowicMortgage
15010303839 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis1/6/2015Peter M Stumme, Mortgage
1501031504 Franklin Ave W #3B, Minneapolis1/6/2015Oleg Pankulich, Mortgage
15010325201 Ewing Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/6/2015Khamma Phimmasone, Keooudone PhimmasoneMortgage
15010331377 North Arm Dr, Mound1/6/2015Martha P Williams, William H Bitter JrMortgage
15010345230 65th Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/6/2015Erik C Bakke, Mortgage
15010354224 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis1/6/2015Kristin Thompson FKA Kristin Fladung, Jamison ThompsonMortgage
15010365748 Nevada Ave N, Crystal1/6/2015Shelley J Rovner, Mortgage
150103716231 Westgate Dr, Eden Prairie1/6/2015Ronald O Nelson, Leanna B NelsonMortgage
15010381852 Quincy St N E, Minneapolis1/7/2015Cory L Arnseth, Jaime P ArnsethMortgage
15010393341 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis1/7/2015Marissa T Medved, Wanda MedvedMortgage
150104010317 Toledo Ave S, Bloomington1/7/2015Glen M Harold Jr, Kathryn G Ward fka Marcia K HaroldMortgage
15010425708 43rd Ave S, Minneapolis1/7/2015Carmen A Allen, Mortgage
15010435912 26th St W, St. Louis Park1/7/2015Dale Mueller, Lucia MuellerMortgage
15010442611 Marshall St N E, Minneapolis1/7/2015Derek M Moran, Hillary E ChurchillMortgage
15010452930 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis1/7/2015Tiffany D Buenger, Mortgage
15010464750 53rd St E #104, Minneapolis1/7/2015Jeffrey A Gehring, Mortgage
15010474010 52nd St E #205, Minneapolis1/8/2015Gregory Hersman, Association
15010483232 Freomt Ave N #323, Minneapolis1/8/2015William J Harley, Patsy M PiersonAssociation
15010495356 71st Cir, Brooklyn Center1/8/2015Franklin L Bell, Wendy BellAssociation
150105017630 Dayton River Rd, Dayton1/8/2015Roland P Evenson, Earleen J EvensonMortgage
150105110544 Xerxes Ave S, Bloomington1/9/2015Kersten L Tollefson, Judgment
15010526911 Edenvale Blvd, Eden Prairie1/9/2015John L Neveaux, Frances M NeveauxMortgage
1501053591 36 1/2 Ave N E, Minneapolis1/9/2015Frank Lopez, Mortgage
15010543444 Benjamin St N E, Minneapolis1/9/2015Timothy G Johnson, Jennifer L JohnsonMortgage
150105516150 49th Pl N, Plymouth1/9/2015Donald W Krause, Mortgage
15010564230 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis1/9/2015James J Stedman, Mortgage
15010574332 Williston Rd, Minnetonka1/9/2015Maura L Dorn, Marshall A DornMortgage
1501058675 1st St N #123, Minneapolis1/9/2015Oliver K Olson, Mortgage
15010594017 Maryland Ave N, New Hope1/9/2015Jon Willis, Mortgage
15010602401 Chateau La, Mound1/9/2015Josh D Crew, Mortgage
15010616314 St. Johns Dr, Eden Prairie1/9/2015Robert C Collins, Mortgage
15010622510 88th St W, Bloomington1/9/2015Elizabeth I Packard, Mortgage
15010639162 Kirkwood La N, Maple Grove1/9/2015Douglas C Storey II, Jennifer StoreyMortgage
15010642945 Oakland Ave S, Minneapolis1/9/2015Myoung Kovach, Mortgage
150106513335 1st Ave N, Plymouth1/9/2015Paul S Zaslasky, Pamela K ZaslaskyMortgage
15010669806 Northwood Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/9/2015Darren D Sedlezky, Sandra K SedlezkyMortgage
150106713864 52nd Ave N, Plymouth1/9/2015Denise K Hurd, Mortgage
1501068843 Winnetka Ave S, Golden Valley1/9/2015John Dellwo, Noelle DellwoMortgage
15010695285 Edsall Rd, Minnetrista1/9/2015Wendy L Cariveau, Michael D CariveauMortgage
15010703539 Pilgrim La N, Plymouth1/12/2015Mark D Himmer, Joy C HimmerMortgage
1501071405 Shelard Pkwy #203, St. Louis Park1/12/2015Phyllis M Stueven, Mortgage
15010724712 Quail Ave N, Crystal1/12/2015Laura J Steinert, Mortgage
15010743404 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis1/12/2015David J Mraz, Mortgage
15010755705 Christopher Rd, Shorewood1/12/2015Edgar E Gomez, Sheila JordanMortgage
15010766713 Queen Ave S, Richfield1/12/2015Michael Collings, Kelli CollingsMortgage
150107717505 45th Ave N, Plymouth1/12/2015Wayne E Meschke, Penny E MeschkeMortgage
15010785004 Moore Ave, Edina1/12/2015Elizabeth A. F. Scott, Mortgage
15010804290 Ximines La N, Plymouth1/13/2015Douglas J Svihel, Ruth C SvihelMortgage
15010813232 Fremont Ave N #220, Minneapolis1/13/2015James A Woodard, Assessment
15010826840 Harold Ave, Golden Valley1/13/2015Andrew Pavelka, Deborah PavelkaMortgage
15010835219 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis1/13/2015Michael Oliver, Tove K Oliver AKA Tove OliverMortgage
15010844800 Louisiana Ave N, Crystal1/13/2015Timothy J Imgrund, Mortgage
15010858422 116th Ave N, Champlin1/13/2015Abidessa Fessa Hayato, Furtu AnottoMortgage
15010862916 31st Ave S, Minneapolis1/13/2015Travis Adams, Christina AdamsMortgage
15010871807 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis1/14/2015Homer L Bell, Shirley J BellMortgage
15010883627 Washburn Ave N, Minneapolis1/14/2015Catrina K Mujwid, Mortgage
15010893938 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis1/14/2015Rachelle L Fullenwiley, Mortgage
15010904808 Regent Ave N, Crystal1/14/2015Isaac Henning, Leah RomoMortgage
15010913732 19th Ave S, Minneapolis1/14/2015Robyn R Southerland, Mortgage
15010924114 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis1/14/2015Gaylord C Beebe, Leona C BeebeMortgage
15010931214 Minnehaha Pkwy W, Minneapolis1/14/2015Robert J Pigozzi, Laura M PigozziMortgage
15010941531 American Blvd E #110, Bloomington1/14/2015Erin Ryan, Mortgage
1501095540 2nd Ave N E, Osseo1/14/2015George W O'Connor, Virginia A O'ConnorMortgage
15010963942 Vera Cruz Ave N, Robbinsdale1/14/2015 Alice E Johnson, Mortgage
15010975215 4th St N, Minneapolis1/14/2015Cassandra Jensen, Mortgage
15010989516 Woodbridge Rd, Bloomington1/15/2015Gary W Flakne, Patricia B FlakneMortgage
150109911949 91st Pl N, Maple Grove1/15/2015Ruth L Lucht, Mortgage
15011006734 Pleasant Ave S, Richfield1/15/2015Chandra Pakala, Mortgage
150110210921 Sumter Ave S, Bloomington1/16/2015DeLoris Brusven, Association
150110311224 Vera Cruz Ave N, Champlin1/16/2015Thomas J Muske, Cynthia M MuskeMortgage
150110422478 128th Ave N, Rogers1/16/2015Chad W Bender, Shauna C BenderMortgage
15011052514 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis1/16/2015Kim Jones, Mortgage
15011063535 2 1/2 St N E, Minneapolis1/16/2015Lucille L Taylor, Cindy S DullnigMortgage
15011073322 Colorado Ave S, St. Louis Park1/16/2015Lisa Lucking, Mortgage
15011081304 Medicine Lake Dr W #210, Plymouth1/16/2015David E Potter, Mark H RoskeMortgage
150110911829 Shady Oak La, Minnetonka1/16/2015Mark Nelson, Kelly L NelsonMortgage
150111417 1st St S #A304, Minneapolis1/20/2015Geno Forliti, Mortgage
15011152606 94th Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/20/2015Merga Woticha, Workie WotichaMortgage
15011161206 Landmark Tr N, Hopkins1/20/2015Paul A Herrly, Mortgage
15011175246 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis1/20/2015Jermaine D Collier, Mortgage
15011184324 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis1/20/2015James W Marshall, Jane M MarshallMortgage
15011203520 5th Ave S, Minneapolis1/20/2015Gayle M Lindsey, Mortgage
15011213300 43rd Ave N, Robbinsdale1/20/2015Charlotte Williams, Keith WilliamsMortgage
15011223852 Perry Ave N, Robbinsdale1/20/2015Marie E Morgan-Roth, Jay F RothMortgage
150112310432 102nd Pl N, Maple Grove1/20/2015Jeffery M Colville, Dawn K ColvilleMortgage
15011245137 France Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/21/2015Rodney S Bustrom, Mortgage
15011257245 16th Ave S, Richfield1/21/2015Zita C Ost, Mortgage
15011263501 31st Ave S, Minneapolis1/21/2015Lourdes Cuate Gonzalez, Veronica Cuate GonzalezMortgage
15011274354 Xenia Ave N, Crystal1/21/2015Douglas A Larson, Mortgage
15011283938 Xerxes Ave N, Minneapolis1/21/2015Erick E Kobarg, Mortgage
15011295652 46th Ave S, Minneapolis1/21/2015Raul Centeno, Mortgage
15011301015 11th Ave S #2, Hopkins1/21/2015Gennia R Provencher, Mortgage
150113111451 Fernbrook La N, Dayton1/22/2015Jeremy V Monahan, Jill C MonahanMortgage
15011322601 Toledo Ave S, St. Louis Park1/22/2015Mark Elkins, Jeanne ElkinsMortgage
15011331601 22nd Ave N, Minneapolis1/22/2015Monica L McClain, Mortgage
150113517189 Rogers Rd, Eden Prairie1/22/2015Lionel T Payne, Marcee L PayneMortgage
15011363406 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis1/22/2015Dakin B Hargest, Mortgage
15011377414 22nd St W #307, St. Louis Park1/23/2015Jennifer L Hesse, Michael HesseMortgage
15011383025 Gettysburg Ave N, New Hope1/23/2015Megan J Cameron, Leo Christopher J CameronMortgage
15011399565 Oliver Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/23/2015Joanna J Yang-Lo, Mortgage
15011403943 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis1/23/2015Michelle Burzinski, Mortgage
15011412608 33rd Ave N E, St. Anthony1/23/2015Willi J Wentland, Jill S WentlandMortgage
15011425115 Douglas Dr N, Crystal1/23/2015Jay Ryan Hatcher, Mortgage
15011435925 Regent Ave N, Crystal1/23/2015Bruce Baeyen, Sheila BaeyenMortgage
1501144160 Norman Ridge Dr, Bloomington1/23/2015Richard G Mendel, Jani Lyn MendelMortgage
15011453027 82nd Cir N, Brooklyn Park1/23/2015Phuong T Nguyen, Ngoa T LeMortgage
15011463626 Stevens Ave S, Minneapolis1/23/2015John B Ramsey, Iris A RamseyMortgage
15011473538 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis1/23/2015Jerome Hickle, Nancy C HickleMortgage
15011483219 34th Ave S, Minneapolis1/26/2015Doris Ruiz, Judgment
15011494319 5th Ave S, Minneapolis1/26/2015Charolette M McIntyre, Steven D McIntyreMortgage
15011506802 Cottonwood La N, Maple Grove1/26/2015Michael J McAlpin, Mortgage
15011511563 88th St E, Bloomington1/26/2015Alejandro Hernandez, Maria HernandezMortgage
15011524030 Clinton Ave S, Minneapolis1/26/2015Charles D Oliver Sr, Deborah A OliverMortgage
15011551830 Buchanan St N E, Minneapolis1/27/2015Carol L Ryan, Mortgage
150115623642 Birch Cir, Rogers1/27/2015Ryan T Boyle, Mortgage
15011579609 Lakeside Tr, Champlin1/27/2015Roy Drinhuyzen, Teri L DrinhuyzenMortgage
15011599552 Orleans La N, Maple Grove1/28/2015David J Ostendorf, Mortgage
15011607811 Elm Grove Ave, New Hope1/28/2015Mark O'Hern, Assessment
15011612210 40th St E #110, Minneapolis1/28/2015Donald M Walmann, Marvel H WalmannMortgage
15011625212 Waterbury Rd, Mound1/28/2015Timothy McNamara, Mortgage
15011642711 James Ave N, Minneapolis1/29/2015Carmen L Irwin, Mortgage
15011663112 24th St E, Minneapolis1/29/2015Stephen McClellan, Mortgage
15011671211 Lagoon Ave #504, Minneapolis1/29/2015John B Richardson, Alissa H.A. RichardsonMortgage
15011684400 Yates Ave N, Crystal1/29/2015Moy Lambert, Mortgage
15011695500 Knox Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/30/2015Iver L Hubert, Cresta L HubertMortgage
15011709033 Prestwick Cir N, Brooklyn Park1/30/2015Patricia A Scott, Mortgage
15011712627 Xerxes Ave N, Robbinsdale1/30/2015Penny L Bauer, Craig M BauerMortgage
15011723825 Abbott Ave N, Robbinsdale1/30/2015Alene W Henning, Mortgage
15011733617 37th Ave S, Minneapolis1/30/2015Mark Latz, Mortgage
15011743522 Harriet Ave S #103, Minneapolis1/30/2015David H Buchkosky, Mortgage
1501175165 Crestview La, Loretto1/30/2015Vance E Lems, Dawn M LemsMortgage
15011764945 1st Ave S, Minneapolis1/30/2015Jill M Jensen, Peter L CoghlanMortgage
1501177400 Shelard Pkwy #105, St. Louis Park1/30/2015Michaela K Treloar, Mortgage
150117818745 Rutledge Rd, Deephaven1/30/2015Rogers W Jacobs Jr, Mortgage
15011793705 18th Ave S, Minneapolis1/30/2015James G Flores Luis, Mortgage
15011804023 Zane Ave N, Robbinsdale1/30/2015Kathleen Pierce AKA Kathleen F Pierce, Mortgage
15011813527 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis1/30/2015Sally E Lee, Donald LeeMortgage
15011823726 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis1/30/2015David R Smith, Ivonne SmithMortgage
15011836924 Setzler Ct N, Brooklyn Park1/30/2015Jeffrey G Winkel, Mortgage
15020017351 Willow La, Brooklyn Park2/2/2015Tanisha Johnson, Curtis F JohnsonMortgage
15020023615 McKinley St N E, Minneapolis2/2/2015Francis Ude, Chinelo UdeMortgage
15020037414 22nd St W #310, St. Louis Park2/3/2015Debra L Holliman, Assessment
15020042700 Rosalyn Ct #301, New Hope2/3/2015Benjamin J Hendrickson, Mortgage
15020056501 Perry Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/3/2015Kaying Xiong, Bee LeeMortgage
15020063523 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis2/3/2015Kenneth M Kraut, Mortgage
15020071801 10th Ave S, Minneapolis2/3/2015Jeremy Heimer, Mortgage
15020082000 Quebec Ave N, Golden Valley2/3/2015Deborah Leach, Mortgage
150200910250 99th Ave N, Maple Grove2/3/2015Patricia A Bedell, Jeffrey M BedellMortgage
15020107823 Yucca La N, Maple Grove2/3/2015Suzanne M Monical, Mortgage
15020113251 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis2/4/2015Brady L Hitman, Mortgage
150201217678 68th Pl N, Maple Grove2/4/2015Vitaly Chernikh, Tatyana ChernikhAssessment
15020135929 Grimes Ave S, Edina2/5/2015Thomas E Langenfeld, Marie H LangenfeldMortgage
15020144113 Sheridan Ave S, Minneapolis2/5/2015Calvin J Godsey, Mortgage
15020151226 Trailwood N, Hopkins2/5/2015Bradley A Lundberg, Wendy LundbergMortgage
15020161525 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis2/5/2015Joseph T Boone, Mortgage
15020173514 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis2/5/2015Kimberlee K Bach, Mortgage
15020182540 Oregon Ave S, St. Louis Park2/5/2015Douglas A Foley, Mary A FoleyMortgage
15020193212 32nd Ave S, Minneapolis2/5/2015Peter A Lund, Mortgage
15020202090 Mainstreet, Hopkins2/5/2015Brandon G Olson, Mortgage
150202111941 Bradford Rd, Minnetonka2/5/2015Angela M Toulouse, Mortgage
1502022821 Bellvue La, Brooklyn Center2/5/2015LaPrinca Williamson, Mortgage
15020237150 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park2/6/2015Jeanne M Cass, Association
15020241311 33rd Ave N, Minneapolis2/6/2015Anne L Varberg, Mortgage
15020256215 Camden Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/6/2015Geraldine A Wilkie, Mortgage
150202612901 Stoneridge Rd, Dayton2/6/2015Jason A Stewart, Jessica J StewartMortgage
150202712171 Dayton River Rd, Dayton2/6/2015Joseph A Brown, Nicole L BrownMortgage
15020287500 Aldrich Ave S, Richfield2/6/2015Debra L James, Mortgage
15020299541 4th Ave S, Bloomington2/6/2015Marjorie Daley, Mortgage
15020307709 Aquila Ave N, Brooklyn Park2/6/2015Julie A Stampley, Mortgage
15020317103 Peony La N, Maple Grove2/6/2015Scott M Hurd, Carla M HurdMortgage
15020324316 91st St W, Bloomington2/6/2015Michelle L Madson, Wade A MadsonMortgage
15020339221 Portland Ave S, Bloomington2/9/2015Mitchell Ivey, Mortgage
15020343529 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis2/9/2015Paul C Kulbitski, Mortgage
15020356052 Thomas Ave S, Minneapolis2/9/2015Travis W Totino, Mortgage
15020363313 37th Ave S, Minneapolis2/9/2015Amy M Poppler, Gwen M Holzer n/k/a Gwen Marie RadisewitzMortgage
150203711011 Oregon Cur, Bloomington2/9/2015Bonnie L Basil, Mortgage
15020381513 Pennsylvania Ave, Champlin2/9/2015Floyd A Loeffler, Jaci A LoefflerMortgage
15020393940 Yorktown La N, Plymouth2/9/2015Patricia A Trambley, Mortgage
15020407209 112th Ave N, Champlin2/9/2015Carol L Banski, Mortgage
150204118561 97th Pl N, Maple Grove2/10/2015Luis Martins, Mortgage
15020423810 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis2/10/2015Kimberly Brown, Lance D BrownMortgage
150204315 1st St S #A1618, Minneapolis2/10/2015Patrick A McParlan, Mortgage
15020443150 Excelsior Blvd #110, Minneapolis2/10/2015Brock Kline, Mortgage
15020457412 22nd St W #111, St. Louis Park2/10/2015Sandra M Shish, Mortgage
1502046306 West Eagle Lake Dr, Maple Grove2/11/2015Deanna L Meske, Mortgage
15020472820 Blackstone Ave S, St. Louis Park2/11/2015Michael J Fraser, Mortgage
15020502929 Chicago Ave #1222, Minneapolis2/11/2015Baron A Carr, Judgment
15020518815 Penn Glen Pl, Bloomington2/11/2015Barbara Fagan, Ann BeddowMortgage
15020524 1/2 St Albans Rd E, Hopkins2/11/2015Joseph B Doughty Jr, Mortgage
15020532310 English Cir, Golden Valley2/11/2015Bobby Clausen, Mortgage
15020543555 4th St N, Minneapolis2/12/2015Loren D Wenning, Kimberly J WenningMortgage
150205512333 Zealand Ave N, Champlin2/13/2015Joseph G Bendel, Conchita G BendelMortgage
150205621405 Co Rd 117, Corcoran2/13/2015Lia Xiong, Xia Thao Mortgage
15020577657 Morgan Ave N, Brooklyn Park2/13/2015Samuel R Woltering, Mortgage
15020583800 85th Ave N #202, Brooklyn Park2/17/2015Mary L Volner, Mortgage
1502059317 Groveland Ave #303, Minneapolis2/17/2015Susan McGrath Flagler, John J FlaglerMortgage
150206018609 Ridgewood Rd, Minnetonka2/17/2015Steve Sine, Ryan GrubbaMortgage
15020617206 Aldrich Ct N, Brooklyn Center2/17/2015Martha Bragg, Garry JohnsonMortgage
150206212635 54th Ave N, Plymouth2/17/2015Michael C Brady, Pamela G BradyMortgage
15020635744 Bryant Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/17/2015Vincent L Enger, Victoria L Enger FKA Victoria L AndreasenMortgage
15020642225 Urbandale La N, Plymouth2/17/2015Peter J Sprengeler, Mary P SprengelerMortgage
15020656367 Cypress La N, Maple Grove2/17/2015Basil L Egerman, Mortgage
1502066876 19th Ave S E, Minneapolis2/17/2015Suzanne E Fearon, Mortgage
15020679340 Rich Rd, Bloomington2/18/2015James Pierce, Leslie PierceMortgage
15020683758 Colorado Ave S, St. Louis Park2/18/2015Nicole M Frank, Mortgage
15020695213 Idaho Ave N, Crystal2/18/2015Gregory A Gappa, Sherril A GappaMortgage
15020706617 Quebec Ave N, Minneapolis2/18/2015Terry L Hubbard, Sandra R HubbardMortgage
15020713422 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis2/18/2015Sharon L Miles, Mortgage
15020723040 Cavell Ave N, New Hope2/18/2015Deborah L Henry, Gregory P HenryMortgage
15020731312 Hillsboro Ave, Champlin2/18/2015Matthew S Williams, Katherine M WilliamsMortgage
150207414300 18th Ave N, Plymouth2/18/2015Gregory P Baumann, Mortgage
15020763148 Welcome Ave N, Crystal2/19/2015Wayne J Seifert, Billie Jo SeifertMortgage
15020777809 Abbott Ave N, Minneapolis2/19/2015Barbara Nolan, Timothy A NolanMortgage
15020786418 61st Ave N, Crystal2/19/2015Magdaleno Fernandez Jimenez, Mortgage
15020794420 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis2/19/2015Nicholas J Collins, Mortgage
15020807821 Xerxes Ct N, Brooklyn Park2/19/2015Omotola B Olaleye aka Omotola Edison-Edebor, Osagie B Edison-EdeborMortgage
1502081809 11th Ave S #4, Hopkins2/20/2015Erno Jakus, Association
15020827605 Lake Street W, St. Louis Park2/20/2015Dennis W Morton, Frances M MortonMortgage
15020844305 Brunswick Ave N, Crystal2/20/2015Sheila A Leuca, George LeucaMortgage
15020854524 34th Ave S, Minneapolis2/20/2015Lerdine Darden, Mortgage
150208611623 Raspberry Hill Rd, Eden Prairie2/20/2015Michael F Bank, Heather L Adam-BankMortgage
15020875216 Birch Rd, Minnetonka2/20/2015Wayne A Harkness, Linda M HarknessMortgage
15020888812 Douglas Dr N, Brooklyn Park2/20/2015Marcos Bekuto, Soreti BerissoMortgage
150208911858 85th Pl N, Maple Grove2/23/2015Ryan J Davenport, Alina U DavenportMortgage
15020909117 Decatur Ave S, Bloomington2/23/2015Linda K Edwards, Mortgage
15020914222 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis2/24/2015Mari C Gomez, Omar GomezMortgage
15020921527 Grand St N E, Minneapolis2/24/2015Mary R Warhol, Mortgage
15020937418 Meadowwood Dr N, Brooklyn Park2/24/2015Demario Smith, Mortgage
15020942418 96th Ave N, Brooklyn Park2/24/2015Patrick Johnson, Mortgage
15020959220 Co Rd 19, Corcoran2/24/2015William D Flett, Charlene A FlettMortgage
15020973310 39th Ave S, Minneapolis2/25/2015Larry J Gerow, Mortgage
15020984408 Clinton Ave S, Minneapolis2/25/2015Bradshaw A Melbourne, Mortgage
15020994631 Drew Ave N, Robbinsdale2/25/2015Lelia A Weimar, Mortgage
15021003040 Lake Shore Dr #B, Minneapolis2/25/2015Venetta L Mckoy a/k/a Venetta L Coley a/k/a Venetta L McKoy-, Assessment
15021017748 Daleview Dr N, Brooklyn Park2/25/2015Nicole M Powe, Eric T SmithMortgage
15021022512 Farwell Pl, Minneapolis2/26/2015David J Norberg, Cecilia M De GregoryMortgage
150210414480 Grouse La, Rogers2/26/2015 K B & J's Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Harvest Grill Pl, Jason H HinesJudgment
15021059172 Vincent Ave S, Bloomington2/27/2015John F Thoreson, Mortgage
150210612824 Melody La, Minnetonka2/27/2015Barbara J Swaiman, Jerrold T SwaimanMortgage
15021075120 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park2/27/2015Jon R Upton, Mortgage
15021087904 Xerxes Ct N, Brooklyn Park2/27/2015Mary E Ogbebor, Osariehmen L OgbeborMortgage
15021099401 Cherrywood Ave N, Brooklyn Park2/27/2015Beatrice M Williams, Mortgage
15021109332 Polaris La N, Maple Grove2/27/2015Thomas R Schei, Stephanie R ScheiMortgage
15021112931 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis2/27/2015Mary Vang, Komsot KroeumMortgage
15030013954 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis3/2/2015Richard T Wald, Mortgage
15030024523 Hampton Rd, Golden Valley3/2/2015Juette Peterson Holseth, Patrick H HolsethMortgage
15030037760 Co Rd 26, Minnetrista3/2/2015Robert Dolder, Tara S DolderMortgage
150300412976 Oakwood Dr, Rogers3/2/2015Timothy M Benson, Julie A BensonMortgage
150300512202 Zealand Ave N, Champlin3/2/2015Festus I Okodo Sr, Zita N OkodoMortgage
15030063611 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis3/2/2015Rock H O'Bannon, Mortgage
1503008408 1st St N #G57, Minneapolis3/3/2015Thomas D Lee, Assessment
15030096000 Chasewood Pkwy #101, Minnetonka3/3/2015Matthew T Noll, Assessment
15030107411 Bittersweet Dr, Eden Prairie3/3/2015Matthew Moon, Mortgage
1503011929 Portland Ave S #2308, Minneapolis3/3/2015Ryan J Fleischhacker, Mortgage
15030122215 58th St E, Minneapolis3/3/2015Medaria M Arradondo, Nia ArradondoMortgage
15030137049 Maryland Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/3/2015Tricia L Braasch, James D BraaschMortgage
150301412753 94th Ave N, Maple Grove3/3/2015Michael J Yzermans, Barbara Jo FishMortgage
15030155568 Village Creek Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park3/4/2015Aisha Howard, Mortgage
1503017225 13th Ave N, Hopkins3/4/2015Laurel A Hoover, Bruce C GuildMortgage
15030184524 104th Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/4/2015Fozia Kassim, Ahmed KassimMortgage
15030193929 Brunswick Ave S, St. Louis Park3/4/2015Robert E Kloster, Mortgage
15030204465 Trenton La N #311, Plymouth3/4/2015Henrietta M Speakman, Mortgage
15030214534 Drew Ave N, Robbinsdale3/4/2015Davon M Hutchinson, Mortgage
15030229701 Vincent Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/5/2015Michael R Specht, Mortgage
15030234226 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis3/5/2015Mark J Dubois, Mortgage
15030244418 Cavell Ave N, New Hope3/5/2015Kurt L Zinda, Michelline L ZindaMortgage
15030256135 5th Ave S, Minneapolis3/5/2015Susan Ritten, Gage ColemanMortgage
150302616220 14th Ave N, Plymouth3/5/2015Marie A Valentine-Lindahl, Mortgage
15030279111 Upland La N, Maple Grove3/6/2015Gerald Enos, Assessment
15030283604 Boardman St, Minneapolis3/6/2015Lorraine D Tedorson, Mortgage
15030291418 14th Ave N #4, Minneapolis3/6/2015Joseph D Rothstein, Mortgage
15030305045 Camden Ave N, Minneapolis3/6/2015Jennet D Karnuah, Mortgage
15030314117 Vera Cruz Ave N, Robbinsdale3/6/2015Olatunji A Somefun, Mortgage
150303217199 Honeysuckle La, Eden Prairie3/6/2015Cynthia M Himlie, David D HimlieMortgage
15030335425 84th Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/9/2015Tom Vu, Lia VangMortgage
15030341531 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis3/9/2015Joseph T Boone, Maxine A BooneMortgage
15030357126 72nd La N #261, Brooklyn Park3/9/2015Thomas H Gunderman Jr, Mortgage
15030362819 Toledo Ave S, St. Louis Park3/9/2015Gregory L Arndt, Mortgage
15030375724 Orchard Ave N, Crystal3/9/2015Bobby Parker, Kay L GrubbsMortgage
15030384411 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis3/9/2015Michele L Baanrud, Mortgage
1503039524 Clover Leaf Dr, Golden Valley3/9/2015Pamela S Bauer, Mortgage
15030403132 36th Ave S, Minneapolis3/9/2015John W Kempenaar, Susan K KempenaarMortgage
15030413416 Major Ave N, Crystal3/10/2015William R Ayshford Jr, Dianne F AyshfordMortgage
15030424101 Pepperwood Tr, Hopkins3/10/2015Gary E Johnston, Carolyn J AbbottMortgage
15030436024 Winnetka Ave N, New Hope3/10/2015Michael J Hokkanen, Lisa M HokkanenMortgage
1503044423 5th Ave N E, Osseo3/10/2015Murlen A Kellar, Mortgage
15030451822 4th St, Minneapolis3/10/2015Mark Floyd AKA Mark J Floyd, Lori EllingMortgage
15030461718 Clinton Ave S #7, Minneapolis3/10/2015Michael Garden, Mortgage
15030478500 13th Ave S, Bloomington3/10/2015G. Allen Larin, Ruby L LarinMortgage
15030481418 14th Ave N E, Minneapolis3/10/2015J. Mark Mancino, Judgment
15030492805 60th St W, Minneapolis3/10/2015Adolfo Castro Macias, Silvia Hernandez GuzmanMortgage
15030504615 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis3/10/2015Sheldon Schwensen, Mortgage
15030512501 5th St N E, Minneapolis3/10/2015Andrea C Sularz, Mortgage
15030525946 Colfax Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/11/2015Jonelle K Moen, Mortgage
15030533346 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis3/11/2015Shelly M Wiita, Mortgage
15030546812 Wooddale Ave S, Edina3/11/2015Adam W.Z. Bernstein, Jennifer Z BernsteinMortgage
150305510908 Fox Hollow La N, Champlin3/11/2015Michael A Kangas, Patricia A KangasMortgage
15030567039 Polaris La N, Maple Grove3/12/2015Larry A Amundson, Mortgage
15030577448 122nd Ave N, Champlin3/12/2015Damon T Graham, Heather Oaks-GrahamMortgage
15030587426 72nd La N #316, Brooklyn Park3/13/2015Michael P McFarlane, Assessment
150305916424 92nd Ave N, Maple Grove3/13/2015Marian D Boyd, Mortgage
15030601800 44th Ave N, Minneapolis3/13/2015Earl Tourville, Mortgage
15030619049 Glacier Rd, St. Bonifacius3/13/2015Samuel B Magaling, Maria Michelle A MagalingMortgage
15030621631 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis3/13/2015Alford McMillian, Karen L McMillianMortgage
15030633658 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis3/13/2015Dolly Bilyeu, Mortgage
15030654042 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis3/13/2015William W Manchester, Mortgage
15030663459 4th St N, Minneapolis3/16/2015Jimmy W Johnson, Mortgage
15030671225 Lasalle Ave #2002, Minneapolis3/16/2015J. Adair Dunkley, Jack A MyersMortgage
15030687017 Penn Ave S, Richfield3/16/2015Richard Akorsah, Mortgage
15030695697 Green Circle Dr #217, Minnetonka3/16/2015Carol J Holmquist, Mortgage
15030704830 Main St E, Maple Plain3/16/2015Kelli Woessner, James WoessnerMortgage
15030724700 Adair Ave N, Crystal3/16/2015Olavs Skibuste, Inese SkibusteMortgage
15030733916 30th Ave S, Minneapolis3/16/2015Susan B Corrao, Andrew CorraoMortgage
15030743623 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis3/16/2015Paula E Wycough, Mortgage
15030755110 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis3/17/2015Raymond L Vanasse, Viola M VanasseMortgage
15030763412 Oak Ridge Rd #204, Minnetonka3/17/2015Haskel Fishman, Gerda FishmanMortgage
15030776927 Lee Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/17/2015Melissa R Kerner, Mortgage
15030783708 Maryland Ave N, New Hope3/17/2015Alberta Pastrana, Mortgage
150307920 Pearl St, Tonka Bay3/17/2015Steven Len, Mortgage
15030805433 4th St N, Brooklyn Center3/17/2015Fidel Gonzalez Contreras, Belen Martinez OrtizMortgage
15030811901 Hennepin Ave E #205, Minneapolis3/18/2015Mai Thi-Ngoc Huynh, Dong HuynhMortgage
15030823533 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis3/18/2015Bobby S Bellfield, Aaron W BellfieldMortgage
15030832931 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis3/18/2015Reginald Turner, Mortgage
15030841522 Jefferson St N E, Minneapolis3/18/2015Jeanette M Maxey, Mortgage
150308511407 Elmwood Ave N, Champlin3/18/2015Sandra L Sorenson, Mortgage
150308611335 12th Ave N #4, Plymouth3/18/2015Sammy P Gallop, Mortgage
15030872116 22nd St E, Minneapolis3/18/2015Georgia R Underwood, Kristopher B WrightMortgage
15030882915 Columbus Ave S, Minneapolis3/18/2015David Garcia Santoyo, Mortgage
15030891517 18th St E #2, Minneapolis3/18/2015Owen L Sartori, Mortgage
15030902040 Ridge Dr #12, St. Louis Park3/18/2015Daniel S Muggli, Mortgage
15030915809 29th Ave N, Crystal3/18/2015David A Stern, Mortgage
15030923908 Victoria St, Minnetonka3/18/2015Donald B Almars, Joanna AlmarsMortgage
15030938534 South Pond Tr, Champlin3/19/2015Mark A Lang, Lynnell R LangMortgage
15030943224 29th Ave S, Minneapolis3/19/2015Douglas Whitfield, Mortgage
150309512107 Edgewood Ct N, Champlin3/20/2015Rebecca L Barber, Douglas L BarberMortgage
15030967268 72nd La N #347, Brooklyn Park3/20/2015Michael E Dale, Mortgage
150309717974 Cobblestone Way, Eden Prairie3/20/2015Tiffany Thomas NKA Tiffany Dolalie, Mortgage
15030986223 Magda Dr N #C, Maple Grove3/20/2015Barbara J Ervin, Mortgage
15030995204 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis3/20/2015Ann R Nowrang, Samuel NowrangMortgage
15031009876 Crestwood Ter, Eden Prairie3/20/2015Jeffrey C Broberg, Mary L BrobergMortgage
15031011801 Maryland Ave N, Minneapolis3/20/2015Carl E Lewis, Beverly D LewisMortgage
15031023208 94th Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/20/2015Bret A Shannon, Christine A ShannonMortgage
15031038640 Winsdale St, Golden Valley3/20/2015Philip S Bertelsen, Sirena J BertelsenMortgage
15031041517 4th St N E, Minneapolis3/20/2015Dianna L Anderson, Mortgage
15031053639 Buchanan St N E, Minneapolis3/23/2015Micheal R Oslund, Judy A OslundMortgage
150310613310 57th Ave N, Plymouth3/23/2015Keyvan Beyzavi, Kaveh BeyzaviJudgment
15031071826 Colorado Ave S, St. Louis Park3/23/2015Bernice A Blanchette AKA Alma Alice Blanchette, Mortgage
15031084600 Cedar Lake Rd #2, St. Louis Park3/23/2015Phillip I Murphy, Theresa L MurphyMortgage
150310923642 Birch Cir, Rogers3/23/2015Ryan T Boyle, Mortgage
15031102775 Ranchview N #5, Plymouth3/23/2015Francine L Lewin, Mortgage
15031113836 Zenith Ave N, Robbinsdale3/23/2015Theresa M Colvin, Mortgage
15031127401 101st St W #112, Bloomington3/23/2015Lora K Violette, Mortgage
15031131509 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis3/23/2015Carolyn J Sims, Mortgage
150311413805 53rd Ave N #305, Plymouth3/23/2015Jennifer A.B. Adams, Jason M AdamsMortgage
15031153908 Park Ave, Minneapolis3/23/2015W M Nordin, Mortgage
15031162243 Cleveland St N E, Minneapolis3/23/2015Dale S Irwin, Lisa M IrwinMortgage
150311711820 129th Ave N, Dayton3/24/2015Derald E Anderson, Trustee of The Derald E Anderson Trust, Mortgage
15031188313 Little Rd, Bloomington3/24/2015Delone D Carpenter, Mortgage
1503119823 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis3/24/2015Fawnda E Chakolis-Burt, Glenn L Burt JrMortgage
15031207545 Dupont Ave S, Richfield3/24/2015Alice Dixon, Mortgage
150312114450 92nd Ave N, Maple Grove3/24/2015Cleo F Caldwell, Mortgage
15031224005 42nd Ave N, Robbinsdale3/25/2015Dennis Noland aka Dennis J Noland, Kristin Thurn aka Kristin K ThurnMortgage
15031233424 17th Ave S, Minneapolis3/25/2015Ronda K Olson, Mortgage
1503124518 7th Ave N E, Minneapolis3/25/2015Debra L Anderson, Judgment
15031255624 Eden Prairie Rd, Minnetonka3/25/2015Justin J Swenson, Andrea K SwensonMortgage
150312648 Sheridan Ave S, Minneapolis3/25/2015George S Pratt, Michael J KuczkowskiMortgage
15031275756 26th Ave S, Minneapolis3/25/2015Kenneth J Jasorka, Mortgage
15031288720 Chicago Ave S, Bloomington3/26/2015Mark Goff, Mortgage
15031295931 Vincent Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/26/2015William G West, Mortgage
1503130410 Groveland Ave #1903, Minneapolis3/26/2015Yevgeniy V Slipchenko, Judgment
15031317526 3rd Ave S, Richfield3/27/2015Brian M Lind, Andrea L LindMortgage
15031327004 45th Ave N, Minneapolis3/27/2015Sam Savchenko, Shirley E SavchenkoMortgage
15031337657 Wedgewood Ct N, Maple Grove3/27/2015Julie K Mattson, Mortgage
1503134513 3rd Ave N W, Osseo3/27/2015Cynthia Noren, Mortgage
15031352275 Willow Dr, Medina3/27/2015Cecil H Bell, Mortgage
150313613741 Dorothy Dr, Rogers3/27/2015Andrew P Stewart, Zhuo L StewartMortgage
15031377419 Brunswick Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/27/2015Catherine J Severson, Mortgage
15031382218 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis3/27/2015Alto B Richardson, Mortgage
15031394939 Glen Elyn Rd, Mound3/27/2015Jeffrey V Olson, Arlene M OlsonMortgage
150314013316 85th Pl N, Maple Grove3/30/2015Christopher J Eyrich, Sara A ReinhartMortgage
15031419117 Barrington Ter N, Brooklyn Park3/30/2015Alfredo Rodriguez, Sarah MarkusMortgage
15031427920 Girard Ct N, Brooklyn Park3/30/2015Justin A Walker, Sarah L WalkerMortgage
15031435056 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis3/30/2015Kevin Vang, Yia YangMortgage
15031446940 Georgia Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/31/2015Hamza Abualzain, Mortgage
1503145410 Groveland Ave #1302, Minneapolis3/31/2015Bonnie Y Moylan, Mortgage
15031464722 Washburn Ave N, Minneapolis3/31/2015Dionne V Foster, Kenneth D FosterMortgage
1503147643 Van Buren St N E, Minneapolis3/31/2015Kimberly L Hockett, Shawn D HockettMortgage
15031484817 Zealand Ave N, New Hope3/31/2015Steve J Adams, Rebekah L AdamsMortgage
150314910745 Ginseng La N, Hanover3/31/2015Mark C Smith, Mortgage
15031505548 Morgan Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/31/2015Richard D Nesteby, Mortgage
15040018544 4th Ave S, Bloomington4/1/2015Brian J Espy, Stephanie A EspyMortgage
15040023630 Bloomington Ave S, Minneapolis4/1/2015Crystal Trottier, Brandon L CrawfordMortgage
15040031808 4th Ave S #1, Minneapolis4/1/2015Bruce W Catherman III, Mortgage
15040047380 Scot Ter, Eden Prairie4/1/2015Rick Arnett, Mortgage
15040068332 Emery Pkwy N, Champlin4/1/2015Michael J Wilson, Carmen L WilsonAssessment
15040076765 Brunswick Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/1/2015Mitchel J Lenz, Mortgage
15040084403 Zane Ave N, Crystal4/1/2015Anthony C Bailey Jr, Mortgage
15040092808 Pearson Pkwy, Brooklyn Park4/2/2015James R Anderson, Judith R AndersonMortgage
1504010425 35th Ave N, Minneapolis4/2/2015Chai Lee, Mortgage
15040114607 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis4/2/2015JoAnn Jerdee, Mortgage
15040122720 Blackstone Ave, St. Louis Park4/3/2015Kenneth A Kosbab, Shirley A KosbabMortgage
15040133820 Togo Rd, Spring Park4/3/2015Clifford S Davis, Dean V DavisMortgage
15040147845 Xerxes Ct N, Brooklyn Park4/3/2015Jason D Hendrickson, Anita R HendricksonMortgage
150401516624 Elm Dr, Minnetonka4/3/2015Corey S Huson, Tracy L HusonMortgage
150401610836 Ginseng La N, Hanover4/3/2015Virgil Poore, Kristen PooreMortgage
15040173859 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis4/3/2015Shannon L Van Der Schaegen, Leann M MarunaMortgage
1504018300 Ridgewood Ave #4, Minneapolis4/3/2015Gloria Lewis, Craig LewisMortgage
150401915688 Sussex Dr, Minnetonka4/6/2015Betty L Olsen, Mortgage
150402018269 Coneflower La, Eden Prairie4/6/2015Michele M Helgemo, Mortgage
15040214053 11th Ave S, Minneapolis4/6/2015Neil O Anderson, Mortgage
15040228406 Blaisdell Ave S, Bloomington4/6/2015David Pekarna a/k/a David D Pekarna, Angelique Pekarna a/k/a Angelique M PekarnaMortgage
15040233595 Highland Rd, Minnetrista4/6/2015Robert A Vanderlinde, Margaret VanderlindeMortgage
15040244521 15th Ave S, Minneapolis4/7/2015Jennifer E Hastings, Mortgage
15040258062 Curtis La, Eden Prairie4/7/2015Roger J Shafer, Mortgage
15040268436 Yukon Cir N, Champlin4/7/2015Vitaly Chernikh, Tatyana ChernikhMortgage
15040274548 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis4/7/2015Ayodeji Olajide, Mortgage
15040286657 Zealand Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/7/2015Eric A Lundquist, Alexander J HeaneyMortgage
15040295356 37th Ave S, Minneapolis4/9/2015Jennifer R Hjerleid, Mortgage
150403014010 Minnehaha Pl, Minnetonka4/9/2015Thomas R Gerrety, Scharre C GerretyMortgage
15040318940 16th Ave Cir S, Bloomington4/10/2015Colleen L Grey, Mortgage
15040321030 66th St W #4, Richfield4/10/2015Tana J Carolus, Association
15040335937 June Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/10/2015Somphaeng Soundara, Lavonne V SoundaraMortgage
15040343580 Brookdale Dr N, Brooklyn Park4/10/2015Samantha M Singletary, Mortgage
15040356301 Quebec Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/10/2015Randolph Cooper, Gertrude CooperMortgage
15040363306 Quarles Rd, Brooklyn Center4/10/2015John Simpson, Sonja SimpsonMortgage
15040377321 Portland Ave S, Richfield4/13/2015Ellen N Jackson AKA Ellen J Davis, Mortgage
15040381539 24th St E, Minneapolis4/13/2015Cynthia Aguirre, Mortgage
15040393955 Oakland Ave, Minneapolis4/13/2015Clara M Baskett a/k/a Claramae Baskett, John H BaskettMortgage
1504040529 36th Ave N E, Minneapolis4/13/2015Maria Theissen, Christoper TheissenMortgage
15040415842 Vincent Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/13/2015Thai Yang, Sua Saemee & Sonny YangMortgage
15040426817 East Fish Lake Rd, Maple Grove4/14/2015Thomas H Eversman, Kristine L EversmanMortgage
1504043233 Russell Ave S, Minneapolis4/14/2015Kristin D Ford, Mortgage
15040444853 Tuxedo Blvd, Mound4/14/2015Robert L Oestreich, Mary Jo SchleeMortgage
15040456227 64th Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/14/2015Dwight D Wallace, Jennifer WallaceMortgage
15040462500 Xylon Ave S, St. Louis Park4/15/2015Sean S Robb, Mortgage
15040472024 Yellowstone Tr N, Brooklyn Park4/15/2015Abdelwahed Belhadri, Mortgage
15040482713 Dakota Ave s, St. Louis Park4/15/2015Jeffrey E Olson, Ronda J OlsonMortgage
15040492101 30th Ave S, Minneapolis4/15/2015Judith R Zentzis, Mortgage
15040503545 33rd Ave S, Minneapolis4/15/2015James D Seymour, Mortgage
15040513548 Flag Ave N, New Hope4/15/2015Brent Anderson, Tanya AndersonMortgage
15040525730 Emerson Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/15/2015Ortencia Ramirez Pena a/k/a Ortencia Ramires Pena, Mortgage
15040539769 Cavell Cir, Minneapolis4/15/2015Wendy M O'Brien, Mortgage
15040544538 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis4/16/2015Carmen L Harlan fka Carmen Linnea Swan, Mortgage
15040556009 Aldrich Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/16/2015Kari E Jimenez, Mortgage
15040563800 12th Ave S, Minneapolis4/17/2015Marcellus A Mack Jr, Mortgage
15040579815 34th Ave N, Plymouth4/17/2015Desi C Williamson, Assessment
15040587970 Lad Pkwy, Brooklyn Park4/17/2015Donald D Nelson, Eileen G NelsonMortgage
15040591026 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis4/17/2015John Wright, Carol WrightMortgage
150406011814 Crawford Rd W, Minnetonka4/17/2015David B Ewest, Gail A EwestMortgage
1504061609 12th Ave S E, Minneapolis4/17/2015Eugene C Buell, Mortgage
15040622630 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis4/17/2015Rose Frelix, Mortgage
150406310502 W Bloomington Freeway, Bloomington4/17/2015Robert D Rutherford, Karin S RutherfordMortgage
15040641848 Zanzibar La N, Plymouth4/17/2015Jeyn M Hofacker, Mortgage
150406511110 Vessey Ave S, Bloomington4/17/2015David D Sluka, Ruth SlukaMortgage
15040662507 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis4/17/2015Cole A Hackbarth, Anna-Britt HackbarthMortgage
150406717620 28th Ave N, Plymouth4/17/2015Blake A Halverson, Mortgage
150406817195 49th Ave N #H, Plymouth4/20/2015Gretchen K Fretheim, Mortgage
15040694427 James Ave N, Minneapolis4/20/2015Kristin R Kern, Jeff D ValleyMortgage
15040705847 Quebec Ave N, Crystal4/20/2015Jack R Gordon III, Michele L GordonMortgage
15040714039 Wentworth Ave, Minneapolis4/20/2015Stewart Woodman, Heidi WoodmanMortgage
15040725525 81st Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/20/2015Amos L Matthews, Fabrae D MatthewsMortgage
150407310724 Sheridan Ave S, Bloomington4/20/2015Spero T Thomaidis, Trustor and/or Trustee, Mortgage
15040741518 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis4/20/2015Robert J Richardson, Michaela R RichardsonMortgage
15040755441 Bryant Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/21/2015Imad Zalloum, Mortgage
1504076611 Dayton Rd, Champlin4/21/2015Christine Elliott, Joel SorensonMortgage
150407713703 54th Ave N, Plymouth4/21/2015Nathan C Heyn, Meredith C HeynAssessment
15040781901 Hennepin Ave E #306, Minneapolis4/21/2015Jay D Smith, Assessment
15040792829 30th Ave S, Minneapolis4/21/2015Louisa J Hext, Mortgage
15040802117 Laramie Tr N, Brooklyn Park4/21/2015Timothy A Kalisch, Mortgage
15040812620 Buchanan St N E, Minneapolis4/22/2015Jacqueline L Redlin, Mortgage
15040824406 Cedar Lake Rd #3, St. Louis Park4/22/2015Elizabeth A Spurbeck, Mortgage
15040835218 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis4/22/2015Anita C Zitzloff, Mortgage
15040844240 Ximines La N, Plymouth4/22/2015Brian K Anderson, Mortgage
15040852500 Blaisdell Ave #305, Minneapolis4/22/2015Robert A Davis, Mortgage
15040867262 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park4/22/2015Christian A Villarroel, Judgment
15040872924 16th Ave S, Minneapolis4/22/2015Jose L Castro-Lopez, Maria A HernandezMortgage
15040881522 22nd Ave N, Minneapolis4/23/2015Diego M Martinez, Angelia M MartinezMortgage
15040892901 Oak Lea Ter, Wayzata4/23/2015Lauren Patnode, Mortgage
15040908720 Grace La, Greenfield4/24/2015Susan D Graff Mills, Mortgage
15040915919 Kentucky Ave N, Crystal4/24/2015Matthew Fleegel, Cassandra Hillyer-FleegelMortgage
15040925920 Fremont Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/24/2015Evelyn L Patterson, Mortgage
15040931895 Ithaca La N, Plymouth4/24/2015Marlene J Prout, Raymond G ProutMortgage
15040944907 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis4/24/2015Cecelia M Quernemoen, Mortgage
15040957454 Vinewood La N, Maple Grove4/24/2015Kelly A Todd, Christopher D BullingerMortgage
1504096201 14th St W, Bloomington4/24/2015Nathan M Torborg, Megan R TorborgMortgage
15040974112 Scott Ave N, Robbinsdale4/24/2015Dominic Turpin, Charlene TurpinMortgage
15040983522 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis4/24/2015Mary C Steinbrecher, Mortgage
15040997505 110th St W, Bloomington4/24/2015Jared Onchiri, Mortgage
15041003131 Excelsior Blvd #113, Minneapolis4/24/2015Phillip Stefanoski, Mortgage
15041018304 Townsend Dr, Eden Prairie4/24/2015Michael J Bauman, Mortgage
15041026817 Setzler Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park4/24/2015Ida M Miller, Dempsey MillerMortgage
15041033215 Washburn Ave, Minneapolis4/27/2015Daniel L Wick, Mortgage
15041053801 98th St W #306, Bloomington4/27/2015Betty J Coffman, Mortgage
15041062942 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis4/27/2015Theresa R Graham, Mortgage
15041071418 Division St, Hopkins4/28/2015Dale T Vosika, Sandra A VosikaMortgage
15041083339 Grimes Ave N, Robbinsdale4/28/2015Brian D Mehrman, Mortgage
1504109433 7th St S #2114, Minneapolis4/28/2015Jay D Cowan, Jack C Cowan & Ollie N CowanMortgage
15041106708 Narcissus La N, Maple Grove4/28/2015Jason McCrary, Jill McCraryMortgage
15041116807 Dupont Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/29/2015Blanca Sanchez, Jorge SanchezMortgage
15041123219 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis4/29/2015Manuel Herrera Gutierrez, Mortgage
15041134419 Winchester La, Brooklyn Center4/29/2015Michele Meyer, Kevin P MeyerMortgage
15041142900 81st Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/29/2015Donald L Bowman Jr, Carol A BowmanMortgage
15041153729 Grand Ave S, Minneapolis4/29/2015Ernest J Henry, Mortgage
150411617710 26th Ave N, Plymouth4/29/2015John A Murphy, Lisa M HomannMortgage
15050016505 Emerson Ave S #3, Richfield5/1/2015Dona M Risdall, Association
15050023420 39th Ave S, Minneapolis5/1/2015Scott Thomson, Mortgage
15050034344 Unity Ave N, Robbinsdale5/1/2015Dennis D Marshall, Teresa A MarshallMortgage
15050047716 Sierra Pkwy, Brooklyn Park5/1/2015Scott M Ramsdell, Erica S PierceMortgage
15050052609 81st Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/1/2015David O Chitta, Esther B Ombuna & Phyllis K ObwogiMortgage
15050068700 Blackoaks La N, Maple Grove5/1/2015Chip A Rice, Linda S RiceMortgage
150500712365 45th Pl N, Plymouth5/1/2015James E Reed, Mortgage
150500810260 Berkshire Rd, Bloomington5/1/2015Jamie C Costello, Evonne M CostelloMortgage
15050091617 Thomas Pl N, Minneapolis5/1/2015Ingrid Adams, Mortgage
150501011335 12th Ave N #3, Plymouth5/1/2015Richard A Finklea, Mortgage
15050112015 5th Ave S, Minneapolis5/4/2015Mo T Williams, Judgment
15050123844 41st Ave S, Minneapolis5/4/2015Guy D Caron, Mortgage
15050138706 Loch Lomond Blvd N, Brooklyn Park5/4/2015Todd Jensen AKA Todd D Jensen, Mortgage
15050144718 57th Ave N, Crystal5/4/2015Benjamin E Kurth, Kelly J KurthMortgage
15050152828 36th Ave S, Minneapolis5/4/2015Anita L Stuart, Mortgage
15050165356 71st Cir N, Brooklyn Center5/4/2015Franklin L Bell, Wendy BellMortgage
15050172732 Utica Ave S, St. Louis Park5/4/2015Christopher Storlie, Andrea StorlieMortgage
150501810025 Russell Ave N #4, Brooklyn Park5/4/2015David M Faber, Mortgage
15050192600 Oakview La N, Plymouth5/5/2015Chad Spry, Aimee SpryMortgage
1505020309 Townes La, Wayzata5/6/2015Jon G Mayer, Stephanie R MayerMortgage
15050223459 Wilshire Pl, Minneapolis5/6/2015Nick J Vescio, Mortgage
15050234043 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis5/7/2015Jack E Bursaw, Mortgage
150502410401 Cedar Lake Rd #211, Minnetonka5/8/2015Teresa J Goldberg-Emde, Association
150502510401 Cedar Lake Rd #305, Minnetonka5/8/2015Thomas H Anderson Jr, Debra A WrightAssociation
150502617851 Diamond Lake Rd N, Dayton5/8/2015William A Egan, Mortgage
15050274927 Tuxedo Blvd, Mound5/8/2015Donald V Hastings, Mortgage
15050281924 Laramie Tr, Brooklyn Park5/8/2015Terrance A Osterberg, Debra K OsterbergMortgage
15050297425 Co Rd 15, Minnetrista5/8/2015James F Winkler, Kathleen A WinklerMortgage
150503011012 Rhode Island Cir N, Champlin5/8/2015Curtis L Anderson Jr, Lorri L AndersonMortgage
15050319464 Jewel La N, Maple Grove5/8/2015Susan E Langdon, Mortgage
15050326005 Painter Rd, Minnetrista5/11/2015Wayne W Mills, Tamara J Kottom MillsMortgage
15050335800 26th St W, St. Louis Park5/11/2015Diane L Peters, Mortgage
15050345401 Toledo Ave N, Crystal5/11/2015Scott Colby, Lisa ColbyMortgage
15050352611 70th St W, Richfield5/11/2015Vence Jimerson, Nanette J JimersonMortgage
15050362410 4th St N, Minneapolis5/11/2015Walter S Anderson, Laura A AndersonMortgage
150503715202 94th Pl N, Maple Grove5/11/2015Steve Koch, Justine S Koch f/k/a Justine S. VeveaMortgage
15050388410 Yates Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/11/2015Anayo Chukwu L Akpelu, Shirley A AkpeluMortgage
15050396330 Colfax Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/11/2015Robert D Evelius, Carol A EveliusMortgage
15050406614 83rd Ct N, Brooklyn Park5/11/2015Gina M Perfetti, Mortgage
150504124950 Tucker Rd, Rogers5/11/2015John M Kennedy, Mortgage
15050429290 Vernon St, Greenfield5/11/2015Jeffrey A LeDoux, Mortgage
15050436028 Knox Ave S, Minneapolis5/12/2015Steven S Schmeling, Mortgage
15050441815 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis5/12/2015Melodye Williams, Kristy WilliamsMortgage
15050459218 Hyland Creek Rd, Bloomington5/12/2015Geraldine G Carrel, Mortgage
15050463617 102nd St W, Bloomington5/12/2015Jacqueline L Whitney, Mortgage
150504710540 43rd Ave N #204, Plymouth5/12/2015Yuriy Novik, Mortgage
150504818217 69th Pl N, Maple Grove5/12/2015Gerald W Hall, Mortgage
15050498415 Cortland Rd, Eden Prairie5/12/2015Vannessa Hames, Mortgage
150505011320 Maplewood La N, Champlin5/12/2015Vladimir N Kazimirets, Vera KazimiretsMortgage
1505051919 Fairfield Way, Minnetonka5/12/2015Sandra L Ives, Mortgage
15050526743 Scott Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/13/2015Lynda F Small, Roland W SmallMortgage
15050538300 Nicollet Ave S, Bloomington5/13/2015Kevin A Kuck, Katherine M KuckMortgage
15050547856 Hampshire Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/13/2015Derryl E Hill, Kimberly L HillMortgage
15050557011 Valley View Rd, Edina5/13/2015Richard Lochner, Ann LochnerMortgage
150505617200 11th Ave N, Plymouth5/13/2015Marina Matveyeva, Mortgage
15050578524 2nd Ave S, Bloomington5/13/2015Sharon R Dahl, Mary R AndrewsMortgage
150505814462 91st Pl N, Maple Grove5/13/2015Carol McDowell, Mortgage
15050594814 29th Ave S, Minneapolis5/13/2015Bradley D Hoffman, Anne HoffmanMortgage
15050603501 Yukon Ave S, St. Louis Park5/14/2015Betty M Roth, Mortgage
15050611412 39th St E, Minneapolis5/14/2015Jason A Shiell, Mortgage
15050624929 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis5/14/2015Iheukwumere U Eke, Mortgage
15050637228 Perry Ct E, Brooklyn Center5/15/2015Andrew C Davis, Karen A DavisAssociation
1505064749 11th Ave S #7, Hopkins5/15/2015Sarah Downing, Association
15050653222 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis5/15/2015Jason A Butler, Katherine A SchreiberMortgage
15050662138 Centerview La, Mound5/15/2015Scott A Owens, Jennifer L OwensMortgage
15050685501 Logan Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/15/2015Bruce C Hobbs, Donna J HobbsMortgage
150506911005 51st Ave N, Plymouth5/15/2015Jason Ripley, Stacey RipleyMortgage
15050706466 Welcome Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/15/2015Trina Givens, Mortgage
1505071615 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis5/15/2015Renner A Demry, Mortgage
15050723618 3rd St N E, Minneapolis5/15/2015Laurie K Damberg, Emil DambergMortgage
150507314125 Starlite Dr, Rogers5/15/2015Edward J Johnson, Sara A JohnsonMortgage
15050742723 25th St E, Minneapolis5/15/2015Stephen Flanagan, Charlotte FlanaganMortgage
150507511308 Entrevaux Dr, Eden Prairie5/15/2015James R Harrison, Karen L HarrisonMortgage
1505076450 Ford Rd #316, St. Louis Park5/18/2015Bob J Willey, Mortgage
15050774547 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis5/18/2015Susan J Lewis, Michael LewisMortgage
15050784741 Edgewood Ave N, Crystal5/18/2015Nathan P Peterson, Nicole M PetersonMortgage
15050793840 Glacier La N, Plymouth5/18/2015James L White, Tammera J WhiteMortgage
15050809630 Saratoga La N, Maple Grove5/18/2015Kevin R Christianson, Robin ChristiansonMortgage
150508114635 Raspberry Dr, Rogers5/18/2015Scot L Walker, Mortgage
15050828652 Tessman Cir, Brooklyn Park5/18/2015Jessica A Field, Mortgage
15050836930 Halifax Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/18/2015Sonya Herr, Mortgage
15050842700 Olde Wood Ct, Wayzata5/18/2015Donald D Schroeder, Linda L SchroederMortgage
15050853836 Park Ave, Minneapolis5/19/2015Steven J Millhouse, Becky L MillhouseMortgage
15050865197 Three Points Blvd, Mound5/19/2015Robert H Engelhart, Roberta J EngelhartMortgage
15050876709 65th Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/19/2015Brett Malbraaten, Shannon MalbraatenMortgage
15050889011 Oakland Ave S, Bloomington5/19/2015Aaron J Franta, Mortgage
15050897236 Woodstock Dr, Bloomington5/19/2015Sarah A Smith, Association
15050907501 101st St W #213, Bloomington5/19/2015Jessica Schrader, Mortgage
1505092726 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis5/20/2015Kathleen Fredin, Mortgage
150509311949 91st Pl N, Maple Grove5/20/2015Ruth L Lucht, Emil G LuchtMortgage
15050943643 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis5/20/2015Stephen M Krueger, Michelle M KruegerMortgage
15050954351 Parklawn Ave #11-E, Edina5/22/2015Robert D Caton III, Glynis J CatonMortgage
15050967900 96th St W, Bloomington5/22/2015Eddie I Bakri, Briggite BakriMortgage
150509717154 66th Pl N, Maple Grove5/22/2015Kristin Bates, Mortgage
15050981612 Lyn Park Ave N, Minneapolis5/22/2015Samuel Herron, Jean HerronMortgage
15050992400 78th Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/22/2015Kristopher Havlik, Mortgage
15051001304 68th La N, Brooklyn Center5/22/2015Samuel P Holloway, Mortgage
15051011916 Brookdale Dr N, Brooklyn Park5/22/2015Brian A Johnson, Mortgage
15051025801 Girard Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/22/2015Cha Moua, Diana YangMortgage
15051036036 Dupont Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/22/2015Joseph A Paulson, Shandra L PaulsonMortgage
15051048115 Curtis La, Eden Prairie5/22/2015Mary K Testin, Mortgage
15051054933 Drew Ave S, Minneapolis5/22/2015Timothy M White, Mortgage
15051064214 31st Ave S, Minneapolis5/22/2015Rosemary A Feiker, Mortgage
15051074233 Louisiana Ave N, Crystal5/22/2015Margaret L Chenvert, Mortgage
150510811004 Colorado Ave N, Champlin5/22/2015Judy Nyline, Mortgage
15051094955 Westbend Rd, Golden Valley5/22/2015Harry S Crump, Faith CrumpMortgage
15051106043 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park5/22/2015Betty L Vaughan, Mortgage
150511111132 Commerce La N, Champlin5/26/2015R Brook Hansen, Debra M HansenMortgage
15051121121 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis5/26/2015Juanita Breedlove, Mortgage
15051134022 Wentworth Ave, Minneapolis5/26/2015Bruce A Evenson, Kathleen S EvensonMortgage
15051147640 Scott Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/27/2015Harley J Hochstetter, Nancy HochstetterMortgage
15051153743 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis5/27/2015Alto Richardson, Mortgage
15051175643 Green Circle Dr #107, Minnetonka5/27/2015Jordan P Dinger, Molly M Dinger FKA Molly M HerlofskyMortgage
15051187585 Vinewood Ct, Maple Grove5/27/2015Joseph W Baity, Heather L Garrett BaityMortgage
15051194016 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis5/27/2015Leon D Sepple, Mortgage
150512032 11th Ave S #212, Hopkins5/27/2015Marian E Bergstrom, Mortgage
15051215640 Wentworth Ave S, Minneapolis5/27/2015Kenneth L Therkildsen, Mortgage
15051223030 18th Ave S, Minneapolis5/27/2015Segundo F Chogllo-Quizhpi, Mortgage
15051233453 Mckinley St N E, Minneapolis5/27/2015David Dollahan, Wanda DollahanMortgage
150512411828 Emery Village Dr N, Champlin5/28/2015Richard J King, I.A. Asri KingMortgage
15051251125 Woodlake La #3, Richfield5/29/2015Marsha W Fellows, Association
15051261901 Stevens Ave S #105, Minneapolis5/29/2015Barry J Allen, Association
15051278031 Dupont Ct N, Brooklyn Park5/29/2015Dana L Buck, Robert E BuckMortgage
15051286516 43rd Ave N, Crystal5/29/2015William McKinley, Martha L McKinleyMortgage
15051296239 64th Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/29/2015Raymond M Young III, Mortgage
150513010167 99th Pl N, Maple Grove5/29/2015Sheya Zarzar, Mortgage
15051313213 64th Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/29/2015Daniel R Willett, Mortgage
15051325413 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis5/29/2015Randall R Dipple, Mortgage
15051334406 Independence Ave N, New Hope5/29/2015Bradley Krider, Shanna KriderMortgage
15051348520 Bass Lake Rd, New Hope5/29/2015James Evanov, Maria EvanovMortgage
150600110118 Columbus Ave S, Bloomington6/1/2015Tamara Knudson, Mortgage
15060024241 41st Ave S, Minneapolis6/1/2015Brian T Korte, Shelly A KorteMortgage
150600315 West River Pkwy, Champlin6/1/2015Erin E Zimmerman, Mortgage
150600418910 37th Ave N, Plymouth6/1/2015Sally F Friedman, Mortgage
15060053409 Noble Ave N, Crystal6/2/2015Valerie A Jensen, Mortgage
15060064321 28th Ave S, Minneapolis6/2/2015Joy C Noble, Mortgage
15060071912 Ford Rd, Minnetonka6/2/2015Gerald N Foxx, Sheryl A FoxxMortgage
150600811000 Quebec Cir, Bloomington6/2/2015Bradley K Edlefsen, Mortgage
1506009504 Cartway Rd, Champlin6/2/2015David N Jacques Jr, Mortgage
15060109316 40 1/2 Ave N, New Hope6/2/2015Malcolm J Chesnutt, Cynthia ChesnuttMortgage
15060112846 Gale Rd, Wayzata6/2/2015Adrian T Johnson, Kathryn M JohnsonMortgage
15060123243 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis6/3/2015Natalie R James, Mortgage
150601310737 Perry Dr N, Brooklyn Park6/3/2015Mike Vagle, Gwendolyn VagleMortgage
15060146319 Scott Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/3/2015Claudia Arreola Martinez, Jose A Campos EspinozaMortgage
150601514841 Copperfield Pl, Wayzata6/3/2015Scott J Rosenthal, Debra J RosenthalMortgage
15060163919 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis6/3/2015Austin D Reece, Mortgage
15060174041 30th Ave S, Minneapolis6/3/2015Musa Janneh, Carrie A JannehMortgage
15060182715 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis6/3/2015Margaret A Little, Mortgage
1506020212 66th St E, Richfield6/4/2015Ioannis J Leckas, Alicia M LeckasMortgage
15060217141 Merrimac La N, Maple Grove6/4/2015Gennadiy Yakovlev, Assessment
15060227241 Hartkopf La, Brooklyn Park6/5/2015William C Brutlag, Mortgage
15060238330 109th St W, Bloomington6/5/2015Timothy J McCollow, Jennifer A McCollowMortgage
15060249202 Windsor Ter N, Brooklyn Park6/5/2015Roy E Wallat, LaDonna M WallatMortgage
15060254035 Wasatch La, Golden Valley6/5/2015Jeffrey M Weinberg, Victoria L WeinbergMortgage
15060266924 Scott Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/5/2015Doua V Vue, Mortgage
150602717626 68th Pl N #1004, Maple Grove6/5/2015Boris Kats, Mortgage
15060283670 Togo Rd, Wayzata6/5/2015Lisa M Vinje, Mortgage
15060294040 15th Ave S #12H, Minneapolis6/5/2015Etta Brack, Judgment
15060306625 81st Ave N, Brooklyn Park6/5/2015Linda J Scheid, Rebecca K LongabaughMortgage
150603117131 Cedarcrest Dr, Eden Prairie6/5/2015James R Piatt, Ann-Jennette PiattMortgage
1506032121 Washington Ave S #1004, Minneapolis6/5/2015John S Marino, Mortgage
15060331516 52nd Ave N, Minneapolis6/8/2015Lee Roy Coleman, Mortgage
15060344030 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis6/8/2015Erika Stich aka Erika R Stich, Jeremiah D StichMortgage
150603510930 Quebec Ave S, Bloomington6/8/2015Lindsey L Frette, Mortgage
15060364335 Vera Cruz Ave N, Crystal6/8/2015John Eystad, Catherine EystadMortgage
15060375440 Pleasant Ave S, Minneapolis6/9/2015Paul M Abell, Ariel L AbellMortgage
15060385303 Kings Crossing N, Brooklyn Park6/9/2015Fadhily Mshihiri, Mortgage
15060395814 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis6/9/2015Jeffrey A Ryan, Kristine J RyanMortgage
15060403689 Hubbard Ave N, Robbinsdale6/10/2015William D Burke, Ann C BurkeMortgage
15060411317 68th La N, Brooklyn Center6/10/2015Chaltu H Gamada, Wakjira BeyeneMortgage
1506042575 36th Ave N E, Minneapolis6/10/2015Nathanael Oliver, Mortgage
15060434217 32nd Ave S, Minneapolis6/10/2015Frank J Wiegert, Hazel M WiegertMortgage
15060445240 Drew Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/10/2015Bradley Schumacher, Mortgage
15060457133 Gleason Rd, Edina6/11/2015Richard A Coonrod, Phyllis C CoonrodJudgment
150604616710 33rd Ave N, Plymouth6/11/2015Charles Jung, Yeja JungMortgage
150604726890 Edgewood Rd, Excelsior6/12/2015Shawn R Dooling, Tina Bahn-DoolingMortgage
15060485205 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis6/12/2015Suzette N Smith-Thomas, Mortgage
15060492525 65th St W, Richfield6/12/2015Mary Semmer-Hytjan, Mortgage
15060504014 15th Ave S #14B, Minneapolis6/12/2015Cheryl Larson, Mortgage
15060512909 Valle Vista St, New Hope6/12/2015Pamela S Blackamoore, Mortgage
15060528647 Sheperd Way, Eden Prairie6/12/2015Stephen J Hastings, Mortgage
1506053201 8th Ave N, Hopkins6/12/2015Brian A Cox, Mortgage
15060543223 Chowen Ave N, Robbinsdale6/12/2015Michael W McGrath, Mortgage
15060552000 66th St W, Richfield6/15/2015Jac Cotton, Evelyn BeckMortgage
15060564446 Cedar Lake Rd #6, St. Louis Park6/15/2015Gary F Demello, Mortgage
15060577305 17th Ave S, Richfield6/15/2015Kimberly J Danielson, Mortgage
15060589820 Sundance Rd, Rogers6/15/2015Daryl H Schleif, Barbara L SchleifMortgage
15060594706 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis6/15/2015Catherine E Kruse, Mortgage
15060605724 Hampshire Ave N, Crystal6/15/2015Joshua D Radcliff, Mortgage
15060613629 Towndale Ct, Bloomington6/16/2015Patrick M Kirby, Shannon L KirbyMortgage
1506062734 98th St E, Minneapolis6/17/2015Kenneth R Cramer Jr, Joyce S CramerMortgage
15060637049 110th St Cir W #23, Bloomington6/17/2015Catherine M Hughes, Assessment
15060641003 11th Ave S #4, Hopkins6/17/2015Adrian A Anderson, Mortgage
150606510409 Quail Ave N, Brooklyn Park6/17/2015Deborah Zupke, Mortgage
15060668886 Partridge Rd #55, St. Bonifacius6/17/2015Pamela J Whightsil, Mortgage
1506067425 Shelard Pkwy #202, St. Louis Park6/19/2015Terry L Johnson, Mortgage
15060687169 Unity Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/19/2015Bernest Brown, Angelique BrownMortgage
15060694171 44th St W, Edina6/19/2015Shawna T Fronk, Alexander M FronkMortgage
15060706256 Magda Dr N #D, Maple Grove6/19/2015Anne M Mayorga, Mortgage
15060715946 Independence Ave N, New Hope6/19/2015Christina Goodroad, Matthew GoodroadMortgage
15060723415 Pierce St N E, Minneapolis6/19/2015Bjorn K Gustafson, Mortgage
150607313700 57th Ave N, Plymouth6/22/2015Mark A Wollman, Mary A WollmanMortgage
15060744023 Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis6/22/2015Lane C Rustad, Benita L RustadMortgage
15060752530 1st Ave S #N104, Minneapolis6/22/2015Karrie L Thorpe, Mortgage
15060765718 Eden Prairie Rd, Minnetonka6/22/2015Andrea R Jeffery, Mortgage
15060773011 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis6/22/2015Sean B Sullivan, Mortgage
15060783310 Nicollet Ave S #302, Minneapolis6/22/2015Ryan R Santoo, Amy E StromanMortgage
15060792908 32nd Ave S, Minneapolis6/22/2015Myra E Terry-Ward, Steven WardMortgage
15060804533 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis6/22/2015Michael Race, Mortgage
1506081400 Medina St N, Loretto6/22/2015Cory M Pearce, Holly M PearceMortgage
15060823956 43rd Ave S, Minneapolis6/22/2015Veronica A Guevara, Mortgage
150608411610 137th Ave N, Dayton6/23/2015Robbie L Scurry, Mortgage
15060856436 Fremont Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/23/2015Willie L Spicer, Mortgage
15060865124 Camden Ave N, Minneapolis6/23/2015Frances K Bodine, Dennis BodineMortgage
15060874658 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis6/23/2015Gregory I Rooney, Meloney S RooneyMortgage
15060887101 Antrim Ct, Edina6/23/2015Henry J Langer, Patricia K LangerMortgage
15060893600 17th Ave S #301, Minneapolis6/23/2015Renata M Fitzpatrick, Mortgage
15060904040 15th Ave S #14H, Minneapolis6/23/2015Michael Goddard, Mortgage
15060913709 Hillsboro Ave N, New Hope6/23/2015Chad W Everett, Mortgage
15060923016 98th Ave N, Brooklyn Park6/23/2015Derek J Blinkman, Jennifer L Blinkman fka Jennifer L BarichMortgage
150609310800 Settlers La N, Hanover6/24/2015Ryan Roberts, Jennifer Roberts fka Jennifer E WestermanMortgage
15060946727 Columbus Ave S, Richfield6/24/2015Samuel W White, Sandra K WhiteMortgage
150609513930 36th Ave N, Plymouth6/24/2015Samuel A Posthumus, Mortgage
150609610531 Riverview Dr E, Eden Prairie6/24/2015Deborah A Schierbeck, Michael T JonesMortgage
15060972861 Huntington Ave S, St. Louis Park6/24/2015Jonathan J Fogel, Robin FogelMortgage
15060983640 Silver Lake Rd, St. Anthony6/26/2015Shawn A Egli, Mortgage
1506099576 37th Ave N E, Minneapolis6/26/2015Susan Jappah, Augustine JappahMortgage
15061002901 Oak Lea Ter, Wayzata6/26/2015Lauren Patnode, Mortgage
15061014849 Clinton Ave S, Minneapolis6/26/2015Kevin J Skarman, Mortgage
15061023635 Lawndale La #1, Plymouth6/26/2015Cory J Swanson, Mortgage
15061038450 Elliot Ave S, Bloomington6/26/2015John R White, Jessica M WhiteMortgage
15061045116 Edgewood Ave N, Crystal6/29/2015Diane M Sewell, Mortgage
15061051012 Westbrooke Way #4, Hopkins6/29/2015Beth A Anderson, Mortgage
15061061708 Jefferson St N E, Minneapolis6/29/2015Robert J Trussell Jr, Mortgage
15061074957 Crestview Rd, Mound6/29/2015Gerald Langley aka Gerald A Langley, Barbara LangleyMortgage
15061082235 Roosevelt St N E, Minneapolis6/29/2015Ann K Grove, Mortgage
15061091970 Adair Ave N, Golden Valley6/29/2015Howard A Laymon, Mortgage
15061104413 Winchester La, Brooklyn Center6/29/2015Elizabeth Wuollet, Mortgage
15061116543 Riverwood La N, Brooklyn Center6/29/2015Abhishek A Mehta, Mortgage
15061129400 Old Cedar Ave S #241, Bloomington6/30/2015Tracy L Hunter, Assessment
15061136150 Deer Ridge, Shorewood6/30/2015Thomas R Mahoney Jr, Debra A MahoneyJudgment
15061149403 Woodbridge Rd, Bloomington6/30/2015Gerald J Greenfield, Mortgage
15061156831 Narcissus La N, Maple Grove6/30/2015Roy W Kern, Mortgage
15061161103 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis6/30/2015Robert Bailey, Brenda BaileyMortgage
15070011210 Dunkirk La N, Plymouth7/1/2015Ralph D Burgess Jr, Linda Hamm BurgessMortgage
15070027757 Ewing Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/1/2015Pamela J Velander, Patrick R VelanderMortgage
15070038254 Douglas Cir N, Brooklyn Park7/1/2015Douglas A Lien, Mortgage
150700410532 Rhode Island Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/1/2015Alfred E Smith, Roberta L SmithMortgage
15070053700 Hamilton Ave, Deephaven7/1/2015James C Ward, Susan K WardMortgage
15070061365 Texas Ave S, St. Louis Park7/1/2015Dennis D Ikola, Mortgage
15070072329 55th Ave N, Brooklyn Center7/1/2015Milton L Matthews, Theresa J MatthewsMortgage
15070084340 12th Ave S, Minneapolis7/2/2015Thomas H Erickson, Brenda S EricksonMortgage
15070098804 Aldrich Ave S, Bloomington7/2/2015Leslie F Durham, Mortgage
15070104056 Perry Ave N, Robbinsdale7/6/2015Jonathan E Lewis, Rachelle G LewisMortgage
150701110480 Heather La, Corcoran7/6/2015Brian R Burns, Holly A BurnsMortgage
15070124218 Hemlock La N, Plymouth7/6/2015Jennifer L Strub, Judgment
15070135644 44th Ave S, Minneapolis7/7/2015Mary E Thompson, Ricky L ThompsonMortgage
15070144601 Ensign Ave N, New Hope7/7/2015Thomas F Eckers, Dorothy M EckersMortgage
15070159029 Woodhall Cir, Brooklyn Park7/7/2015Thomas M Gorman, Jean M GormanMortgage
150701613400 60th Pl N #145, Plymouth7/7/2015Kerri Capeti, Assessment
15070178700 Stratford Crossing N, Brooklyn Park7/7/2015Stephen C Hudson Sr, Mortgage
15070184317 Portland Ave, Minneapolis7/7/2015Alvaro Herrera, Mortgage
15070192902 Hazelwood La, Mound7/7/2015Edison M Miles, Glenda W MilesMortgage
15070205516 43rd Ave S, Minneapolis7/7/2015Kristen M Vensel, Jeffrey L KendallMortgage
15070214554 Gaywood Dr, Minnetonka7/7/2015Bret W Flemmer, Lori M FlemmerMortgage
15070224300 Trenton La N #2110, Plymouth7/7/2015Rachel A Tusler, Mortgage
15070235113 Camden Ave N, Minneapolis7/8/2015Betuel Neri Amacende, Guadalupe Guzman GutierrezMortgage
15070248281 Kentucky Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/8/2015Lee Thao, Ealee MouaMortgage
15070256352 St Johns Dr, Eden Prairie7/8/2015Vicki Olson, Mortgage
15070274845 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis7/8/2015Kristine L Abrahamson, Mortgage
15070282900 11th Ave S #215, Minneapolis7/8/2015Whitley A Opdahl, Assessment
15070296650 Vernon Ave S #408, Edina7/8/2015Rita L Goodmanson, Assessment
15070301008 Fairfield Spur, Minnetonka7/8/2015Mark M Anderson, Assessment
15070311555 Hillside, Minneapolis7/8/2015David Watts, Mortgage
15070322646 Cleveland St N E, Minneapolis7/9/2015Bud I Charboneau, Deborah L CharboneauMortgage
15070334314 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis7/9/2015Jason Leibel, Mortgage
150703413190 Murdock Ter, Eden Prairie7/9/2015Jennifer M Metzger, Assessment
15070356055 Manchester Dr, Golden Valley7/9/2015David J Larson, Caryl L LarsonMortgage
15070375656 Bartlett Blvd, Mound7/10/2015Jason V Nordstrom, Joni NordstromMortgage
15070384337 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis7/10/2015Daniel S Nelson, Mortgage
15070394512 5th Ave S, Minneapolis7/10/2015Maeomia Peterson, Mortgage
15070401501 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis7/10/2015Melissa M Williams, Mortgage
15070418913 Nevada Cir N, Brooklyn Park7/10/2015Narvin Joseph, Premwattie JosephMortgage
15070426807 86th La N, Brooklyn Park7/10/2015Carolina Hatcher, Joshua HatcherMortgage
15070432001 Lancaster St, Minnetonka7/13/2015John C Pelerine, Mortgage
15070445648 Oakview La, Minnetonka7/13/2015Daniel P Bauman, Mortgage
150704517678 68th Pl N, Maple Grove7/13/2015Vitaly Chernikh, Tatyana ChernikhMortgage
15070469667 Linden La N, Brooklyn Park7/13/2015Amanda Mason, Nathaniel Mason JrMortgage
15070474251 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis7/13/2015Wesley A Poland, Mortgage
15070482705 Kirkwood La N, Plymouth7/13/2015Ina A LaVigne, Mortgage
15070491802 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis7/14/2015Floyd Balentine, Dee Ann BalentineMortgage
150705018495 Cherry Tree Ct, Minnetonka7/14/2015Ricky Guetzkow, Heidi A GuetzkowMortgage
150705112719 Main St, Rogers7/14/2015Gerald F Justen, Mortgage
15070522212 Chippewa Rd, Medina7/14/2015Bruce D Workman, Barbara A WorkmanMortgage
15070535740 Wood Duck Cir, Shorewood7/14/2015James Ludens, Mortgage
15070542223 Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis7/14/2015Annie Farmer, Mortgage
15070553731 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis7/15/2015Brian R Bolstrom, Mortgage
15070567616 Regent Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/17/2015Daniel F Smith, Mortgage
15070573142 Grimes Ave N, Robbinsdale7/17/2015Natashia M Levoir, Joshua B LevoirMortgage
15070584101 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis7/17/2015Brandon Mickelson, Mortgage
15070592720 Norwood La N, Plymouth7/17/2015Craig L Heesch, Cheryl A HeeschMortgage
150706014310 40th Ave N, Plymouth7/17/2015Theresa Peterson, Mortgage
15070611105 Trailwood N, Hopkins7/17/2015Marquita Ryan, Mortgage
15070627500 Morgan Ave S, Richfield7/17/2015Robert A Foreman, Mortgage
15070635336 Lilac Dr N, Brooklyn Center7/17/2015Jowharah Harris-Reid, Dejuan A ReidMortgage
15070642997 Bluffs Dr, Mound7/17/2015Ramona Mueller, Michael MuellerMortgage
150706511154 Westwind Dr, Eden Prairie7/20/2015Susan Daggett, Mortgage
15070666113 11th Ave S, Minneapolis7/20/2015Scott Herceg, Kay D Herceg & Rudolph E HercegMortgage
15070676160 Stone Ct, Maple Plain7/20/2015Nicholas Hamaty, Maggie HamatyMortgage
150706819805 Waterford Pl, Shorewood7/20/2015David L Marion, Dana L MarionMortgage
15070691709 Taylor St N E, Minneapolis7/21/2015Peggy S Gannon, Roger J GannonMortgage
15070709125 Maryland Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/21/2015Michael W Jacques, Lynette A JacquesMortgage
15070715125 Duggan Plaza, Edina7/21/2015Stephen Larson, Connie LarsonMortgage
15070727633 15th Ave S, Richfield7/21/2015Elizabeth C Davies, Mortgage
15070732547 Hayes St N E, Minneapolis7/21/2015Rodney E Kelsey, Mortgage
1507075110 Bank St S E #1904, Minneapolis7/21/2015Assiat Boke, Assessment
15070766207 Urbandale La N, Maple Grove7/21/2015Michael B Jones, Assessment
150707711315 12th Ave N #4, Plymouth7/21/2015Kristin M Glaser, Assessment
15070783543 2 1/2 St N E, Minneapolis7/21/2015Robert J Fitzgerald III, Mortgage
15070797293 Gerard Dr, Eden Prairie7/21/2015Kurtis A Fedie, Kyla M TolineMortgage
15070806040 83rd Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park7/21/2015Rita Kelleh, Mortgage
15070813751 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis7/22/2015Jared Hill, Mortgage
15070824815 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis7/23/2015Hank P Hollermann, Mortgage
15070839280 Holly La N #501, Maple Grove7/23/2015Vickie J Ross, Mortgage
15070846804 26th St W, St. Louis Park7/23/2015Thomas N Twiss, Mortgage
15070855521 Auto Club Rd, Bloomington7/23/2015Sheri Burpee, Mortgage
15070864319 James Ave N, Minneapolis7/23/2015Victoria E Halstrick, Mortgage
15070871820 1st Ave S #103, Minneapolis7/24/2015Paul Barunas, Mortgage
15070883712 Zane Ave N, Crystal7/24/2015Melvin Maldonado, Jessica MaldonadoMortgage
15070891807 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis7/24/2015Angie Kirkpatrick, Mortgage
15070908725 Crest Rd, Bloomington7/24/2015Mark R Simmons, Mortgage
15070916517 83rd Ct N, Brooklyn Park7/24/2015Jessica Staley, Mortgage
15070923604 56th St E, Minneapolis7/24/2015Stacey H Taylor, Nancy J Stangl TaylorMortgage
15070938976 Underwood La N, Maple Grove7/24/2015James Klebba, Carrie JaworskiMortgage
15070941800 Timberline Tr, Minnetonka7/27/2015Karl D Schubert, June M SchubertMortgage
15070957527 Columbus Ave, Richfield7/27/2015Jeffrey C Pearson, Kathy M WatkinsMortgage
15070964403 Ladyslipper Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/27/2015Alan J Duncan, Paula J DuncanMortgage
15070971000 24th Ave S E, Minneapolis7/27/2015Jason Klohs, Dana Klohs, Richard Klohs & Stephanie J KlohsMortgage
15070981531 American Blvd E #115, Bloomington7/27/2015Jessie L Hague, Mortgage
15070997516 59th Pl N, Crystal7/27/2015Sharon Waldron, Mortgage
15071004218 Hampshire Ave N, Crystal7/27/2015Angela M Scott, Mortgage
15071014136 Co Rd 101, Minnetonka7/27/2015Joseph Hayden AKA Joseph L Hayden, Cheryl Hayden AKA Cheryl L HaydenMortgage
15071023832 30th Ave S, Minneapolis7/27/2015Kathryn A Galloway, Charles GallowayMortgage
15071039045 Underwood La N, Maple Grove7/28/2015Thomas M Osmond, Jeanne M VolkenantMortgage
15071049206 Louisiana Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/28/2015Anoumou K Kouleko, Djetaba BakpatinaMortgage
15071054427 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis7/28/2015Amee O Bosiger, Mortgage
15071067132 89th Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/29/2015Rhonda A Hagen, Mortgage
15071074024 Jordan Ave N, New Hope7/29/2015Darien Wogensen, Execution
15071084236 Upton Ave S #101, Minneapolis7/29/2015Paul Egtvedt, Mortgage
15071095034 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis7/30/2015Ryan Bunjer, Mortgage
1507110311 43rd St E, Minneapolis7/30/2015Cassandra Robinson, Assessment
15071115441 Rowland Rd, Minnetonka7/30/2015Andrea M Hilsen, Assessment
15071121842 Quincy St N E, Minneapolis7/31/2015 Estate of Geoffrey A. Moran, Amy C BrownJudgment
15071137716 Girard Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/31/2015Robert G Carter, Carrie M CarterMortgage
150711413703 54th Ave N, Plymouth7/31/2015Nathan C Heyn, Meredith C HeynMortgage
15071156037 June Ave N, Brooklyn Center7/31/2015Janna L Peterson, Mortgage
15071163110 McKinley St N E, Minneapolis7/31/2015Debra Retzlaff, Mortgage
15071174136 Elliot Ave, Minneapolis7/31/2015Gary L Konok, Joyce J KonokMortgage
15071186201 Quail Ave N, Minneapolis7/31/2015Patrick Workman, Angelique WorkmanMortgage
150711911726 Minnetonka Mills Rd, Minnetonka7/31/2015Scott A Disrud, Jody L WilsonMortgage
15071204010 52nd St E #205, Minneapolis7/31/2015Gregory Hersman, Mortgage
15071219500 Oliver Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/31/2015Robert K Simmons, Winifred R FroelichMortgage
15071226339 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park7/31/2015Carol D Staples, Mortgage
15080011823 Franklin Ave S E, Minneapolis8/3/2015Clinton H Knudson, Barbara KnudsonMortgage
15080027301 Beard Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/3/2015Charlene M Fearing, Mortgage
15080032926 Bay St, Minnetonka8/3/2015Lawrence L Schuppel, Yvonne J SchuppelMortgage
15080043539 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis8/3/2015Melissa R Boyd, Mortgage
150800512656 88th Pl N, Maple Grove8/3/2015Brikkelle Thompson, Victor ThompsonMortgage
15080068520 South Maplebrook Cir, Brooklyn Park8/3/2015Victoria A Zacholski, Mortgage
15080075309 Brookdale Dr N, Brooklyn Park8/3/2015Bridgette Bryant, Sam PaytonMortgage
15080087344 Unity La N, Brooklyn Park8/3/2015Rhonda M Eastlund, Wilmot K DavidMortgage
15080098549 South Pond Tr, Champlin8/3/2015Jennifer M Everson, Mortgage
15080109517 Yosemite Rd, Bloomington8/4/2015Robert Liegl, Kathleen Shand-LieglMortgage
1508011243 Glenbrook Rd N, Wayzata8/5/2015Jacob D Richmann, Mortgage
15080129942 Chicago Ave S, Bloomington8/5/2015Mary J Loberg, Mortgage
15080133650 Xenium La N, Plymouth8/5/2015Patricia Lynn Midthun Love, Mortgage
15080146526 Bluebird Dr, Maple Grove8/5/2015Cheryl J Miell fka Cheryl J Scarborough, Mortgage
15080157100 Idaho Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/5/2015Bruce E Fluth, Amanda K FluthMortgage
15080162524 32nd Ave S, Minneapolis8/6/2015Thomas Miller, Mortgage
15080171329 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis8/7/2015Fredi Dominguez, Juana Castaneda SaavedraMortgage
150801818542 Bearpath Tr, Eden Prairie8/7/2015Kenan Aksoz, Mary AksozMortgage
15080191651 Washburn Ave N, Minneapolis8/7/2015Erma Myers, Mortgage
15080209998 108th Pl N, Maple Grove8/7/2015Patrick C Kelly, Mortgage
15080216505 Emerson Ave S #3, Richfield8/7/2015Dona M Risdall, Mortgage
15080225793 Yukon Ave N, New Hope8/7/2015Matthew J Flaig, Page L RedburnMortgage
15080235725 Emerson Ave N, Brooklyn Center8/7/2015Magdaline Opare Addo, Mortgage
15080246300 Perry Ave N, Brooklyn Center8/7/2015Jessyca N Sanchez, Hector RodriguezMortgage
15080253609 27th Ave S, Minneapolis8/10/2015Luther A Winquist, Mortgage
15080266300 Hampshire Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/10/2015Francisco Alvarado, Julia AlvaradoMortgage
15080273556 Brookdale Dr N, Brooklyn Park8/10/2015Isaiah H Brown, Minnie B WashingtonMortgage
1508028807 Smetana Rd #8, Hopkins8/10/2015Dennis Potapenko, Tatiana OzerkovMortgage
15080295627 Green Circle Dr #120, Minnetonka8/10/2015Michele M Schamburek, Mortgage
15080307618 116th Ave N, Champlin8/10/2015Brian J Thompson AKA Brian Thompson, Aurelia M Harris & Lisa L DescheneMortgage
15080315721 27th Ave S, Minneapolis8/10/2015Joseph T Adams, Tequilla AdamsMortgage
15080328217 93rd Street Cir W, Bloomington8/10/2015Scott A Lalim, Karla L LalimMortgage
15080334163 Main St, St. Bonifacius8/10/2015Jeff DeYonge, Tanya DeYongeMortgage
15080344309 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis8/10/2015Anthony Gregory, Theresa GregoryMortgage
15080357316 22nd St W #202, St. Louis Park8/10/2015David S Selnick, Assessment
1508036417 4th St N E, Osseo8/10/2015Harlan J Schmidt, Kathleen R SchmidtMortgage
15080373401 Quail Ave N, Crystal8/10/2015Donna F Hoodie, Mortgage
150803810726 Cavell Rd, Bloomington8/11/2015Weyma J Reavis, Mortgage
15080398312 Blaisdell Ave S, Bloomington8/11/2015Robert A Cormier, Mortgage
15080406901 Co Rd 110 W, Minnetrista8/11/2015Brett W Mills, Julie M Mills a/k/a Julie M Richardson-MillsMortgage
15080413715 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis8/11/2015Khone Louangsaraj, Mortgage
15080427752 Everest Ct N, Maple Grove8/12/2015Michael J Hrupek, Cynthia J HrupekMortgage
15080433455 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis8/12/2015Bonnie K Hudgins, Danny R HudginsMortgage
15080445967 Hillcrest Rd, Mound8/12/2015Ronda M Carter, Chris K GreeneMortgage
15080468933 Chicago Ave S, Bloomington8/13/2015Travis D Kaufman, Susann H TruongMortgage
15080472737 Blaisdell Ave S, Minneapolis8/13/2015David Riewe, Mortgage
15080485975 Wedgewood La N #14, Plymouth8/14/2015Mary S Link, Phyllis J LinkMortgage
150805012550 Beach Cir, Eden Prairie8/14/2015Leim T Nguyen, Mortgage
15080511720 Weston La N, Plymouth8/14/2015Caryl O Vanzo, Mortgage
15080529125 Woodhall Crossing N, Brooklyn Park8/14/2015John R VanHall, Jamie L VanHallMortgage
15080537305 17th Ave S, Richfield8/14/2015Kimberly Jo Danielson, Mortgage
1508054201 Garfield Ave N, Champlin8/14/2015Eric M Comstock, Mortgage
15080557416 West Shore Dr, Edina8/14/2015Gretchen Koepke Salyards, Mortgage
1508056740 Pleasant St, Excelsior8/14/2015Maria Lofquist, Thomas W LofquistMortgage
150805716805 49th Pl N, Plymouth8/14/2015Randall E Mayer, Debra SoeffkerMortgage
15080583709 18th Ave S, Minneapolis8/14/2015Patricia C Cerda-Decora, Thomas L DecoraMortgage
15080593917 Heritage Hills Dr #208, Bloomington8/14/2015Scott J Loraas, Mortgage
15080602701 Lake of The Isles Pkwy E, Minneapolis8/17/2015James B McComb, Candace Lewis-McCombMortgage
150806110339 Bluff Rd, Eden Prairie8/17/2015Keith J Halleland, Cindy J LarsonMortgage
15080624131 Dynasty Dr, Minnetonka8/17/2015Steven M Comer, Kathy L ComerMortgage
15080631104 26th Ave N E, Minneapolis8/17/2015Ronney C Lohrke Sr AKA Ronney C Lohrke, Linda J LohrkeMortgage
15080643613 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis8/17/2015Mary E Stewart, Mortgage
15080651218 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis8/17/2015Richard A Thomson, Mortgage
15080662801 Flag Ave N #322, Minneapolis8/17/2015Armen Hakemian, Donna HakemianMortgage
15080673555 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis8/17/2015Annette V Mason, Mortgage
15080687705 13th La, St. Louis Park8/18/2015Michael T Tils Sr, Mortgage
15080697601 101st St W #123, Bloomington8/18/2015Patrica A Wischmeyer, Mortgage
15080703224 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis8/18/2015Safiya Guled, Mortgage
15080718605 Maplebrook Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park8/19/2015Cassandra L Hoss, Mortgage
15080724842 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis8/19/2015Roxy G McCann, Jason H McCannMortgage
15080733049 Gettysburg Ave N, New Hope8/19/2015Timothy A Borchardt, Mary L BorchardtMortgage
150807413029 Durum Ct, Eden Prairie8/19/2015Leslie A Rau, Mortgage
15080758632 Maplebrook Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park8/19/2015Jeffrey A Keller, Katherine L KellerMortgage
15080767052 Drew Ave N, Brooklyn Center8/20/2015David A Branstrom, Susan M Branstrom FKA Susan M RedburnMortgage
15080773232 Fremont Ave N #204, Minneapolis8/20/2015Jerome O Solvie, Assessment
150808415635 24th Ave N #D, Plymouth8/20/2015Cody J Hoskins, Crystal J HoskinsAssessment
15080851920 1st St S #505, Minneapolis8/20/2015Emily E Van Kampen, Assessment
1508086205 Game Farm Rd N, Minnetrista8/20/2015Harold R Wingerd, Sandra A WingerdJudgment
15080871125 Woodlake La #4, Richfield8/21/2015Stephanie Gaer, Association
15080885601 Smetana Dr #315, Minnetonka8/21/2015Masam M Mehran, Judgment
15080892624 98th Ave, Brooklyn Park8/21/2015Silvia E Wilson, Ricky R WilsonMortgage
150809010438 Morris Rd, Bloomington8/21/2015Steven L Thompson, Susan C ThompsonMortgage
15080913917 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis8/21/2015Audrey J Benson, Mortgage
15080925607 Rhode Island Ave N, Crystal8/21/2015Joy Johnson, Mortgage
15080935012 Lilac Dr N, Brooklyn Center8/21/2015Amanda Souvannavong, Mortgage
15080941030 66th St W #4, Richfield8/24/2015Tana J Carolus, Mortgage
15080955347 Pinewood Tr, Edina8/24/2015Randall K Byrne, Susan M ByrneMortgage
15080964380 Co Rd 6, Long Lake8/24/2015James E Carpenter, Mortgage
15080973906 51st Ave N, Minneapolis8/24/2015Alan Holder, Claudette HolderMortgage
15080982853 Flag Ave N, New Hope8/24/2015Thomas Whiteis, Mortgage
15080997228 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park8/24/2015Marilyn J Mims, Assessment
150810010009 Stevens Ave S, Bloomington8/25/2015Jason M Seel, Mortgage
15081014520 18th Ave S, Minneapolis8/25/2015Michael B Strahan, Shirley A StrahanMortgage
15081022230 Ridge Dr #31, St. Louis Park8/25/2015Robyn M Dean, Mortgage
15081036324 61st Ave N, Crystal8/25/2015Richard E McComas, Carol J McComasMortgage
15081044738 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis8/25/2015Kathryn Gallup, Mortgage
15081053344 Brunswick Ave N, Crystal8/25/2015Jonathan Erickson, Mortgage
15081061215 35th St E, Minneapolis8/25/2015Marcia J Eilers, Mortgage
15081073301 Carnation Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/25/2015Jonathan Aldrich, Lisa Hess AldrichMortgage

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