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Sale Record Number Unverified Common Address Date of Sale Mortgagor(s) Type of Sale
13071593644 Park Ave S, Minneapolis7/25/2013William S Cook, Mortgage
130716011953 92nd Ave N, Maple Grove7/25/2013Michael E Langerman, Patricia K LangermanMortgage
13071625249 Camden Ave N, Minneapolis7/25/2013Jesse Young, Mortgage
13071638641 Girard Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/25/2013Cindy Lee, Mortgage
13071643312 31st Ave S, Minneapolis7/25/2013Mark A Van Steenwyk, Amy E Van SteenwykMortgage
1307165211 92nd St W, Bloomington7/25/2013Berhanu G Getachew, Mortgage
130716610840 Rockford Rd #302, Plymouth7/25/2013Tammie L Klein, Mortgage
130716711929 Emery Village Dr N, Champlin7/25/2013Erica L Hynes, Mortgage
13071681704 Comstock La N, Plymouth7/25/2013Sara L Fricke, Mortgage
13071697509 Regent Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/25/2013Toua Vang, Mai XiongMortgage
13071704222 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis7/25/2013Todd M Janski, Danielle L JanskiMortgage
13071717318 Brunswick Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/26/2013Nyema H Appleton, Mortgage
13071728720 Russell Ave S, Bloomington7/26/2013Richard K Hansen, Elizabeth M HansenMortgage
13071735712 Hyland Courts Dr, Bloomington7/26/2013Carol Romundstad Johnson, Mortgage
13071743424 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis7/26/2013Velta Laimonis, Mortgage
130717510697 Sherman Dr #7, Eden Prairie7/26/2013Hui Yang Martin, Mortgage
13071766225 Beard Ave N, Brooklyn Center7/26/2013Joshua H Navarrete, Amber NavarreteMortgage
13071777600 Elm Grove Cir, New Hope7/26/2013Phillip T Goebel, Mortgage
13071786031 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis7/26/2013Jill Vaughan, Mortgage
130717914024 54th Ave N Unit 1 #2501, Plymouth7/26/2013Darrylin M Schell, Mortgage
13071803557 Orchard Ave N, Crystal7/26/2013Gina Walstad, Richard WalstadMortgage
13071813534 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis7/26/2013Brian S Aliffi, Kelley D AliffiMortgage
130718241 21st Ave N, Hopkins7/26/2013Corey J Lyell, Sabrinna S StanleyMortgage
13071833923 Welcome Ave N, Robbinsdale7/26/2013Jacqueline E Johnston, Raymond JohnstonMortgage
13071844106 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis7/26/2013Joyce Boyer, Mortgage
13071856505 Eliot View Rd, St. Louis Park7/26/2013Kevin E Fish, Mortgage
13071864827 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis7/26/2013Joel Stonebraker, Laura J StonebrakerMortgage
130718711309 Preswick Blvd #161, Eden Prairie7/26/2013Carlton Moore, Mortgage
13071885605 41st Ave S, Minneapolis7/26/2013Craig Cook, Mortgage
13071898736 Penn Ave S, Bloomington7/26/2013Nicholas S Johnson, Mortgage
13071907316 Colorado Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/26/2013Daniel J Newquist, Mortgage
13071917621 Portland Ave S, Richfield7/26/2013Laura L Guyton, Bryan B GuytonMortgage
13071923203 Halifax Ave N, Robbinsdale7/26/2013Jeffrey Franz, Mortgage
130719315610 26th Ave N #C, Plymouth7/26/2013Judith J Berry, Mortgage
13071949006 Kentucky Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/26/2013Andrew Thor, Malia VangMortgage
13071951151 North Arm Dr, Mound7/26/2013Dee Ann Dahm, Mortgage
13071961509 80th Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/26/2013Boon Yang, Mortgage
13071976516 75 1/2 Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/29/2013Wendy C Locke, Mortgage
13071986741 Colorado Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/29/2013David Ollila, Tami OllilaMortgage
1307199217 27th St W, Minneapolis7/29/2013General J Nicholson, Lynn Rubenstein NicholsonMortgage
13072003050 Quinwood La N, Plymouth7/29/2013Martin R Mandel, Kelly Jo MandelMortgage
13072013537 27th Ave S, Minneapolis7/29/2013Doreen E Mandery, Leota C ManderyMortgage
13072026407 Kyle Ave N, Brooklyn Center7/29/2013Carlene A Wells, Dennis M WellsMortgage
13072031531 Jefferson St N E, Minneapolis7/29/2013Brian E Corbett, Mortgage
13072046628 Xerxes Ave S, Edina7/29/2013Roberta Shannon, Mortgage
130720613064 Union Terrace La N, Champlin7/30/2013Robert C Peterson, Marilee A PetersonMortgage
13072075725 27th Ave S, Minneapolis7/30/2013Cassaundra N Breedlove AKA Cassaundra Breedlove, Mortgage
13072087747 89th Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/30/2013Kristin Striefel, Eugene StriefelMortgage
13072095713 Halifax Ave N, Brooklyn Center7/30/2013Ryan T Woehler, Mortgage
130721010865 Hyland Ter, Eden Prairie7/30/2013Alan G Bohlig, Betsy J BohligMortgage
13072114321 33rd Ave S, Minneapolis7/30/2013Catherine M LaFrance, Dean R AndersonMortgage
13072127327 Queen Ave S, Richfield7/30/2013Ann Kinney, Mortgage
13072132921 Dakota Ave S, St. Louis Park7/30/2013Kelly J Eldred, Jason E RyanMortgage
13072143826 Brookdale Cir, Brooklyn Park7/30/2013Andrew N Thompson, Michelle D ThompsonMortgage
13072157709 Elm Grove Ave, Minneapolis7/30/2013Derek Dahlstrom, Cami SorensonMortgage
13072163667 West Broadway Ave, Robbinsdale7/30/2013Lee T Bushmaker, Mortgage
130721712712 Main St, Rogers7/30/2013Robert J White, Mortgage
1307218121 Washington Ave S #1004, Minneapolis7/30/2013John S Marino, Assessment
1307219615 1st St N #405, Minneapolis7/30/2013Katie J Felder, Assessment
130722013930 54th Ave N #2, Plymouth7/30/2013Ruth L MaCleod, Assessment
13072218432 South Pond Tr, Champlin7/30/2013Raymond G Callies, Assessment
13072227432 Thomas Ave S, Richfield7/31/2013Joel P Dahlberg, Therese M DahlbergMortgage
130722311268 Marshview La N, Champlin7/31/2013Kurt E Stiles, Molly F StilesMortgage
13072243643 Snelling Ave S, Minneapolis7/31/2013Arnold E Eide, Mortgage
13072254001 Heritage Hills Dr #202, Bloomington7/31/2013Garrity Tvinnereim, Qynton TvinnereimAssessment
13072267514 Elliot Ave S, Richfield7/31/2013Ronald K Johnson, Mortgage
13072279949 Lee Dr, Eden Prairie7/31/2013Scott D Matzke aka Scott Matzke, Paula M Matzke aka Paula MatzkeMortgage
13072289031 Bloomington Ave S, Bloomington7/31/2013Timothy Lewis, Mortgage
13072292706 Brookdale La N, Brooklyn Park7/31/2013Sandra J Mitchell, Mortgage
13072307425 Jolly La N, Brooklyn Park7/31/2013Mary M Funk, Judgment
13072311575 Hamel Rd, Medina7/31/2013George S Wessin, Sue Ann WessinMortgage
13080013921 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis8/1/2013Jamie A Lory, Mortgage
130800211216 Douglas Dr, Champlin8/1/2013William E Hines, Patrice A HinesMortgage
13080037501 Thomas Ave S, Richfield8/1/2013Kathleen Myers, Scott MyersMortgage
13080047090 Jubert La, Corcoran8/1/2013Robert R Schroeder, Marilyn SchroederMortgage
13080052040 Shenandoah Ct N #F, Plymouth8/1/2013Amy Johnson, Mortgage
13080062130 Ridge Dr #21, St. Louis Park8/1/2013Kirsten J Norberg, Mortgage
13080078524 Zenith Rd, Bloomington8/1/2013Bryan C Singer, Mortgage
13080088584 Stratford La N, Brooklyn Park8/1/2013Jeffrey C Benson, Mortgage
13080095533 Hyland Ct Dr, Bloomington8/1/2013Harry Hanson, Marilyn B HansonMortgage
13080104518 Jersey Ave S, Crystal8/2/2013Christine L Kephart, Mortgage
13080118051 West River Rd, Brooklyn Park8/2/2013Ryan Bondhus, Christina R Bondhus FKA Christina R SiedeMortgage
13080126425 Douglas Dr N, Brooklyn Park8/2/2013Eric P Huynh, Mortgage
130801310175 94th Ave N, Maple Grove8/2/2013Joseph C Howes, Mortgage
13080144301 66th Ave N, Brooklyn Center8/2/2013Jeanette D Howard, Mortgage
13080154350 Mackey Ave, St. Louis Park8/2/2013Corbert L Gauthier, Susan R GauthierMortgage
13080166009 72nd Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/2/2013Cha Ying Thao, Vang YangMortgage
13080176700 Bloomington Ave S, Richfield8/2/2013Christopher B Harrison, Carly HeiseMortgage
130801865 Lowry Ave N E, Minneapolis8/2/2013Jack R Carter, Mortgage
13080193835 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis8/2/2013Erik J Werner, Mortgage
1308020212 1st St N #307, Minneapolis8/2/2013Valentina V Sakun, Mortgage
13080212315 Cleveland St N E, Minneapolis8/2/2013Peter Mack, Mortgage
13080222704 Salem Ave S, St. Louis Park8/2/2013Ada Carlsen, Mortgage
13080233813 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis8/2/2013Earl J Lewis, Jeannette C LewisMortgage
13080246529 Eagle Lake Dr N, Maple Grove8/2/2013Donald G Dille, K Jean Dille a/k/a Kathryn J DilleMortgage
13080254118 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis8/2/2013Melissa Erstad, Eric ErstadMortgage
130802610708 Penn Ave S, Bloomington8/2/2013Lindsey J Christensen, Marshall S McGeeMortgage
13080275131 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis8/2/2013Brian Corbett, Chad SjolundMortgage
13080285737 41st Ave S, Minneapolis8/2/2013Eliud Gadea, Refugio Gadea-PliegoMortgage
1308029718 Washington Ave N #504, Minneapolis8/2/2013Shelly R Nelson, Judgment
13080303801 98th St W #204, Bloomington8/2/2013Julie S Larson, Mortgage
130803118041 69th Pl N #2005, Maple Grove8/5/2013Heather D Lage, William C LageMortgage
13080322212 Belmont La, Mound8/5/2013Jeffrey V Thorson, Mortgage
13080336517 Zealand Ave N, Minneapolis8/5/2013Jason H Quinn, Mortgage
13080343242 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis8/5/2013San Xiong, Mortgage
13080358453 Yates Ave, Brooklyn Park8/5/2013James Hyland, Mortgage
13080364517 Xerxes Ave S, Minneapolis8/6/2013Joseph F Reece, Laura C Reece nka Elle Christina ReeceMortgage
13080377263 Yuma Ct N, Maple Grove8/6/2013Kenneth H Salzl, Susan K H SalzlMortgage
13080386515 Merrimac La N, Maple Grove8/6/2013Jon Hargett, Mortgage
13080397835 Elm Grove Ct, New Hope8/6/2013Frederick Chhang, Mortgage
13080405643 Green Circle Dr #309, Minnetonka8/6/2013Hamid B Idrissi, Mortgage
13080414341 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis8/6/2013Magd El Fatairy, Julienne Garner PringleMortgage
13080426024 Covington Ter, Minnetonka8/6/2013Joelle Hicks, Mortgage
13080433711 Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis8/6/2013Douglas Thayer, Mortgage
130804411538 Carriage Ct, Eden Prairie8/6/2013Mark T Nammacher, Mortgage
13080454015 Yates Ave N, Robbinsdale8/6/2013Denise A Iversen, Mortgage
1308046454 West Eagle Lake Dr, Maple Grove8/6/2013Joseph A Reed, Julie ReedMortgage
13080476633 Sumter Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/7/2013Patricia L Hasner, Mortgage
13080483842 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis8/7/2013Michele M Thomas, Mortgage
13080499313 Elliott Ave S, Bloomington8/7/2013Joseph P Kranz, Jean A KranzMortgage
13080507650 Halstead Dr, Minnetrista8/7/2013Mark A Anderson, Mortgage
13080517340 York Ave S #111, Edina8/7/2013Diane K Hennen, Mortgage
13080525 Circle West, Edina8/7/2013John H Hankinson, Bonnie HankinsonMortgage
13080537824 Major Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/7/2013David L Roach, Mortgage
13080543326 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis8/7/2013Todd Janski, Danielle JanskiMortgage
130805510910 51st Ave N, Plymouth8/8/2013Matthew L Nowak, Dawn L NowakMortgage
1308056809 26th St W, Minneapolis8/8/2013Michelle D Drake, Cortlandt B DrakeMortgage
13080578037 Narcissus La N, Maple Grove8/8/2013Scott A Miller, Lisa K MillerMortgage
13080582723 Pierce St N E, Minneapolis8/8/2013Beverly M Scott, Mortgage
1308059217 Holly Rd, Hopkins8/8/2013David P Webb, Mortgage
13080607333 Portland Ave S, Richfield8/8/2013Efrain Toriz-Cuevas, Mortgage
13080613825 Zenith Ave N, Robbinsdale8/8/2013Paul A Fulkerson, Rachael D FulkersonMortgage
1308062136 86th St W, Bloomington8/8/2013Kevin Moe, Judith MoeMortgage
13080638563 Maplebrook Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park8/8/2013Amy J Johnson, Mortgage
13080642519 Jackson St N E, Minneapolis8/8/2013Kinnard D Rogers IV, Mortgage
13080653232 Fremont Ave N #323, Minneapolis8/9/2013William J Harley, Patsy M PiersonAssociation
13080665656 Brookdale Dr N, Brooklyn Park8/9/2013Terrell Sinkfield, Association
13080671622 Fillmore St N E, Minneapolis8/9/2013Terence G Lewis Jr, Lindsey S LewisMortgage
13080683454 Lincoln St N E, Minneapolis8/9/2013Thomas J Paronto, Mortgage
13080696308 Ridgeview Dr, Edina8/9/2013Susan J Barrett, Mortgage
13080703524 Zenith Ave N, Robbinsdale8/9/2013Bryan M Hotvedt, Allison HotvedtMortgage
130807138 18th Ave N, Hopkins8/9/2013Janice M Callaway, Mortgage
13080721820 Wisconsin Ave N, Golden Valley8/9/2013John N Werrell, Mortgage
13080732130 Ridge Dr #33, St. Louis Park8/9/2013Jayson Goehring, Mortgage
13080741325 79th Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/9/2013Ia Moua, Mai VangMortgage
13080754220 14th Ave S, Minneapolis8/9/2013Martin Lane, Mortgage
13080761414 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis8/9/2013Bernabe A Omana, Mortgage
13080774125 Dallas La, Plymouth8/9/2013Keith A Horton, Donnette HortonJudgment
13080783316 87th St W, Bloomington8/9/2013Constance A Zins, George J ZinsMortgage
13080791502 5th St N #207, Hopkins8/9/2013Lee T Spaude, Mortgage
13080805022 Yuma La N, Plymouth8/9/2013Paul Connelly, Mortgage
13080817129 Penn Ave S, Richfield8/9/2013Richard Lundgren, Camille M Covert-VidmarMortgage
1308082816 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis8/12/2013Bernard Obwocha, Saria O ObwochaMortgage
13080831420 Natchez Ave S, Minneapolis8/12/2013Candyce Bartol, Mortgage
13080844430 Lake Harriet Pkwy W #404, Minneapolis8/12/2013Kathleen M Ekberg, Paul A EkbergMortgage
13080857305 York Ave N, Minneapolis8/12/2013Tong Ly, Mortgage
13080868033 Noble Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/12/2013James B Collins, Ruth S CollinsMortgage
13080873824 24th Ave S, Minneapolis8/12/2013John P Parkhurst, Jennifer L ParkhurstMortgage
130808810012 Valley Forge Lane N, Maple Grove8/13/2013Wei Wang, Mortgage
13080893446 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis8/13/2013Michael G Eiden, Mortgage
13080907220 York Ave S #110, Edina8/13/2013Kenneth D Anderson Jr, Judgment
13080918291 120th Ave N, Champlin8/13/2013Joseph K Dibble, Joan D DibbleMortgage
13080927910 Timber Lake Dr, Eden Prairie8/13/2013Jeffrey A Lee, Mortgage
13080934156 Valley View St, St. Bonifacius8/13/2013Mirzet Hodzic, Sebiha HodzicMortgage
130809414000 Gadwall Ct, Rogers8/13/2013Mark L Olson, Debra R OlsonMortgage
13080955350 Irving Ave N, Brooklyn Center8/13/2013Mao Lee, Dia MouaMortgage
13080965030 4th St N, Minneapolis8/13/2013Yang Vang, Ka Youa YangMortgage
13080974942 Emerson ave N, Minneapolis8/14/2013Victor Morris, Latanya MorrisMortgage
13080984247 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis8/14/2013Tahira Idrizovic, Mortgage
13080993601 Park Valley Rd, Minnetonka8/14/2013John D Anderson, Kristin I AndersonMortgage
13081003836 Noble Ave N, Robbinsdale8/14/2013Paul A Hammarstedt, Janet R HammarstedtMortgage
13081013406 Blaisdell Ave, Minneapolis8/14/2013Jean M Stanley, Mortgage
1308102121 Washington Ave S #1708, Minneapolis8/14/2013Paul O Sand, Mortgage
13081037108 Colorado Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/14/2013Rebecca Gilbertson, Wade GilbertsonMortgage
13081043116 Lake St W #120, Minneapolis8/14/2013Stephanie Brand, Mortgage
13081057908 38 1/2 Ave N, New Hope8/14/2013Shannon L Ost, Timothy S OstMortgage
13081061301 82nd St W #A, Bloomington8/14/2013Omar Perez-Valencia, Mortgage
13081073232 Fremont Ave N #228, Minneapolis8/15/2013Janette B Walker, Andrea Walker & Keith YoungAssociation
13081089150 Aldrich Ave S, Bloomington8/15/2013Abelardo R Castillo, Maria D GonzalezJudgment
13081094404 70th St W, Edina8/15/2013Jane M Stenen, Mortgage
130811012705 42nd Pl N, Plymouth8/15/2013Gerald A Coffey Jr, Wendi S CoffeyMortgage
13081116316 68th Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/15/2013Prince Lee, Valerie LeeMortgage
13081124132 13th Ave S, Minneapolis8/15/2013Peter D Mitchell, Stacy JacksonMortgage
13081135708 Blake Rd S, Edina8/15/2013William W Levy, Mortgage
13081147501 101st St W #200, Bloomington8/16/2013David D Ebaugh, Mortgage
13081156245 Upton Ave S, Richfield8/16/2013Gregory C Beauchamp, Mortgage
13081162648 Xenwood Ave S, St. Louis Park8/16/2013Pamela J Feldt, Mortgage
13081173116 12th Ave #210, Minneapolis8/16/2013Laura Boeringa, Mortgage
13081183306 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis8/16/2013Maren Karow, Mortgage
13081198705 Nicollet Ave S, Bloomington8/16/2013Anthony S Proskin, Denise ProskinMortgage
13081202705 Upland Ct N, Plymouth8/16/2013Robert W Melchior, Mortgage
13081211502 5th St N #303, Hopkins8/16/2013Anthony D Leonhardi, Mortgage
130812215545 26th Ave N #A, Plymouth8/16/2013Daniel R Larson, Mortgage
13081234321 80th Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/16/2013Myassar Wazwaz, Mortgage
13081242475 Elliot Ave S, Minneapolis8/16/2013Koffi A Baliki, Assessment
13081256112 11th Ave S, Minneapolis8/16/2013Todd J Mitchell, Kathleen A MitchellMortgage
13081262720 Rosalyn Ct #302, New Hope8/16/2013Pamela Handler, Mortgage
130812713176 Maple Knoll Way, Maple Grove8/19/2013Derek Lewis, Mortgage
13081285643 Green Circle Dr #101, Minnetonka8/19/2013Michael Perlman, Shari C PerlmanMortgage
130812918490 97th Pl N, Maple Grove8/19/2013Perry R Salberg, Earling G Salberg & Muriel J SalbergMortgage
13081307839 85th Ct N, Brooklyn Park8/19/2013Kimberly M Arnold aka Kimberly Lada, Mortgage
13081313853 Harriet Ave, Minneapolis8/19/2013Monica Heino, Mortgage
13081321801 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis8/19/2013Robert Wright, Joanne WrightMortgage
130813310344 Berkshire Rd, Bloomington8/19/2013Susan Mackey, James MackeyMortgage
13081345728 15th Ave S, Minneapolis8/20/2013Colleen M Norris, Mortgage
13081357409 Hyde Park Dr, Edina8/20/2013Steven F Meldahl, Judgment
13081363351 4th Ave S, Minneapolis8/20/2013Derek Kristoffersen, Mortgage
13081371044 18th Ave N E, Minneapolis8/20/2013Donald A Allard, Mortgage
13081382908 83rd La N, Brooklyn Park8/20/2013Tammy Jordan, Mortgage
13081395901 Lincoln Dr, Edina8/20/2013 UTF-Healthcare Limited Partnership, Mortgage
13081405635 Glacier La N, Plymouth8/20/2013Kevin D Vickers, Kristin K VickersMortgage
13081417220 York Ave S #109, Edina8/20/2013Janice B Larson, Mortgage
13081422810 Fillmore St N E, Minneapolis8/21/2013Maclay Swanson, Karen SwansonMortgage
13081437520 Cahill Rd #107A, Edina8/21/2013Audrey J Sundt, Mortgage
13081442622 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis8/21/2013Frank J Nameny, Mortgage
13081452220 Ranchview La N, Plymouth8/21/2013Tiffany C Skoog, Mortgage
1308146913 Pleasant Ave N, Champlin8/21/2013Timothy J Harrer, Sheryl J HarrerMortgage
13081474208 Beard Ave S, Minneapolis8/21/2013Michael Bradshaw, Judgment
130814810000 Liatris La, Eden Prairie8/22/2013Ramachandran Krishnasamy, Radha ArjunanAssessment
1308149433 7th St S #2025, Minneapolis8/22/2013Michael L Krause, Assessment
1308150601 Marquette Ave #303, Minneapolis8/22/2013Garrett Jedlicki, Assessment
1308151250 Park Ave #507, Minneapolis8/22/2013Daniel P Stefaniak, Judgment
13081522627 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis8/22/2013Terrie Long, David B RoperMortgage
13081535633 Pennsylvania Ave N, Crystal8/22/2013Jainee Yang, Mortgage
13081546339 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park8/23/2013Carol D Staples, Association
13081554545 Douglas Ave, Golden Valley8/23/2013Kevin H McKinney, Tatiana McKinneyMortgage
13081569118 Colorado Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/23/2013Muni Nhul, Bopha NhulMortgage
13081578700 Penn Ave S, Bloomington8/23/2013Patsey L Harris, Mortgage
13081586323 83rd Ct N, Brooklyn Park8/23/2013Leslie Roberts, Shawn RobertsMortgage
13081598576 South Maplebrook Cir, Brooklyn Park8/23/2013Todd K Klawiter, Lisa A KlawiterMortgage
13081602102 Kings Valley Rd, Golden Valley8/23/2013Kimberly A Frigstad, Mortgage
13081615643 Green Circle Dr #306, Minnetonka8/23/2013Gregory S Anderson, Mortgage
13081622728 Chowen Ave S, Edina8/23/2013Taylor P Bowers, Carllie K BowersMortgage
13081633901 99th Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/23/2013John N Simpson, Sonja SimpsonMortgage
13081646818 58th Ave N, Crystal8/23/2013Sarah M Gulczinski, Mortgage
130816515375 Stanburry Cur, Eden Prairie8/26/2013Joseph R Powers, Susan C Kelley-PowersMortgage
130816611208 Zane Ave N, Champlin8/26/2013Donald R Mittelstaedt, Jane MittelstaedtMortgage
13081675500 Nevada Ave N, Crystal8/26/2013Daniel D Franco-Oberto, Judith M WyattMortgage
130816812024 Tucker Rd, Rogers8/27/2013Daniel A Block, Diane M BlockMortgage
13081693637 25th Ave S, Minneapolis8/27/2013Stephanie L Metcalf, Mortgage
13081707635 Edinborough Way #5108, Edina8/27/2013Deborah M Zierden, Mortgage
13081712747 Brookrdige Ave, Crystal8/27/2013Gage R Hanson, Leanne G HansonMortgage
13081723809 16th Ave S, Minneapolis8/27/2013Matthew H Beversdorf, Rachael A JosephMortgage
13081733900 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis8/27/2013Nneka S Morgan, Mortgage
13081744432 Clinton Ave S, Minneapolis8/28/2013Preston Bobo, Morella BoboMortgage
1308175270 Sunnyridge La, Loretto8/28/2013Lisa A Avaloz, Mortgage
13081766439 Washburn Ave S, Richfield8/28/2013Mark Mack, Mortgage
13081777339 17th Ave S, Richfield8/28/2013Jacqueline R Toliver FKA Jacqueline R Mcgee, Eddie D Toliver JrMortgage
13081786222 35th St W #11, St. Louis Park8/28/2013Brian J Henrich, Mortgage
13081794820 Park Commons Dr #137, St. Louis Park8/28/2013 O.H. Properties, Inc., Assessment
13081808700 Co Rd 110 W, Minnetrista8/28/2013Joseph G Weiland, Mortgage
13081816428 Kurtz La, Eden Prairie8/28/2013James M Feralin, Stefanie J FeralinMortgage
13081822103 Willow Ave N, Minneapolis8/28/2013David Hurst, Rachel HurstMortgage
13081836108 Candlewood Dr N, Brooklyn Park8/29/2013Tossa H Edorh, Mortgage
13081843008 94th Ave N, Brooklyn Park8/30/2013Shawn D Walth, Mortgage
13081858656 Zenith Rd, Bloomington8/30/2013Anthony Mamboleo, Judgment
13081863807 56th Ave N, Brooklyn Center8/30/2013Martha A Landsem, Mortgage
13081873407 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis8/30/2013Jasen Hobbs, Mortgage
13081881159 Trailwood N, Hopkins8/30/2013Patrick J Fix, Amy FixMortgage
130818916312 70th Ave N #402, Maple Grove8/30/2013Constance S Coffman, Mortgage
13081901914 Pierce St N E, Minneapolis8/30/2013Benedict A Schirber, Kari W SchirberMortgage
130819110920 Thomas Ave S, Bloomington8/30/2013Rosario Jimenez Roxas, Mortgage
13081922722 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis8/30/2013Jeremy C Norred, Mortgage
13081931707 70th Ave N, Brooklyn Center8/30/2013Khamphet Keohavong, Bouthanh KeovoravongMortgage
13081946831 Scott Ave N, Brooklyn Center8/30/2013Dorothy M Lescault, Mortgage
13090017117 Fleetwood Dr, Edina9/3/2013Mark A Thomas, Mortgage
13090021318 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis9/3/2013 CJC Atlanta, LLC, as Trustee for the 1318 Emerson , Mortgage
13090032728 14th Ave S, Minneapolis9/3/2013Erika L Taylor, Mortgage
13090043738 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis9/3/2013Joanna M Blessing fka Joanna M Rosendahl, Lee BlessingMortgage
13090055404 Emerson Ave N, Brooklyn Center9/3/2013Pamela J Kreuter, Mortgage
13090064001 Heritage Hills Dr #208, Bloomington9/3/2013Abeer H Hussein, Mortgage
13090074412 66th Ave N, Brooklyn Center9/3/2013Terrie Phillips, Mortgage
130900812525 26th Ave N, Plymouth9/4/2013Linda L Oliver, Mortgage
13090098846 Maplebrook Ct N, Brooklyn Park9/4/2013Heather Smith, Mortgage
13090108543 14th Ave S, Bloomington9/4/2013Bradley S Johnson, Mortgage
13090117401 101st St W #200, Minneapolis9/4/2013Patricia J Sjolie, Lee J SjolieMortgage
13090121742 Heron La, Mound9/4/2013Tracey S Hatlestad, Mortgage
13090134949 Yukon Ave N, New Hope9/4/2013Corey R Boyer, Mortgage
130901416906 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka9/4/2013Tery S Rolek, Katherine K RolekMortgage
13090154416 James Ave N, Minneapolis9/4/2013Thor S Bjork, Michelle L BjorkMortgage
13090168441 South Pond Tr N, Champlin9/4/2013Heidi R Schmidt, Mortgage
13090179143 Pillsbury Ave S, Bloomington9/4/2013Stacy L Gauthier, Daniel J MatonichMortgage
13090183933 Louisiana Ave N, New Hope9/4/2013Shelby A Schadewitz, Erik T MathisenMortgage
13090196400 Pillsbury Ave S, Richfield9/5/2013Thomas N Tuttle, Bonnie L TuttleMortgage
13090215501 Colfax Ave, Brooklyn Center9/5/2013Tiandra Robinson, Anthony MillerMortgage
13090227565 Office Ridge Cir, Eden Prairie9/5/2013 M. A. Chalupsky, LLC, Mortgage
130902313744 67th Ave N, Maple Grove9/5/2013Charles L Demo Jr, Tina M DemoMortgage
13090248329 Thomas Ct N, Brooklyn Park9/5/2013Christina N Jenkins, Mortgage
13090252651 Monroe St N E, Minneapolis9/6/2013Michael J Zmuda, Deanna L ZmudaMortgage
130902610332 108th Ave N, Maple Grove9/6/2013Kevin S VandeVenter, Lori J VandeVenterMortgage
13090277209 90th Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/6/2013Lloyd Harris, Ernestine L HarrisMortgage
130902820090 Goldeneye Way, Rogers9/6/2013Keven K Knoblauch, Theresa J KnoblauchMortgage
13090295618 Winnetka Ave N, New Hope9/6/2013Cassandra E Robinson, Wayne A RobinsonMortgage
13090305156 95th St W, Bloomington9/6/2013Hoa K Ly, Nhan T LyMortgage
13090313008 74th Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/6/2013Karen M Olivarez, David G OlivarezMortgage
13090324522 Camden Ave N, Minneapolis9/6/2013Cesar I Canton, Mortgage
13090334370 Brookside Ct #108, Edina9/6/2013Mary G Brown, Mortgage
13090344824 Bloomington Ave S, Minneapolis9/9/2013Debra A Jennings, Mortgage
13090357729 Unity Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/9/2013Xue Yang, Xee VangMortgage
13090363933 Nokomis Ave S, Minneapolis9/9/2013Joseph Ryan, Mortgage
13090373540 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis9/9/2013Janet C Kelly, Robert A RatzlaffMortgage
130903813044 Brookside La N, Rogers9/9/2013Douglas S Lowe, Charlathe A LoweMortgage
13090393550 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis9/9/2013Patricia M Fox, Brian L DykeMortgage
13090403533 Idaho Ave N, Minneapolis9/9/2013Thomas A Whitney, Cynthia T Freske-WhitneyMortgage
13090411745 Gettysburg Ct, Golden Valley9/10/2013Bruce Synkiew, Liberty BothwellMortgage
13090427200 York Ave S #326, Edina9/10/2013Jason M Yets, Tina M YetsAssessment
13090439416 Penn Ave S, Bloomington9/10/2013Thomas Thompson, Mortgage
13090441640 Constance Dr E, Golden Valley9/10/2013Barbara D Brenn, Allan E BrennMortgage
13090454001 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis9/10/2013J Nicole Little, Mark D HoilandMortgage
13090465354 Beachside Dr, Minnetonka9/10/2013Uchenna N Chukwu, Mortgage
13090474147 30th Ave S, Minneapolis9/10/2013Karleen R Bratland, Andrew J BuehlerMortgage
1309048825 Old Settlers Tr #8, Hopkins9/10/2013Marilyn Murphy, Mortgage
13090494212 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis9/10/2013Henry R Hubben, Mortgage
13090505957 Lyndale Ave N, Brooklyn Center9/10/2013Craig A Tatman, Sherry J TatmanMortgage
13090518218 3rd Ave S, Bloomington9/10/2013Robert P Wetterhahn Jr, Tammy K WetterhahnMortgage
1309052414 Jackson Ave S, Edina9/11/2013Daniel J Carson, Mortgage
13090532654 Brookdale La N, Brooklyn Park9/11/2013Martin A Chan, Mortgage
13090548755 North Maplebrook Cir, Brooklyn Park9/11/2013Jeannie M Niklason, Mortgage
13090555361 Pennsylvania Ave N, New Hope9/11/2013Kim A Czaplewski, Mortgage
13090562617 81st Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/11/2013Mark G Jacobs Sr, Mortgage
13090579060 Dressen Cir, Eden Prairie9/11/2013Paul W Krueger, Beverly E KruegerMortgage
13090587501 Welcome Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/11/2013Nornor Dunbar, Assessment
130905913615 97th Pl N, Maple Grove9/11/2013F Gene Holtmeyer, Mortgage
13090604549 33rd Ave S, Minneapolis9/11/2013Charles T Bidwell, Mary J Nielsen & Paul F NielsenMortgage
13090616827 Fremont Pl N, Brooklyn Center9/11/2013Donald McCarten, Mary W McCartenMortgage
13090622923 Polk St N E, Minneapolis9/11/2013Joan T Marso, Mortgage
130906311590 42nd Pl N, Plymouth9/11/2013Andrea M Kessler, Donlee K KesslerMortgage
13090645109 Hamilton La N, Brooklyn Park9/11/2013Kelly M Lynn, Charles F LynnMortgage
13090655345 41st Ave S, Minneapolis9/11/2013Cristy Faltinosky, Mortgage
13090662215 Taft St N E, Minneapolis9/11/2013Daniel D Mueller, Laura M McGilpMortgage
13090677045 Xerxes Ave S, Richfield9/11/2013Jill M Vaughan, Mortgage
13090685693 Linda La, Greenfield9/12/2013James W Swanson, Angelica SwansonMortgage
13090693812 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis9/12/2013Shawn M Barry, Susan M BarryMortgage
13090701 Lake St W #414, Minneapolis9/12/2013Leo J Tibesar Jr, Mortgage
130907110917 Douglas La N, Champlin9/12/2013Rafonne L Rucker, Association
1309072707 19th Ave N E, Minneapolis9/12/2013Dawn F Hensley, Mortgage
130907313160 90th Pl N, Maple Grove9/12/2013Matthew J Tiffany, Mortgage
13090743235 James Ave N, Minneapolis9/12/2013Toua Yang, Lee VueMortgage
130907518354 Coneflower La, Eden Prairie9/12/2013Seth M Bremmon, Mortgage
130907613663 84th Pl N, Maple Grove9/13/2013Donna M Johnson, Association
13090777708 Girard Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/13/2013Edward P Harper, Tessa M HarperJudgment
13090787504 Humboldt Cir N, Brooklyn Park9/13/2013Rodney A Sager, Mortgage
1309079408 First St N #305, Minneapolis9/13/2013John W Lawton, Mortgage
13090807409 Major Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/13/2013Christopher Puppe, Linnea BoesenMortgage
13090818936 Neill Lake Rd #C, Eden Prairie9/13/2013Kyle E Lewis, Alexandra TapperMortgage
13090822627 3rd St N, Minneapolis9/13/2013Fa Chao Lee, Pai XiongMortgage
13090831021 West River Rd, Champlin9/13/2013Ronda M Flett AKA Ronda M Abbott, Charles W FlettMortgage
13090843438 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis9/13/2013Charlotte N Perry, Mortgage
13090855208 Scott La, Robbinsdale9/13/2013Russell Needham, Mortgage
13090862809 Minnehaha Pkwy E #305, Minneapolis9/13/2013John D Rodriguez II, Mortgage
13090876282 Magda Dr N #D, Maple Grove9/13/2013Alexander S Shpak, Mortgage
13090885229 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis9/13/2013Linda R Seymour, Mortgage
13090895226 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis9/13/2013Michael I Oliver, Tove K OliverMortgage
1309090335 Quincy St N E, Minneapolis9/13/2013Connie M Hyde, Mortgage
13090919824 129th La N, Champlin9/13/2013Hong Quan, Mortgage
13090922620 15th Ave S, Minneapolis9/13/2013Jose R Gomez, Pamela GarciaMortgage
13090931259 Landmark Tr S, Hopkins9/13/2013Kelly J Kokaisel, Mortgage
13090942323 Lincoln St N E, Minneapolis9/13/2013John L Terwilliger, Mortgage
13090955129 45th Ave S, Minneapolis9/13/2013Stefi L Carpentier, Mortgage
13090965324 91st Crescent N, Brooklyn Park9/13/2013Aaron Sythalath, Thongsay ThongrasamyMortgage
13090975333 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis9/13/2013Thomas E Spencer, Rosie B Gordon-SpencerMortgage
13090984611 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis9/13/2013Michelle L Skrede, Mortgage
13090999336 Thomas Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/13/2013Susan K Franks, Kevin L IngramMortgage
13091007029 Bloomington Ave, Richfield9/13/2013Carole P Schook, Wesley C SchookMortgage
13091018373 Queen Ct N, Brooklyn Park9/16/2013Jayde M Tran, Mortgage
13091025522 Pleasant Ave, Minneapolis9/16/2013Kerri O Smith fka Kerri Oachs, Thaddeus SmithMortgage
13091035601 Nevada Ave N, Crystal9/16/2013Mona S Hawthorne, Mortgage
13091048306 Clinton Ave S, Bloomington9/16/2013Donald S Doble, Tracy E DobleMortgage
13091053922 Heathcote Rd, Deephaven9/16/2013Jeffrey W Lambert, Susan E LambertMortgage
13091062824 Hampshire Ave S, St. Louis Park9/16/2013Bethany J Sagsveen, Mortgage
13091077100 39th Ave N, Minneapolis9/16/2013Jay A Silvernail, Mortgage
13091082638 Raleigh Ave S, St. Louis Park9/17/2013Howard A Rubin, Elizabeth E RubinMortgage
130910916210 Woodland La, Minnetonka9/17/2013Paul Andrejzchick, Sharon AndrejzchickMortgage
13091105601 35th Ave S, Minneapolis9/17/2013Charles T Johnson, Judy J JohnsonMortgage
13091113501 Aquila Ave S, St. Louis Park9/17/2013John Radosevich, Robin RadosevichMortgage
13091125912 Thomas Ave S, Minneapolis9/17/2013Donald P Waddick Jr, Mortgage
1309113726 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis9/17/2013Pedro Chavez, Betty ChavezMortgage
13091148618 South Maplebrook Cir, Brooklyn Park9/17/2013Andrew W Lagarde, Sarah J LagardeMortgage
13091154629 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis9/17/2013Denise L Hals, Mortgage
13091164010 Yates Ave N, Robbinsdale9/17/2013Lisa L Engelstad, Mortgage
13091177565 Orchid La N, Maple Grove9/17/2013Steven B Lund, Rosemarie H LundMortgage
13091189687 Xenium La N, Maple Grove9/18/2013David R Krueger, Judgment
13091193950 Fernbrook La N, Plymouth9/18/2013Michele McManigle, Mortgage
13091203322 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis9/18/2013Loren D Wenning, Kimberly J WenningMortgage
130912110188 Nottingham Tr, Eden Prairie9/18/2013Raymond A Luening, Mortgage
13091225019 Enchanted Rd, Mound9/18/2013 Clark Kent Homes, LLC, Mortgage
13091232200 Nevada Ave S #307, St. Louis Park9/18/2013Jesse Fronek, Mortgage
13091242720 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis9/18/2013Rhoda Mhiripiri, Mortgage
13091251140 Marina Dr, Minnetrista9/18/2013Vera Tychina, Konstantin TychinaMortgage
1309126125 3rd St N E, Osseo9/18/2013Jason M Kapalczynski, Sinuda A HallMortgage
13091274012 Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis9/18/2013John J L'Heureux, Sara L'HeureuxMortgage
130912813052 Brookside La N, Rogers9/18/2013Paul Petersen, Mortgage
13091293804 41st Ave S, Minneapolis9/18/2013Arthur G Campbell Jr, Bertha S CampbellMortgage
13091305716 44th Ave S, Minneapolis9/19/2013Laura R Herr, Mortgage
13091313605 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis9/19/2013 Pristenville Investment, LLC, Mortgage
130913211957 Nevada Ave N, Champlin9/19/2013Curtis L Washington, Tami B Hill-WashingtonMortgage
13091334151 Boone Ave N #110, New Hope9/19/2013Patricia B Sarff, Mortgage
13091342730 Rosalyn Ct #102, New Hope9/19/2013Matthew Hoffart, Mortgage
13091354710 Ranchview La N, Plymouth9/19/2013Jannette M Zimmerman, John W ZimmermanMortgage
13091364219 Boone Ave N, New Hope9/20/2013Stephen D Carlson, Judgment
13091374907 Wingard Pl, Brooklyn Center9/20/2013John Pohtilla, Association
130913811824 88th Ave N, Maple Grove9/20/2013Ann E Hoaglund, Association
13091398007 Xerxes Ave S #103, Bloomington9/20/2013Paul J Wotruba, Mortgage
13091407932 Regent Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/20/2013Roberta C Camarillo, Douglas B CamarilloMortgage
13091413245 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis9/20/2013Larry L Holt, Joanne M HoltMortgage
13091421340 Fox St, Wayzata9/20/2013Allan N Litwin, Dianna L HansonMortgage
13091431635 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis9/20/2013Betty G Atlas, Mortgage
13091444101 Parklawn Ave #108, Edina9/20/2013Arlene M Hayes, Mortgage
13091453117 Bloomington Ave S, Minneapolis9/20/2013Ignacio M Hernandez, Jenry Alvarez Estrada, & Gabriela Hernandez MendozaMortgage
13091466725 14th Ave S, Richfield9/20/2013Darlene M Berry, Mortgage
1309147310 25th Ave N, Minneapolis9/20/2013Patricia A Thompson, Mortgage
13091484719 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis9/20/2013Walter Jones, Tina JonesMortgage
13091493924 Quail Ave N, Robbinsdale9/20/2013Judith L Bassett, Charles R BassettMortgage
13091507501 84th Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/20/2013Charlene Mayer, Scott MayerMortgage
13091515108 104th St W, Bloomington9/20/2013D'Ann C Ranheim, Mortgage
13091522940 Princeton Ave S, St. Louis Park9/20/2013Sara Bunn, Mortgage
13091537072 120th Ave N, Champlin9/20/2013Chris A Sime, Mary J SimeMortgage
13091546404 Emerson Ave S, Richfield9/23/2013Shannon C McLean, Bradley J MarshallMortgage
13091553338 6th St N, Minneapolis9/23/2013Megan L Wrage, Mortgage
13091568943 York Rd S, Bloomington9/23/2013Joseph Keegan, Jennifer MaretteMortgage
13091575128 38th Ave S, Minneapolis9/24/2013Darrell E Neuville Jr, Julie D NeuvilleMortgage
13091585511 Quail Ave N, Crystal9/24/2013Jodi L Conner, Jeffrey D ConnerMortgage
130915911233 Oregon Cir, Bloomington9/24/2013Jeane A Kane, Mortgage
13091601502 Madison St N E, Minneapolis9/24/2013Karen Lyu, Janet Lyu & Haesang LyuMortgage
13091612839 Polk St N E, Minneapolis9/24/2013Brigitte Biraud, Mortgage
130916219 35th St W, Minneapolis9/24/2013Jael Lang, John LangMortgage
130916314891 95th Ave N, Maple Grove9/25/2013John T Oyaas, Lisa M OyaasMortgage
13091641308 Independence Ave N, Golden Valley9/25/2013Robert G Malone, Mortgage
13091653 St. Albans Rd W, Hopkins9/25/2013Apurva Patel, Sarika PatelMortgage
13091666718 Stevens Ave, Richfield9/25/2013James Coulton, Jean CoultonMortgage
13091677117 Stevens Ave, Richfield9/25/2013Tammy T Nguyen, Mortgage
13091683621 43rd Ave S, Minneapolis9/25/2013Delores Stead, Arnold SteadMortgage
130916913859 74th Ave N, Maple Grove9/25/2013Michael P Pawlak, Mortgage
13091705116 Xerxes Ave N, Minneapolis9/25/2013Michelle P Bohme-Traeger, Matthew D WidingMortgage
13091713758 Brunswick Ave S, St. Louis Park9/25/2013Shawn Stark, Dan StarkMortgage
13091727101 Nicollet Ave S, Richfield9/26/2013 Church of New Life Christian Ministries, Inc., Mortgage
13091739705 Alvarado La N, Maple Grove9/26/2013 Estate of Elizabeth W Redman, Assessment
1309174431 7th St S #2620, Minneapolis9/26/2013Michael C Powell, Assessment
130917517 1st St S #A304, Minneapolis9/26/2013Geno Forliti, Assessment
1309176401 2nd St N #417, Minneapolis9/26/2013Alan Johnson, Assessment
1309177205 Barry Ave S #118, Wayzata9/26/2013Paul M Doepke, Assessment
13091785901 114th Pl N, Champlin9/26/2013Roger K Burud, Vicki L BurudMortgage
13091792550 Oregon Ave S, St. Louis Park9/26/2013LaShunda Cross, Mortgage
130918017884 89th Pl N, Maple Grove9/26/2013Sandra L King, David F KingMortgage
13091814326 Garfield Ave S, Minneapolis9/26/2013Wendy L Williams, Mortgage
13091823925 37th Ave S, Minneapolis9/26/2013Patricia G Hanson, Mortgage
13091832400 Girard Ave S #3, Minneapolis9/26/2013Judson W Kanwischer, Mortgage
13091845918 Admiral La, Brooklyn Center9/26/2013Mae Genekpein, Emmanuel VarkpehMortgage
13091853008 Louisiana Ave N, Crystal9/26/2013Josephine U Awobamise, Mortgage
13091869912 Stevens Ave S, Bloomington9/26/2013Vicotria K Dalbac, Mortgage
13091873715 54th St E, Minneapolis9/26/2013Sienna T Hewitt, Cheryl A LarsonMortgage
13091883412 Oak Ridge Rd #307, Minnetonka9/26/2013Jerry Ann Applebaum, Mortgage
13091897140 72nd La N #269, Brooklyn Park9/27/2013Franklin Ajayi, Association
13091909343 Wellington La N, Osseo9/27/2013William R Jones, Susie JonesMortgage
13091916242 Scott Ave N, Brooklyn Center9/27/2013Victoria Charles, Mortgage
13091924875 Edgewater Dr, Mound9/27/2013Anthony Brinatte, Susan BrinatteMortgage
13091935310 Bartlett Blvd, Mound9/27/2013Donald P Kowalsky, Gwendolyn J KowalskyMortgage
13091942605 17th Ave S, Minneapolis9/27/2013Chao Khang, Yeng YangMortgage
13091952118 35th St E, Minneapolis9/30/2013Kevin W Morgan, Sheryl D MorganMortgage
13091963232 Fremont Ave N #302, Minneapolis9/30/2013Doris W Eiland, Mortgage
13091973334 Wyoming Ave S, St. Louis Park9/30/2013Sean Huntley, Kristen Kent-HuntleyMortgage
1309198925 30th Ave S #205, Minneapolis9/30/2013Hajji S Gobana, Mortgage
13091995441 Dupont Ave N, Brooklyn Center9/30/2013Daniel O Odole, Mortgage
13100013044 14th Ave S, Minneapolis10/1/2013Mona Loukhmas, Mortgage
13100022550 Benjamin St N E, Minneapolis10/1/2013Linda G Wilson, Mortgage
131000317600 12th Ave N, Plymouth10/1/2013Douglas G Sanders, Mortgage
13100043420 26th Ave N, Robbinsdale10/1/2013James A Milz, Sara L MilzMortgage
13100056001 St Johns Ave, Edina10/1/2013Michael Skinner, Angela SkinnerMortgage
1310006717 31st Ave N, Minneapolis10/2/2013Thomas Brummer, Bryant-Saxon, LLCMortgage
13100075307 Bryant Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/2/2013Craig P Ebert, Mortgage
131000810742 Cavell Rd, Bloomington10/2/2013Paul K McDonald, Assessment
131000917602 Hackberry Ct, Eden Prairie10/2/2013Kimberly R Moss, Mortgage
13100106201 Brooklyn Dr, Brooklyn Center10/2/2013Jyotis K Collins, Mortgage
13100113718 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis10/2/2013Florence Bayless, Mortgage
13100123351 Johnson St N E, Minneapolis10/2/2013Alex M Bryngelson, Mortgage
13100133959 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis10/2/2013Larissa D Wilson, Mortgage
1310014624 2nd Ave N E, Osseo10/2/2013Deborah Wheatley, Mortgage
13100151708 Thomas Pl N, Minneapolis10/2/2013Daniel Anderson Jr, Thelma AndersonMortgage
13100166021 Fremont Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/2/2013Tong Yang, Doua LeeMortgage
13100175824 Wentworth Ave S, Minneapolis10/2/2013Amanda E Frosch, Adrian R FroschMortgage
131001813941 71st Ave N, Maple Grove10/2/2013Irina Vorotinov, Igor VorotinovMortgage
13100196429 Lancaster La N, Maple Grove10/3/2013Eric D Aarvig, Robin M SteppeMortgage
13100204357 Unity Ave N, Robbinsdale10/3/2013Timothy R Lyons, Felicia A LyonsMortgage
13100217715 Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Park10/3/2013 Rockwell Investments, LLC, Mortgage
13100226031 Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Center10/3/2013 Rockwell Investments, LLC, Mortgage
13100233114 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis10/3/2013 Rockwell Investments, LLC, Mortgage
13100245954 Jersey Ave N, Crystal10/3/2013Cherise E Frost, Mortgage
13100254132 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis10/3/2013Cheryl Jenson, Mortgage
13100264201 Lakeside Ave N #104, Brooklyn Center10/4/2013Carlos Morgan, Association
13100271320 79th Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/4/2013Patricia A Petersen, Judgment
13100289107 Yates Bay, Brooklyn Park10/4/2013Patti G Wagenbach, Phillip G WagenbachMortgage
13100293131 Excelsior Blvd #201, Minneapolis10/4/2013Kenneth N Mitchell, Mortgage
13100306546 Willow La, Brooklyn Center10/4/2013Raymond A Jefferson, Carla JeffersonMortgage
13100317017 92nd Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/4/2013Khamminh Chanthavong, Phoukong ChanthavongMortgage
1310032215 Barry Ave S #316, Wayzata10/4/2013Margaret M Scanlon, Mortgage
131003313507 Fawn Tr, Rogers10/4/2013Anthony Paone, Kathleen A PaoneMortgage
13100347932 Ewing Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/4/2013Marilyn J Hayes, Catherine L TuckerMortgage
13100352407 Ericon Dr, Brooklyn Center10/7/2013Gladys M Byrd, Mortgage
13100361846 Fillmore St N E, Minneapolis10/7/2013Jeffery P Boucher-Zamzo, April A Boucher-ZamzoMortgage
13100377808 Emerson Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/7/2013Tanya L Smith, Pathana A BotthurathMortgage
13100381101 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis10/7/2013Sarah K Huss, Mortgage
13100397304 Unity La N, Brooklyn Park10/8/2013Charles L Bowie, Assessment
13100404729 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis10/8/2013Cynthia L Brill-Jeselskis, Romanas JeselskisMortgage
13100413035 Lake Shore Dr #B, Minneapolis10/8/2013Christopher A Stafford, Mortgage
13100428994 Montegue Ter N, Brooklyn Park10/8/2013Jeylaani A Ali, Sadiyo HajiMortgage
131004315 1st St S #A904, Minneapolis10/9/2013Marian Anderson, Mortgage
13100443732 Bryant Ave S, Minneapolis10/9/2013Susan T Mart, Mortgage
13100453613 Violet Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/9/2013Randal Bennett, Mortgage
1310046574 Nelson Rd, Maple Plain10/9/2013Tammy J Stolka, Mortgage
13100474917 82nd St W, Bloomington10/9/2013Patina L.V. Ellis, Clayton EllisMortgage
13100482620 77th Blvd N, Brooklyn Park10/9/2013Kari M Pavola, Mortgage
131004910840 Rockford Rd #310, Plymouth10/9/2013Nathaniel D Fowler, Assessment
13100501105 104th St, Bloomington10/9/2013Belinda M Dillard, Assessment
1310051155 Bedford St S E, Minneapolis10/9/2013John P Mcmahon, Roxanne O McmahonMortgage
1310052214 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis10/9/2013 SMR Enterprises, Inc., Stacy M RoxbergJudgment
13100533435 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis10/9/2013 SMR Enterprises, Inc., Stacy M RoxbergJudgment
13100543218 Polk St N E, Minneapolis10/9/2013 SMR Enterprises, Inc., Stacy M RoxbergJudgment
13100553442 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis10/9/2013 SMR Enterprises, Inc., Stacy M RoxbergJudgment
13100564856 Island View Dr, Mound10/9/2013 SMR Enterprises, Inc., Stacy M RoxbergJudgment
1310057325 2nd St S E, Osseo10/9/2013Madonna B Olson, Mortgage
13100582704 Jame Ave N, Minneapolis10/9/2013Matthew R May, Stephanie I MayMortgage
13100596006 Camden Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/9/2013Darnell L Williams, Mortgage
1310060450 Ford Rd #306, St. Louis Park10/10/2013Patrick Ryan, Assessment
13100617812 Yates Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/10/2013Paula E Jones, Mortgage
13100623419 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis10/10/2013Loren D Wenning, Kimberly J WenningMortgage
13100636324 Georgia Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/10/2013Todd E Caldwell, Mortgage
13100641932 Shorewood La, Mound10/10/2013Kyle J Cosky, Melinda Morrison CoskyMortgage
1310065135 18th Ave S, Hopkins10/10/2013Katja Swinjakow, Mortgage
13100665840 Dupont Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/10/2013Gretchen E Goodwin, Mortgage
13100677936 Yates Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/11/2013Kenneth Fountain, Michelle FountainAssociation
13100687340 York Ave S #110-6, Edina10/11/2013Kimberly Thomas, Association
131006913570 Technology Dr #2316, Eden Prairie10/11/2013Kristina E Nikituk, Mortgage
13100704315 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis10/11/2013Nathan W Thompson, Stacey L ThompsonMortgage
13100715525 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis10/11/2013Andrew Reinert, Tiffany ReinertMortgage
13100729086 Neill Lake Rd, Eden Prairie10/11/2013Alicia Erickson, Mortgage
131007310642 Maple La E, Rogers10/11/2013Patrick T McNelis, Mortgage
13100742933 2nd St N, Minneapolis10/11/2013 2933 North Second, L.L.C, Mortgage
13100756932 Florida Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/11/2013Korey R Olsen, Brittian OlsenMortgage
13100769336 Loch Lomond La N, Brooklyn Park10/11/2013Timothy S Walters, Reshma WaltersMortgage
13100778705 Maplebrook Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park10/11/2013Rachel J Farley, Mortgage
13100784580 Covey Tr, Medina10/14/2013 First Builders of MN, Inc., Mortgage
13100792435 Elliot Ave S, Minneapolis10/15/2013Selma J Weatherspoon, Assessment
13100808119 Wentworth Ave S, Bloomington10/15/2013Julie C Koepke, Mortgage
13100816704 14th Ave S, Richfield10/15/2013Nicole M Quick, Mortgage
13100825801 Drew Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/15/2013Bryan T Lall, Mortgage
13100833000 64th Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/15/2013Jennifer P Layman, Mortgage
13100842611 90th St W, Bloomington10/15/2013Daniel D Olson, Laura A OlsonMortgage
13100852512 Sandstone La, Orono10/16/2013Elwood G Forsythe, Gail A ForsytheJudgment
13100864923 38th Ave S, Minneapolis10/16/2013Lois C Ivanic, Edwad IvanicMortgage
131008711453 Elmwood Ave N, Champlin10/16/2013Angie M Reopelle, Mortgage
13100883513 Elmo Rd, Minnetonka10/16/2013Thomas Carluccio, Mortgage
13100891830 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis10/16/2013Truvone D Kendrick, Mortgage
13100903530 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis10/16/2013Melissa A Young, Mortgage
131009111200 Oakvale Rd N, Minnetonka10/16/2013Nathan P Vanderpool, Alisha A DoddsMortgage
131009235 21st Ave N, Hopkins10/16/2013Benjamin C Cyr, Mortgage
13100937315 Franklin Ave W, St. Louis Park10/16/2013Ivan Ross, Mortgage
13100947538 Brunswick Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/16/2013Elizabeth Gaye, Association
13100957322 Brunswick Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/16/2013John Anderson, Lori J HusbyAssociation
13100961523 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis10/16/2013Eugenia Leon, Roberto LeonMortgage
13100972405 Upland La N #E, Plymouth10/16/2013Brian B Mitchell, Mortgage
1310098901 3rd St N #412, Minneapolis10/16/2013Richard E Gonzales II, Jason M JirovecMortgage
13100993018 17th Ave S, Minneapolis10/17/2013 Iglesia de Restauracion Mision Elim International, Judgment
131010011601 Sumter Ave N, Champlin10/17/2013John A Anderson, Marsha J AndersonMortgage
13101018623 Tessman Cir N, Brooklyn Park10/17/2013Chompheng Soudaly, Mortgage
13101024738 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis10/17/2013Diane Anderson, Mortgage
13101033845 25th Ave S, Minneapolis10/17/2013Pamela M Arendt, Mortgage
13101047108 Unity Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/17/2013Antrenise M Retic, Mortgage
13101056911 14th Ave S, Richfield10/17/2013Ryan Lindgren, Holly LindgrenMortgage
13101063832 Toledo Ave N, Robbinsdale10/17/2013Travis N Ternes, Jessica A TernesMortgage
13101079624 Elliot Ave S, Bloomington10/17/2013Ruth M Alman, Mortgage
13101087111 Perry Pl, Brooklyn Center10/18/2013Dorothy C Russell, Association
13101098417 Thomas Ct N, Brooklyn Park10/18/2013Ly Foung Yang, Association
13101107325 79th Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/18/2013John L Hall, Mortgage
131011115010 Woods Edge, Minnetonka10/18/2013Kathleen Fitzgibbons, Richard AhrensMortgage
13101128229 Newton Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/18/2013Don W Hallblade, Barbara F Hallblade & Tura L HallbladeMortgage
13101137608 Wedgewood Ct N, Maple Grove10/18/2013Richard G Savage, Jesse A SchutzMortgage
13101146222 Eagle Lake Dr N, Maple Grove10/18/2013Joseph F Teeple, Shirley M FrickeMortgage
13101157924 Colleg Park Dr N, Brooklyn Park10/18/2013Sheri K Thompson, Mortgage
13101167212 72nd La N #213, Brooklyn Park10/18/2013Lee W Sather, Janie S PedersenAssessment
13101176116 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis10/18/2013Gary Stockert, Elizabeth StockertMortgage
13101181800 Laramie Tr N, Brooklyn Park10/21/2013Theresa M Anderson, Mortgage
13101197364 Beard Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/21/2013Nichole Parsch, Paul J OttoMortgage
13101205300 63rd Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/21/2013Susan L Engen, Raymond J EngenMortgage
13101211621 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis10/21/2013Jeneane Stein, Mortgage
13101225204 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis10/21/2013Ann R Nowrang, Samuel NowrangMortgage
13101231821 1st Ave S #103, Minneapolis10/21/2013Valisha Davis, Mortgage
13101249254 Lakeside Tr, Champlin10/22/2013Robert Omwamba, Mortgage
13101254901 Bartlett Blvd, Mound10/22/2013Steven G Mlnarik, Mortgage
13101267237 Dupont Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/22/2013Nicholas R Hammer, Mortgage
13101272514 Fillmore St N E, Minneapolis10/22/2013Mike J Bauman, Heidi J FreierMortgage
13101289985 105th Pl N, Maple Grove10/22/2013Lindsay M Carroll, Craig M Carroll & Paulette M CarrollMortgage
13101291657 Dove La, Mound10/23/2013 SMR Enterprises, Inc., Stacy M RoxbergJudgment
13101303416 Girard Ave S, Minneapolis10/23/2013Michael Flowers, Karen S JohnsonMortgage
13101313909 Yosemite Ave S, St. Louis Park10/23/2013Matthew R Hughett, Shanna S HughettMortgage
13101325053 Windsor Ave, Edina10/23/2013John D Shively, Mortgage
13101334640 Decatur Ave N, New Hope10/23/2013Thomas C Madsen, Mortgage
13101348429 Yates Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/23/2013Rick R Hoeg, Kari L HoegMortgage
13101354026 Linden Hills Blvd, Minneapolis10/23/2013 Fair Market Homes, Inc., Mortgage
13101363920 Oakland Ave S, Minneapolis10/23/2013Aaron T Robinson, Elisabeth RobinsonMortgage
13101374933 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis10/23/2013Troy E Parker, Arlynn C ParkerMortgage
13101383609 43rd Ave S, Minneapolis10/23/2013Catherine G Cwynar, Mortgage
131013919 1st St S #B-1905, Minneapolis10/24/2013James A Hamm, Assessment
13101409821 34th Ave N, Plymouth10/24/2013Eric J Saunders, Assessment
13101411184 Yuma La N, Plymouth10/24/2013Lois M Christianson, Mortgage
13101429808 Lily Pond La, Corcoran10/24/2013Frank J Kowalczyk, Jill M KowalczykMortgage
131014327660 Woodside Rd, Excelsior10/24/2013George A Hoghaug, Marilyn E HoghaugMortgage
13101444212 29th Ave S, Minneapolis10/24/2013Kari Foster, Mortgage
13101458110 Curtis La, Eden Prairie10/24/2013Robert D Peterson, Mortgage
13101461410 Independence Ave S, St. Louis Park10/25/2013Robert A Ball, Dawn L SetterMortgage
1310147747 11th Ave S #1, Hopkins10/25/2013Nicole L Bender, Association
13101484211 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis10/25/2013Stephen D Albrecht, Jane M AlbrechtMortgage
13101496325 Girard Ave S, Richfield10/25/2013Joan B Broadston, Mortgage
13101502201 37th St E, Minneapolis10/25/2013Jose Jones, Mortgage
13101512708 Xylon Ave N, New Hope10/25/2013Bob J Brula, Lisa A BrulaMortgage
13101523546 4th Ave S, Minneapolis10/25/2013Kirsten Eigenfeld, Mortgage
131015314210 44th Pl N #1, Plymouth10/25/2013Renee L Abel, Mortgage
13101542870 Evergreen La N, Plymouth10/28/2013Thomas G Balkins, Mortgage
13101553007 29th St E, Minneapolis10/29/2013Antonio De Jesus Hernandez, Angela K HernandezMortgage
13101561522 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis10/29/2013Dianne Pryor, Stanley M PryorMortgage
13101579223 Archer La N, Maple Grove10/29/2013Jerome J Fritz, Nancy S FritzMortgage
13101583110 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis10/29/2013Daphne L Hill, Mortgage
13101591030 Quebec Ave N, Golden Valley10/30/2013Denise K Anderman, Mortgage
131016015 1st St S #A208, Minneapolis10/30/2013Randy L Rivenes, Assessment
131016118246 69th Pl N, Maple Grove10/30/2013Laura Nielsen, Assessment
13101624030 Raleigh Ave, St. Louis Park10/30/2013James A Woitalla, Mortgage
13101637331 Zane Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/30/2013 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, c/o OneWest , Association
13101646308 83rd Ct N, Brooklyn Park10/30/2013Merle G Selix, Mortgage
13101656526 45th Ave N, Crystal10/30/2013Krystin L Mossberger, Mortgage
13101663912 Janet La, Brooklyn Center10/30/2013Cheutate Lee, Mortgage
13101676216 68th Ave N, Minneapolis10/30/2013Trese T Mosley, Mortgage
13101685140 102nd St W #215, Bloomington10/30/2013Michael P Parr, Mortgage
13101692713 Ewing Ave N, Robbinsdale10/30/2013Drew T Sagstetter, Danielle SagstetterMortgage
1310170849 Brown Rd N, Orono10/30/2013Mark E Schwarzmann, Christine K SchwarzmannMortgage
13101716824 90th Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/31/2013 Unknown heirs and devisees of Lorene M Knight, Judgment
13101723301 4th Ave S, Minneapolis10/31/2013Rosaldo Zentella, Mortgage
13101732802 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis10/31/2013Chao Vang, Mortgage
13110016105 Lincoln Dr #334, Edina11/1/2013Beverly J Williams, Mortgage
13110025909 Quail Ave N, Crystal11/1/2013Jamie S White, Mortgage
131100311137 Rhode Island Ave S, Bloomington11/1/2013Somdeth Sorthepharack, Sivilay SorthepharackMortgage
13110049625 Sheridan Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/1/2013Sumbahd A Moua, Dow A MouaMortgage
13110053153 41st Ave S, Minneapolis11/1/2013Daniel L Price, Mortgage
13110067708 Pearson Ct N, Brooklyn Park11/1/2013Jason R Wilinski, Nicole L WilinskiMortgage
1311007720 3rd Ave N E #322, Minneapolis11/1/2013Angela K Van Citters, Mortgage
13110082800 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis11/1/2013Fouzi Slisli, Mortgage
13110092730 Nathan La N, Plymouth11/1/2013Roger L Storius, Mortgage
13110107154 72nd La N #254, Brooklyn Park11/1/2013Lynda Ohman, Mortgage
13110113506 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis11/4/2013Mary Dukuly, Mortgage
131101211822 Emery Village Dr N, Champlin11/4/2013Steven Kohn, Jennifer HarjuMortgage
13110131820 Irving La N, Brooklyn Center11/4/2013Sean S Williamson, Mortgage
131101413131 Jonquil La N, Dayton11/5/2013Len D Sutherland, Sheila M SutherlandMortgage
13110154020 Park Ave S, Minneapolis11/5/2013Craig L Rice, Lorri M RiceMortgage
131101611020 Oregon Ave N, Champlin11/5/2013Elizabeth Lehocky, Adam LehockyMortgage
13110173959 28th Ave S, Minneapolis11/5/2013 TAZ Properties, LLC, Mortgage
13110183831 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis11/5/2013Robert M Oakley, Denise Y OakleyMortgage
13110194515 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis11/5/2013John D McCall, Judith A McCallMortgage
13110209817 Nicollet Ave S, Bloomington11/5/2013Russell J Markley, Deanna MarkleyMortgage
13110213949 Bloomington Ave S, Minneapolis11/5/2013Luke P Seitz, Mortgage
13110222425 Park Ave, Minneapolis11/5/2013David J Hovis, Alison K HovisMortgage
131102310257 Valley Forge La NW, Osseo11/6/2013Donald R Tyson, Janet F TysonMortgage
13110241475 Hunter Dr, Wayzata11/6/2013David H McCaffrey, Janet C McCaffreyMortgage
13110258065 James Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/6/2013Abraham K Morlu, Mortgage
13110262640 Polk St N E, Minneapolis11/6/2013Jaima Inamagua, Mortgage
13110274150 Upland La N, Plymouth11/6/2013John R Anderson, Sandra E AndersonMortgage
1311028120 Orono Orchard Rd S, Orono11/6/2013Vincent D Collins, Starr CollinsMortgage
13110296421 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park11/6/2013Nicole Koch, Mortgage
13110303430 Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis11/6/2013Patrick A Annette-Gordon, Tawni G Annette-GordonMortgage
131103110364 Englewood Dr, Eden Prairie11/6/2013Denzil P Bennett, Jennifer BennettMortgage
13110329881 Alvarado La N #4202, Maple Grove11/6/2013Brandon M Perkins, Andrea PerkinsMortgage
13110335245 29th Ave S, Minneapolis11/6/2013Delfino N Martinez, Juan De Dios Gomez OrtegaMortgage
1311034747 11th Ave S #1, Hopkins11/6/2013Nicole L Bender, Mortgage
13110359637 Peony La N, Maple Grove11/6/2013Alan L Hill, Jennifer L CrockettMortgage
13110369117 Georgia Ct N, Brooklyn Park11/6/2013Megan A Jorgenson, Kyle J JorgensonMortgage
13110378302 Kimball Dr, Eden Prairie11/6/2013Michelle C Picken, Mortgage
13110387982 Halifax Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/6/2013Gene M Nisja, Alisia C NisjaMortgage
13110398663 Maplebrook Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park11/7/2013Cheryl Branch, Mortgage
13110407132 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park11/7/2013Alan Armstrong, Mortgage
13110413105 16th Ave S #3, Minneapolis11/7/2013Katheleen P Dohmeier, Mortgage
13110425101 Valley View Rd, Edina11/7/2013Llafor A Fru Asanji, Carrie C AsanjiMortgage
13110432615 93rd Tr N, Brooklyn Park11/7/2013Bruce A Morris, Lisa M MorrisMortgage
13110446415 84th Cir N, Brooklyn Park11/8/2013Vincent Finklea, Association
131104511858 85th Pl N, Maple Grove11/8/2013Ryan J Davenport, Alina U DavenportAssociation
13110468057 James Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/8/2013Kevin J Warner, Julia D WarnerMortgage
13110471214 Independence Ave N, Champlin11/8/2013Faith A Kohler, Lyle G KohlerMortgage
13110483870 Harbor La N, Plymouth11/8/2013Tori M Mock, Mortgage
13110493443 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis11/8/2013Janelle B Barchinski, Mortgage
1311050313 100th St E, Bloomington11/8/2013Jovanne M Klitzke, Mortgage
13110513803 Globeflower Cir N, Brooklyn Park11/8/2013Jill E Biedinger, Frank A BiedingerMortgage
131105220080 Dassel La, Corcoran11/8/2013Dean W Adelman, Mortgage
13110538956 Regent Pkwy, Brooklyn Park11/8/2013Richard A Branham, Lana L BranhamMortgage
13110546057 Covington Ter, Minnetonka11/8/2013William M Knutsen, Sandra J KnutsenAssessment
13110555141 Woodland Rd, Mound11/8/2013Donna J Brown, Scott J BrownMortgage
1311056911 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis11/8/2013Jonathan Carlson, Aquilla CarlsonMortgage
13110574606 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis11/8/2013Ryan M Schmid, Mortgage
13110586317 Vera Cruz La N, Brooklyn Park11/8/2013Joell A Mayne, Mortgage
131105916507 Holdridge Rd W, Wayzata11/8/2013Patrick B Tupper, Ingeborg W MooreMortgage
13110601301 82nd St W #E, Bloomington11/12/2013Nick Staples, Assessment
13110613234 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis11/12/2013Albert Neeley, Mortgage
13110623305 33rd Ave S, Minneapolis11/12/2013Luis Ronquillo, Maria L RomeroMortgage
13110631330 Langewood Dr, Mound11/12/2013Barbara R Bromstad, Dean BromstadMortgage
13110643433 5th Ave, Minneapolis11/12/2013Jeanette Davenport, Odell Sumpter JrMortgage
13110658242 17th Ave S, Bloomington11/12/2013Stephanie M Tietz, Brian J KneisselMortgage
1311066609 15th St E, Minneapolis11/12/2013Angel Bunay, Luis Narvaez & Berna Gallegos CantosMortgage
13110677001 Edgewood Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/12/2013Robert Brooks, Bambi BrooksMortgage
13110685108 Angeline Ave N, Crystal11/12/2013Mandy M Robinson, Mortgage
13110694622 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis11/12/2013Nawy Puth, Jesse FossMortgage
13110703856 28th Ave S, Minneapolis11/12/2013Katherine D Winkel, Daniel G SomdahlMortgage
13110712644 Buchanan St N E, Minneapolis11/12/2013Michael S Molle, Mortgage
13110722829 17th Ave S, Minneapolis11/12/2013Jessica J Vozka, Mortgage
13110734705 Lakeland Ave N, Crystal11/12/2013James M Fisher, Georgia FisherMortgage
13110742014 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis11/12/2013Kenny K Kronberg, Amy L KronbergMortgage
131107513300 90th Pl N, Maple Grove11/12/2013Lin J Hoffman, Mortgage
13110766016 Beachwood Rd, Mound11/12/2013Bruce L Jordan, Mortgage
13110774550 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis11/13/2013Daniel L Carlson, Mortgage
13110787600 Lyndale Ave S #220, Richfield11/13/2013Pirapan Nakata, Chuthathip ChiempraphaMortgage
13110792837 14th Ave S, Minneapolis11/13/2013Emma J Stewart, Ernest J StewartMortgage
131108024 Minnehaha Pkwy E, Minneapolis11/13/2013Lora L Perpich, James M PerpichMortgage
13110811409 69th St E, Richfield11/13/2013Garnet M Franklin, Mortgage
13110824532 34th Ave S, Minneapolis11/13/2013Vath Soth, Sary KoyMortgage
13110836316 Virginia Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/13/2013Pamela J Schindele, James P Staricha JrMortgage
13110842900 Quail Ave N, Minneapolis11/13/2013Charles A Cahill, Clare A CahillMortgage
13110857412 5th Ave S, Richfield11/13/2013Nancy Redmond, Mortgage
13110866044 Oaklawn Ave, Edina11/13/2013Michael Skinner, Mortgage
13110876641 Gettysburg Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/13/2013Scott A Pearson, Mortgage
1311088131 Jersey Ave N, Golden Valley11/13/2013Christopher M Bergen, Corrie A BergenMortgage
13110893944 38th Ave S, Minneapolis11/14/2013Lorraine E Swartz, Mortgage
13110904321 80th Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/14/2013Myassar Wazwaz, Mortgage
13110913438 39th Ave S, Minneapolis11/14/2013Robert A Mann, Laurinda M HolmMortgage
131109214303 Raymond La, Eden Prairie11/14/2013Laurie M Montgomery, Carrie MontgomeryAssessment
13110935145 Abercrombie Dr, Edina11/14/2013Timothy M Bearden, Mary E BeardenMortgage
13110945630 Sumter Ave N, Crystal11/14/2013Janette L Steinberg, Mortgage
13110954992 West End La, Minnetonka11/15/2013Nate J Williams, Association
13110963410 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis11/15/2013Norma M Abad, Patricia J RyersonJudgment
13110974146 Xenia Ave N, Robbinsdale11/15/2013Kelly M Williams, Mortgage
13110983443 33rd Ave S, Minneapolis11/15/2013Robert A LaCoursiere, Mortgage
13110995820 Meadow Lake Rd W, New Hope11/15/2013Gwen H Powers, Mortgage
13111003331 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis11/15/2013Marilyn R Neafus, Mortgage
13111015960 83rd Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park11/15/2013Koo N Weah, Adolphus CornehMortgage
13111026334 16th Ave S, Richfield11/15/2013James D Walker II, Mortgage
13111033031 40th Ave S, Minneapolis11/15/2013John K Sylvester, Teresa L SylvesterMortgage
1311104920 6th St S #3, Hopkins11/18/2013Andrew Wilson, Assessment
13111053700 Park Ave, Minneapolis11/18/2013Heather A Doyle, Kevin M DoyleMortgage
13111064727 6th St N, Minneapolis11/18/2013Whitney E Donigan, Mortgage
13111072242 56th St E, Minneapolis11/18/2013Erik L Gudmundson, Erin WarholMortgage
13111087240 Stevens Ave S, Richfield11/18/2013Beder E Mendez, Iris M FloresMortgage
13111094545 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis11/18/2013Christine K Bergman, Mortgage
13111105145 Balmoral La #4, Bloomington11/18/2013Stacy A Benson, Mortgage
13111113512 72nd Ave N, Brooklyn Center11/19/2013Anne M Schwartz, Chauncey M Schwartz IIIMortgage
13111124825 Brunswick Rd, Mound11/19/2013Marilyn J Wasik, Mortgage
1311113385 Shelard Pkwy #201, St Louis Park11/19/2013Colleen M Sullivan, Assessment
131111410540 Cain Rd, Corcoran11/19/2013Rodney R Pederson, Brenda S PedersonMortgage
13111154215 40th Ave S, Minneapolis11/19/2013Michael C Thompson, Mortgage
13111163033 38th Ave S, Minneapolis11/19/2013Nancy Herring, Mortgage
13111174750 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis11/19/2013Mary Jo Turner, Mortgage
13111182918 14th Ave S, Minneapolis11/19/2013Natasha A Tinsley, Mortgage
13111196544 Girard Ave S, Richfield11/19/2013John H Jones III, Pamela M JonesMortgage
13111203631 4th St N, Minneapolis11/20/2013Claude H Fisher, Betty J FisherMortgage
13111218200 Edgewood Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/20/2013Harry Narine, Lilowtie NarineMortgage
13111227330 York Ave S #108-1, Edina11/20/2013Virginia L Williams, Assessment
13111233244 6th St N, Minneapolis11/20/2013Bridget Tran, Tony TranMortgage
1311124121 Washington Ave S #1001, Minneapolis11/20/2013Shawn J Wilsie, Mortgage
13111257741 Shingle Creek Dr, Brooklyn Park11/20/2013William D Wood, Mortgage
13111264710 58th Ave N #317, Crystal11/21/2013Robert Williams Jr, Assessment
1311127500 Grant St E #907, Minneapolis11/21/2013Angela A Swenson, Assessment
131112814481 Fairway Dr, Eden Prairie11/21/2013Steven P Ogdahl, Assessment
13111296352 St. Johns Dr, Eden Prairie11/21/2013Vicki Olson a/k/a Vicky Olson, Judgment
13111309813 Nicollet Ave S, Bloomington11/21/2013Ramakrishna Guduru, Kiranmiee GuduruMortgage
13111312947 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis11/21/2013Loren D Wenning, Kimberly J WenningMortgage
13111323848 Major Ave N, Robbinsdale11/21/2013Nathan Supplee, Michelle SuppleeMortgage
131113313833 Dahlia Dr, Rogers11/21/2013Andrew L Robertson, Nicole RobertsonMortgage
13111342419 96th Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/22/2013Michael T Mrugala, Tracy D MrugalaMortgage
13111353314 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis11/22/2013Cynthia L Harvell, Mortgage
13111368993 Underwood La N, Maple Grove11/22/2013Jill M Stricker, Mortgage
13111374301 Elliot Ave S, Minneapolis11/22/2013Kent A Boyd, Mortgage
13111383727 Orchard Ave N, Robbinsdale11/22/2013Rosina K Martell, Mortgage
13111397527 Pleasant Ave S, Richfield11/22/2013Timothy Warfield, Karen WarfieldMortgage
131114017617 69th Pl N, Maple Grove11/22/2013Kathryn Barrett, Randall BarrettMortgage
13111416029 4th Ave S, Minneapolis11/22/2013Kimberly D Schwake, Mortgage
13111423936 26th Ave S, Minneapolis11/22/2013Christopher Bona, Mortgage
13111436001 Camden Ave N, Brooklyn Center11/22/2013Todd A Weeks, Pamela J Weeks F/K/A Pamela J NeelanMortgage
13111443540 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis11/22/2013Brian D Hites, Mortgage
13111452126 94th Way, Brooklyn Park11/25/2013David L Sorkin, Kelly J Sorkin fka Kelly J BeckerMortgage
13111464848 Kentucky Ave N, Crystal11/25/2013Michael D Kringstad, Stephanie L KringstadMortgage
13111474022 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis11/25/2013Timothy D Johnson, Mortgage
13111485206 Drummond Rd, Mound11/26/2013Todd W Ringsred, Mortgage
13111491530 Constance Dr W, Golden Valley11/26/2013Daisy V Roca, Cecilio V Roca, Nina V RocaMortgage
131115011260 36th Pl N, Plymouth11/26/2013Debra S Greene, Assessment
13111515545 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis11/26/2013Lisa M Weber, Mortgage
13111525409 Kimberly Rd, Minnetonka11/26/2013Stephen G Kern, Mortgage
13111537319 York Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/26/2013Zenash Haile, Mortgage
131115412203 Mississippi Dr N, Champlin11/26/2013Jason Stekelenburg, Roxanne StekelenburgMortgage
13111554417 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis11/27/2013Anna K Torborg, Mortgage
13111562102 25th Ave N, Minneapolis11/27/2013Bruce S Carlson, Jacqualine A CarlsonMortgage
131115717801 96th Ave N, Maple Grove11/27/2013Patty Kemen, Mortgage
13111586752 Hallmark Dr, Eden Prairie11/27/2013John P Fitzgibbon, Michelle M FitzgibbonMortgage
13120014145 Xenwood Ave S, St. Louis Park12/2/2013David J Kremer, Sandra K KremerMortgage
13120025609 27th Ave S, Minneapolis12/2/2013Douglas B Bjurback, Colleen M BjurbackMortgage
13120035765 West Broadway, Crystal12/2/2013Dawn M Mills, Mortgage
131200413232 Saratoga La N, Champlin12/2/2013David Fitzsimonds, Mortgage
13120057352 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park12/2/2013Shalonda R McAlester, Mortgage
131200610720 Rockford Rd #311, Plymouth12/2/2013Arnold J Weinberg, Mortgage
13120075300 Maryland Ave N, Crystal12/2/2013Penny L Grotte, Mortgage
13120088325 Northwood Pkwy, New Hope12/2/2013Mark E Haggerty, Linda J HaggertyMortgage
13120091610 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis12/3/2013Christine M Harrison, Mortgage
13120106521 Beach Rd, Eden Prairie12/3/2013Nancy E Ahlquist, Mortgage
13120118030 Irving Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/3/2013Christopher Ferski, Miranda L FerskiMortgage
131201213560 Technology Dr #1102, Eden Prairie12/3/2013Kelly E Johnson, Mortgage
13120133500 McNair Dr N, Minneapolis12/3/2013Delaina P Nelson, Robert L NelsonMortgage
13120141821 1st Ave S #301, Minneapolis12/3/2013Tracy L Reid, Mortgage
131201516424 Temple Dr, Minnetonka12/3/2013H Solomon Poretsky, Mary K PoretskyMortgage
13120164733 Garfield Ave S, Minneapolis12/3/2013David S Novak, Nancy A NovakMortgage
13120171027 Smetana Rd #5, Hopkins12/3/2013Elana Woods, Mortgage
131201820 2nd St N E #P406, Minneapolis12/3/2013Michael W Peterson, Mortgage
13120198120 122nd La N, Champlin12/3/2013Mark S Woodard, Molly A Woodard A/K/A Molly WoodardMortgage
13120203036 11th Ave S, Minneapolis12/4/2013Donna M Willen, Mortgage
131202111903 Douglynn Dr, Hopkins12/4/2013Douglas K Hagen, Mary B HagenMortgage
13120227425 Dupont Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/4/2013David E Anderson, Catherine M AndersonMortgage
13120231530 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis12/4/2013Clarence Jones, Oketha JonesMortgage
13120245341 72nd Cir, Brooklyn Center12/4/2013Betty G Barrick, Mortgage
13120251409 15th Ave N, Minneapolis12/4/2013Erin L Brekke, Tanden L BrekkeMortgage
13120265305 67th Ave N, Brooklyn Center12/4/2013Virginia M Coleman, Mortgage
13120276017 Yukon Ave N, New Hope12/4/2013Dorothy A Meyer, Mortgage
13120283340 24th Ave S, Minneapolis12/4/2013Barbara A Houle, Mortgage
13120296500 Woodlake Dr #314, Richfield12/4/2013Joan A Pariso, Mortgage
1312030621 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis12/4/2013Joseph C Sutton, Leila SuttonMortgage
13120319313 Loch Lomond La N, Brooklyn Park12/5/2013Karen J Martinez, Mortgage
1312032121 Washington Ave S #815, Minneapolis12/5/2013Kevin A Elder, Mortgage
13120333338 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis12/5/2013Joseph H Pajari, Mortgage
13120349658 Rosewood La N, Maple Grove12/6/2013James P Bartlett, Barbara J BartlettJudgment
13120353223 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis12/6/2013Vicki L Koryan, Mortgage
13120363712 Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis12/6/2013Michael D Kluck, Mortgage
1312037932 Westbrooke Way #1, Hopkins12/6/2013Oluwatoyin A Akinde, Assessment
13120386101 104th Cir N, Brooklyn Park12/6/2013Shana Moodie, Ronald MoodieMortgage
13120397205 76th Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/6/2013Jesse Mohn, Angela N MohnMortgage
13120401905 Lincoln St N E, Minneapolis12/6/2013Nicole A Olila, Daniel E WalshMortgage
13120416636 Camden Dr, Brooklyn Center12/6/2013Walter Togba, Dweanyene TogbaMortgage
13120428073 Zane Ave N, Brooklyn Center12/6/2013Lori A Rudolph, Mortgage
131204311432 Colorado Ave N, Champlin12/6/2013Anthony P Tripp, Mortgage
13120447365 Chowen Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/6/2013Kim M Hunter, Shari L HunterMortgage
13120459516 Dogwood Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/6/2013Toupao J Yang, Touhue J YangMortgage
13120462810 James Ave N, Minneapolis12/6/2013Thomas J Babcock, Mortgage
131204712010 Golden Acre Dr, Minnetonka12/6/2013Susan G Ginsburg, Mortgage
13120484820 Park Commons Dr #123, Minneapolis12/9/2013Daniel Hertsgaard, David Hertsgaard, Sandra Hertsgaard & Life estate for PhMortgage
131204914028 Mallard Tr, Rogers12/9/2013Edward E Neepaye, Shirley P NeepayeMortgage
13120506272 Meadowlark La N, Maple Grove12/9/2013Julie A Holmes, James HolmesMortgage
13120515201 James Ave N, Minneapolis12/9/2013Bret A Schauer, Mortgage
131205218626 Clear View Dr, Minnetonka12/10/2013Lucia Kohn, Kenneth KohnMortgage
13120537462 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park12/10/2013Michael J Noonan, Linda M KrickleMortgage
13120541337 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis12/10/2013Youa K Thao, Nhia K ThaoMortgage
13120555376 Beachside Dr, Minnetonka12/10/2013Debra G Cullen, Mortgage
13120567520 Maplebrook Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park12/10/2013Louis A Rios, Mortgage
13120571710 61st St W, Minneapolis12/10/2013David L Fairbanks, Mortgage
13120586260 Duck Lake Rd, Eden Prairie12/10/2013Andrea D Crosby, Allan O CrosbyMortgage
13120596407 Emerson Ave N, Brooklyn Center12/10/2013Merry Thor, Xiong LeeMortgage
13120601155 Ford Rd #206, St. Louis Park12/10/2013Tricia L Haugen, Sean P KeatingMortgage
13120613937 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis12/10/2013Douglas J Bragg, Mortgage
13120628501 97 1/2 St W, Bloomington12/10/2013Linda K Pulford, Mortgage
13120632730 Foxgate Dr, Minnetonka12/10/2013Laura Rogers Arne, Mortgage
131206411345 53rd Ave N, Plymouth12/10/2013Joyce A Peasha, Mortgage
13120651516 78th Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/11/2013Robert Bourne, Mortgage
1312066601 Jackson St N E, Minneapolis12/11/2013Edward P Fragale, Melva V FragaleMortgage
13120679934 Maple Ave, Bloomington12/11/2013William E Drussell, Lynda S DrussellJudgment
13120689733 Washburn Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/11/2013Jose E Bello, Onelda BelloMortgage
13120695304 Fairview Ave N, Crystal12/11/2013Shawn W Davis, Mortgage
13120705851 Jersey Ave N, Crystal12/11/2013Eeloria D Jones, Cinque A JonesMortgage
13120714350 Trenton La N #307, Plymouth12/11/2013Lois H Carey, Mortgage
131207217115 72nd Ave N #4404, Maple Grove12/11/2013Amber K Webb, Mortgage
13120736025 Elliot Ave S, Minneapolis12/11/2013Paul Xiong, Mortgage
13120745913 Hampshire Ave N, Crystal12/11/2013Bruce A Ohm, Billie A OhmMortgage
13120758510 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis12/12/2013Jennie L Linnihan, James J LinnihanMortgage
131207619 1st St S #B2105, Minneapolis12/13/2013Jodi M Hanna, Brando B HannaJudgment
13120772640 Zarthan Ave S, St. Louis Park12/13/2013Judy A Johnston, Mortgage
13120781928 Aldrich Ave S #B105, Minneapolis12/13/2013Christopher T Peterson, Mortgage
131207915809 62nd St W, Eden Prairie12/13/2013Mark A Pellinen, Patricia A PellinenMortgage
131208012615 Cedar Lake Rd, Minnetonka12/13/2013Joan C Kennedy, Mortgage
13120819735 Dorset La, Eden Prairie12/13/2013Donald B Jenkins, Bonnie J LordMortgage
13120823307 Weenonah Pl, Minneapolis12/13/2013Jason L Rolf, Mortgage
131208318180 County St, Dayton12/13/2013Paul D Levasseur, Gloria C LevasseurMortgage
13120848112 Vincent Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/13/2013Sara E Schoeben, Mortgage
13120857008 60th Ave N, Crystal12/13/2013Dale R Stark, Mortgage
13120867627 49th Ave N, New Hope12/13/2013Donald J Hellmann, Geraldine E HellmannMortgage
13120871327 Jefferson St N E, Minneapolis12/13/2013Jeff Psihos, Sherry PsihosMortgage
13120884714 Fairhills Rd E, Minnetonka12/13/2013Frederick J Smith, Effie J SmithMortgage
13120895844 Vincent Ave S, Minneapolis12/13/2013Susan J Deren, Jeanne E KellerMortgage
13120903836 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis12/13/2013Gerald C Linder, Mortgage
131209110402 Huntington Dr, Eden Prairie12/13/2013James Larsen, Mortgage
1312092229 West Eagle Lake Dr, Maple Grove12/13/2013Julie C Stenslie, Ronald C StenslieMortgage
13120936500 Woodlake Dr #214, Richfield12/13/2013John Gunn, Mortgage
13120946724 Bryant Ave N, Brooklyn Center12/13/2013Donald B Johnson, Diane C JohnsonMortgage
13120956525 Douglas Dr N, Brooklyn Park12/13/2013Kevin Rendon, Olga Armenta & Reyes AnzurezMortgage
13120963200 Virgina Ave S #216, St. Louis Park12/13/2013Margaret A Bateman, Mortgage
13120971528 Mendelssohn Ave N, Golden Valley12/13/2013Kevin J Thomas, Deborah C ThomasMortgage
13120987238 Sheridan Ave S, Richfield12/13/2013Debra A Cornelius, Ronald D CorneliusMortgage
13120993633 91st Crescent N, Minneapolis12/16/2013Amy Saysithi, Khamsone TangMortgage
131210015601 Valley View Rd, Eden Prairie12/16/2013Curtis R Johnson, Nancy K JohnsonMortgage
13121013031 36th Ave S, Minneapolis12/16/2013John L Edwards, Venicia H EdwardsMortgage
13121024180 Yosemite Ave S, St. Louis Park12/16/2013Janet A Walsh, Richard P WalshMortgage
13121033437 17th Ave S, Minneapolis12/16/2013Anne E White, Mortgage
13121043522 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis12/16/2013Gregory J Christensen, Mortgage
1312105308 Harrison Ave, Hopkins12/16/2013Kevin L Jones, Robin R JonesMortgage
13121064445 Kirkwood La N, Plymouth12/16/2013Nancy L Wefler, Mortgage
13121078506 2nd Ave S, Bloomington12/17/2013Florence Kurth, Mortgage
13121084042 Turtle Rd, St. Bonifacius12/17/2013Karin Pflug, Mortgage
13121095973 Rhode Island Ave N, Crystal12/17/2013Aaron Freeberg, Mortgage
13121105020 Williston Rd, Minnetonka12/18/2013Maurine K Gray, Mortgage
13121116832 3rd Ave S, Richfield12/18/2013Tsering Lodey, Pema PalkyMortgage
13121122750 Regent Ave N, Golden Valley12/18/2013Dianne L Knoben, Gerald M KnobenMortgage
131211314952 Williston La, Minnetonka12/18/2013Brian L Carlton, Mortgage
131211435 Nathan La N #106, Plymouth12/18/2013Mary L Troop, Mortgage
13121158964 Neill Lake Rd #B, Eden Prairie12/18/2013Vicki L Becker, Mortgage
13121164316 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis12/18/2013Lisa L Gross, Mortgage
13121174109 Williston Rd, Minnetonka12/18/2013Paul A Stasica, Trine A StasicaMortgage
13121187623 Aldrich Ave S, Richfield12/18/2013Chelsea N Urich, Mortgage
13121193904 Halifax Ave N, Robbinsdale12/18/2013Andrew L L Prosper, Mortgage
131212019 1st St S #B2607, Minneapolis12/19/2013 Anthony, Inc., Assessment
1312121560 2nd St N #300, Minneapolis12/19/2013Stephen D Silus, Douglas S SilusAssessment
13121223116 Lake St W #423, Minneapolis12/19/2013Robert A Winnick, Assessment
1312123401 2nd St N #G252, Minneapolis12/19/2013Alan Johnson, Assessment
13121244231 Longfellow Ave, Minneapolis12/19/2013Margaret E Gustafson, Eric J GustafsonMortgage
13121252145 Shenandoah Ct N #B, Plymouth12/19/2013Kelly D Domalik, Assessment
13121268117 Xenia Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/19/2013Anissa Beasley, Mortgage
13121272808 38th Ave S, Minneapolis12/19/2013Jacqueline Loubert, Miranda TomperiMortgage
13121284050 37th Ave S, Minneapolis12/20/2013Kenneth Earl, Mortgage
13121295652 100th La N, Brooklyn Park12/20/2013Tabitha M Gackstetter, Alan J CollingwoodMortgage
13121306621 13th Ave S, Richfield12/20/2013Gary L Crichton, Karen K CrichtonMortgage
13121317320 York Ave S #207-2, Edina12/20/2013William L Jorgensen, Joan M Jorgensen, Bruce A Jorgensen & Joanne C JorgensenMortgage
13121326725 Camden Ave N, Brooklyn Center12/23/2013Miriam Waweru Lawolo, Victor L OguntiMortgage
13121334422 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis12/23/2013Nancy K Semmerud, Mortgage
131213413501 Balsam La N, Dayton12/26/2013 T/C Land Development, LLC, Mortgage
13121353315 Cleveland St N E, Minneapolis12/26/2013Thomas Foley, Lisa A FoleyMortgage
13121363912 Van Nest Ave, Minneapolis12/26/2013Jobylynn Sassily-James, Mortgage
13121373316 83rd Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/26/2013Annastancia Nzirawa, Elvis MuringaiMortgage
13121387046 Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Center12/27/2013 I.B. Xpress, Incorporated, Mortgage
13121395436 Shoreview Ave, Minneapolis12/30/2013Duane S Johnson, Diane C JohnsonMortgage
13121401329 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis12/31/2013Nicole M Herried, Mortgage
131214110922 Lexington Dr, Eden Prairie12/31/2013Sandi R Espie, Assessment
13121421901 26th Ave N, Minneapolis12/31/2013Craig A Bell, Mortgage
14010015213 Kentucky Ave N, Crystal1/2/2014Robert Eaton, Mary P EatonMortgage
140100215543 Territorial Rd, Maple Grove1/2/2014Sandra L Scharlemann, Mortgage
14010037020 Unity Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/3/2014Joy M Reinhart, Association
14010041619 73rd Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/3/2014Walter Yang, Mortgage
14010058706 Park Ave S, Bloomington1/3/2014Kimberly A Kaiser, Mortgage
140100610531 Cedar Lake Rd #511, Minnetonka1/3/2014Alexander Brusilovsky, Mortgage
14010072316 25th Ave S, Minneapolis1/3/2014Matthew R Prudoehl, Mortgage
1401008529 7th Ave S, Hopkins1/3/2014Lisa McGuire nka Lisa Buss, Mortgage
14010098304 Brunswick Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/3/2014Walter Montes, Mortgage
14010103846 21st Ave S, Minneapolis1/3/2014Lois S Bucklin, Nathan A BucklinMortgage
140101110335 Grand Ave S, Bloomington1/3/2014Hubert H Johnson, Alma M JohnsonMortgage
14010126314 4th Ave S, Richfield1/3/2014Anna M Jones, Mortgage
14010131156 Wagon Wheel Rd, Hopkins1/3/2014Alan Pearson, Mortgage
140101452 Groveland Ter #A406, Minneapolis1/3/2014William R Kell, Mortgage
14010154146 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis1/3/2014Nicole Kuka, Mortgage
14010165104 16th Ave S, Minneapolis1/3/2014Kermit A Wallace, Jocelyn N WallaceMortgage
14010178201 35th Ave N, Minneapolis1/3/2014Kristin L Lekie FKA Kristin L Friedenfels, Matthew Lekie & Richard C FriedenfelsMortgage
14010184817 Douglas Dr N, Crystal1/3/2014Mikie A Waag, Mortgage
14010197602 York Ave S #7120, Edina1/3/2014Margaret Kisaja-Jolly, Mortgage
14010207148 Colorado Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/3/2014Philip Quiel, Mortgage
1401021824 24th Ave N E, Minneapolis1/3/2014Andrew Bezella, Mortgage
14010226839 12th Ave S, Richfield1/3/2014Christoper E Johnson, Toya J JohnsonMortgage
140102311923 Tiffany La, Eden Prairie1/6/2014William R Teman, Trustee the Trust of John K Teman, Mortgage
14010248218 Clinton Ave S, Bloomington1/6/2014Timothy C Anger, Mortgage
1401025104 Sunnyvale La, Minnetonka1/6/2014Diane Hatman, Samuel HatmanMortgage
14010262523 6th St N, Minneapolis1/6/2014Moniqua Edwards, Mortgage
14010271406 18th Ave N, Minneapolis1/6/2014Cory Mortensen, Mortgage
14010282736 Brookdale La, Brooklyn Park1/6/2014Bradley C Andrews, Mortgage
14010298218 Quinn Rd, Bloomington1/6/2014Lisa A Neely, William D NeelyMortgage
140103020240 Hackamore Rd, Corcoran1/6/2014Amber Dorman, Shane Quigley & Ryan QuigleyMortgage
14010313526 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis1/6/2014Russell L Booker, Mortgage
14010325511 Emerson Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/6/2014Bruce Whittaker, Gina WhittakerMortgage
14010335821 44th Ave S, Minneapolis1/6/2014Estelle J Busch, Mortgage
140103452 22nd Ave N E, Minneapolis1/6/2014Derek O Britton, Mariah E DwyerMortgage
14010358232 Queen Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/6/2014Michele R Donner, Mortgage
14010368958 Comstock La N, Maple Grove1/6/2014Christopher W Linscott, Mortgage
14010373706 90th St W, Bloomington1/6/2014Galina Gabrielle, Mortgage
14010385912 Abbott Ct, Minnetonka1/6/2014Daniel E Ryan, Mortgage
1401039664 82nd St E, Bloomington1/6/2014Juan C Ramirez, Haydee Guatemala LazoMortgage
14010405052 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis1/6/2014Annie Marshall AKA Annie J Marshall, Cody Peterson AKA Cody L PetersonMortgage
14010419631 13th Ave S, Bloomington1/7/2014Catherine C Lembeck, Judgment
140104214010 Gadwall Ct, Rogers1/7/2014Jeffrey O Krueger, Vickie KruegerMortgage
14010436416 83rd Ct N, Brooklyn Park1/7/2014Merle Selix, Mortgage
14010442206 54th Ave, Brooklyn Center1/7/2014Mary B Davidson, Mortgage
14010454325 10th Ave S, Minneapolis1/7/2014Nathan D Adrian, Molly AdrianMortgage
14010464134 41st Ave S, Minneapolis1/7/2014Dennis S Moorhead, Mortgage
14010473358 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis1/7/2014Kevin R Cameron a/k/a Kevin Cameron, Mortgage
14010484319 Vera Cruz Ave N, Crystal1/7/2014Ronald J Olson, Carol A OlsonMortgage
14010494397 Wilshire Blvd #301, Mound1/7/2014Gregory K Hardie, Mortgage
14010504810 Deerwood Dr, Minnetonka1/8/2014Kathleen A Peters, John T PetersMortgage
14010512665 77th Blvd N, Brooklyn Park1/8/2014Donald C James, Josephine S JamesMortgage
14010524213 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis1/8/2014Elizabeth Gardner nka Elizabeth Desmond, Mortgage
14010534639 Zane Ave N, Crystal1/8/2014Lawrence S Durant, Cynthia M Hawkins DurantMortgage
14010541408 Idaho Ave S, St. Louis Park1/8/2014Thomas J Witt, Mortgage
14010552706 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis1/8/2014Carlos Ortiz, Esther Y Albarracin de OrtizMortgage
14010563504 Florida Ave N, Crystal1/8/2014Darcy K Ramirez, Mortgage
14010572500 60th St W, Minneapolis1/8/2014Thomas P Viehman, Paula T ViehmanMortgage
1401058250 Paisley La, Golden Valley1/8/2014Anise M McDowell, Harold E McDowellMortgage
14010591821 1st Ave S #105, Minneapolis1/8/2014Melinda Valenziano-Barlament, Mortgage
14010602020 Ridge Dr #32, St. Louis Park1/8/2014Jill E Polgar, Mortgage
14010614307 Nevada Ave N, New Hope1/8/2014Lance E Wallace, Cori J WallaceMortgage
14010624241 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis1/9/2014Marla L Rogers, Judgment
14010638730 Douglas Dr N, Brooklyn Park1/9/2014Winston E Lane Jr, Joan Y LaneMortgage
14010641003 11th Ave S #4, Hopkins1/9/2014Adrian A Anderson, Assessment
14010651002 Westbrooke Way #2, Hopkins1/9/2014Mike Aase, Assessment
14010666330 Xerxes Ave S, Edina1/9/2014Julie M Neville, Mortgage
14010673112 Rhode Island Ave S, St. Louis Park1/10/2014Helga Antonson, Mortgage
14010686650 Vernon Ave #219, Edina1/10/2014Darron E Hill, Mortgage
14010696584 Annapolis La N, Maple Grove1/10/2014Nicholas J Beidel, Mortgage
140107010397 Balsam La, Eden Prairie1/10/2014John Prescott, Mortgage
14010715505 Spruce Rd, Mound1/10/2014Ralp Peterson, Michelle PetersonMortgage
14010723813 Park Ave, Minneapolis1/10/2014John B Ramsey, Iris A RamseyMortgage
14010731808 Yellowstone Tr N, Brooklyn Park1/10/2014Mitchell Bliss, Mortgage
14010748955 Rice Lake Rd N, Maple Grove1/10/2014Jacob Beneke, Iliyana BenekeMortgage
1401075311 Kenwood Pkwy #109, Minneapolis1/10/2014Jospeh M Miller, Jane E MillerMortgage
14010764732 Florida Ave N, Crystal1/10/2014John K Kirby, Marcie L KirbyMortgage
14010773959 Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis1/10/2014Kevin R Cameron, Mortgage
14010781021 80th Ct N, Brooklyn Park1/13/2014Michael A Daraitis Jr., Sheila R DaraitisMortgage
140107911123 Oregon Cir #12, Bloomington1/14/2014Thomas E O'Hehir-Johnson, Jessica A HentgesAssessment
14010802045 Shorewood La, Mound1/14/2014John T Monks, Mortgage
14010815702 Hyland Courts Dr, Bloomington1/14/2014Dennis D Anderson, Lucille A AndersonMortgage
14010826621 Eliot View Rd, St. Louis Park1/14/2014Oscar E Rodriguez, Myrian M Carhuas-DiazMortgage
14010833521 30th Ave N, Robbinsdale1/14/2014Jill M Woyak fka Jill M Campbell, Jason L WoyakMortgage
14010842348 Brookview Dr, Brooklyn Center1/14/2014Mark D Follmer, Joann T FollmerMortgage
14010853926 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis1/14/2014Luther Farr Jr, Mortgage
1401086806 Old Settlers Tr #3, Hopkins1/14/2014Mackay Mackay FKA Michelle K Pittelkow, Michael MackayMortgage
14010878132 Clinton Ave S, Bloomington1/14/2014Leander T Suek, Marietta C SuekMortgage
14010884015 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis1/14/2014Heather L Qualy, Mortgage
14010891711 3rd Ave N, Minneapolis1/15/2014Laura E McLeod, Mortgage
14010901825 Parker Rd, Minneapolis1/15/2014Juedi A Lepowsky-Alexander, Steven T BlockMortgage
14010912538 Brookdale La N, Brooklyn Park1/15/2014Renee E Nelson, Mortgage
14010927910 60th Ave N, New Hope1/15/2014Craig W Olson, Rachel C OlsonMortgage
14010933141 Dean Ct #305, Minneapolis1/15/2014Matthew Lokowich, Assessment
14010944010 Lake St E, Minneapolis1/15/2014Edward M Ford, Karen A FordMortgage
14010954441 16TH Ave S, Minneapolis1/15/2014Hector R Ruiz, Loreto Ruiz-Sanchez & Victoria Oliver-RuizMortgage
14010963249 Idaho Ave S, St. Louis Park1/15/2014Debra J Keeler, Patrick J KeelerMortgage
14010979128 Florida Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/15/2014Pom S Swedeen, Mortgage
14010982524 Yukon Ave S, St. Louis Park1/15/2014Andria M Daniel, Mortgage
140109913570 Technology Dr #2222, Eden Prairie1/15/2014Kelly M Fritz, Mortgage
1401100722 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis1/15/2014Alean Burks, Vernon BurksMortgage
140110113395 73rd Pl N, Maple Grove1/15/2014Christine A Fabish, Mortgage
14011025036 Fremont Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/15/2014Melanie J Abraham, Mortgage
140110323660 109th Ave N, Rogers1/16/2014Joseph E Berthiaume, Mortgage
14011046441 Zealand Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/16/2014Stacey A Smith, Mortgage
14011058145 2nd Ave S, Bloomington1/16/2014Jason Lyman, Suzanne R Lyman nka Suzanne R StripskyMortgage
14011062642 Commerce Blvd, Mound1/16/2014 FTW 1, LLC, Judgment
14011073508 27th Ave S, Minneapolis1/16/2014Hiovani Castro, Alberto Castro, Martha Venancio & Magdaleno Castro-TapiaMortgage
140110811904 70th Pl N, Maple Grove1/17/2014Teresa Dukowitz, Mortgage
14011094087 Douglas Dr N, Crystal1/17/2014George H Heppes Jr., Mortgage
14011107732 Ewing Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/17/2014Mary A Blackwell, David L Blackwell, Barbara A Davis BlackwellMortgage
14011113354 Brunswick Ave S, St. Louis Park1/17/2014Kristen A Johnson, Mortgage
14011122220 Ridge Dr #31, St. Louis Park1/17/2014Angela M Thieme, Mortgage
14011137140 72nd La N #271, Brooklyn Park1/17/2014Robert R Klinger, Margie J Klinger & KathyJo R KlingerMortgage
14011143112 Washburn Ave N, Minneapolis1/17/2014Daniel Boler, Simona BolerMortgage
14011152632 Quincy St N E, Minneapolis1/17/2014Joseph H Pajari, Mortgage
14011162120 Ridge Dr #34, St. Louis Park1/17/2014Linda M Noren, Mortgage
14011178837 Penn Ave S, Bloomington1/17/2014Denise R Nieuwenhuis, Mortgage
14011184150 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis1/17/2014Irving W Beck Jr, Tracy R LilyMortgage
14011191418 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis1/17/2014Arlene M Birkeland, Arvid J BirkelandMortgage
14011203950 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis1/21/2014Antoinette R Simmons, Mortgage
1401121431 7th St S #2620, Minneapolis1/21/2014Michael C Powell, Mortgage
14011225333 13th Ave S, Minneapolis1/21/2014Elizabeth M Zilka, Richard L ZilkaMortgage
14011233858 Stevens Ave S, Minneapolis1/21/2014Jeffrey J Caswell, Ramona L Johnson CaswellMortgage
1401124118 Sunset Dr W, Champlin1/21/2014Matthew J Flaherty, Mortgage
14011253740 20th Ave S, Minneapolis1/21/2014Christopher D Serres, Karolina A SerresMortgage
14011269725 Cavell Ave S, Bloomington1/21/2014Diana Alderman, Mortgage
14011276609 76th Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/22/2014Dyethel R Willis, Mortgage
14011286412 Welcome Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/22/2014Mark A Mettert, Michelle K MettertJudgment
14011295537 34th Ave S, Minneapolis1/22/2014Jay A Wenker, Janet L WenkerJudgment
14011306059 West Broadway, New Hope1/22/2014Carol Walz, Mortgage
14011317255 Queen St, Greenfield1/22/2014Brian Hillstrom, Patricia HillstromMortgage
14011324400 80th Ave N, Minneapolis1/22/2014Hanna Taye, Alemseged T TesfayeMortgage
14011332651 Meridian Dr, Robbinsdale1/22/2014James R Bartz, Mortgage
14011342644 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis1/22/2014Dorothy G Lachner, David WaldahlMortgage
140113518880 Minnetonka Blvd, Deephaven1/22/2014Debra R Wood, Peter A WoodMortgage
14011363159 Johnson St N E, Minneapolis1/22/2014Marcia L Osterberg F/k/a Marcia L Pittman, Mortgage
14011372008 76th Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/22/2014Roger C Pegg, Rosa RiveraMortgage
14011381821 York Ave N, Golden Valley1/22/2014Mary S Gustafson, Mortgage
14011397321 Thomas Ave S, Richfield1/22/2014Adam J Martinson, Mortgage
14011408607 Prestwick La N, Brooklyn Park1/22/2014Lougenia Scott, R C Scott JrMortgage
14011417021 Union Terrace La N, Maple Grove1/22/2014Scott D Hughes, Suzanne E HughesMortgage
14011421502 5th St S N #307, Hopkins1/23/2014Jennifer Papas, Mortgage
14011432716 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis1/23/2014Mohamed Mohamud, Assessment
14011445140 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis1/23/2014David M McCoy, Tracey L McCoyMortgage
140114511172 Mount Curve Rd, Eden Prairie1/23/2014Frederick A Montana, Mortgage
14011466464 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park1/24/2014Frances L Nack, Association
14011473334 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis1/24/2014James G Otten, Mortgage
14011481819 Jackson St N E, Minneapolis1/24/2014Joaquin Escudero, Mortgage
14011499109 Glacier Rd, St. Bonifacius1/24/2014Robert S C Peterson, Trustee of the Robert S C Peterson TrustMortgage
14011504100 Vernon Ave S, St. Louis Park1/24/2014Renee M Capistrant, Mortgage
14011518988 Comstock La N, Maple Grove1/24/2014Scott M Schoeben, Mortgage
14011529032 Kell Cir, Bloomington1/24/2014Michael J Helget, Karen E HelgetMortgage
14011536128 Southview Ct, Mound1/24/2014David S Anderson, Stacey A AndersonMortgage
140115413580 Technology Dr #3101, Eden Prairie1/24/2014Stephen T Whitman, Mortgage
14011553535 Clinton Ave S #3535, Minneapolis1/24/2014Edward E Dickson, Mortgage
14011564847 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis1/27/2014Christine K LaFrance, Mortgage
14011572628 Aldrich Ave S, Minneapolis1/27/2014Francis J Gilmore, Mortgage
14011584237 France Ave S, Minneapolis1/27/2014Christopher R Jacques, Mortgage
14011596530 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park1/27/2014Lynne A Day, Mortgage
140116011041 134th Cir N, Champlin1/27/2014John G Keykpo, Susie T KeykpoMortgage
1401161369 43rd St E, Minneapolis1/27/2014Aaron Blanks, Mortgage
14011622929 Chicago Ave S #1212, Minneapolis1/27/2014Oswaldo Arevalo, Mortgage
1401163913 Dayton Rd, Champlin1/27/2014Robert J Petersen, Mortgage
14011647001 91st Tr N, Brooklyn Park1/27/2014Kevin Lewis Sr, Sharon P LewisMortgage
14011654517 Redwood Cir, Minnetonka1/27/2014Solveig U Rogne, Mortgage
14011669473 Prairieview Tr N, Champlin1/27/2014Gloria J Hunger, Jack W HungerMortgage
14011674822 Camden Ave N, Minneapolis1/28/2014Sharon A Blair, Mortgage
14011684346 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis1/28/2014Clarence C Johnson, Jean L JohnsonMortgage
14011698292 Labont Way #114, Eden Prairie1/28/2014Mark C Fletcher, Bonnie L FletcherMortgage
14011709006 12th Ave S, Bloomington1/28/2014Wayne C Schmitt, Mary H HoffarthMortgage
14011715343 Louisiana Ave N, Crystal1/28/2014Jennifer N Jones, James E BrikowskiMortgage
140117213832 Hyacinth Dr, Rogers1/28/2014Evelyn Fayant, Mortgage
14011734725 Yates Ave N, Crystal1/28/2014Philip Hodges, Stacy HodgesMortgage
14011747453 Vinewood Way N, Maple Grove1/28/2014Vitaly Chernikh, Mortgage
14011759312 Ranchview La N, Maple Grove1/29/2014Donna M Swanson, Mortgage
140117610990 40th Pl N, Minneapolis1/29/2014Todd J McIntyre, Mortgage
14011777063 Magda Dr, Maple Grove1/29/2014Thomas P Moore, Linda Jo MooreMortgage
14011783044 Clinton Ave S, Minneapolis1/29/2014Lizabeth A McMaster, Mortgage
14011791205 Goldenrod La N, Plymouth1/29/2014Karen M George, Mortgage
140118017861 66th Ave N, Maple Grove1/29/2014 Jason McCrary, LLC, Assessment
14011815323 Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Center1/29/2014Margaret J Toweh, Daniel B TowehMortgage
14011822475 Elliot Ave S #2, Minneapolis1/29/2014Koffi A Baliki, Sonhame G YakpaMortgage
1401183512 84th St W, Bloomington1/29/2014Sarah E Hochsprung, Mortgage
140118412800 Jorissen Rd, Minnetonka1/29/2014Willard Danley, Iona H Danley, trustees of Willard Danley & Iona H DanleyMortgage
14011852742 18th Ave S, Minneapolis1/29/2014Edith Vasquez, Jose SanizacaMortgage
14011863532 Major Ave N, Crystal1/29/2014Peggy A Jensen, Mortgage
14011873412 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis1/30/2014 GCHA, LLC, Mortgage
14011881319 Tyrol Tr, Golden Valley1/30/2014Michael A Satovich a/k/a Michael Andrew Sajatovic, Sandy Satovich a/k/a Sandy Kay SajatovicJudgment
140118910531 Cedar Lake Rd #411, Minnetonka1/31/2014Philip N Goodman, Association
14011906266 Magda Dr N #A, Maple Grove1/31/2014Tammy C Taylor, Association
140119116204 70th Pl N, Maple Grove1/31/2014Kurt M Jaeger, Danette M IhrkeAssociation
1401192644 Lowry Ave N E, Minneapolis1/31/2014Deborah M Sievers, Mortgage
14011932943 Xenwood Ave S, St. Louis Park1/31/2014Duane A Backlund, Lyudmila BacklundMortgage
14011946005 Dewey Hill Rd, Edina1/31/2014B J Gendreau a/k/a Beverly J Gendreau, Mortgage
14011958501 Stratford La, Brooklyn Park1/31/2014Joanne P Imholte, Mortgage
14011963104 52nd St E, Minneapolis1/31/2014Lynne D Holman, Mortgage
14011975201 16th Ave S, Minneapolis1/31/2014Jonathan B Berry, Shawn R Harris-BerryMortgage
14011981412 Independence Ave N, Golden Valley1/31/2014Kurt A Langenfeld, Shelly I HadleyMortgage
14011995716 Hyland Courts Dr, Bloomington1/31/2014Jacuelyn A Sutherlin, Mortgage
14020016718 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis2/3/2014Diane M Franklin, Timothy R FranklinMortgage
14020023555 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis2/3/2014Dean W Sirois, Mortgage
14020032318 Walton Pl N, Minneapolis2/3/2014Georgia M Fivecoat, Mortgage
14020046043 Aldrich Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/3/2014Kristen A Ryan, Mortgage
14020057994 Lad Pkwy, Brooklyn Park2/3/2014Tilahun K Geleta, Mortgage
14020063732 5th Ave S, Minneapolis2/3/2014Joyce A Pettis, Ernest Brown JrMortgage
14020073119 Clinton Ave S, Minneapolis2/3/2014Gonzalo A Ramirez, Mortgage
14020085376 Waters Edge Dr, Minnetonka2/4/2014William A Nicklow, Liberty K NicklowMortgage
14020095716 Mount Normandale Dr, Bloomington2/4/2014L Russell Crawford, Krista H CrawfordMortgage
140201018013 69th Pl N, Maple Grove2/4/2014Jason McCrary, Jill McCraryMortgage
14020117501 Iris Dr N, Brooklyn Park2/4/2014Darran P White, Mortgage
140201210924 Eagle Lake View Blvd N, Maple Grove2/4/2014Richard Zuleski, Lisa L Bender-ZuleskiMortgage
1402013410 Groveland Ave #402, Minneapolis2/4/2014Berit Aus, Assessment
1402014433 7th St S #1821, Minneapolis2/4/2014Linda J Studenski, Assessment
14020155601 Humboldt Ave S, Minneapolis2/4/2014Rachel Provence, Mortgage
14020162900 11th Ave S #303, Minneapolis2/4/2014Todd B Ellenson, Mortgage
14020173322 Martha La, Minnetonka2/5/2014Anthony Torres, Linda S TorresMortgage
140201813870 Sunnyslope Dr N, Maple Grove2/5/2014Jacqueline R Berges, Mortgage
14020198016 Aldrich Ave N, Brooklyn Park2/5/2014Paul E Brandanger, Mortgage
14020206706 Scott Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/5/2014Kathleen Lambert, Mortgage
14020212800 Autumnwood La, Minnetonka2/5/2014Nicole A Marchand, Mortgage
14020225506 Oliver Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/5/2014Rallie H Rondorf, Katherine B RondorfMortgage
140202316750 91st Ave N, Maple Grove2/5/2014 Sapphire Estates, LLC, Mortgage
14020248101 Oakland Ave S, Bloomington2/5/2014Bopha Souk F/K/A Boupha Pot, Mortgage
14020252931 Bradford La, Mound2/5/2014Jennifer L Satak, Mortgage
14020267216 116th Pl N, Champlin2/6/2014Yelena Bokun, Marko BokunMortgage
140202712958 88th Pl N, Maple Grove2/6/2014Randal S Deopere, Shari A DeopereMortgage
14020283531 Oakton Dr #1006, Minnetonka2/6/2014Ann Gill, Assessment
14020292710 Garland La N, Plymouth2/6/2014James E McKevitt II, Mortgage
14020301820 1st Ave S #103, Minneapolis2/7/2014Paul Barunas n/k/a Paul Thomas, Association
140203114500 Martin Dr, Eden Prairie2/7/2014Robert F Corson, Faye L CorsonMortgage
14020329165 Comstock La N #201, Maple Grove2/7/2014Howard J Givens, Ursula K GivensMortgage
14020332200 Nevada Ave S #120, St. Louis Park2/7/2014Kathryn M Ryan, Mortgage
14020346322 Red Fox La, Edina2/7/2014Lillian C DonFrancesco, Mortgage
1402035314 10th Ave N, Minneapolis2/7/2014 Alternative Lodging, Inc., Mortgage
140203610939 Douglas La N, Champlin2/7/2014Katheryn M Axt, Mortgage
14020371924 Washburn Ave N, Minneapolis2/7/2014Dirk D Duane, Mortgage
14020383940 17th Ave S, Minneapolis2/7/2014Christopher M Miles, Jennifer A MilesMortgage
14020392104 Glenwood Ave N, Minneapolis2/10/2014Irma Torres, Mortgage
14020403430 24th Ave S, Minneapolis2/10/2014Brian R Pearson, Mortgage
140204118246 69th Pl N, Maple Grove2/10/2014Laura Nielsen, Mortgage
14020429905 Oak Ridge Tr, Minnetonka2/10/2014Howard J Chanen, Holly ChanenMortgage
14020433203 34th Ave S, Minneapolis2/10/2014Jack Lyon, Tammy J LyonMortgage
14020444046 Nevada Ave N, New Hope2/11/2014Jennifer L Westlund, Mortgage
14020453401 74th Cir N, Brooklyn Park2/11/2014Ariel H Lagunas, Mortgage
14020463539 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis2/11/2014David W Brant, Hazel L BrantMortgage
14020472424 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis2/11/2014Donna L den Boer, Mortgage
14020483819 6th St N, Minneapolis2/11/2014Ronald Galambos, Mortgage
14020494556 Zenith Ave N, Robbinsdale2/11/2014Rebecca L Prust, Mortgage
1402050552 State Hwy 55, Hamel2/12/2014Cheryl L Dykhoff, Jason D DykhoffMortgage
14020516358 Willow La N, Brooklyn Center2/12/2014Brett W Severson, Zoey C SeversonJudgment
14020527242 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis2/12/2014David E Wilson, Mortgage
14020533442 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis2/12/2014Amanda J Hostetler, Mortgage
14020548740 Elliot Ave S, Bloomington2/12/2014Noe Lara Jr, Mortgage
140205511602 Idaho Ave N, Champlin2/12/2014Henry A Shanks, Mortgage
14020562700 Rosalyn Ct #101, New Hope2/12/2014Kristen Schmidt Fka Kristen May, Mortgage
140205716750 78th Pl N, Maple Grove2/12/2014Bradley S Clark, Mortgage
14020584519 Chowen Ave N, Robbinsdale2/12/2014Roger A Schultz, Mortgage
14020594210 North Shore Dr, Mound2/12/2014Sara E Broeker, Mortgage
140206010501 Cedar Lake Rd #203, Minnetonka2/12/2014Margaret M Lesage, Mortgage
14020615301 Byron Ave N, Crystal2/12/2014Craig Schott, Mortgage
14020627639 Grand Ave S, Richfield2/12/2014Jacqueline Backdahl, Christopher BackdahlMortgage
1402063326 14th Ave N, Hopkins2/12/2014Guy Huntress, Mortgage
14020647330 York Ave S #106-1, Edina2/14/2014Kari L Dunn, Association
14020651400 Jersey Ave S, St. Louis Park2/14/2014Nathan A Miner, Kristen M MinerMortgage
14020663738 Xerxes Ave N, Minneapolis2/14/2014Leslie J Haar Sr, Mortgage
14020678922 Irving Ave N, Brooklyn Park2/14/2014Forrest W Gartner, Mortgage
14020682226 Lincoln St N E, Minneapolis2/14/2014Catherine R Jensen, Mortgage
14020696300 Colfax Ave S, Richfield2/14/2014Jennifer L Coleman, Roy B ColemanMortgage
14020703925 Nokomis Ave, Minneapolis2/14/2014Premkumari Ali, Asgaralli AliMortgage
14020713000 Raleigh Ave S #207, St. Louis Park2/14/2014Rebecca Honey, Mortgage
14020722742 Johnson St N E, Minneapolis2/14/2014Brian Durand, Mortgage
140207310630 Rockford Rd #106, Plymouth2/14/2014Mark K Schackman, Mortgage
14020742315 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis2/18/2014Robert E Bailey a/k/a Robert Earl Bailey, Brenda BaileyMortgage
14020753844 Elliot Ave S, Minneapolis2/18/2014Candido Herrera Sanchez, Prisciliana De La Luz BMortgage
14020764001 Heritage Hills Dr #202, Bloomington2/18/2014Lorene Tvinnereim, Qynton Tvinnereim & Garrity TvinnereimMortgage
14020777404 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park2/18/2014Diane J Hatcher, Mortgage
14020781029 Smetana Rd #5, Hopkins2/18/2014John T Olson, Mortgage
14020792819 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis2/18/2014Vivian R Harris, Mortgage
14020803551 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis2/18/2014Joseph Beckfeld, Mortgage
14020813723 Major Ave N, Robbinsdale2/18/2014Sarah J Hagen, Mortgage
14020829665 Linden La N, Brooklyn Park2/18/2014Phong M Nguyen, Crystal NguyenMortgage
14020832710 West Edge Blvd, Mound2/19/2014Mallory A Salzl, Mortgage
14020845500 Emerson Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/19/2014Delores R Ford, Mortgage
14020851920 1st St S #704, Minneapolis2/19/2014Lorna M Michaelson, Mortgage
14020866807 Aldrich Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/19/2014Nurya A Seid, Jose L Pedroza VelaMortgage
14020873108 Pleasant Ave S, Minneapolis2/19/2014Steven D Hopp, Lyle H JacksonMortgage
14020883607 Urban Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/19/2014Tegist Guwangul, Yohannes BedechaMortgage
1402089425 Madison Ave S, Edina2/19/2014Derek W Gaudish, Mortgage
14020906124 Lee Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/19/2014Houa Lee, Mai ThaoMortgage
14020913720 55th St E, Minneapolis2/19/2014Julie Pedersen, Mortgage
14020923647 Buchanan St N E, Minneapolis2/19/2014David C Armold, Mortgage
140209313560 Technology Dr #1126, Eden Prairie2/19/2014Patrick A Wheeler, Mortgage
14020943751 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis2/19/2014Stacey A Kuhnley, Mortgage
14020958232 11th Ave S, Bloomington2/19/2014James Tyner, Gloria TynerMortgage
14020962114 70th Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/20/2014Nuahlay Wehye, Mortgage
14020976620 Waterman Ave, Edina2/20/2014Adam Burnside, Kari BurnsideMortgage
140209812420 Sandy Point Rd, Eden Prairie2/20/2014Jay A Isaman, Melody J GalarneauMortgage
14020992621 Fillmore St N E, Minneapolis2/20/2014Richard T Lyke, Angela LykeMortgage
14021003443 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis2/20/2014Dora Robinson, Michael C RobinsonMortgage
14021013916 36th Ave S, Minneapolis2/20/2014Melissa A Olson, Steven T OlsonMortgage
14021023617 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis2/21/2014Lee A Glover, Tuesday E GloverMortgage
14021032250 Sherwood Ct, Minnetonka2/21/2014Harold Gruesner, Joann GruesnerMortgage
14021042751 Randolph St N E, Minneapolis2/21/2014Ann M Thelen, Mortgage
14021053015 36th Ave S, Minneapolis2/21/2014Merlene Nestor, Cecil NestorMortgage
14021063026 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis2/21/2014Amanda B Greenhart, Jaffer R BaticaMortgage
14021079216 Woodhall Bay N, Brooklyn Park2/21/2014Iris Z Campos, Leydi P Campos MejiaMortgage
14021086301 York Ave S #201, Edina2/21/2014Mateo Guajardo, Mortgage
14021095815 20th Ave S, Minneapolis2/21/2014Mary L Danielson, Mortgage
14021103949 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis2/21/2014Laramie K White, Patricia L WhiteMortgage
14021115431 Elm Grove Ave, New Hope2/21/2014Vlada Chechetka AKA Vlada Gazalabova, Mortgage
14021127623 Wedgewood Way N, Maple Grove2/21/2014Christine L Engel, Mortgage
140211314392 91st Pl N, Maple Grove2/21/2014Ruth O Flolo, Mortgage
14021145139 James Ave N, Minneapolis2/24/2014 Latin Work Remodeling Corp., Mortgage
14021155139 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis2/24/2014 Latin Work Remodeling Corp., Mortgage
14021166648 West Broadway Ave, Brooklyn Park2/24/2014Fred O Brasch, Anne M BraschMortgage
14021177501 Zinnia Way N, Maple Grove2/24/2014Wendee J Lock, Mortgage
140211811 12th St S #201, Minneapolis2/25/2014Thomas L Wimer, Assessment
14021197722 Elm Grove Ct, New Hope2/25/2014Stacey L Baldwin, Assessment
14021202403 Lincoln St N E, Minneapolis2/25/2014Vincent J Pendrill, Jennifer PendrillMortgage
14021217349 Unity La N, Brooklyn Park2/25/2014Laurie J Parmeter, Mortgage
14021229861 Crestwood Ter, Eden Prairie2/25/2014Vlada A Yanchuk, Leonid L YanchukMortgage
14021233912 Halifax Ave N, Robbinsdale2/25/2014Trisha Sapa, Lisa JohnsonMortgage
14021244744 Westgate Rd, Minnetonka2/26/2014Janet M Robin, Mortgage
140212513211 Ridgemount Ave W, Minnetonka2/26/2014Scott B Allan, Mortgage
14021263048 12th Ave S, Minneapolis2/26/2014Geoffrey J Herbach, Mortgage
14021271101 22nd Ave S E, Minneapolis2/26/2014Phillip Towner, Ruth TownerMortgage
14021285732 Brunswick Ave N, Minneapolis2/26/2014Michael P Hanson, Mortgage
14021291155 Ford Rd #202, St. Louis Park2/26/2014Tricia L Haugen, Sean P KeatingMortgage
14021302100 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis2/26/2014Adenike Olisa, Mortgage
1402131277 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis2/26/2014Senora Drones f/k/a Senora D Robinson, Barry A DronesMortgage
14021322260 Ranchview La #56, Plymouth2/26/2014Jane M Garvin, Mortgage
14021335016 42nd Ave N, Robbinsdale2/26/2014Johnny R Matthews, Valerie L MatthewsMortgage
14021343118 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis2/26/2014Maria Guaman, Luis A ParedesMortgage
14021356980 Langford Ct, Edina2/26/2014Jeanette Fisher-Scruton, Mortgage
14021365236 Bloomington Ave, Minneapolis2/26/2014Walter E Nachtigall III, Mortgage
14021376906 Grimes Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/26/2014Chueze Moua, Me YangMortgage
14021384009 Garfield Ave S, Minneapolis2/26/2014Alan Jorgenson, Jillian JorgensonMortgage
14021392260 Ranchview La #50, Plymouth2/26/2014Kimberly Koebensky, Mortgage
140214013224 Valley Forge La N, Champlin2/26/2014Gail L Arnsdorf, Mortgage
14021416148 64th Ave N, Brooklyn Park2/27/2014Billie J Sibley, Mortgage
14021423535 Spain Pl N E, Minneapolis2/27/2014Bruce M Hoheisel, Mortgage
140214312237 42nd Ave N, Plymouth2/27/2014David S Johnson, Assessment
14021444548 Maryland Ave N, Crystal2/28/2014Poua K Vang, Mortgage
14021457324 Beard Ave N, Brooklyn Park2/28/2014Geoffrey N Ikobe, Jackline NyakundiMortgage
14021467500 Pillsbury Ave, Richfield2/28/2014Melissa A Miller f/k/a Melissa Ann Park, Michael T MillerMortgage
14021472929 Chicago Ave S #1220, Minneapolis2/28/2014Robert L Gillem, Mortgage
14021486023 Lyndale Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/28/2014Mark A Klick, Renee M Klick f/k/a Renee Rieger KlickMortgage
14021494171 Yosemite Ave S, St Louis Park2/28/2014Laurel A Cannon, Mortgage
14021501608 Ottawa Ave S, St Louis Park2/28/2014Alexander P Jassen, Leslie S AzoseMortgage
14021516832 Narcissus La N, Maple Grove2/28/2014Jason D McCrary, Jill M McCraryMortgage
14021524743 Richmond Rd, Mound2/28/2014Brian E Berent, Amber L HassMortgage
14021538123 Blaisdell Ave S, Bloomington2/28/2014Jose Ovidio Velasquez, Olivia Gutierrez VelasquezMortgage
14021543414 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis2/28/2014Brian P Schneider, Nicole R SchneiderMortgage
140215514427 Fairway Dr, Eden Prairie2/28/2014Suzann K Thomas, Mortgage
14021569774 Vegabond La N, Maple Grove2/28/2014William Young, Janice YoungMortgage
14030013255 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis3/3/2014Patricia A Witte, Mortgage
14030025400 Camden Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/3/2014Eric Kotwitz, Brenda KotwitzMortgage
14030032742 Ewing Ave N, Robbinsdale3/3/2014Kevin D Groetsch, Danelle M GroetschMortgage
140300410 26th St E #319, Minneapolis3/3/2014Amy L Halverson, Mortgage
140300512900 Belle Aire Dr, Champlin3/4/2014Jason Klohs, Mortgage
14030061000 24th Ave S E, Minneapolis3/4/2014Jason Klohs, Mortgage
14030071104 23rd Ave S E, Minneapolis3/4/2014Jason Klohs, Mortgage
14030083149 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis3/4/2014Christoper S Denne, Mortgage
14030107626 Wedgewood Ct N, Maple Grove3/4/2014Sandra K Moseng, Mortgage
14030115805 Mahoney Ave, Minnetonka3/5/2014James B Schelling, Jacki A SchellingMortgage
14030128712 Loch Lomond Blvd, Brooklyn Park3/5/2014Lloyd Forney, Rosemary L ForneyMortgage
14030134132 32nd Ave S, Minneapolis3/5/2014Irene Hernandez, Miguel A Mendoza HernandezMortgage
14030142110 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis3/5/2014Bonnie J Whitson, Mortgage
14030156208 64th Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/5/2014 Rockwell Investments, LLC, Mortgage
14030165538 38th Ave S, Minneapolis3/5/2014Kory S Hansen, Karrie K HansenMortgage
14030173333 20th Ave S, Minneapolis3/5/2014Jacqueline F Roverud, Mortgage
14030188217 Scott Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/5/2014John Peters, Mortgage
14030192616 Harriet Ave S #203, Minneapolis3/5/2014Marjorie Saporu, Mortgage
14030204107 Vera Cruz Ave N, Robbinsdale3/5/2014Laura A Peterson, Amy L PetersonMortgage
14030214149 32nd Ave S, Minneapolis3/5/2014Casey P Rowles, Cynthia L SchirmerMortgage
140302217038 76th Ave N, Maple Grove3/5/2014Matthew Perman, Heidi PermanMortgage
14030231951 Fillmore St N E, Minneapolis3/5/2014Elisha C Gustafson, Daniel G GustafsonMortgage
14030244647 Camden Ave N, Minneapolis3/5/2014Michael O Thompson, Mortgage
14030252929 21st Ave #205, Minneapolis3/6/2014David B Lindsey, Mortgage
14030269469 Olympia Dr, Eden Prairie3/6/2014Michael G Mancini, Marcia A ManciniMortgage
14030273012 James Ave S #3, Minneapolis3/6/2014Stacy Starkka, Mortgage
14030288207 3rd Ave S, Bloomington3/6/2014Anna M Amick, Mortgage
14030292110 Ridge Dr #34, St. Louis Park3/6/2014Geraldine K Nassen, Mortgage
140303012320 Buckthorn Tr, Rogers3/6/2014Ryan Hobus, Mia HobusMortgage
14030318909 40 1/2 Ave N, Minneapolis3/7/2014David B Pearson, Mortgage
14030323809 Adair Ave N, Crystal3/7/2014Amy Hart, Matthew HartMortgage
14030331639 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis3/7/2014Nicole S Kirkwood, Mortgage
14030341264 Trailwood S, Hopkins3/7/2014Valerie A Sawyer, Mortgage
14030357410 17th Ave S, Richfield3/7/2014Noemi Lopez-Rossano, Rodolfo Hernandez-Barrales & David Hernandez-BarralesMortgage
14030367399 Unity La N, Brooklyn Park3/7/2014Johnny Todd, Assessment
14030376645 Xerxes Ave S, Richfield3/7/2014Ted Saydalavong, Mortgage
14030385619 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis3/7/2014Ramon C Malinis, Encarnacion G Malinis, Ricardo C Malinis & Nelia C MalinisMortgage
14030394227 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis3/10/2014Jacqueline Fredericks, Mortgage
14030402300 Maple Ave S, Bloomington3/10/2014Michael J Livingston, Susan J LivingstonMortgage
14030412435 Ilion Ave N, Minneapolis3/10/2014Pachai Lee, Mai VangMortgage
14030427252 Kirkwood La N, Maple Grove3/10/2014Andrea Lahti, Mortgage
14030433542 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis3/10/2014Sarah E Thomas, Mortgage
14030441700 88th St E, Bloomington3/11/2014Michael R Handberg, Mortgage
14030456512 83rd Court N, Brooklyn Park3/11/2014Manjula K Bhadresa, Kishore N BhadresaMortgage
14030466740 Upton Ave S, Richfield3/11/2014Kyle Conlon, Mortgage
14030471315 Washburn Ave N, Minneapolis3/11/2014Roosevelt Thompson, Zelia ThompsonMortgage
14030485301 Logan Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/11/2014Chrissie Carver, Courtenay CarverMortgage
140304922900 Streheler Rd, Corcoran3/12/2014Jualy L Yang, Mortgage
14030506695 Halstead Ave, Minnetrista3/12/2014David S Bortner, Mortgage
14030513239 James Ave N, Minneapolis3/12/2014Karen F Johnson, Mortgage
14030527304 Unity La N, Brooklyn Park3/12/2014Charles L Bowie, Mortgage
14030532623 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis3/12/2014Soua Vang, Mortgage
14030547403 Meadowwood Dr N, Brooklyn Park3/12/2014Alfred Blevins, Mortgage
14030553351 Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis3/12/2014Toua Lee, Pao Ge XiongMortgage
14030562107 70th Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/12/2014Jeffrey M Simon Jr, Jeffrey M Simon SrMortgage
14030576280 Meadowlark La N, Maple Grove3/12/2014Eric A Jenson, Leann K JensonMortgage
14030581506 72nd Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/12/2014Kenneth E Neal, Satina A NealMortgage
1403059801 Lowry Ave N E, Minneapolis3/12/2014Eric V Huber, Mortgage
1403060545 1st St N #129, Minneapolis3/12/2014David C Bell, Layne E BellMortgage
14030635032 Normandale Ct, Edina3/13/2014Joseph A Brodsky, Patricia H BrodskyMortgage
14030647126 72nd La N #262, Brooklyn Park3/13/2014Tyrone Crawford, Mortgage
14030652124 Overlook Dr, Bloomington3/13/2014Ben E Martinez, Michelle M MartinezMortgage
140306615915 46th Ave N, Plymouth3/13/2014Jason Tollette, Sherry TolletteMortgage
14030672701 Zenith Ave N, Robbinsdale3/13/2014David K Sherrard, Dee Ann SherrardMortgage
1403068718 Buchanan St NE, Minneapolis3/13/2014Matthew T Figus, Mortgage
14030694165 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis3/13/2014Robert W Rice, Mortgage
14030703543 Leroy St, Deephaven3/13/2014Bonnie L Lemire, Roger O LemireMortgage
1403071545 2nd St #211, Minneapolis3/14/2014Steven Norman, Angelique PageMortgage
14030724901 91st Crescent N, Brooklyn Park3/14/2014Michael C Livingston, Michelle LivingstonMortgage
14030733807 62nd Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/14/2014Linus Moua, Phao VangMortgage
14030747520 Cahill Rd #221A, Edina3/14/2014Linda D Cates, Mortgage
14030752334 River Pointe Cir, Minneapolis3/14/2014Lisa D Larkins, Mortgage
140307618031 69th Pl N, Maple Grove3/14/2014Irina A Kirzon, Mortgage
14030775036 44th Ave S, Minneapolis3/14/2014Phyllis M Asher, Mortgage
14030789170 Comstock La N #504, Maple Grove3/14/2014Patricia Bolles, Mortgage
14030794601 5th Ave S, Minneapolis3/17/2014Arturo M Marroquin, Mortgage
14030803853 36th Ave S, Minneapolis3/17/2014Jeremy Miller, Stori Miller fka Stori McMahonMortgage
14030815600 Irving Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/17/2014William T Bailey, Mortgage
14030822723 3rd St N, Minneapolis3/17/2014Ivan W Ten Cate, Mortgage
14030832913 Drew Ave N, Robbinsdale3/17/2014Craig N Jameson, Mortgage
140308413808 Dahlia Dr, Rogers3/17/2014Brian Geurts, Mortgage
140308516204 70th Pl N, Maple Grove3/18/2014Kurt M Jaeger, Danette M Jaeger f/k/a Danette M IhrkeJudgment
14030867600 Lyndale Ave S #432, Richfield3/18/2014Sandra L Means, Mortgage
14030874815 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis3/18/2014Robert R Reamer, Agnes H ReamerMortgage
1403088125 Brunswick Ave S, Golden Valley3/18/2014Darrell J Davis, Mortgage
14030894415 18th Ave S, Minneapolis3/18/2014Brandon Hughes, Mortgage
14030907020 Unity Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/18/2014Joy M Reinhart, Mortgage
14030922807 Ulysses St N E, Minneapolis3/18/2014Kristine A Passofaro, Leonard J PassofaroMortgage
14030934689 Gettysburg Ave N, New Hope3/19/2014Paul A Weber, Olga WeberMortgage
14030948249 Logan Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/19/2014Michael S Engebritson, Michelle R Hull-EngebitsonMortgage
14030952800 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis3/19/2014Habib S Moghul, Mortgage
14030963250 Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis3/19/2014Sarah K Ormiston, Mortgage
14030975315 Angeline Ave N, Crystal3/19/2014Joseph Micko, Mortgage
14030985221 37th Ave S, Minneapolis3/19/2014Jennifer Haugen, Mortgage
14030997740 Flying Cloud Dr, Eden Prairie3/19/2014 EDEN PRAIRIE HHP-II LLC, Judgment
14031005030 Lilac Dr N, Brooklyn Center3/19/2014Jamie L Johnson, Mortgage
14031019312 Stevens Ave S, Bloomington3/19/2014Paul D Scofield, Theresa ScofieldMortgage
140310210840 Rockford Rd #310, Plymouth3/20/2014Nathaniel D Fowler, Mortgage
14031036615 Lake Shore Dr #703, Richfield3/20/2014Florence A Anderson, Assessment
1403104414 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis3/21/2014Craig Pederson, Bonita PedersonJudgment
14031058401 Aldrich Ave S, Bloomington3/21/2014Stephan A Duerkop, Araceley C DuerkopMortgage
14031067809 Elm Grove Ave #515, New Hope3/21/2014Matthew R Anderson, Mortgage
14031077652 Wedgewood Ct N, Maple Grove3/21/2014Michelle E Bliss, John J BlissMortgage
140310812210 Jasper La, Eden Prairie3/21/2014Caleb M Berg, Mortgage
14031092810 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis3/21/2014Sam S Yangsao, Mortgage
14031111529 18th St E, Minneapolis3/21/2014William O Owen, Mortgage
14031121101 17th Ave S E, Minneapolis3/21/2014Gabriel Shapiro, Emily A Durham-ShapiroMortgage
14031133452 Holmes Ave S, Minneapolis3/21/2014Paul W Enck, Cecily A SommersMortgage
14031145555 Village Dr, Edina3/21/2014Alexandra W Colomb, Mortgage
14031153829 Clinton Ave, Minneapolis3/24/2014Arturo Marin-Salas, Mortgage
14031167401 79th Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/24/2014Delma J Francis, Mortgage
1403117601 19th Ave N E, Minneapolis3/24/2014Mary M Murphy, Mortgage
14031183721 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis3/24/2014Carl W Pederson, Diane S PedersonMortgage
14031196642 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis3/24/2014Alyn M Eastin-Ekhator, James O EkhatorMortgage
14031204743 Wilshire Blvd, Mound3/24/2014Pamela Hinck, Mortgage
14031216601 Limerick Dr, Edina3/24/2014Derrick Lance, Mortgage
14031222435 Elliot Ave, Minneapolis3/25/2014Selma J Weatherspoon, Mortgage
14031233915 Marshland Ct, St. Bonifacius3/25/2014William Lotz, Melanie LotzMortgage
14031243956 44th Ave S, Minneapolis3/25/2014Geraldine S Albrecht, Mortgage
14031256909 Shingle Creek Dr N, Brooklyn Park3/25/2014David K McIntosh, April McIntoshMortgage
14031265523 Bryant Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/25/2014Lori A Pallo, Mortgage
14031273010 Jersey Ave N, Crystal3/25/2014Bruce G Nichols, Brenda NicholsMortgage
140312815 Crabapple La, Tonka Bay3/26/2014Timothy A Oelschlager, Ann OelschlagerMortgage
14031296886 Alpine Tr, Eden Prairie3/26/2014Lisa Reilly, Marc ReillyMortgage
14031305809 Sun Rd, Edina3/26/2014Timothy R Moodie, Barbara B MoodieMortgage
14031311319 63rd La N, Brooklyn Center3/26/2014Solange Kolie, Joachim AwoudiiMortgage
140313212590 91st Ave N, Maple Grove3/26/2014John LaCroix, Alison C LaCroixMortgage
14031334410 43rd St E, Minneapolis3/27/2014 Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Estate of Martin J KjellaJudgment
14031348249 Goodrich Rd, Bloomington3/27/2014Daniel Krube, Nicole KrubeMortgage
14031356057 67th Way N, Brooklyn Park3/27/2014Rasamee L Yang f/k/a Mai Lee Yang, Charles S X Yang f/k/a Chu Vang YangMortgage
14031361705 32nd Ave N E, Minneapolis3/28/2014Cheryl L Wentland, Mortgage
14031376817 Portland Ave, Richfield3/28/2014Maung T Htut, Daw K WaiMortgage
140313810004 Stevens Ave S, Bloomington3/28/2014Michael S Homan, Sara B HomanMortgage
14031391010 Drake Ct, Independence3/28/2014David M Messerli, Mortgage
14031405736 44th Ave S, Minneapolis3/28/2014Mark W Berke, Mortgage
14031412235 Arthur St N E, Minneapolis3/28/2014Mark T Husband, Jane J HusbandMortgage
14031422985 Everest La N, Plymouth3/28/2014Scott Dietsche, Mortgage
14031437622 York Ave S #1207, Edina3/28/2014Kenneth E Rosland, Mortgage
140314410630 Rockford Rd #305, Plymouth3/28/2014Darcy M Aadland, Mortgage
14031458616 33rd Ave N, New Hope3/28/2014Anthony R Davis, Claver J Williams-DavisMortgage
14031469121 Barrington Ter N, Brooklyn Park3/31/2014Dwight Seawood, Andrena SeawoodMortgage
14031472433 Elliot Ave S, Minneapolis3/31/2014Minhchau Nguyen, Phong CaoMortgage
14031485950 Wisconsin Cir N, New Hope3/31/2014David Wright, Mary WrightMortgage
140314911001 Johnson Ave S, Bloomington3/31/2014Steven G Wang, Mary E WangMortgage
140400117220 Co Rd 24, Plymouth4/1/2014Lisa M Henkel, Mortgage
14040024520 Harriet Ave S, Minneapolis4/1/2014Shawn D Larson, Cally T LarsonMortgage
14040033356 Utah Ave N, Crystal4/1/2014Mathew Lehnertz, Malia Lehnertz FKA Malia PetersonMortgage
14040042716 21st Ave N, Minneapolis4/1/2014Massa Korbor, Mortgage
14040051020 34th Ave N, Minneapolis4/1/2014Foluso Allison aka Foluso A Allison, Ganiat B AllisonMortgage
14040064945 Main St E, Maple Plain4/1/2014Patrick M Dynan, Mortgage
140400710607 Nathan La N, Maple Grove4/1/2014Carolyn M Lillo, Mortgage
1404008216 Groveland Ave, Minneapolis4/2/2014Patricia A Wamser, Mortgage
14040093632 Park Ave #202, Minneapolis4/2/2014Kelly A Place, Mortgage
14040104339 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis4/2/2014Justin Elder, Mortgage
14040119400 Nicollet Ave S, Bloomington4/3/2014Eddie Paguyo, Delia PaguyoMortgage
140401214341 Bedford Dr, Eden Prairie4/3/2014Candace Michalik, Mortgage
14040134547 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis4/3/2014Adam J Neigebauer, Mortgage
140401410032 Pleasant Ave S, Bloomington4/3/2014Jon A Wacker, Amy A WackerMortgage
14040151163 14th Ave S E, Minneapolis4/3/2014Scott A Owens, Jennifer L OwensMortgage
14040161600 68th La N, Brooklyn Center4/3/2014Heidi L Nermoe, Association
14040178500 28th St W, St. Louis Park4/3/2014Kurt A Harrison, Dorothy I HarrisonMortgage
14040186511 U S Hwy No 12, Independence4/4/2014Craig M Schumacher, Christine T SchumacherMortgage
14040197601 101st St W #218, Bloomington4/4/2014Kenneth J Miller, Judgment
14040202739 Girard Ave S #306, Minneapolis4/4/2014Paul R Sellers, Mortgage
14040219540 24th Ave N, Plymouth4/4/2014Hattie S Baker, Mortgage
14040223400 Perry Ave, Crystal4/4/2014Tamra G Emerson, Gregory G SouleMortgage
14040233519 Welcome Ave N, Crystal4/4/2014Darren C Henry, Kirsten HenryMortgage
140402410630 Utica Rd, Bloomington4/7/2014Chinda K Gregor, David S GregorMortgage
14040253616 4th Ave S, Minneapolis4/7/2014Luke Peterson, Mortgage
14040265965 Wedgwood La N #53, Minneapolis4/7/2014Sara R Hemquist, Mortgage
14040271709 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis4/7/2014Andrea N Walker, Mortgage
14040281531 American Blvd E #101, Bloomington4/7/2014Terry L Brainard, Mortgage
14040296415 Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Center4/8/2014 The Nicole Group, LLC, Mortgage
14040307908 Tierney's Woods Rd, Bloomington4/8/2014Contance M Douglas, Terry L DouglasMortgage
14040312101 82nd Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/8/2014Loveth Amayanvbo, Mortgage
14040328616 Oregon Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/8/2014Sharlene R Detle, Judgment
14040333556 27th Ave S, Minneapolis4/8/2014Janie J Jurgens, Mortgage
140403418877 97th Pl N, Maple Grove4/8/2014William G Rice Jr, Mortgage
14040353314 Thomas Ave, Minneapolis4/8/2014Rosetta-Jo T Johnson, Mortgage
14040366131 Bryant Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/8/2014Sharon N Birkeland, Jeffrey J ColemanMortgage
140403712177 101st Ave N, Maple Grove4/8/2014Leng Pha, Pa HerMortgage
14040383345 Nevada Ave N #4503, Crystal4/9/2014Molly McDonnell, Mortgage
14040396117 Halifax Ave S, Edina4/9/2014Richard T Grambsch, Marilyn GrambschMortgage
14040406240 Sumter Ave, Brooklyn Park4/9/2014Bjorn K Knutson, Mortgage
14040418640 Emerson Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/9/2014Sayanh Bounphithack, Kouth SisomphoneMortgage
14040428914 Annapolis La N, Maple Grove4/9/2014Juan D Calle, Doris E Gallego-CifuentesMortgage
14040434861 Edgewater Dr, Mound4/9/2014Cori B Graves, Jason GravesMortgage
14040441114 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis4/9/2014Allen L McKissic, Eve J McKissicMortgage
14040459024 18th Ave S, Bloomington4/9/2014Ignacio Sanchez Andrade, Gloria Medina Ponce & Victor M Sanchez MedinaMortgage
1404046619 Buchanan St, Minneapolis4/9/2014John M Zertuche, Mortgage
14040471812 Clinton Ave S #202, Minneapolis4/9/2014Benjamin T Raun, Mortgage
14040481313 Independence Ave N, Golden Valley4/9/2014Andrew J Hippert, Mortgage
14040495407 45th Ave N, Robbinsdale4/9/2014Michael W Rue, Jimi W RueMortgage
14040504669 Lakeland Ave N, Robbinsdale4/9/2014Kathleen M Conner, Mortgage
14040514350 Brookside Ct #316, Edina4/10/2014John M Steele, Betty S SteeleAssessment
14040522930 Park Ave S, Minneapolis4/10/2014David Jimenez, Elizabeth JimenezMortgage
14040534416 Xenia Ave N, Crystal4/10/2014Shanna L Allen, Mortgage
14040547533 Aldrich Ave S, Richfield4/10/2014Juliane Fosse, Mortgage
1404055343 Ridgeview Dr, Wayzata4/10/2014Ronald Hall, Tobi HallMortgage
14040571010 21st Ave S E, Minneapolis4/11/2014Brian L Corbett, Judgment
14040589109 Breckenridge La, Eden Prairie4/11/2014Richard M Berc, Mortgage
14040594017 54th St E, Minneapolis4/11/2014Cale Anderson, Mortgage
14040603318 Tyler St N E, Minneapolis4/11/2014Heather R Willoughby, Jason M WilloughbyMortgage
140406119560 Patrick Pl, Hamel4/11/2014Mary E Fairbairn, John L FairbairnMortgage
1404062130 7th Ave N, Hopkins4/11/2014Moses E Bies, Amanda H BiesMortgage
14040632672 Wilshire Blvd, Mound4/11/2014James T Kinney, Kathleen M KinneyMortgage
14040642704 Pleasant Ave S, Minneapolis4/11/2014Silvia Romero, Mortgage
1404065854 24th Ave S E, Minneapolis4/11/2014Summer Wong, Michael WongMortgage
14040666320 Markwood Dr N, Crystal4/11/2014Diane E Ressler, Mortgage
14040678906 Morgan Ave S, Bloomington4/14/2014Steven A Subak, Mortgage
14040681658 Xerxes Ave N, Minneapolis4/14/2014Bernadette L Roberts, Mortgage
14040691900 44th Ave N, Minneapolis4/14/2014Serena K Martin, David MartinMortgage
14040709924 Fremont Ave S, Bloomington4/14/2014Robert C Hansen, Kathleen M Hansen FKA Kathleen M GustafsonMortgage
14040714335 44th Ave S, Minneapolis4/14/2014Brian D Kielas, Diane M KielasMortgage
1404072338 3rd Ave N E #40, Minneapolis4/15/2014Thomas C Newman, Mortgage
14040734053 Chicago Ave S, Minneapolis4/15/2014Maria H Nguyen, Mortgage
14040745431 Virginia Ave N, New Hope4/15/2014Danelle C Demartini, Mortgage
1404075501 Morgan Ave N #509, Minneapolis4/15/2014Joyce L Marshall, Mortgage
140407618231 Warbler La, Eden Prairie4/15/2014Terrence L Sanborn, Janise J SanbornMortgage
14040774126 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis4/16/2014Ray C Womack, Mortgage
14040782657 78th Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/16/2014Adalis Ayala, Mortgage
14040798439 Yukon Cir N, Champlin4/16/2014Julie Oxley, Ryan M KazeckMortgage
14040801015 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis4/16/2014Craig E Morris aka Craig E Morris, Danielle MorrisMortgage
1404081210 2nd St N #307, Minneapolis4/16/2014Michael T Monk, Mortgage
14040824314 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis4/16/2014Shadee A Hardy, Mortgage
14040837427 Columbus Ave, Richfield4/16/2014Gina Sophia F De Morales, Laureano Morales FloresMortgage
14040842223 Ilion Ave N, Minneapolis4/16/2014Kathryn Pierce, Mortgage
140408510950 43rd Ave N, Plymouth4/16/2014Roger A Payne, Mortgage
14040861280 Ferndale Rd, Plymouth4/16/2014James P Mulvahill, Jean A MulvahillMortgage
14040871022 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis4/16/2014Virginia Keyes FKA Virginia Sullivan, Mortgage
14040885120 Washburn Ave N, Minneapolis4/16/2014Chong Xiong, Mortgage
14040891718 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis4/17/2014 Hmong American Mutual Assistance Association, Inc., Mortgage
14040902700 58th St E, Minneapolis4/17/2014Shirley A Laymon, Loreen R Stanley & Marland D StanleyMortgage
14040918533 Stratford La, Brooklyn Park4/18/2014Dawn M Lyke, Assessment
14040924147 Beard Ave N, Robbinsdale4/18/2014Matthew W Depauw, Jolene M Waalk DepauwMortgage
14040936401 Berkshire La, Maple Grove4/18/2014Steffany C Roalson, Nathan S RoalsonMortgage
14040947627 Vincent Ave S, Richfield4/18/2014Carol J Robinette, Mortgage
14040952365 Hemlock La, Minneapolis4/18/2014Paul E Flahive Jr, Mortgage
14040967323 Holly La N, Maple Grove4/18/2014James M Kim, Mortgage
1404097560 2nd St N #300, Minneapolis4/18/2014Douglas S Silus, Elaine C Silus & Stephen D SilusMortgage
14040983223 24th Ave S, Minneapolis4/18/2014Daphne V Timmons-Dean, Mortgage
14040995425 28th Ave S, Minneapolis4/18/2014Todd E Gordon, Mortgage
14041004634 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis4/18/2014Marol W Lewis, Mortgage
14041013900 56th Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/18/2014Mark C Alt, Shirley J AltMortgage
14041024225 Highland Rd, Minnetrista4/18/2014Thomas J Schulz, Mortgage
14041036300 14th Ave S, Richfield4/18/2014Paula Coffman Lindstrom, Mortgage
14041048556 Humboldt Ave S, Bloomington4/18/2014David J Nyberg, Terry L NybergMortgage
14041054134 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis4/18/2014Nicole R Wilkinson, Jacob J GreenMortgage
14041062645 Hampshire Ave S, St. Louis Park4/21/2014Jerry W Olson, Mortgage
140410718515 23rd Ave N, Plymouth4/21/2014John M Pendzimaz, Mortgage
14041089907 Chicago Ave S, Bloomington4/22/2014Gary J Richgruber, Rosanne P RichgruberMortgage
140410914110 Quinwood La N, Dayton4/22/2014Barbara J Wagner, Mortgage
14041104401 Brookdale Dr N, Brooklyn Park4/22/2014Brandon Thereau, Mortgage
1404111212 1st St N #209, Minneapolis4/23/2014Thomas N Gray, Mortgage
14041127302 Landau Dr, Bloomington4/23/2014Mary M Mayer-Gotreau, Thomas A GotreauMortgage
14041134319 Bryant Ave S #C001, Minneapolis4/23/2014Marguerite M Koenig, Mortgage
14041142715 Johnson St N E, Minneapolis4/23/2014Kyle Bille, Mortgage
14041156332 Welcome Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/23/2014Camilla L Nixon, Adrian E NixonMortgage
14041163523 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis4/23/2014Ernest G Berg, Mortgage
14041175907 York Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/23/2014Cynthia Jackson, Timothy JacksonMortgage
14041187638 14th Ave S, Richfield4/23/2014Jesse M Lenzen, Carolyn J LenzenMortgage
14041197160 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park4/25/2014Irene V Swanson, Association
14041202600 Cedar Green, Minnetonka4/25/2014Jeff Finn, Bonnie J FinnMortgage
14041218650 Elliot Ave S, Bloomington4/25/2014Dawn M Morris, Thomas W MorrisMortgage
14041227125 June Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/25/2014Jean F Quigley, Mortgage
140412310008 Zenith Rd, Minneapolis4/25/2014Douglas K Hansen, Mortgage
14041249033 18th Ave S, Bloomington4/25/2014Larry D Grace, Mortgage
14041256140 Bloomington Ave S, Minneapolis4/25/2014Terry Fausz, Dawn FauszMortgage
140412613655 97th Pl N, Maple Grove4/25/2014Donald R Cornwell, Pauine J CornwellMortgage
14041271080 Cedar View Dr, Minneapolis4/25/2014Emma J Kydd, Mortgage
14041285353 40th Ave S, Minneapolis4/25/2014Hayes D Gregory, Mortgage
14041294504 Aquila Ave N, New Hope4/25/2014Liet V Huynh, Nhung T NgoMortgage
14041306073 Xylon Ave N, New Hope4/25/2014Stephen C Eichler, Amy N EichlerMortgage
14041311325 Castle Ct, Golden Valley4/25/2014James F Smith, Laura J SmithMortgage
14041327284 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park4/25/2014Carol J Arthur, Mortgage
14041332715 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis4/28/2014Xee Her, Tou VangMortgage
14041346533 Florida Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/28/2014Julie A Staebler, Mortgage
1404135417 Ottawa Ave S, Golden Valley4/28/2014Cynthia L Kivo, Thomas M KivoMortgage
14041363517 Clinton Ave, Minneapolis4/29/2014Jimmy C Wilson, Mortgage
140413715 1st St S #A208, Minneapolis4/29/2014Randy L Rivenes, Mortgage
14041383512 Douglas Dr N, Minneapolis4/29/2014Daniel M Alt, Philip P EvsichMortgage
14041392223 Langdon La, Mound4/29/2014Martha C Barnhart, Mortgage
14041408233 Zane Ct N, Brooklyn Park4/29/2014Walter Montes, Mortgage
14041415525 29th Ave S, Minneapolis4/30/2014Romeo A Hidalgo, Gerardo HidalgoMortgage
14041425216 Scott La, Robbinsdale4/30/2014Nicole N Pacini, Mortgage
14041431321 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis4/30/2014Tommy L Neals, Shirley NealsMortgage
14041449886 Cromwell Dr, Eden Prairie4/30/2014Doug T Williams, Barbara WilliamsMortgage
14041453640 28th Ave S, Minneapolis4/30/2014Marcella J Kotula, Mortgage
14050012441 Decatur Ave S, St. Louis Park5/1/2014Kelly Giancristoforo, Dave GiancristoforoMortgage
14050025711 80th Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/2/2014Teresa J Weber, Association
140500317700 41st Ave N #78, Plymouth5/2/2014Joel Baardseth, Association
140500410531 Cedar Lake Rd #214, Minnetonka5/2/2014Lida L Kurtz, Association
14050053321 Zinran Ave S, St. Louis Park5/2/2014Courtland Hanson, Mortgage
1405006500 Grant St E #310, Minneapolis5/2/2014Benito A Garza, Mortgage
1405007419 76th Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/2/2014Wendy E Jordan-Torres, Alexzandria T TorresMortgage
14050083833 Zane Ave N, Crystal5/2/2014David J Durand, Gretchen A DurandMortgage
14050099963 Pilgrim Way, Maple Grove5/2/2014Thomas K Majkozak, Faye E MajkozakMortgage
14050103830 20th Ave S, Minneapolis5/2/2014Kelly L Keyes, Mortgage
14050112643 Arthur St N E, Minneapolis5/2/2014Roberta L Winters, Mortgage
14050124004 Quail Ave N, Robbinsdale5/2/2014Kelly R Larson, Scott W LivingstonMortgage
14050131425 93rd Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/2/2014Colleen M Bruch, Kevin P BruchMortgage
14050146040 Knox Ave S, Minneapolis5/5/2014Oliver Singleton, Cynthia Singleton FKA Cynthia BaumbachMortgage
14050152906 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis5/5/2014David A Miller, Mortgage
140501610532 Zenith Ave S, Bloomington5/5/2014James R Lacquay, Mortgage
14050171554 93rd Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/5/2014Lor Vue, Kay M VueMortgage
14050185517 81st Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/6/2014Kennedy C Ochiagha, Elizabeth W OchiaghaMortgage
14050193230 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis5/6/2014Kelly Haines, Mortgage
14050201001 11th Ave S #1, Hopkins5/6/2014Andrea L Benolkin, Assessment
14050211080 CO RD NO 92 N, Independence5/6/2014Gretchen R L Harvey, Mortgage
14050229540 Knox Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/6/2014Chue Y Vang, Mortgage
14050233331 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis5/6/2014Sarah M Thompson, Mortgage
14050246230 Bloomington Ave S, Richfield5/7/2014Larry A Johnsen, Mortgage
14050255530 Halifax Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/7/2014Tory R Thelen, Mortgage
14050266669 Xerxes Pl N, Brooklyn Center5/7/2014Marcia A Theisen, Mortgage
14050274051 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis5/7/2014Lashone D Hodges, Mortgage
14050284148 Gettysburg Ave N, New Hope5/7/2014David K Powers, Joy A PowersMortgage
140502915301 Wayzata Blvd, Minnetonka5/7/2014Wayne M Viger, Judgment
14050304015 5th Ave S, Minneapolis5/7/2014Barbara J Brown, Mortgage
14050315432 Sanibel Dr, Minnetonka5/7/2014Jennifer K Nelson, Mortgage
14050324033 Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis5/7/2014Indramatie Persaud, Rajesh PersaudMortgage
14050332525 3rd Ave S #111, Minneapolis5/7/2014Michael S Hexter, Mortgage
14050346010 Garwood Rd N, Brooklyn Park5/7/2014Larussell Hopson, Hawanya HopsonAssociation
14050352108 10th Ave S, Minneapolis5/7/2014Martin P Sackett, Mortgage
14050367200 Nicollet Ave S, Richfield5/7/2014Kimberly N Callahan, Mortgage
14050372147 Neilson Ave, Long Lake5/8/2014Stephanine L Ferrell, Mortgage
14050383704 Brookdale Cir N, Brooklyn Park5/9/2014David O Gunderson, Association
140503911911 Kentucky Ave N, Champlin5/9/2014Melissa J Martin, Andrew M MartinMortgage
14050406921 13th Ave S, Richfield5/9/2014Kristyn A Myers, Mortgage
14050412415 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis5/9/2014Mark D Benson, Mortgage
140504212103 Winnetka Ave N, Champlin5/9/2014Yuliya Chamoun, Elias S ChamounMortgage
14050433639 Marsh St, St. Bonifacius5/9/2014William D Wisegarver, Mindy E WisegarverMortgage
14050446536 Riverwood La, Brooklyn Center5/12/2014Alma Hannah, Garey A Hannah SrMortgage
140504522301 Red Oak Dr, Rogers5/12/2014Dallas R Arndt, Judy A ArndtMortgage
14050464515 43rd Ave S, Minneapolis5/12/2014Janice R Daniels, John M DanielsMortgage
140504710041 Fallgold Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park5/12/2014Ai D Pham, Mortgage
14050482729 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis5/13/2014James V Alexander, Mortgage
14050494255 Ximines La, Plymouth5/13/2014LouAnn Dahlager, Rodger DahlagerMortgage
140505011714 Colorado Ave N, Champlin5/13/2014Sawri Vang, Youa VangMortgage
14050515201 6th St N, Minneapolis5/13/2014Phillip Cornelious, Mortgage
14050524415 Chowen Ave S #101, Minneapolis5/13/2014Christine L Kelly, Mortgage
14050536925 11th Ave S, Richfield5/13/2014David L Ernester, Mortgage
1405054410 Narcissus La N, Plymouth5/13/2014Jon C Hickman, Renee A HickmanMortgage
14050551265 Scott Dr, Minnetrista5/13/2014Gary A Mattson, Laura L MattsonMortgage
14050565568 Village Creek Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park5/14/2014Aisha Howard, Assessment
14050572647 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis5/14/2014Richelle Hart, Mortgage
14050586204 Magda Dr #134, Maple Grove5/14/2014Ernestina A Odei, Seth P DansoMortgage
1405059854 23rd Ave S E, Minneapolis5/14/2014Karin L Nelson, Bradley NelsonMortgage
14050605547 Trenton La N, Plymouth5/14/2014Muzafer Najfi, Fozia AshiqueMortgage
140506111316 Eagle Lake Blvd N, Maple Grove5/14/2014Peter S Meimaridis, Janice L MeimaridisMortgage
14050625709 Twin Lake Ter N, Crystal5/15/2014Bobby Battle, Lisa L BattleMortgage
1405063814 9th Ave S #5, Hopkins5/16/2014Elizabeth Hendron, Association
14050644201 Lakeside Ave N #309, Brooklyn Center5/16/2014Gloria A Lewis, Association
14050653028 31st Ave S, Minneapolis5/16/2014Rebecca L Prust, Judgment
14050664300 Trenton Pl N #222, Plymouth5/16/2014 Gayle J Michaels, as Trustee of the Gayle J Michae, Assessment
14050674323 Vera Cruz Ave N, Crystal5/16/2014Kenneth R Sollberg, Anna M Sollberg AKA Ann M SollbergMortgage
14050683301 Poe Rd, Brooklyn Center5/16/2014Rosie J Samuel, Warren L SamuelMortgage
14050692500 Blaisdell Ave S #201, Minneapolis5/16/2014Julie Williams, Mortgage
14050707548 Maplebrook Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park5/16/2014Todd R Lenz, Amanda NeuschwanderMortgage
1405071800 27th Ave N E, Minneapolis5/16/2014Ryah M Laxen, Jeremy J LaxenMortgage
14050724112 Perry Ave N, Robbinsdale5/16/2014Daniel Jensen, Mortgage
14050732835 Jewel La N, Plymouth5/16/2014Craig S Johnson, Kari JohnsonMortgage
14050747200 York Ave S #326, Edina5/16/2014Jason M Yets, Tina M YetsMortgage
14050753146 Bloomington Ave S, Minneapolis5/16/2014Azucena Zambrano, Wualter P Mendez AKA Wualter P RojasMortgage
1405076641 19th Ave N E, Minneapolis5/16/2014Miguel A Cazho, Maria R ChoglloMortgage
140507711106 Vessey Ave S, Bloomington5/19/2014Paul D Fordahl, Tammy J FordahlMortgage
14050789345 Glacier Rd, Minnetrista5/19/2014Patrick T Shea, Vienna SheaMortgage
1405079835 Fox Path Ct, Hamel5/19/2014Tracy D Johnson, Sharon JohnsonMortgage
140508011083 98th Ave N, Maple Grove5/19/2014Bethany A Bayenderian, Eric J BayenderianMortgage
14050817601 Wentworth Ave, Richfield5/19/2014Dana Jo Field, Mortgage
14050824616 Drexel Ave, Edina5/20/2014Richard M Stromme, Lucille B StrommeMortgage
14050831008 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis5/20/2014Levi C Miller, Mortgage
14050848474 Yates Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/20/2014Sara R Croaston, Mortgage
14050853737 Elliot Ave S, Minneapolis5/20/2014Fred E Hodge, Ruby J HodgeMortgage
14050862627 17th Ave S, Minneapolis5/20/2014Jama Dunor, Losenie DunorMortgage
1405087311 Kenwood Pkwy #203, Minneapolis5/20/2014Steven C Petersen, Mortgage
14050883525 36th Ave S, Minneapolis5/21/2014Joel E Lambert, Joelle M LambertMortgage
14050893125 Major Ave N, Golden Valley5/21/2014Cathleen A Cather, Joseph H Carroll JrMortgage
14050905617 Girard Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/21/2014Efrain G Guerra, Maria E GonzalezMortgage
14050913018 Sumter Ave S, St. Louis Park5/21/2014Nick Lindee, Mortgage
14050924842 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis5/21/2014Darlene L Riddley, Mortgage
14050936752 Sunburst Dr, Eden Prairie5/21/2014William Fridge, Dolores FridgeMortgage
14050943053 Cavell Ave S, St. Louis Park5/21/2014Harry A McClanahan, Mortgage
14050955542 Toledo Ave N, Crystal5/21/2014Michael L Fagerlie, Mortgage
14050967501 101st St W #106, Bloomington5/21/2014Jill K Veen, Mortgage
140509711000 Quebec Cir, Bloomington5/21/2014Bradley K Edlefsen, Assessment
1405098707 5th St N E, Minneapolis5/21/2014Brian C Loots, Moriah A LootsMortgage
14050996004 83rd Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park5/21/2014Collins Anya, Mortgage
14051003006 Rhode Island Ave S, St. Louis Park5/21/2014Michael A Gough, Mortgage
14051015701 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis5/21/2014Jeffrey L Bartlett, Mortgage
14051025440 Twin Lake Ter, Crystal5/23/2014Daniil Bryskin, Mortgage
14051038137 Wentworth Ave S, Bloomington5/23/2014Mario Perez Rivera, Mortgage
14051047519 Yates La N, Brooklyn Park5/23/2014Frances E Reed, Mortgage
14051053810 Brookdale Cir N, Brooklyn Park5/23/2014Pamela S Henke, Mortgage
14051063041 Jersey Ave N, Crystal5/23/2014Jason G Christiansen, Jenel R ChristiansenMortgage
14051073122 15th Ave S, Minneapolis5/23/2014Mark C Copenhaver, Gwyneth K OlsonMortgage
14051086212 Pilgrim La N, Maple Grove5/23/2014Darwin D Holmstrom, Patricia C JohnsonMortgage
14051097384 Unity La N, Brooklyn Park5/23/2014Eung Vongphouthone, Mortgage
14051103827 Xenia Ave N, Crystal5/23/2014Jay W Watkins, Cindy K WatkinsMortgage
14051111319 Tyrol Tr, Golden Valley5/23/2014Michael Satovich NKA Michael Sajatovic, Sandy Satovich NKA Sandy SajatovicMortgage
14051123662 Minnehaha Ave S, Minneapolis5/27/2014Booker T Daniel, Mortgage
14051139409 Briar Cir, Bloomington5/27/2014Sam E Dupris, Sammie C DuprisMortgage
14051143600 Trenton La N, Minneapolis5/27/2014Earnest Williams, Mortgage
140511510664 Monticello La N, Maple Grove5/27/2014Lori B Mayfield, Thomas R MayfieldMortgage
14051163620 Independence Ave S #40, St. Louis Park5/27/2014Frank D May, Kathleen A MayMortgage
14051173125 Columbus Ave S, Minneapolis5/27/2014Scott G Murray, Mortgage
14051183609 84th Cir N, Brooklyn Park5/27/2014Priscilla Moore, Mortgage
14051193633 Columbus Ave S, Minneapolis5/28/2014Celia E Paredes, Jose V QuitoMortgage
14051203852 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis5/28/2014Wayne Heikkila, Mortgage
14051211528 76th Ct N, Brooklyn Park5/28/2014Michael Wiebe, Mortgage
14051229148 Cold Stream La, Eden Prairie5/28/2014Linda Brower, Mortgage
140512312330 70th Ave N, Maple Grove5/28/2014Donna J John, Howard R JohnMortgage
1405124121 Washington Ave S #1513, Minneapolis5/28/2014Teri K Trombley, Mortgage
14051255200 12th Ave S, Minneapolis5/28/2014Brian S Agren, Barbara S AgrenMortgage
14051264405 46th Ave S, Minneapolis5/29/2014Genevieve Halicki, Mortgage
14051271236 Wagon Wheel Rd, Hopkins5/29/2014Susan Cook Williamson, Assessment
14051287316 22nd St W #307, St. Louis Park5/30/2014Dennis Larkin, Association
14051297412 22nd St W #111, St. Louis Park5/30/2014Sandra M Shish, Association
14051304130 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis5/30/2014Bernice M Jennings, Mortgage
14051316600 40th Ave N, Crystal5/30/2014Anne M Wilson, Mortgage
14051325205 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis5/30/2014Mary J Sanchez FKA Mary J Anderson, Salvador C SanchezMortgage
14051333692 Lyric Ave, Wayzata5/30/2014Jane P Gross, Mortgage
14051346605 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park5/30/2014Scott M Edwards, Mortgage
14051356932 Columbus Ave S, Richfield5/30/2014Evelyn D Miller, Paul J MillerMortgage
14051366805 52nd Ave N, Crystal5/30/2014Sandra J Stanley, Mortgage
14051377109 Setzler Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park5/30/2014Tanuja T Deonarine, Mortgage
14051386020 Columbus Ave S, Minneapolis5/30/2014Dan A Story, Mortgage
14060013914 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis6/2/2014Patrick J Higgins, Mortgage
14060028217 Zane Ct N, Brooklyn Park6/2/2014Richard A Anderson Jr, Mortgage
14060033028 Westwood Rd, Minnetonka Beach6/2/2014Stacy M Roxberg, Mortgage
14060045170 71st La, Loretto6/2/2014William C Commers, Mortgage
14060056337 Indiana Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/2/2014Kou Vang, Nina Xiong n/k/a Nina VangMortgage
14060064704 17th Ave S, Minneapolis6/2/2014Eric J Muchowski, Kelly B MuchowskiMortgage
14060078609 Kell Ave S, Bloomington6/2/2014Christopher Pham, Rose NguyenMortgage
14060085521 30th Ave S, Minneapolis6/2/2014Larry S Nutter, Cheryl L NutterMortgage
14060096970 Langford Ct, Edina6/2/2014Barbara C DeVilliers, Mortgage
14060103119 Quarles Rd, Brooklyn Center6/2/2014Nicholas J Holubar, Mortgage
14060117925 Bryant Ct N, Brooklyn Park6/3/2014Pahoua Vang, Mortgage
1406012815 Vicksburg La N, Plymouth6/3/2014Carl A Rugland, Debra A RuglandMortgage
1406013631 Erie St S E, Minneapolis6/3/2014Jasoda McInnis, Rowan McInnisMortgage
14060146109 Morgan Ave S, Minneapolis6/3/2014Christian N Halverson, Mortgage
14060159118 Maryland Ave N, Brooklyn Park6/3/2014Marc Phothiboupha, Mortgage
14060164103 Nokomis Ave S, Minneapolis6/3/2014Edward F Tolan, Mortgage
14060177941 Sunkist Blvd N, Brooklyn Park6/3/2014Herbert Holmberg, Mortgage
140601814394 Raymond La, Eden Prairie6/4/2014Robert L Dahnke, Mortgage
14060192722 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis6/4/2014Cherie M Moore, Mortgage
1406020810 Old Settlers Tr #1, Hopkins6/4/2014Betty J Rosenow, Marland RosenowMortgage
14060213426 Russell Ave N #1, Minneapolis6/4/2014Maria T Salas, Mortgage
14060226603 36th Ave N, Crystal6/4/2014Mark C Silvernail, Mortgage
14060232200 Nevada Ave S #317, St. Louis Park6/4/2014Virginia M Uttley, Mortgage
14060247509 Xerxes Ave S, Richfield6/4/2014Michael A Ellis, Mortgage
14060251303 84th Way N, Brooklyn Park6/4/2014Dalepree J Washington, Mortgage
14060267302 110th St W, Bloomington6/6/2014Laurie A McKay, Association
140602715107 Lesley La, Eden Prairie6/6/2014Jessica Lepinski, Association
14060287301 40th Ave N, New Hope6/6/2014Forest W Green, Mortgage
14060294000 39th Ave S, Minneapolis6/6/2014Huu Nguyen, Mortgage
140603011440 Elmwood Ave N, Champlin6/6/2014Corey M New, Mortgage
14060315031 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis6/6/2014Tammy L Jones, Raymond C Jones IIIMortgage
14060323557 Idaho Ave N, Crystal6/9/2014Elizabeth Langlais-Sick, Mortgage
14060336314 30th Ave N, Crystal6/9/2014Anil Ramikssoon, Gangadai RamkissoonMortgage
14060344753 Cedar Lake Rd, St. Louis Park6/9/2014Jonathan L Green, Mortgage
14060353943 Abbott Ave N, Robbinsdale6/10/2014Marsha L Smith, Mortgage
14060364613 Twin Haven Rd, Minnetonka6/10/2014Steven L Plotkin, Jayne C PlotkinMortgage
14060371210 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis6/10/2014Maria E Nieves de Aguilar, Mortgage
14060384905 Jewel La N #B, Plymouth6/10/2014Nancy A Nelson, Mortgage
14060394711 Regent Ave N, Crystal6/10/2014Donald D Beauchaine, Megan J BeauchaineMortgage
140604011832 Florida Ave N, Champlin6/10/2014Kyung Kim, Mortgage
14060411832 Jersey Ave S, St. Louis Park6/10/2014Joshua L Itman, Mortgage
14060427702 Gleason Rd, Edina6/10/2014Shawn R Dooling, Tina Bahn-DoolingMortgage
14060433216 Winnetka Ave N, New Hope6/11/2014 Douglas J. Jones LLC, Mortgage
14060443711 40th St E, Minneapolis6/11/2014Elisabeth D Westover, Mortgage
14060456030 Dallas La N, Plymouth6/11/2014John M Thomas, Kathleen E ThomasMortgage
14060464145 45th Ave S, Minneapolis6/11/2014James R Rondeau, Mortgage
14060472565 Cedar Crown Dr, Minnetonka6/11/2014Laura J Brandys, Mortgage
1406048745 Tyler St N E, Minneapolis6/11/2014Judith A Dale, Mortgage
14060493536 1st Ave S, Minneapolis6/11/2014William A Daley, Robin M Daley fka Robin M WilkinsMortgage
14060506515 Regency La, Eden Prairie6/11/2014Charles P Freiberg, Mortgage
14060515559 Elm Grove Cir, New Hope6/11/2014Imani Vincent, Mortgage
14060525607 Colfax Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/11/2014David I Rumple, Cynthia RumpleMortgage
14060533878 Wehle Pl, St. Bonifacius6/11/2014Michelle V Patterson, Mortgage
14060544014 15th Ave S #9B, Minneapolis6/12/2014James Weyker, Assessment
14060553218 6th St N, Minneapolis6/12/2014Robin Dixon, Mortgage
14060564048 Columbus Ave S, Minneapolis6/12/2014Sabrina L Muhammad, Bilal Y SeifullahMortgage
1406057125 Vinewood La N, Plymouth6/12/2014Leonard J Hoy, Holly M Olson-HoyMortgage
14060585807 Knox Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/12/2014Dean K Dunn, Lavonne J DunnMortgage
1406059316 West Eagle Lake Dr, Maple Grove6/13/2014Debra Smith, Association
14060609442 Saratoga La N, Maple Grove6/13/2014Gayle Hadley, Mortgage
1406061909 Dayton Rd, Champlin6/13/2014Michael P Moriarity, Kelly J MoriarityMortgage
14060623844 Florida Ave N, Crystal6/13/2014Ronald L Dahlheimer, Mortgage
14060632117 21st Ave S, Minneapolis6/13/2014Kelley Horan, Mortgage
14060643200 75th Ave N, Brooklyn Park6/13/2014Russell D Jensen, Cathy L JensenMortgage
14060655225 36th Ave S, Minneapolis6/16/2014Bryan D Shutt, Annie F Lusso-ShuttMortgage
14060662040 James Ave N, Minneapolis6/16/2014Dorothy M Stone, Susan StoneMortgage
14060673838 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis6/16/2014Jay A Rosio, Lisa RosioMortgage
14060685945 Sunset Rd, Mound6/17/2014Monte E Rude, Kelley L RudeMortgage
14060698132 Brandywine Pkwy, Brooklyn Park6/17/2014Lori J Stewart, Mortgage
14060706846 Merrimac La N, Maple Grove6/17/2014Melissa R Ophaug, Leland G OphaugMortgage
14060719821 34th Ave N, Plymouth6/17/2014Eric Saunders, Mortgage
14060726357 Bloomington Ave S, Richfield6/17/2014De Ann R Eggen A/K/A DeAnn R Eggen, Joyce M EricksonMortgage
14060732805 Bloomington Ave S, Minneapolis6/18/2014Leonard A Norum, Mortgage
14060742226 University Ave NE, Minneapolis6/18/2014Todd J Kraft, Geraldine Hintz-KraftMortgage
14060753506 53rd Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/18/2014Donaciano Ponce Llanas, Hilda N Herrera GarciaMortgage
14060776340 Cavell Ct, Brooklyn Park6/18/2014Ricky R Dobson, Mortgage
14060783906 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis6/18/2014Eileen V Hartinger, Mortgage
14060792936 Chowen Ave S, Minneapolis6/18/2014Daniel L Sattre, Mortgage
14060809027 18th Ave S, Bloomington6/18/2014Susan Bunting, Assessment
140608112926 82nd Ave N, Maple Grove6/18/2014Christine M Porter, Mortgage
14060821709 72nd St W, Richfield6/18/2014Cheri L Freeman-Peters, Mortgage
14060835224 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park6/19/2014Hope M Cook, Mortgage
14060846328 Barrie Rd #3E, Edina6/19/2014Elizabeth A Montoya, Assessment
14060855305 46th Ave S, Minneapolis6/19/2014Sarah C Zielie, Travis J NelsonMortgage
1406086700 74th Ave N, Minneapolis6/20/2014Alan R Hazelton, Mortgage
14060873508 Quebec Ave S, St. Louis Park6/20/2014Dwayne M Hesse, Mortgage
14060883754 Major Ave N, Robbinsdale6/20/2014Laurie A Henning, Mortgage
14060898630 Rich Rd, Bloomington6/20/2014Steven Russo, Corinne KorpelaMortgage
14060907865 Polaris La N, Maple Grove6/20/2014Sang Y Lee, Yong S LeeMortgage
14060914043 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis6/20/2014Faron J Jackson, Laurel J JacksonMortgage
14060926505 83rd Ct N, Brooklyn Park6/20/2014Renee D Cook, Mortgage
14060933537 Pennsylvania Ave S, St. Louis Park6/20/2014Eloise M Fourre FKA Eloise M Cohen, Mortgage
14060944560 Manchester Rd, Mound6/20/2014Sarah J Anderson, Richard C AndersonMortgage
14060958936 York Rd S, Bloomington6/20/2014Lowell A Brenneman, Mortgage
14060963323 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis6/20/2014Kelsi E Moffitt, Mortgage
1406097729 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis6/23/2014Joshua M Evans, Mortgage
14060985840 Scenic Dr, Minnetonka6/23/2014Heather M Tripp, Timothy J TrippMortgage
1406099621 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis6/23/2014Keith D Malmer, Mortgage
14061004957 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis6/23/2014Michael Lynch, Mortgage
14061015101 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis6/24/2014Aubrey J Toensing, Keith A RahnMortgage
14061025006 42 1/2 Ave N, Robbinsdale6/24/2014Koby Brueshaber, Mortgage
14061034623 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis6/24/2014Suzanne Kranitz, Mortgage
14061046719 Camden Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/24/2014Brenda Haynes, Greg ForsbergMortgage
14061052930 Blaisdell Ave S #207, Minneapolis6/24/2014Carlo Cocci, Mortgage
14061062837 Nevada Ave S, St. Louis Park6/24/2014John Kuhnel, Mortgage
14061074815 Terraceview La N, Plymouth6/24/2014John R Berard, Pamela S BerardMortgage
14061083131 Grimes Ave N, Robbinsdale6/25/2014Chad C Faircloth, Mortgage
14061098240 Brandywine Pkwy, Brooklyn Park6/25/2014Jeffrey S Conley, Mortgage
14061103951 Plymouth Rd, Minnetonka6/25/2014Damon M Walters, Karen A WaltersMortgage
14061113780 Rosewood La N, Plymouth6/25/2014Linda M Haigh, Bradley P HaighMortgage
14061126000 Bryant Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/25/2014Lisa Nourie, Mortgage
140611313825 52nd Ave N #1005, Plymouth6/25/2014Byron Figueroa, Maria FigueroaMortgage
14061147256 Hunters Run, Eden Prairie6/25/2014Louise C Haberer, Assessment
14061153723 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis6/25/2014Jeffrey M Jaynes, Stephanie Pince-JaynesMortgage
1406116635 Orchid La N, Plymouth6/25/2014Yuriy Umanskyy, Mortgage
14061171815 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis6/25/2014Anthony J Pirri, Mortgage
14061185632 36th Ave S, Minneapolis6/25/2014Omari O Omari, Mortgage
140611913560 Technology Dr #1308, Eden Prairie6/26/2014Lee E Schading, Mortgage
14061208389 Oakview Ct N, Maple Grove6/26/2014Mary L Bentley, Mortgage
14061215820 Ashcroft Ave, Edina6/26/2014Wayne J Kratzer, Patricia L KratzerMortgage
14061223700 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis6/27/2014Lorrie T Insisiengmay, Ket InsisiengmayMortgage
14061232651 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis6/27/2014Lobert N Xiong, Mortgage
140612412919 Pioneer Road, Minnetonka6/27/2014Jerome Stepanek, Laurie SloaneMortgage
140612510531 Cedar Lake Rd #411, Minnetonka6/27/2014Philip N Goodman, Mortgage
14061263618 Brookdale Dr N, Brooklyn Park6/27/2014Fern E Brickman, Mortgage
1406127154 Oakwood Rd, Hopkins6/27/2014Phillip J Krafft, Mary E KrafftMortgage
14061285845 44th Ave S, Minneapolis6/27/2014Dale W Gough, Cheryl A GoughMortgage
14061299934 Morgan Ave S, Bloomington6/27/2014Susan E Lestina, Mortgage
1406130521 7th St S #312, Minneapolis6/30/2014Scott D Thielen, Mortgage
14061314206 Wentworth Ave S, Minneapolis6/30/2014Jewett Bale, Michelle BaleMortgage
14061324530 Park Commons Dr #113, St. Louis Park6/30/2014Ilgvars P Gulbis, Mortgage
14061333610 Mckinley St N E, Minneapolis6/30/2014Michael Dmytruk, Mortgage
14070015110 Holly La N #4, Plymouth7/1/2014Robert T Isbell, Assessment
14070024825 Boone Cir, New Hope7/1/2014Robert A Kruse, Carole E KruseMortgage
14070036065 Louisiana Ave N, New Hope7/1/2014Michael R Hau, Amanda C HauMortgage
14070045259 4th St N, Minneapolis7/1/2014Alexis C Lindsay, Mortgage
14070055115 Wooddale Glen, Edina7/1/2014William R Rohlf, Kristin A RohlfMortgage
14070063585 Livingston Ave, Orono7/1/2014Gary Mattson, Laura MattsonMortgage
14070073440 Texas Ave S, St. Louis Park7/1/2014Truc T Nguyen, Mortgage
14070083523 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis7/1/2014Sandra S Massey, Mortgage
14070096324 33rd St W, St. Louis Park7/1/2014Alfonso Zendejas-Quezada, Maria R HerreraMortgage
14070101901 South Meadowwood Ct, Brooklyn Park7/1/2014Walter Jones, Tina M JonesMortgage
14070116209 111 1/2 Ave N, Champlin7/2/2014Jeannine R Potter, Mortgage
14070127508 Zinnia Way, Maple Grove7/2/2014Darlene E Anderson, Mortgage
14070134102 31st Ave S, Minneapolis7/2/2014Diane M Dynon, Daniel J DynonMortgage
14070148301 Garfield Ave S, Bloomington7/2/2014Eric R Bruns, Wendy L BrunsMortgage
14070153152 Kentucky Ave S, St. Louis Park7/2/2014Daniel M Kearney, Carrie M KearneyMortgage
14070165734 Oregon Ct N, Crystal7/2/2014Steven B Goldschmidt, Mortgage
14070173102 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis7/3/2014Nathan S Michaelson, Mortgage
14070182522 Lincoln St N E, Minneapolis7/3/2014Thakooree Singh, Mortgage
14070193632 39th Ave S, Minneapolis7/7/2014Jonathan A Stensland, Mortgage
14070201445 Rainbow Ave, Maple Plain7/7/2014Camille L Hinds, Mortgage
14070213835 6th St N, Minneapolis7/7/2014Beatrice M Voerding, Albin R VoerdingMortgage
14070223430 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis7/7/2014Andrew O Merande, Mortgage
14070237608 Emerson Ave S, Richfield7/7/2014Kenneth B Sower, Kathryn S SowerMortgage
14070241052 16th Ave S E, Minneapolis7/7/2014JoAnn G Weber, Mortgage
14070255138 Washburn Ave N, Minneapolis7/7/2014Nelson A Morales, Mortgage
14070268740 Cottonwood La, Eden Prairie7/8/2014Samuel E Harris, Emelda V HarrisMortgage
14070273399 Crystal Bay Rd, Orono7/8/2014Steven G Sobieniak, Victoria McKinneyMortgage
140702817525 46th Ave N, Plymouth7/8/2014Todd R Westlund, Anita L WestlundMortgage
14070293520 Meadow La, Minnetonka7/8/2014Ann M Hamper, Lawrence J Selcke & Deborah A SelckeMortgage
14070303105 16th Ave S #2, Minneapolis7/9/2014Tracy Mohomes, Mortgage
14070312236 Pierce St N E, Minneapolis7/9/2014Peter E Rondoni, Mortgage
14070322006 Brookview Dr, Brooklyn Center7/9/2014Gustavo C Castillo, Mortgage
14070332524 Copeland Rd, Independence7/10/2014Cheryl Hubbard, Mortgage
14070344101 Jersey Ave N, Crystal7/10/2014Diana V Sammons, Douglas A SammonsMortgage
14070359141 Olson Memorial Hwy #106, Golden Valley7/11/2014John C Russell, Association
14070362704 Georgia Ave, St. Louis Park7/11/2014Daniel G McHugh, Judgment
14070371404 19th St E, Minneapolis7/11/2014Corey E Byrd, Leslie ByrdMortgage
14070386510 Cloverdale Ave, Crystal7/11/2014Larry T Anderson, Lisa M AndersonMortgage
14070398226 12th Ave S, Bloomington7/11/2014Anthony M Lee, Mortgage
14070409013 Emerson Ave S, Bloomington7/11/2014Nickolas J Ward, Mortgage
14070413717 Pennsylvania Ave S, St. Louis Park7/11/2014James A Vescera Jr, Mortgage
140704211808 Georgia Ave N, Champlin7/14/2014John E Blahnik, Cheryl L BlahnikMortgage
1407043508 Sunnyside La, Hopkins7/14/2014James D Havelry, Mortgage
14070444725 Quail Ave N, Crystal7/14/2014Daniel W Busch, Mortgage
14070454922 Xerxes Ave N, Minneapolis7/14/2014Julia Wood, Mortgage
14070469201 Minnetonka Blvd, St. Louis Park7/14/2014Nancy B Opdahl AKA Nancy Beth Opdahl, Mortgage
14070477822 Xerxes Ct N, Brooklyn Park7/15/2014Khamponh Siariya, Mortgage
1407048400 Groveland Ave #1712, Minneapolis7/15/2014Lawrence A Jones, Mortgage
14070491073 26th Ave S E, Minneapolis7/15/2014Joseph A Domingues, Sari M DominguesMortgage
14070506245 13th Ave S, Richfield7/15/2014Soanna Howitz a/k/a Soana Howitz, Mortgage
14070514300 Oakland Ave, Minneapolis7/15/2014LaVerne M Johns, Mortgage
14070522512 11th Ave S, Minneapolis7/15/2014Chai V Vang aka Chai Vang Ka Neng Vang, Khou L VangMortgage
14070538824 Kentucky Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/15/2014Robert H Plahn, Niccole L PlahnMortgage
14070547301 101st St W #305, Bloomington7/16/2014Leonid Tamarkin, Judgment
14070559130 Fremont Ave S, Bloomington7/16/2014Mike Fung f/k/a Thanh Phung, Anne Fung f/k/a Anh TuMortgage
14070562317 37th St E, Minneapolis7/16/2014Edwin D Waelhof, Mortgage
1407057631 Buchanan St N E, Minneapolis7/16/2014Madge R Spears, Mortgage
14070586571 Pinnacle Dr, Eden Prairie7/16/2014Steven C Waldron, Catherine G WaldronMortgage
1407059433 7th St S #1601, Minneapolis7/16/2014Darryl D Barrett, Mortgage
14070604004 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis7/16/2014Sasha T Lindquist, Mortgage
14070613227 Keewaydin Pl, Minneapolis7/16/2014Juan Montellano, Shelda M KingMortgage
14070628425 Morgan Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/16/2014Nou Her, Mortgage
14070636231 Co Rd No 10, Rockford7/16/2014Steven W Hines, Tanya L HinesMortgage
14070644624 Hillsboro Ave N, New Hope7/16/2014Smart Baitani, Mortgage
1407065702 Old Settlers Tr #3, Hopkins7/17/2014Joyce A Markham, Barbara M GomezAssessment
14070665030 Holly La N, Plymouth7/17/2014Kimberley A Holmberg, Assessment
14070671007 11th Ave S #7, Hopkins7/17/2014Joyce A Markham, Assessment
14070687010 106th St W, Bloomington7/18/2014Jeffrey W Eberhard, Mortgage
14070696021 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis7/18/2014Michael P Nordstrom AKA Michael P Nordstrom Jr, Mortgage
14070702921 43rd St E, Minneapolis7/18/2014Rebecca S Ersfeld, Steven E ErsfeldMortgage
14070717133 Jersey Ave N, Minneapolis7/18/2014Justin Oldre, Amanda OldreMortgage
14070725224 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park7/18/2014Hope M Cook, Mortgage
14070739500 Fox Valley Dr, Corcoran7/18/2014Steven M Weros, Jane M WerosMortgage
14070743427 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis7/18/2014John M Shaw, Mortgage
14070754833 Idaho Ave N, Crystal7/18/2014Patricia A Pfingsten, Terrill J PfingstenMortgage
14070763731 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis7/21/2014Patrick D Kelble, Yvonne M KelbleMortgage
14070779936 10th Ave S, Bloomington7/21/2014Kathryn R Hoffman, Duane HoffmanMortgage
140707812392 Zealand Cir N, Champlin7/21/2014Mary Granheim, Mortgage
14070793247 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis7/21/2014Peter K Crosby, Amy CrosbyMortgage
14070806524 Quebec Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/21/2014Todd V Ruzicka, Elena D RuzickaMortgage
14070813831 6th St N, Minneapolis7/22/2014Pamela A Lene, Jerrold O LeneMortgage
14070822028 Mainstreet, Hopkins7/22/2014Rebecca K Jensen, Assessment
14070834724 15th Ave S, Minneapolis7/22/2014Michael D Edberg, Mortgage
14070842224 Langdon La, Mound7/22/2014Brian K Holst, Teresa M HolstMortgage
14070852318 Pierce St N E, Minneapolis7/22/2014Theresa L Hallin, Mortgage
14070864960 Duluth St, Golden Valley7/22/2014Jillene M Pickett, Mortgage
1407087440 Ridgewood Ave #104, Minneapolis7/22/2014Scott R Runman, Mortgage
1407088300 73rd Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/22/2014Donnell M Mack, Mortgage
14070893044 10th Ave S, Minneapolis7/23/2014Ingrid Petrus, Mortgage
14070905305 Orleans La #4, Plymouth7/23/2014David M Senness, Mortgage
14070912671 Meridian Dr, Robbinsdale7/23/2014Tia Y Chang, Xay L ChangMortgage
14070925810 Annapolis La N, Plymouth7/23/2014Joel K Taylor, Mortgage
14070931423 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis7/23/2014Theoplus Ligon, Mortgage
14070945444 100th La N, Brooklyn Park7/23/2014Michael M Habte, Mortgage
14070953415 High La, Long Lake7/23/2014Nina E Guertin-Marklund, Richard G MarklundMortgage
14070962794 Dean Pkwy, Minneapolis7/23/2014Sammie J Mccaa Jr, Nanette V MccaaMortgage
14070972930 Blaisdell Ave S #302, Minneapolis7/23/2014 Fourteenth & Marion LLC, Assessment
14070982331 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis7/23/2014Fatin Abdul-Ahad, Mortgage
1407099515 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis7/23/2014William Jones, Ella A JonesMortgage
14071005148 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis7/23/2014Lorenzo M Moore, Gina L MooreMortgage
1407101604 River St, Minneapolis7/23/2014Babu N Aharam, Cris E AharamAssociation
14071023431 39th Ave S, Minneapolis7/23/2014Kathryn G Kanter, Mortgage
14071033825 51st Ave N, Brooklyn Center7/23/2014Nhut V Dang, Mortgage
14071047158 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park7/23/2014Richard Watanabe, Mortgage
14071056280 Winnetka Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/23/2014Jenna J Tomasko FKA Jenna J Gadbois, Gregory R TomaskoMortgage

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