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Sale Record Number Unverified Common Address Date of Sale Mortgagor(s) Type of Sale
151011114165 47th Ave N, Plymouth10/26/2015Dean L Eldred, Sandra A EldredMortgage
15101127327 Humboldt Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/26/2015Keith L Stay, Mortgage
15101136154 Hampshire Ave N, Crystal10/26/2015Keith B Ruszala, Mortgage
15101143526 Halifax Ave N, Minneapolis10/26/2015Diane Ruzin, Mortgage
151011510920 Irwin Ave S, Bloomington10/26/2015Janice G Hennings, Mortgage
15101162156 Noble La, Mound10/26/2015Claudette Knowles, Mortgage
151011710742 Cavell Rd, Bloomington10/27/2015Paul K McDonald, Assessment
15101189400 Old Cedar Ave S #110, Bloomington10/27/2015Stephen H Frankovich, Mortgage
15101194525 Park Commons Dr #519, St. Louis Park10/27/2015Shonda K Zenner, Thomas J ZennerMortgage
15101203929 Harriet Ave S, Minneapolis10/27/2015Heather Donaldson, Nicholas PattersonMortgage
15101216124 Quail Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/27/2015Telly Nickens, Charo NickensMortgage
15101223306 Adair Ave N, Crystal10/28/2015Maquay A Hockett, Mortgage
15101236725 Camden Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/28/2015Miriam Waweru Lawolo, Victor L OguntiMortgage
15101247228 Perry Ct E, Brooklyn Center10/28/2015Karen A Davis, Andrew C DavisMortgage
15101255421 31st Ave S, Minneapolis10/28/2015James O Richards, Sarah M RichardsMortgage
15101264913 Vera Cruz Ave N, Crystal10/28/2015Mohamed Jalloh, Mortgage
15101271901 Hennepin Ave E #306, Minneapolis10/28/2015Jay D Smith, Jenna SmithMortgage
15101284124 Dight Ave, Minneapolis10/29/2015George O'Mara Dewhirst A/K/A George O Dewhirst, Tracey DewhirstMortgage
15101296203 Magda Dr N, Maple Grove10/30/2015David S Cozzolino, Robert BlackAssociation
151013012054 Chesholm La, Eden Prairie10/30/2015Daniel R Gloege, Alison GloegeMortgage
1510131929 Portland Ave S #1109, Minneapolis10/30/2015Kelly Lange, Mortgage
15101324929 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis10/30/2015Iheukwumere U Eke, Mortgage
15101336417 Limerick Dr, Edina10/30/2015Anthony J Mitchell, Polly M MitchellMortgage
15101343311 Zinran Ave S, St. Louis Park10/30/2015Daryl R Dahl, Mortgage
151013517596 72nd Pl N, Maple Grove10/30/2015Alaa Y Abed, Natallia V YurasavaMortgage
151013617284 79th Pl N, Maple Grove10/30/2015David A Bussier, Jennifer K Rogers BussierMortgage
15110014934 Bayswater Rd, Minnetonka11/2/2015Judy K Lambert, Mortgage
15110022622 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis11/2/2015Elizabeth A Richards, Mortgage
1511003117 Mississippi La N, Champlin11/2/2015Shannon M Welsand, Daniel S RoerigMortgage
15110046641 Thomas Ave S, Richfield11/2/2015Dane C Sorenson, Lori J SorensonMortgage
15110057228 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park11/2/2015Marilyn J Mims, Mortgage
15110066983 Langford Ct, Edina11/2/2015Virginia L Martin, Mortgage
15110074544 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis11/3/2015Rita M Arneson, Mortgage
15110085338 James Ave N, Minneapolis11/3/2015Youa Thao, Mortgage
15110094246 Valley View Rd, Edina11/3/2015Charles H Linnemon, Jo White LinnemonMortgage
15110102436 11th Ave S, Minneapolis11/4/2015Allison Boisvert, Mortgage
151101112420 63rd Ave N, Maple Grove11/4/2015Gary D Bjorlin, Lissette BjorlinMortgage
15110123644 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis11/4/2015Noelia Aloyo, Mortgage
15110133806 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis11/4/2015Joel Ward Nunnelee a/k/a J. Ward Nunnelee, Jennifer R NunneleeMortgage
15110146900 Western Ave, Golden Valley11/4/2015Pamela L Gannis, Mortgage
15110157640 Maplebrook Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park11/4/2015Michael Nguyen, Mortgage
15110168719 Maplebrook Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park11/4/2015Randy G Berg, Mortgage
15110174521 Florida Ave N, Crystal11/4/2015Janet C Seibert, Mortgage
1511018433 4th Ave N E, Osseo11/4/2015Andrew J Lentz, Beth S LentzMortgage
15110198428 Chicago Ave S, Bloomington11/5/2015David J Johnston, Melissa J JohnstonMortgage
1511020210 Grant St W #723, Minneapolis11/5/2015Chittamai Suvongse, Assessment
15110217441 Drew Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/5/2015Theodore K Schullo, Mortgage
15110228524 Aldrich Ave S, Bloomington11/6/2015Frederic P Griswold Jr, Martin GriswoldMortgage
15110233649 Brookdale Dr N, Brooklyn Park11/6/2015Mark Schutz, NaCole SchutzAssociation
15110245615 Xerxes Ave S, Minneapolis11/6/2015Annette Gates, Mortgage
15110255920 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis11/6/2015Gregory C Sipe, Polly C SipeMortgage
15110263426 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis11/6/2015Franklin E Walker, Mortgage
15110277303 75th Cir N, Brooklyn Park11/6/2015Robertha Richardson, Roland Richardson & Georgette B McCauleyMortgage
15110286021 Creekview La, Brooklyn Park11/6/2015Evelyn M Lauzon, George E LauzonMortgage
15110296606 50th Ave N, Crystal11/6/2015Adam W Wirth, Rachel WirthMortgage
15110308501 Riverview La, Brooklyn Park11/6/2015William R Carlson, Ilse G CarlsonMortgage
151103114801 Minnehaha Pl, Wayzata11/6/2015Michael A Halley, Linda M HalleyMortgage
15110327548 Louisiana Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/6/2015Chum L Sre, Mortgage
15110332732 11th Ave S, Minneapolis11/6/2015John R Kulseth, Timothy J WesemanMortgage
15110347088 Cahill Rd, Edina11/6/2015Tia L Jacob, Mortgage
15110355278 Ximines La N, Plymouth11/9/2015Elisabeth A Fine, Judgment
15110362641 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis11/9/2015Peter H Kelly, Mortgage
15110371660 Blackstone Ave S, St. Louis Park11/9/2015Duane E Veroeven, Suzanne M VeroevenMortgage
15110388016 Sierra Pkwy, Brooklyn Park11/9/2015Somvang Thongphasavanh, Mortgage
15110397225 Morgan Ave N, Brooklyn Center11/9/2015Anthony Kodlowski, Karen L ShinderMortgage
15110403601 83rd Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/9/2015John C Phillips a/k/a John C Phillips, Mortgage
15110417237 Willow La, Brooklyn Center11/9/2015Alirena Brown, Mortgage
15110424355 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis11/10/2015Aria Hudson-Hall, Mortgage
15110436123 Creek View Tr, Minnetonka11/10/2015Robin A Schiel, Assessment
151104410036 Gristmill Ridge, Eden Prairie11/10/2015Antonio Richardson, Judgment
15110453544 26th Ave S, Minneapolis11/10/2015Ronald S Evers, Mortgage
15110463316 Ewing Ave N, Robbinsdale11/10/2015Troy E Madison, Rebecca A MadisonMortgage
15110475511 Xenia Ave N, Crystal11/12/2015John K Brooks, Catherine BrooksMortgage
1511048816 18 1/2 Ave N E, Minneapolis11/12/2015Vickey J Casey, Mortgage
15110492510 Casco Point Rd, Wayzata11/12/2015Penni M Westrum a/k/a Penni Westrum, Mortgage
15110502028 Mainstreet, Hopkins11/13/2015Rebecca K Jensen, Mortgage
15110513414 Stinson Blvd, Minneapolis11/13/2015Aaron M Nelson, Mortgage
15110526108 3rd Ave N, Minneapolis11/13/2015Ronald D Smith, Jodi L SmithMortgage
15110532263 Oregon Ct, St. Louis Park11/13/2015David J Accola, Mortgage
15110545544 27th Ave S, Minneapolis11/13/2015Sandra K Garin, Mortgage
151105516937 39th Ave N, Plymouth11/13/2015Ebrahim Aneez, Sabeena UmmuthaibaMortgage
15110563426 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis11/13/2015Eric G Hopper, Mika HopperMortgage
15110571519 Grand St N E, Minneapolis11/13/2015Oswaldo Tamayo, Mortgage
15110594051 Unity Ave N, Robbinsdale11/13/2015Cecilia J Giron, Mortgage
15110601440 Jersey Ave S, St. Louis Park11/13/2015Otto Bormet, Cheryl D BormetMortgage
1511061401 74th St W, Richfield11/16/2015Mitchell Sherman, Colette ShermanMortgage
15110625231 99th Cir N, Brooklyn Park11/16/2015Dean J Petersen, Shannon M Petersen a/k/a Shannon M StarvelMortgage
15110634713 Cavan Rd, Mound11/16/2015Gina Faye V Gomez, Justin GomezMortgage
15110643919 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis11/16/2015Richard E Schwerke, Mortgage
15110651736 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park11/18/2015Sahra H Elmi, Dyir B AbdiMortgage
15110666048 Chasewood Pkwy #2, Minnetonka11/18/2015Dalton R Buck Jr, Eva M BuckMortgage
15110675716 Pleasant Ave S, Minneapolis11/18/2015 Ascension Properties, LLC, Mortgage
15110685940 83rd Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park11/18/2015Glenn F Gbakoyah, Mortgage
15110696727 58th Ave N, Crystal11/18/2015Michael Degroy, Laurel DegroyMortgage
15110702648 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis11/18/2015 Blessed Property Services, L.L.C., Mortgage
15110711413 12th Ave N E, Minneapolis11/18/2015Kathleen M Dahl, Chris E DahlMortgage
15110725633 38th Ave S, Minneapolis11/18/2015Michael A Drew, Mortgage
15110733958 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis11/18/2015Alexander Gladkov, Mortgage
15110742951 James Ave N, Minneapolis11/18/2015Robert G Davis, Leslie A DavisMortgage
15110755440 Cumberland Rd, Minneapolis11/18/2015Mark Buckholz, Mortgage
15110768720 Chicago Ave S, Bloomington11/19/2015Mark Goff, Mortgage
1511077918 3rd St N #308, Minneapolis11/19/2015Craig Kristoff, Assessment
15110787610 Vinewood Ct, Maple Grove11/19/2015Martha I Dudinsky, Assessment
15110792724 France Ave S, St. Louis Park11/20/2015Richard J Fogel, Nina L FogelMortgage
15110806325 Xerxes Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/20/2015Chandroutie Ramdin, Hardai SinghMortgage
15110813613 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis11/20/2015Alexander A Gladkov, Mortgage
15110827420 Brunswick Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/20/2015Angela D Gregory, Mortgage
15110836409 47th Ave, Minneapolis11/23/2015Eldon R Jones, Margaret JonesMortgage
151108450 Groveland Ter #201, Minneapolis11/23/2015Susan Dickey, Mortgage
15110856927 Ives La N, Maple Grove11/23/2015Ajaynue L Waljroh, Comfort G WaljrohMortgage
15110866650 Vernon Ave S #408, Edina11/23/2015Rita J Goodmanson, Mortgage
15110872357 Wight Bay N, Brooklyn Park11/23/2015Robert D Shellum, Martha I Shellum , ET ALMortgage
151108816020 44th Ave N, Plymouth11/23/2015Robert G Coleman, Rosemary B ColemanMortgage
15110891 Thomas Ave S, Minneapolis11/23/2015Frederick H Horton III, Paula D HortonMortgage
15110908243 Brunswick Cir N, Brooklyn Park11/24/2015James P Murphy, Christyna MurphyMortgage
15110916670 Vernon Ave S #116, Edina11/24/2015Diane Bauerfeld, Mortgage
15110923100 Aquila Ave N, Crystal11/24/2015Timothy J Mammen, Jocelyn M MammenMortgage
1511093247 West Eagle Lake Dr, Maple Grove11/25/2015Judith A Dease, Mortgage
15110943434 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis11/25/2015Terrance C Chromy, Mortgage
15110954741 Florida Ave N, Crystal11/25/2015Paul K Mallow, Sharon J MallowMortgage
15110963455 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis11/25/2015Steven M Taylor, Roseana TaylorMortgage
15110973634 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis11/25/2015Tionne Reese, Theresa ReeseMortgage
15110982008 73rd Ave N, Brooklyn Park11/25/2015Melvin L Curtis, Carolyn E CurtisMortgage
15110992941 Idaho Ave S, St. Louis Park11/25/2015Deborah L Ludwig, Mortgage
15111009582 Woodridge Dr, Eden Prairie11/25/2015Daniel P Pfeifer, Anita R PfeiferMortgage
15111013905 Quail Ave N, Robbinsdale11/25/2015Aron T Tierney, Alissa M Dvorak n/k/a Alissa M TierneyMortgage
151110215 Franklin Ave E #213, Minneapolis11/30/2015Susan M Kurtz, Mortgage
15111032531 McKinley St N E, Minneapolis11/30/2015Joshua J Buysse, Theresa E BuysseMortgage
15111046501 Brooklyn Dr, Brooklyn Center11/30/2015Thomas J LaMere, Hannah M LaMere, Mark E Hackett & Kimberly A HackettMortgage
15111054434 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis11/30/2015Christopher Chismar, Mortgage
151110613605 61st Ave N, Plymouth11/30/2015Richard A Rodgers, Prapha RodgersMortgage
15111073690 Lyric Ave, Orono11/30/2015John J Lagieski, Mortgage
15120014711 104th Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/1/2015Renan A Guandique, Mortgage
151200212605 Sunnybrook Rd, Eden Prairie12/1/2015Amy M Leonard, James C LeonardMortgage
15120031328 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis12/1/2015Hawthorne Vinson, Mortgage
15120043026 Jersey Ave N, Crystal12/1/2015Luann J Spangrud, Mortgage
15120054334 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis12/1/2015Chris Bell III, Mortgage
15120063813 Grand Ave S, Minneapolis12/2/2015Elizabeth A Ballard, Mortgage
15120074038 26th Ave S, Minneapolis12/2/2015Philip N Conklin, Mortgage
15120081005 11th Ave S #5, Hopkins12/2/2015Wendy J Carrison, Assessment
151200910633 Shady Oak Ct N, Champlin12/2/2015Shannon Hanson, Anthony HansonMortgage
1512010704 Jackson St N E, Minneapolis12/2/2015James Champs, Mortgage
15120119383 Polaris La N, Maple Grove12/2/2015Lisa M Lane, Mortgage
151201211933 Oregon Ave N, Champlin12/2/2015Diane M Skomra, Bradley D SkomraMortgage
1512013533 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis12/2/2015Rosemary Bradley f/k/a Rosemary Irons, J.C. BradleyMortgage
15120146781 Brunswick Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/3/2015Sarah K Mwangala, Mortgage
15120152616 Harriet Ave #210, Minneapolis12/3/2015Josephine Parker, Judgment
15120168058 Curtis La N, Eden Prairie12/4/2015 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Association
15120172020 Ridge Dr #14, St. Louis Park12/4/2015Kim M Doeden, Mortgage
151201816354 70th Ave N, Maple Grove12/4/2015Timothy M Kopp, Mortgage
15120195235 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis12/4/2015Stephen J Phillippi, Mortgage
1512020322 Academy Ave, Excelsior12/4/2015Deborah J Host, Mortgage
15120211401 Zealand Ave N, Golden Valley12/4/2015Curtiss J Skou, Mortgage
15120225030 Holly La N #4, Plymouth12/4/2015Kimberly A Holmberg, Mortgage
15120231315 29th Ave N E, Minneapolis12/7/2015Mary A Zechmeister, Mortgage
15120248200 Harriet Ave S, Bloomington12/7/2015A. Marilyn Keenan, Mortgage
15120253626 19th Ave S, Minneapolis12/7/2015Isiah Riley, Lula M RileyMortgage
15120265415 Pineview La N, Plymouth12/7/2015Deane M Roe, Mortgage
15120278124 Yates Ave N, Minneapolis12/7/2015Mark A Laudal, Julie A LaudalMortgage
151202810412 Vera Cruz Dr N, Brooklyn Park12/7/2015Bobby G Sea, Mortgage
15120295207 Ewing Ave N, Brooklyn Center12/7/2015Walter J Maher, Josephine E MaherMortgage
151203017760 Elm Rd N, Maple Grove12/8/2015Sadiq Sultanali Raza Datoo, Assessment
15120316650 Vernon Ave S #218, Edina12/8/2015Daniel M Rubischko, John M Rubischko & Brandon MitchellAssessment
151203210649 Kell Ave S, Bloomington12/8/2015Mark C Henry, Darcy R SeifertMortgage
15120335541 36th Ave S, Minneapolis12/8/2015Joshua P Winters, Misty K WintersMortgage
15120342809 Old Shakopee Rd W, Bloomington12/8/2015Leslie Keehn, Mortgage
15120358393 Knox Ave S, Bloomington12/8/2015Perley D Pellett, Mortgage
15120365320 47th Ave S, Minneapolis12/9/2015Janet H Goodman, Mortgage
15120373725 73rd Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/9/2015Winifred S Hartsfield, Winifred S HartsfieldMortgage
15120384102 Scott Ave N, Robbinsdale12/9/2015Geoffrey S Costigan, Lisa M CostiganAssessment
15120393101 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis12/9/2015Dewayne F Boone, Kathy BooneMortgage
15120403330 Taylor St N E, Minneapolis12/9/2015Ann C Klee, Mortgage
151204217834 66th Ave N, Maple Grove12/10/2015Yelizaveta Adamenko, Mikhail SherAssessment
1512043737 Woodbine La, Brooklyn Center12/10/2015Walter T Filson, Anna M FilsonMortgage
15120446009 71st Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/10/2015Amber C Gelabert, Cesar A GelabertMortgage
1512045300 Ridgewood Ave #1, Minneapolis12/10/2015Melissa M Powers, Mortgage
15120462512 21st St W, Minneapolis12/10/2015Eric C Lind, Sara L Naaktgeboren LindMortgage
15120477228 Aldrich Ave S, Richfield12/11/2015Thomas M Burgess, Mary Ann E Johnson nka Mary Ann E. Johnson-BurgessMortgage
15120488708 36th Ave N, New Hope12/11/2015Matthew J Hielsberg, Amanda L HielsbergMortgage
15120492355 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis12/11/2015Kelly Milam, Mortgage
15120505025 Garland La N #F, Plymouth12/11/2015Oleg Sandulyak, Mortgage
15120517226 72nd La N #211, Brooklyn Park12/11/2015Deanna M Moller, Mortgage
15120521341 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis12/11/2015Virgil Harris, Eleanor Currie HarrisMortgage
151205318736 The Pines, Eden Prairie12/11/2015Mary C Blinstrup, Bartholomew M BlinstrupMortgage
15120544824 53rd St E #304 & P22, Minneapolis12/11/2015Michael Kloti, Assessment
15120559131 10th Ave S, Bloomington12/11/2015Jolynn Ericksen, Christopher BrownMortgage
15120566228 Brooklyn Dr, Brooklyn Center12/11/2015Blayde S Bush, Alyssa WilsonMortgage
15120574969 Three Points Blvd, Mound12/14/2015Michael T Monson, Ana C MonsonMortgage
151205820560 Excelsior Blvd, Shorewood12/14/2015Robert P Dynkavitch, Michael O'Bannon & Andrea O'BannonMortgage
15120594438 Zane Ave N, Crystal12/14/2015Amalia Aguirre FKA Amalia E Gonzalez, Mortgage
15120601946 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis12/14/2015Barbara A Smith, Mortgage
15120614371 Wilshire Blvd #B301, Mound12/14/2015Joseph S Ellingson, Mortgage
15120622021 29th Ave S, Minneapolis12/15/2015Frederick M Pirtle, Pamela J PirtleMortgage
15120634019 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis12/15/2015Valerie Behrens, Mortgage
15120645010 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis12/15/2015Jimmy Rogers, Dionne BrownMortgage
15120655070 Holly La N, Plymouth12/15/2015Lupe Hoyt, Russell E Hoyt JrMortgage
15120665716 Wilshire Blvd, Crystal12/15/2015Jamie L Mansperger, Dennis W ManspergerMortgage
15120673901 Halifax Ave N, Robbinsdale12/15/2015Evelyn D Gray, Mortgage
1512068433 7th St S #2211, Minneapolis12/15/2015Gregg B Scherer, Mortgage
15120695885 Loring Dr, Minnetrista12/15/2015John R Worden, Patricia A Worden FKA Patricia A McGintyMortgage
15120702501 Girard Ave S #6, Minneapolis12/16/2015Vaughn E Ormseth, Mortgage
15120713543 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis12/16/2015Stephen M Phillips, Mary PhillipsMortgage
15120725532 Blaisdell Ave S, Minneapolis12/16/2015Christina A Anderson, Jason M AndersonMortgage
151207313440 Arrowood La N, Dayton12/16/2015Shawn R Smith, Sarah R SmithMortgage
151207411420 42nd Pl N, Plymouth12/16/2015Gregory S Nelson, Karine L NelsonMortgage
15120752927 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis12/17/2015Ronald Mannix, Mortgage
15120764437 28th Ave S, Minneapolis12/17/2015Karel Fagan, Mortgage
15120776323 83rd Ct N, Brooklyn Park12/18/2015Mohamed A Abdi, Association
151207815107 Lesley La #G12, Eden Prairie12/18/2015Jessica Lepinski, Mortgage
15120798156 Noble Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/18/2015Adam Lamberson, Mortgage
15120802726 14th Ave S, Minneapolis12/18/2015Steven Bolechowski, Mortgage
151208114351 Starrwood Cir, Eden Prairie12/18/2015John C Daugherty, Constance DaughertyMortgage
15120822723 Mcnair Dr N, Robbinsdale12/18/2015Mohamed C Ali, Mortgage
15120833245 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis12/18/2015Donald A Driggs, Mortgage
15120847225 Kyle Ave N, Brooklyn Center12/18/2015James F Gregor, Patricia M GregorMortgage
15120857322 Brunswick Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/18/2015John Anderson, Lori J HusbyMortgage
1512086400 1st St N #510, Minneapolis12/18/2015Thomas D Lee, Mortgage
151208710392 Balsam La, Eden Prairie12/18/2015Barbara J Monteon, Mortgage
15120889145 Belvedere Dr, Eden Prairie12/18/2015Carol Sachtschale, Dennis SachtschaleMortgage
15120897709 Newton Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/18/2015Chris Sauer, Mortgage
151209023600 Saddle Ridge Dr, Rogers12/21/2015Jason Hanauska, Jennifer HanauskaMortgage
15120918216 Lad Pkwy, Brooklyn Park12/21/2015Anita Lopez, Mortgage
15120926201 115th Ave N, Champlin12/21/2015Frank A Barish, Sharon M BarishMortgage
151209323580 141st Ave N, Rogers12/22/2015Joshua A Bigelow, Mortgage
15120944117 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis12/22/2015Kelsey McMahon, Mortgage
15120957965 Pioneer Creek Rd, Independence12/22/2015Cynthia L Rompf, Mortgage
15120969445 Fallgold Pkwy, Brooklyn Park12/23/2015Terry W Lake, Mortgage
15120974709 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis12/23/2015John N Waskiewicz, Mortgage
15120983421 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis12/23/2015Lisa D Johnson, Mortgage
15120998637 Penn Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/23/2015Dale McGlonn, Kimberly McGlonnMortgage
15121003724 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis12/28/2015Sally A Olson, Mortgage
15121012020 25th Ave N, Minneapolis12/28/2015Peter K Johnson, Elizabeth I JohnsonMortgage
15121025087 Arrowood La N, Plymouth12/28/2015Thomas Brandt, Mortgage
15121031821 Zanzibar La N, Plymouth12/29/2015Jodi Poppler, Assessment
15121043520 Montgomerie Ave, Deephaven12/29/2015Jeffrey Stedman, Holly P StedmanMortgage
15121054725 Florida Ave N, Crystal12/30/2015Richard F Gunn Sr, Daisy M GunnMortgage
15121069325 Vincent Ave N, Brooklyn Park12/30/2015Elizabeth J Glirbas, Joshua R GlirbasMortgage
160100117015 41st Pl N, Plymouth1/4/2016Wallace D Gregerson, Susan E GregersonMortgage
16010028764 Bass Creek Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/4/2016Regina K Magee, Terrence JohnsonMortgage
16010034605 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis1/4/2016Tiffany R Gauvin, Mortgage
16010042515 10th Ave S, Minneapolis1/5/2016Robert C Newquist, Mortgage
16010057545 13th Ave S, Richfield1/5/2016Cynthia S Blossey, Mortgage
1601006697 Glencoe Rd, Excelsior1/5/2016Mona K Myrlie, Mortgage
16010073517 74th Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/5/2016Edmund M Wolfe, Mortgage
16010086524 West Broadway Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/5/2016Doua C Lee, Mortgage
16010093241 4th St N, Minneapolis1/5/2016Joseph A Cochran, Joyce L CochranMortgage
16010103120 Hennepin Ave #307, Minneapolis1/5/2016Jennifer A Bruns, Mortgage
16010115195 Upland Ct N, Plymouth1/5/2016Wendy S Fritz, Mortgage
16010127412 4th Ave S, Richfield1/5/2016Craig P Bennink, Julia A BenninkMortgage
16010137698 Orchid La N, Maple Grove1/5/2016Horatius Williams, Mortgage
16010143724 Quail Ave N, Robbinsdale1/5/2016Trisha D Swanson FKA Trisha D Berry, Jerry SwansonMortgage
16010151248 Landmark Tr S, Hopkins1/5/2016Jeffrey R Peters, Mortgage
16010163232 41st Ave S, Minneapolis1/6/2016Derrick W May, Andrea B MayMortgage
16010176743 Deerwood La N, Maple Grove1/6/2016Shannon Stepp, Mortgage
16010183537 Aquila Ave S, St. Louis Park1/6/2016Heidi Mastin, Mortgage
16010191627 Adams St N E, Minneapolis1/6/2016Jose V Chiqui, Isabel V MejiaMortgage
16010204719 Welcome Ave N, Crystal1/6/2016Liza P Carlson, Audrey A CarlsonMortgage
16010215401 34th Ave S, Minneapolis1/6/2016James T Michaelson, Thelma F MichaelsonMortgage
16010226736 Perry Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/6/2016David H Mack, Lacey J AmundsenMortgage
16010232638 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis1/6/2016Jason L Haggerty, Mortgage
16010246905 Vincent Ave S, Richfield1/6/2016Michael J Linn, Rachelle D LinnMortgage
16010253212 Hilldale Ave N E, St. Anthony1/7/2016Kelly J Scott, Mary L ScottMortgage
160102612395 Oxbow Dr, Eden Prairie1/7/2016Robert Taylor, Mary TaylorMortgage
160102710030 Trenton La N, Maple Grove1/8/2016Kirk D Wilcox, Mortgage
16010281805 Irving Ave S, Minneapolis1/8/2016Bonita Colber, Mortgage
16010293507 4th St N, Minneapolis1/8/2016Shaughn A Adkins, Mortgage
16010305555 Spruce Rd, Mound1/8/2016Monica A Winkler, Mortgage
16010315123 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park1/11/2016Annie Lyon, Mortgage
16010327414 22nd St W #114, St. Louis Park1/11/2016John D Ideen, Mortgage
1601033626 23rd Ave N, Minneapolis1/11/2016Stephanie C Opdahl, Mortgage
16010345335 Fairview Ave N, Crystal1/11/2016Daniel S Meyer, Mortgage
16010354201 Lakeside Ave N #319, Brooklyn Center1/11/2016Mulu Barisso aka Mulu A Barisso, Mortgage
160103610913 Glen Wilding La, Bloomington1/11/2016John W Tackett, Courtney A TackettMortgage
16010374147 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis1/12/2016Ronald Niemi, Mortgage
16010388973 Montegue Ter N, Brooklyn Park1/12/2016Samuel Tarnue, Yarmah TarnueMortgage
16010397156 Excelsior Way, St. Louis Park1/12/2016Richard Lewandowski, Lalainia LewandowskiMortgage
16010402909 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis1/12/2016James Jiles, Mortgage
16010417400 78th Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/12/2016Thomas C Strand, Mortgage
16010425905 Abbott Pl, Minnetonka1/12/2016Juan P Palacios, Alejandra BuilesMortgage
16010433780 Bayside Rd, Long Lake1/13/2016Craig L Wicklund, Renee J WicklundMortgage
16010443233 38th Ave S, Minneapolis1/13/2016Amy Belling-Dunn, Chris DunnMortgage
16010456342 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park1/13/2016Andrea McPipe, Mortgage
16010462532 1st Ave S #S104, Minneapolis1/13/2016Betsy Koivisto, Duane O KoivistoMortgage
16010475515 Yates Ave N, Crystal1/13/2016Jeffrey T Deschene, Mortgage
16010486307 Kyle Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/13/2016Gary K Woods, Cynthia J WoodsMortgage
16010493984 Zealand Ave N, New Hope1/13/2016Thomas R O'Neill, Donna M O'NeillMortgage
16010507219 Bryant Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/14/2016Sue Yang, Mortgage
16010517112 June Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/15/2016Stephanie Kujawa, Brett RobideauMortgage
16010521507 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis1/15/2016Bettie L Hinton, George E HintonMortgage
16010538347 Heather Ave, Eden Prairie1/15/2016Richard L Formisano, Mortgage
160105412591 95th Ave N, Maple Grove1/15/2016Curtis J Folstad Jr, Erin K FolstadMortgage
160105519585 Shady Hills Rd, Excelsior1/15/2016Robert T Edmondson, Glinda J EdmondsonMortgage
16010562203 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis1/15/2016Adam F Beckering, Mortgage
16010575520 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis1/15/2016Kathy A Schroer, Mortgage
16010586203 Magda Dr N, Maple Grove1/15/2016David S Cozzolino, Mortgage
16010598457 Emery Pkwy N, Champlin1/15/2016Lisa R Larson, Mortgage
16010603255 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis1/19/2016Michelle L Hohn, Mortgage
16010612311 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis1/19/2016Chee Vang, Mortgage
16010625524 Judy La, Brooklyn Center1/19/2016John P Danielson, Mortgage
1601063260 Sunnyridge La, Loretto1/20/2016Joyce L Champlain, Mortgage
16010642970 Virginia Ave S, St. Louis Park1/20/2016Phillip T Iskierka, Julie D IskierkaMortgage
16010652652 Alabama Ave S, St. Louis Park1/20/2016Tara Johnson, Mortgage
160106615300 41st Ave N, Plymouth1/20/2016Todd D Imholte, Shelly L ImholteMortgage
16010674148 45th Ave S, Minneapolis1/20/2016Gloria J Watten, Mortgage
16010683732 26 1/2 Ave N, Robbinsdale1/20/2016Linda A Ebert, Mortgage
16010697226 72nd La N #210, Brooklyn Park1/20/2016Kevin J Moore, Assessment
16010707464 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park1/20/2016Denis V Durnev, Assessment
16010715335 Hampshire Ave N, Crystal1/20/2016Seth C Miletich, Mortgage
16010723344 43rd Ave S, Minneapolis1/21/2016John Schouweiler, Carolyn SchouweilerMortgage
160107312182 Riverview Rd, Eden Prairie1/22/2016James M Peltier, Aimee PeltierMortgage
16010748025 Aldrich Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/22/2016Linda L Noonan, Susan E Young & Anthony L YoungMortgage
160107515157 Lesley La, Eden Prairie1/22/2016Deborah S Fox, Mortgage
16010763415 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis1/22/2016Miyoko Penn, Mortgage
16010772742 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis1/22/2016Alan W Kwong, Mortgage
16010798216 Halifax Ct N, Brooklyn Park1/22/2016Candi J Froid, Mortgage
16010806806 86th La N, Brooklyn Park1/22/2016Frank M Barnett, Mortgage
16010814140 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis1/22/2016Ben Rancour, Mortgage
16010824445 Bloomington Ave S, Minneapolis1/22/2016Jason J Loesch, Jill M LoeschMortgage
16010832606 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis1/22/2016Deann E Garrett, Mortgage
16010848034 Narcissus La N, Maple Grove1/22/2016Frank Donato, Gina DonatoMortgage
16010867128 Queensland La N, Maple Grove1/25/2016Scott R Valene, Patrice A ValeneMortgage
16010874246 Xenia Ave N, Crystal1/25/2016Jamie W Piekkola, Karlie L PiekkolaMortgage
160108810037 Evergreen Ct N, Brooklyn Park1/25/2016Tony Sounantha, Mortgage
16010893229 Dakota Ave S, St. Louis Park1/25/2016Jeffrey D Bluem, Caroline S HoughtonMortgage
16010902749 Douglas Dr N, Crystal1/25/2016Barton M Lund, Mortgage
16010912412 Ericon Dr, Brooklyn Center1/25/2016Shirley A Block, Mortgage
16010928225 Vincent Ave S, Bloomington1/26/2016Dennis L Macziewski, Mortgage
1601093244 17th Ave N, Hopkins1/26/2016George R Caviness, Mortgage
160109410528 Monticello La N, Maple Grove1/26/2016Stanford S Pladson, Katie J PladsonMortgage
1601095952 Westbrook Way #4, Hopkins1/26/2016Sean C Foster, Mortgage
16010966423 Brentwood Ave N, Crystal1/26/2016Lillie M Burandt, Brenda A Lester & William H LesterMortgage
16010976532 France Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/27/2016Shane Jeno, Mortgage
16010984700 Beard Ave S, Minneapolis1/27/2016Michael A Lewis-Schurter, Megan Lewis-SchurterMortgage
16010993714 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis1/27/2016Monica L Coleman, Mortgage
16011007333 Auto Club Rd, Bloomington1/27/2016John V Heath, Jill M HeathMortgage
16011011052 19th Ave S E, Minneapolis1/28/2016Thomas E Dale, Mortgage
16011026706 Toledo Ave N, Brooklyn Center1/28/2016James N Simmons, Christine M SimmonsMortgage
16011036389 Barrie Rd, Edina1/28/2016Diana D Jorgensen, Mortgage
16011042834 Sumter Ave S, St. Louis Park1/28/2016Linda L Brown, Mortgage
16011053614 103rd Tr N, Brooklyn Park1/29/2016Andrew I Evuleocha, Victoria C EvuleochaMortgage
16011063212 Dakota Ave S, St. Louis Park1/29/2016Esther Heidenrich Mundinger, Mortgage
160110717778 George Moran Dr, Eden Prairie1/29/2016William M Carlson, Nancy A NelsonMortgage
16011086508 68th Ave N, Brooklyn Park1/29/2016Akin D Tyler, Ada M AllochukuMortgage
16011095420 Lake Sarah Hts Dr, Loretto1/29/2016Gregory J Lommen, Ursula LommenMortgage
160111014015 Rockford Rd, Plymouth1/29/2016Mohamed Ramadan, Fatinah RamadanMortgage
16011114136 Oakland Ave, Minneapolis1/29/2016Tyler Jacobson, Mortgage
16011123049 Winnetka Ave N, Crystal1/29/2016Matthew A Daluge, Mortgage
16020015355 Pennsylvania Ave N, New Hope2/1/2016Bruce K Scheidemantle, Michelle L ScheidemantleMortgage
16020022817 17th Ave S, Minneapolis2/1/2016William Parreault, Marcia ParreaultMortgage
16020035900 Aldrich Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/1/2016Shirley L Wilson Blacque aka Shirley L Blacque Wilson, Mortgage
16020044024 Jordan Ave N, New Hope2/1/2016Darien C Wogensen, Mortgage
16020052710 Upland Ct N, Plymouth2/1/2016Justin R Zerr, Amber A ZerrMortgage
1602006160 Hunters Glen Rd, Wayzata2/1/2016Gary W Nafstad, Kathleen NafstadMortgage
16020076400 Girard Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/2/2016Anglea L Wuensch, Mortgage
16020084101 Janet La, Brooklyn Center2/3/2016Amie Lexvold, Mortgage
16020095708 23rd Ave S, Minneapolis2/3/2016Esteban Ayala-Martinez, Maria Ocalla-Perea & Rocio SandovalMortgage
16020102469 Elliot Ave, Minneapolis2/3/2016 Estate of Loree G. Emerson, Assessment
160201110401 Cedar Lake Rd #515, Minnetonka2/3/2016Nina Golovina, Dina ZeliksonMortgage
16020124654 Cedar Lake Rd #3, St. Louis Park2/4/2016Patrick J Bonifas, Mortgage
160201310908 Quebec Ave S, Bloomington2/5/2016Jason W Loiselle, Mortgage
16020146220 Braeburn Cir, Edina2/5/2016Jerome E Laitala, Nancy A LaitalaMortgage
16020154004 82nd Ave N, Brooklyn Park2/5/2016Aimee Lindskoog, Tim LindskoogMortgage
16020167956 Xerxes Ave N, Brooklyn Park2/5/2016Sunday E Adebomi, Modupe M AdebomiMortgage
16020171716 Comstock La N, Plymouth2/5/2016Philip T Gootee, Melissa L GooteeMortgage
16020185215 39th Ave S, Minneapolis2/5/2016Richard V Franson, Mortgage
16020192121 Ilion Ave N, Minneapolis2/5/2016Jeremiah G Speckel, Melissa C SpeckelMortgage
16020201422 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis2/5/2016Sonji L Kennedy, Mortgage
16020212711 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis2/5/2016Cedric D Thompson, Augustine S ThompsonMortgage
16020225207 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis2/5/2016Monifa A Owens, Mortgage
1602023709 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis2/8/2016Donald J Hellmann, Geraldine E HellmannMortgage
16020247816 Berkshire La N, Maple Grove2/8/2016Ronald L Blackshire, Peggy D BlackshireMortgage
16020252506 Robbins St, Minneapolis2/8/2016Mark P McKiernan, Mortgage
16020267316 22nd St W #202, St. Louis Park2/8/2016David S Selnick, Mortgage
16020276264 Merrimac La N, Maple Grove2/8/2016James E Cook III, Hitomi ArimitsuMortgage
16020283343 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis2/8/2016Virgie R Colquitt, Mortgage
16020295320 52nd Ave N, Crystal2/8/2016Sabrina Boston, Mortgage
16020302300 Flag Ave S, St. Louis Park2/8/2016Keven L Steen, Julie M SteenMortgage
16020318971 Quinwood La N, Maple Grove2/8/2016Jill R Flaa FKA Jill Walden, Gary J FlaaMortgage
16020323329 47th Ave S, Minneapolis2/8/2016Monique A Kelbrants, Blake KelbrantsMortgage
16020334921 Vincent Ave S, Minneapolis2/8/2016Mark A Tully, Mortgage
160203411621 Nevada La, Champlin2/8/2016Kimberly A Borgen FKA Kimberly A Goodwin, Robert D BorgenMortgage
16020353646 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis2/8/2016Mary Phillips, Mortgage
16020369931 Kiwi Ave N, Brooklyn Park2/8/2016Katherine Widstrom, Mortgage
16020378207 Xene La N, Maple Grove2/9/2016Steven J Geertsen, Paula J GeertsenMortgage
16020387906 Rhode Island Cir, Bloomington2/9/2016John K Moynahan, Patricia F VictorMortgage
16020391516 California St N E, Minneapolis2/9/2016Joanne T Stith, Kathleen F Mellas & Robert J MellasMortgage
16020403210 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis2/10/2016Deborah L Kantor, Mortgage
16020417229 Garfield Ave, Richfield2/10/2016Sharon C Christensen, Scott C.F. ChristensenMortgage
16020425431 Logan Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/10/2016Andrea Tierney, Mortgage
16020431718 Clinton Ave S #8, Minneapolis2/11/2016William E Meyer, Mortgage
16020446730 Vernon Ave S #407, Edina2/12/2016Kathleen M Hagenah, Mortgage
16020458816 Humboldt Ave S, Bloomington2/12/2016Deepa Ishak, Lokeshwar IshakMortgage
16020463553 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis2/12/2016Cory B Carter, Michelle M CarterMortgage
16020478658 Tessman Cir N, Brooklyn Park2/12/2016Cheryl J Miller, Mortgage
16020488145 2nd Ave S, Bloomington2/16/2016Curtis A Olson, Mortgage
16020496516 75th Ave N, Brooklyn Park2/16/2016Linda Dashner Nolan, Mortgage
16020504617 Lexington Ave, Edina2/16/2016Ronald Olsonoski, Marcia OlsonoskiMortgage
160205110451 Greenbrier Rd #117, Minnetonka2/17/2016Jeffrey B Barlau, Mortgage
16020523810 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis2/17/2016Zachary McCulloch, Mortgage
16020533934 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis2/17/2016David L Davies, Susie V Davies as Power of AttorneyMortgage
16020544722 38th Ave S, Minneapolis2/17/2016Robert F Jacobs, Mortgage
1602055311 Madison Ave S, Hopkins2/17/2016Michael J Mitchell, Pamela A MitchellMortgage
160205617651 Southridge Ct, Minnetonka2/17/2016Debby K LeTourneau FKA Debby K Nelson, Glen LeTourneauMortgage
16020571901 Stevens Ave S #001, Minneapolis2/18/2016Allan Ebongu, Doreen IsingomaAssociation
16020585613 100th La N, Brooklyn Park2/18/2016Thresa Piatt, Mortgage
16020599251 Staring La E, Eden Prairie2/18/2016Christopher R Easterday, Mortgage
16020601821 1st Ave S #304, Minneapolis2/19/2016Charlotte A Holmes, Mortgage
16020616546 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park2/19/2016Janice M Gabrick, Mortgage
16020624024 Major Ave N, Robbinsdale2/19/2016Amy J Leaf, Mortgage
16020632900 11th Ave S #215, Minneapolis2/19/2016Whitley A Opdahl, Mortgage
16020644347 Wentworth Ave S, Minneapolis2/19/2016Warren M Fuller, Mortgage
16020655442 Orchard Ave N, Crystal2/22/2016Jean P Gooler, Bernice A GoolerMortgage
16020668421 13th Ave S, Bloomington2/22/2016Beth Mattson, Mortgage
16020675013 Fairview Ave N, Crystal2/22/2016Roy A Broman, Harriet J BromanMortgage
16020683504 Stevens Ave S, Minneapolis2/22/2016Paul J Edlund, Melissa M GarnettMortgage
1602069726 7th Ave S, Hopkins2/22/2016David W White, Mortgage
16020706718 Drew Ave N, Brooklyn Center2/23/2016Richard E Wilder, Mary A WilderMortgage
16020716450 York Ave S #313, Edina2/23/2016Susan M Blesi, Assessment
16020722500 Blaisdell Ave S #201, Minneapolis2/23/2016Curtis Rykhus, Assessment
160207337 4th Ave N #101, Minneapolis2/23/2016Gary K Stormoen, Brenda K StormoenAssessment
16020748806 Emerson Ave S, Bloomington2/23/2016John T Gumbs, Mortgage
16020753640 Major Ave N, Robbinsdale2/23/2016Robert D Hendrickson, Jennifer R HendricksonMortgage
16020763204 4th Ave S, Minneapolis2/23/2016Orelia Bowser, Mortgage
16020775352 Lakeside Ave N, Crystal2/23/2016Glenn G Lundeen, Mortgage
16020782106 Ericon Dr, Brooklyn Center2/23/2016Lannette Snow FKA Lannette Weiland, James SnowMortgage
16020793734 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis2/23/2016Mark A Robbins, Mortgage
160208010118 Columbus Ave S, Bloomington2/23/2016Tamara Knudson, Mortgage
16020815645 Green Circle Dr #109, Minnetonka2/23/2016Michelle R Musech, Mortgage
16020826905 Game Farm Rd E, Mound2/24/2016Mary A Vogelgesang, Mortgage
16020833900 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis2/24/2016John Pacheco Jr, Mortgage
1602084346 36th St E, Minneapolis2/24/2016Anthony McKenzie, Assessment
16020856135 78th Ave N, Brooklyn Park2/24/2016Rupti R Bhadresa, Rohit K BhadresaMortgage
16020868344 Colfax Ave S, Bloomington2/24/2016Terri Herrera, Mortgage
16020871001 34th Ave N, Minneapolis2/24/2016Kevin Yang, Kaying LoMortgage
16020886508 75 1/2 Ave N, Brooklyn Park2/24/2016Lisa D Shockley, T.J. ShockleyMortgage
16020893332 France Ave N, Robbinsdale2/24/2016Robert Gonyea, Mortgage
16020902818 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis2/24/2016 Latin Work Remodeling Corp., Mortgage
1602091927 11th Ave S #1, Hopkins2/24/2016Katrina M Pierce a/k/a Katrina M Johansen, Geroge E SlamaAssessment
16020924010 Evergreen La, Plymouth2/26/2016Sat P Chadha aka Chadha Sat Paul, Mortgage
160209310511 Cedar Lake Rd #501, Minnetonka2/26/2016Samuel S MacDonald, Association
160209410531 Cedar Lake Rd #214, Minnetonka2/26/2016Lida L Kurtz, Association
16020955100 Fairview Ave N, Crystal2/29/2016Donald J Voge, Virginia VogeMortgage
16020962931 Chowen Ave N, Robbinsdale2/29/2016Gladys J Dahl, Emmaline R PetersonMortgage
16020978451 13th Ave S, Bloomington2/29/2016Bryce J Ramthun, Stephanie J RamthunMortgage
16030011066 Circle Dr E, Wayzata3/1/2016Steven J Cool, Mortgage
16030022305 35th St E, Minneapolis3/1/2016Darlene M Council, Jerome J CouncilMortgage
16030036740 Washburn Ave S, Richfield3/1/2016Steven C Schwab, Liza SchwabMortgage
160300413688 74th Pl N, Maple Grove3/1/2016Gayle F Anderson, Mortgage
16030051729 Watertown Rd, Long Lake3/2/2016Tate D Hanson, Angela M HansonMortgage
16030063544 Longfellow Ave S, Minneapolis3/2/2016John D Carroll, Beverly J CarrollMortgage
16030076012 68th Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/2/2016Lorraine Shaw, Mortgage
1603008850 98th St E, Bloomington3/2/2016Gail L Schmidt, Mortgage
16030094613 106th Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/2/2016Georgia Underwood-Wright, Kristopher WrightMortgage
16030102621 14th Ave S, Minneapolis3/3/2016Walter L Marrow, Sr, Mortgage
16030112620 36th Ave S, Minneapolis3/3/2016Constance H Schey-Hackett, Michael J HackettMortgage
16030122007 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis3/3/2016Alto B Richardson, Mortgage
16030138633 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis3/4/2016 The Estate & Unknown Heirs of John P. Nielsen, III, Janelle Nielsen & Betty Ritchie a/k/a Betty E. NielsenJudgment
16030144001 Jordan Ave N, New Hope3/4/2016Marylin J Thomas, Cleo B JohnsonMortgage
16030155633 Standish Ave, Minneapolis3/4/2016Kathleen A Cline, Mortgage
16030163525 Lyric Ave, Wayzata3/4/2016Tammy R Liljenquist, Mortgage
160301712030 Meadowlark Ct N, Maple Grove3/4/2016Ronald D Lozer, Doris A LozerMortgage
16030183372 Breconwood Cir, Wayzata3/4/2016Gerald A Selinger, Trustee of the Selinger Living Trust Dat, Mortgage
16030198819 Maplebrook Ct N, Brooklyn Park3/4/2016Lucas J Delich, Tracie R DelichMortgage
16030201474 Hampshire Ave S, St. Louis Park3/7/2016Kenneth A Nelson, Michelle M NelsonMortgage
16030214701 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis3/7/2016Jared Ostrem, Mortgage
16030223749 Perry Ave N, Robbinsdale3/7/2016Nancy Calhoun-Johnson, Keith N JohnsonMortgage
16030233209 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis3/8/2016Carolyn Collier, Mortgage
16030243958 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis3/8/2016Paula R Fonville, Troy A FonvilleMortgage
16030253604 Columbus Ave , Minneapolis3/9/2016Teresita Vergara, Alejandro Dominguez RosasMortgage
160302645 21st Ave N, Hopkins3/9/2016David W Thomson, Shelly E ThomsonMortgage
1603027542 37th Ave N E, Minneapolis3/10/2016Danny J Blackmun, Jacqueline A BlackmunMortgage
16030282718 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis3/11/2016Dawn D Boone aka Dawn Denise Boone, Mortgage
16030297412 22nd St W #305, St. Louis Park3/11/2016 The Estate of Joseph L Hunt, Association
16030304720 Old Kent Rd, Deephaven3/11/2016George D Appleby, Bridget L ApplebyMortgage
16030316239 Sunny La N, Brooklyn Park3/11/2016Ann M Malecha, Robert MalechaMortgage
16030323401 Longfellow Ave, Minneapolis3/11/2016Shirley C O'Hern, Mortgage
16030338016 122nd La N, Champlin3/11/2016Joseph A Moholland, Sharon S MohollandMortgage
16030344109 21st Ave S, Minneapolis3/14/2016Candace S McCown, Mortgage
16030357150 Excelsior Way, St. Louis Park3/15/2016Richard Lewandowski, Lalainia LewandowskiMortgage
16030361501 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis3/15/2016Josephyine J Stewart, Mortgage
16030373213 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis3/15/2016Kyle Smith, Holley SmithMortgage
16030383521 Clinton Ave S, Minneapolis3/15/2016Pemba Tsering, Mortgage
160303913727 74th Ave N, Maple Grove3/16/2016Erin M Bennett, Daniel BennettMortgage
16030404011 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis3/16/2016Ruby G Oxner, Judgment
1603042519 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis3/16/2016Anna L Snoddy, Mortgage
16030437117 Unity Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/16/2016Joseph D Knight, Dawn KnightMortgage
16030444070 Brookside Ave, St. Louis Park3/16/2016Mark A Brummer, Mortgage
16030451026 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis3/17/2016John Wright, Carol WrightMortgage
16030468850 Trista La, St. Bonifacius3/17/2016Darrick P Checco, Marlo A CheccoMortgage
160304722200 Red Oak Dr, Rogers3/17/2016Jonathon P Stusse, Lynn M StusseMortgage
16030483240 Independence Ave N, New Hope3/18/2016David M Cohen, Vicki L CohenMortgage
16030497430 Edgebrook Dr, Minneapolis3/18/2016Jerry A Fenske, Mortgage
16030504700 Clinton Ave S, Minneapolis3/18/2016Scott Anderson, Tracee AndersonMortgage
16030518121 60 1/2 Ave N, New Hope3/18/2016Wesley J Urich, Mortgage
16030528508 Telford Crossing N, Brooklyn Park3/21/2016Paul Cavallaro, Assessment
16030537520 13th Ave S, Richfield3/21/2016Roberto Hidalgo Sr, Theresa WiesnerMortgage
16030543210 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis3/21/2016Earnestine Pam, Ervin PamMortgage
16030553743 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis3/21/2016Randy Iverson, Joy IversonMortgage
16030564724 Edgewood Ave N, Crystal3/21/2016Cathy E Horton, Clinton HortonMortgage
16030571519 Oak Park Ave, Minneapolis3/21/2016George C Wheeler, Alice J WheelerMortgage
16030585955 Wedgewood La N #64, Plymouth3/22/2016Roger Sherman, Angela ShermanAssessment
16030594127 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis3/22/2016Keith L Current, Mary A CurrentMortgage
16030609136 Comstock La N, Maple Grove3/22/2016Benjamin T Howington, Mortgage
16030615547 Girard Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/22/2016Lumarie Orozco, Mortgage
16030629306 Columbus Ave S, Bloomington3/23/2016Dena L Gambone, Darik A StendeMortgage
16030631821 Zanzibar La N, Plymouth3/23/2016Jodi Poppler, Mortgage
1603064433 7th St S #1828, Minneapolis3/23/2016Mark Schultz, Assessment
16030654209 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis3/24/2016 Bolden's Custom Homes, LLC, Mortgage
16030664244 Oakland Ave, Minneapolis3/24/2016 Latin Work Remodeling Corporation, Mortgage
1603067350 Shelard Pkwy #111, St. Louis Park3/25/2016Gregory A Hegg, Association
16030682904 67th La N, Brooklyn Center3/25/2016Stephen L Newhouse, Mortgage
16030693132 Utah Ave N, Crystal3/25/2016Joseph W Graf, Dawn M AndersonMortgage
16030709030 Fremont Ave S, Bloomington3/25/2016John K Carr, Mortgage
16030715536 Mirror Lakes Dr, Edina3/25/2016Robert D Granquist, Karen S GranquistMortgage
16030727740 Unity Ave N, Brooklyn Park3/25/2016Catherine R Smith, Mortgage
16030739201 Medicine Lake Rd #301, Golden Valley3/25/2016Bruce L Royce, Phyllis RoyceMortgage
16030743539 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis3/25/2016Robert P Osborne, Mortgage
16030757824 Yucca La N, Maple Grove3/25/2016James G Ludens, Mortgage
16030768708 Wentworth Ave S, Bloomington3/25/2016Gregory M McCully, Sieglinde ThielMortgage
16030771327 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis3/28/2016Laverne E.B. Pargo, Mortgage
16030785409 Nokomis Ave S, Minneapolis3/28/2016Jeffrey S Kiehl, Stacy L KiehlMortgage
16030796512 Chowen Ave N, Brooklyn Center3/28/2016Solange Davis-Rivera, Antoinne EarlonzoMortgage
160308013343 90th Pl N, Maple Grove3/28/2016Mary C Jaeckels, Mortgage
16030816512 Nathan La N, Maple Grove3/29/2016Scott M Stevenson, Deborah A StevensonMortgage
16030822007 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis3/29/2016Kelly J Jaimez, Mortgage
160308310250 99th Ave N, Maple Grove3/29/2016Patricia A Bedell, Jeffrey M BedellMortgage
160308417260 138th Ave N, Dayton3/29/2016Graham J Evans, Jacqueline L EvansMortgage
16030854409 Clinton Ave S, Minneapolis3/29/2016Peter L Scheunemann, Mortgage
16030868240 Zenith Ave S, Bloomington3/30/2016Raymond J Cummings, Karen CummingsMortgage
16030872850 Cedar Ave S #306, Minneapolis3/30/2016Leon J Sieve, Mortgage
16030886280 Co Rd 11, Maple Plain3/30/2016Robert J Doboszenski, Brenda DoboszenskiMortgage
160308925 35th St W, Minneapolis3/30/2016Richard L Parsons, Jessica L BaltzleyMortgage
16030905601 27th Ave S, Minneapolis3/30/2016Juan C Maldonado Martinez, Dora M Martinez-Urbano & Emilio J Maldonado EscobedoMortgage
16040013704 Brookdale Cir N, Brooklyn Park4/1/2016David O Gunderson, Association
16040021615 Merrimac La N, Plymouth4/1/2016Margaret F Thompson, Leslie S DoerrMortgage
160400314025 44th Pl N #5, Plymouth4/1/2016Cheridan A Litsheim, Mortgage
1604004290 Market St #502A, Minneapolis4/1/2016Elizabeth A Wieling, Mortgage
16040054301 12th Ave S, Minneapolis4/1/2016Andrea L Pierre, Erick J AndersonMortgage
16040063700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis4/1/2016Robert L Daniel, Susan J DanielMortgage
16040071619 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis4/1/2016Charlie B Robinson, Betty A RobinsonMortgage
16040084218 Hemlock La N, Plymouth4/1/2016Jennifer Strub, Mortgage
160400914660 13th Ave N, Plymouth4/4/2016James R Stephenson, Camille A StephensonMortgage
16040105324 62nd Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/4/2016Carlos E Prada, Guadalupe M Acosta aka Alma G Prade aka Alma G Prada aka GuadaMortgage
160401122820 Gardner Ave, Rogers4/4/2016Elibariki Mshomi, Mortgage
16040121901 Stevens Ave #001, Minneapolis4/4/2016Allan Ebongu, Doreen IsingomaMortgage
16040138341 Kentucky Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/4/2016Vilaykone Phanthanivong, Mortgage
16040145208 Regent Ave N, Crystal4/5/2016Gloria L Dahl, Mortgage
16040154849 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis4/5/2016Kristine L Abrahamson, , as Trustee of the Kristine L Abrahamson Revocable TrustMortgage
16040168716 Bass Creek Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/5/2016Derek A Lougheed, Kathleen E Lougheed & Lynda S MaasMortgage
16040173707 Urban Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/5/2016Harold L Brown, Mortgage
16040187840 Penn Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/5/2016Angela F Sabby, Donavan A SabbyMortgage
16040197218 Emerson Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/5/2016Heidi Minikus, John A LitzauMortgage
16040202430 Mcnair Dr N, Golden Valley4/6/2016Scott M Barr, Mortgage
16040216343 Nicollet Ave S, Richfield4/6/2016Lori L Schaar, Mortgage
16040221413 12th Ave N E, Minneapolis4/6/2016Kathleen M Dahl, Chris E DahlMortgage
160402312911 Stoneridge Rd, Dayton4/6/2016Richard F Pattay, Mortgage
1604024914 9th Ave S #2, Hopkins4/6/2016Karen K Engebretson, Mortgage
1604025210 46th St W, Minneapolis4/6/2016Bobby D Hatcher, Mortgage
16040268520 Cardiff La, Eden Prairie4/6/2016Devord F Allen, Mortgage
16040275214 Elliot Ave S, Minneapolis4/8/2016Reid C Sellgren, Mortgage
16040287899 Chesshire La, Maple Grove4/8/2016Richard S Little, Ann L LittleMortgage
16040297649 Harold Ave, Golden Valley4/8/2016Robert F Westergreen, Mortgage
16040307263 Bren La, Eden Prairie4/8/2016Michelle L Sorenson, Mortgage
16040318016 82nd Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/8/2016Joseph Vassar, Adrienne VassarMortgage
16040323832 Abbott Ave N, Robbinsdale4/8/2016LaDonna Shannon, Mortgage
16040332701 Nevada Ave N, New Hope4/11/2016Nevada Land LLC , Mortgage
16040343920 Regent Ave N, Minneapolis4/11/2016Timothy J Evenstad, Susan M EvenstadMortgage
16040353615 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis4/11/2016Hassan B Omari, Samia S OmariMortgage
16040366316 83rd Ct N, Brooklyn Park4/11/2016Bushra I Ahmed, Mortgage
16040376701 Scott Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/11/2016Wayne A Opsahl, Mortgage
16040385741 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis4/12/2016William Cosgrove, Dorothy CosgroveMortgage
16040394554 Gaywood Dr, Minnetonka4/12/2016Bret W Flemmer, Lori M FlemmerMortgage
16040406730 Vernon Ave S #105, Minneapolis4/12/2016Steven C Anderson, Mortgage
16040418373 Queen Ct N, Brooklyn Park4/13/2016Jayde M Tran, Mortgage
160404211000 Upton Ave S, Bloomington4/13/2016Robert J Stresnak, Mortgage
16040433646 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis4/13/2016Bridget Sanders, Mark G Aamot & Devon TillmanMortgage
16040446417 46th Pl N, Crystal4/13/2016Cheryl R Hawkins, Curtis T HawkinsMortgage
16040453837 39th Ave S, Minneapolis4/13/2016Wendie A Vatne, Mortgage
16040464207 Lakeside Ave N #322, Brooklyn Center4/13/2016Paul L Swedberg, Carole M SwedbergMortgage
16040472315 Quinwood La N, Plymouth4/13/2016James F Schmidt, Teresa Q SchmidtMortgage
16040481008 Bradford Ave, Champlin4/13/2016Gina Carlson aka Regina D Carlson, Daniel P CarlsonMortgage
16040497703 49th Ave N, New Hope4/13/2016Douglas Shukert, Mortgage
16040507128 Park View La, Eden Prairie4/13/2016Douglas T Pavik, Mortgage
16040516239 104th Cir N, Brooklyn Park4/13/2016Daniel P Britz, Peggy L O'ConnorMortgage
16040527809 Colorado Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/13/2016Meghan A Kaylor, Mortgage
16040535607 Vera Cruz Ave N, Crystal4/13/2016Kenneth E Metzger, Mortgage
16040542949 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis4/13/2016Marcell A Garretson, Marcella GarretsonMortgage
16040553221 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis4/14/2016Bruce H Vang, Mortgage
16040563517 74th Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/14/2016Edmund M Wolfe, Mortgage
16040573725 Noble Ave N, Robbinsdale4/15/2016Adam M Swalley, Mortgage
16040589463 Ranchview La N, Maple Grove4/15/2016Thomas P Zembal, Mortgage
16040597206 Lee Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/15/2016Gregory A Osborn, Pamela K OsbornMortgage
16040605109 Independence St, Maple Plain4/15/2016Sonia D Burman, Mortgage
16040612358 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis4/15/2016Joan M Turgeon, Mortgage
16040621815 New York Ave, Minneapolis4/15/2016Carol R Adele-Jewett, Richard E JewettMortgage
16040632608 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis4/15/2016Letitia M Jennings-Holmes, Mortgage
16040648615 Park Ave, St. Bonifacius4/15/2016Barry C Anderson, Janie L GeyenMortgage
16040654415 5th Ave S, Minneapolis4/15/2016Kelly P Behrendt, Mortgage
16040661400 18th Ave N, Minneapolis4/15/2016Margaret E Cain, Mortgage
16040677614 Aldrich Ave S, Richfield4/18/2016Deborah L Williams, Mortgage
16040686727 Grimes Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/18/2016Harold Thomas, Judy M ThomasMortgage
16040693231 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis4/18/2016Sheila E Nash, Mortgage
1604070203 Diamond Lake Rd E, Minneapolis4/18/2016Daniel J Wiedner, Mortgage
16040715904 Josephine Ave, Edina4/18/2016Paul J Edlund, Melissa M EdlundMortgage
16040725512 Irving Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/18/2016Janelle M Johnson a/k/a Janelle M Plott, Mortgage
16040733355 Zenith Ave N, Robbinsdale4/18/2016Duane J Wylie, Mortgage
16040747302 110th St W, Bloomington4/19/2016Laurie A McKay, Mortgage
16040752800 Hillsboro Ave N #304, New Hope4/19/2016Viktor Durnev, Lyubov DurnevaMortgage
16040766328 Barrie Rd #2A, Edina4/19/2016Edward Weinhagen, Assessment
16040777936 Kyle Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/19/2016Lynda M Rostad, Mortgage
160407818618 Old Excelsior Blvd, Minnetonka4/19/2016Andrew C Freeburg, Mortgage
16040796316 42nd Ave N, Crystal4/20/2016Michael R Hlavka, Mortgage
16040807018 Irving Ave S, Richfield4/20/2016Michelle L Thompson, Mortgage
16040813616 83rd Ave N, Brooklyn Park4/20/2016Jeffrey P Hammer, Lorrie J HammerMortgage
1604082333 8th St S E #204, Minneapolis4/20/2016333 8th St., LLC , Assessment
1604083333 8th St S E #106, Minneapolis4/20/2016333 8th St., LLC , Assessment
16040846515 1st Ave S, Richfield4/20/2016Genevieve Pinero, Glen PineroMortgage
1604085343 Ridgeview Dr E, Wayzata4/20/2016Archstone Construction, Inc. , Mortgage
16040866709 Emerson Ave S, Richfield4/21/2016Cherie L Frazier, Mark FrazierMortgage
16040873525 30th Ave N, Robbinsdale4/22/2016Denise Bass, Mortgage
16040887207 Palmer Lake Dr W, Brooklyn Center4/22/2016Andrew New, Mortgage
16040899247 Windsor Ter N, Brooklyn Park4/22/2016Shirley A Gunn, Mortgage
16040907372 Howard La, Eden Prairie4/25/2016Jeanne L Michelson, Ross O MichelsonMortgage
16040914072 Quantico La N, Plymouth4/25/2016Nancy M Ellis, Paul EllisMortgage
16040922616 44th St W, Minneapolis4/25/2016William B Ray, Patricia A Ludowese RayMortgage
16040931710 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis4/25/2016Charmaine M Burgess, Michael R BurgessMortgage
16040943755 Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis4/25/2016Randy E Waldorf, Cheryl A WaldorfMortgage
16040951407 18th Ave N E, Minneapolis4/25/2016Marna B Anderson, Mortgage
160409611301 Ridgemont Ave W, Minnetonka4/25/2016David J Halonen, Wendy L HalonenMortgage
160409717872 66th Ave N, Maple Grove4/26/2016Marlys J Galzki, Mortgage
1604098170 15th Ave N E, Minneapolis4/26/2016Shelby W Nelson, Mortgage
1604099908 30th Ave N, Minneapolis4/26/2016Dale R Clark, Mortgage
160410010750 Rockford Rd #201, Plymouth4/27/2016The Estate of Joseph C Tieri , Association
16041011126 Landmark Tr, Hopkins4/29/2016Holly A Greathouse, Mortgage
16041023446 Grand Ave S, Minneapolis4/29/2016Java A Coleman, Kristina L ColemanMortgage
16041037006 Humboldt Ave N, Brooklyn Center4/29/2016Lawrence O Smith, Ruth M SmithMortgage
16041042212 Fern La, Mound4/29/2016Harold D Nasset, Mortgage
16041055278 Ximines La N, Plymouth4/29/2016Sigmund L Fine, Elisabeth A FineMortgage
16041061821 1st Ave S #106, Minneapolis4/29/2016Alisha Seifert, Mortgage
16050015650 Dupont Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/2/2016Barbara Lang-Khotsombath, Bounnack KhotsombathMortgage
16050026645 Founders Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park5/2/2016Olana Deme Gemeda fka Ahmed Nebi Dekebo, Mortgage
16050035201 Ridge Rd, Edina5/2/2016Michael B Gaard, Peggy P GaardMortgage
16050042711 94th Way N, Brooklyn Park5/2/2016Michael D Severson, Theresa SeversonMortgage
160500513749 54th Ave N, Plymouth5/2/2016James R Misjak, Mortgage
16050062424 Lincoln St N E, Minneapolis5/2/2016Adelbert J LaPointe, Mortgage
1605007410 Groveland Ave #2004, Minneapolis5/2/2016Laura Ringen, Mortgage
16050081313 14th Ave N, Minneapolis5/2/2016Perry S Price, Mortgage
160500920 Co Rd 20, Minnetrista5/3/2016Alan J Roers, Mortgage
16050103506 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis5/3/2016Ronald D Mercier, Donna B MercierMortgage
16050113912 Quail Ave N, Robbinsdale5/3/2016Jason H Vorlicek, Mortgage
16050127845 13th La, Minneapolis5/3/2016Kyle McNary, Erica McNaryMortgage
16050138139 Bryant Ave S, Bloomington5/3/2016Linda L Hoffbeck, Mortgage
16050145446 Vincent Ave S, Minneapolis5/3/2016Kathleen E Johnson, Mortgage
160501510755 Unity La N, Brooklyn Park5/3/2016Tonisha L Pettis, Mortgage
16050163230 James Ave N, Minneapolis5/3/2016Kevin R Cameron, Mortgage
16050173545 Benjamin St N E, Minneapolis5/4/2016Steven Christoff, Ellen E ChristoffMortgage
16050185754 Stevens Ave S, Minneapolis5/4/2016Thomas Bernier, Mortgage
16050195912 Xerxes Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/4/2016Gabriel S Kromah, Gail G MitchellMortgage
16050204827 Park Ave S, Minneapolis5/5/2016Chatterbox Enterprises Highland, Inc. , Judgment
160502123642 133rd Ct, Rogers5/5/2016Gregory W Olson, Rose U OlsonMortgage
16050228014 Timber Lake Dr, Eden Prairie5/6/2016Gerald Willems, Mortgage
16050239342 10th Ave S, Bloomington5/6/2016Jean MacNeill, Mortgage
16050241647 Marsh Ave, Maple Plain5/6/2016Donald R Mann, Jean M MannMortgage
16050254517 Grand Ave S #104, Minneapolis5/6/2016Jennifer Lovaas, Mortgage
16050265812 Drew Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/6/2016Anita R Selin, Arne R SelinMortgage
16050274031 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis5/6/2016Alonzo Wesley FKA Karen L Wesley, Mortgage
16050284311 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis5/6/2016Donald F Lane, Mortgage
16050296517 Edgewood Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/6/2016John W Colbeth, Suzanne M ColbethMortgage
16050307433 Aldrich Ave S, Richfield5/6/2016Nicholas D Olson, Mortgage
16050318408 58th Ave N, New Hope5/6/2016Diane Clarke, Roberta L ClarkeMortgage
16050328033 Morgan Circle N, Brooklyn Park5/6/2016Donna M Christman, Mortgage
16050331611 Morgan Ave N, Minneapolis5/9/2016Alexiel Whitfield, Mortgage
160503410814 Sunset Ter N, Brooklyn Park5/9/2016Carolyn Waters, Mortgage
16050354921 29th Ave S, Minneapolis5/9/2016Aileen E Larson, Theodore J LarsonMortgage
16050364315 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis5/9/2016Heather L Houge, Mortgage
16050372113 Kings Valley Rd, Golden Valley5/9/2016Kylea Becker, Mortgage
16050386637 Portland Ave S, Richfield5/9/2016Ruth A Rogers, Mortgage
16050397220 York Ave S #413, Edina5/10/2016Maxine N Michelson, Mortgage
16050404368 Vernon Ave S, Edina5/10/2016Douglas E Lundahl, Tara M LundahlMortgage
16050412100 Old School Rd #202, Mound5/10/2016Jonathan M Amos, Heather M AmosMortgage
16050426430 83rd Ct N, Brooklyn Park5/10/2016Shirley Stewart AKA Shirley A Stewart, Mortgage
160504319 Loring Rd, Hopkins5/10/2016Mary Jane Thompson, surviving trustee , Mortgage
16050445901 Quebec Ave N, Crystal5/10/2016Ruth A Johnson, Mortgage
16050453816 27th Ave S, Minneapolis5/11/2016David J Taylor, Mortgage
1605046653 Fillmore St N E, Minneapolis5/12/2016Alissa Borrink, Mortgage
160504714600 21st Ave N, Plymouth5/12/2016FR Net Lease Co-Investment Program 4, LLC , Mortgage
16050489054 Neill Lake Rd #A, Eden Prairie5/12/2016Mark A Webb, Mortgage
16050495332 47th Ave S, Minneapolis5/13/2016Julia C Petersen, Mortgage
16050507864 Yates Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/13/2016Rashad Aden, Association
16050517131 Indiana Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/13/2016Thomas E Johnson, Mortgage
1605052160 Hunters Glen Rd, Wayzata5/13/2016Gary W Nafstad, Kathleen NafstadMortgage
16050535248 Kimberly Rd, Minnetonka5/13/2016Christine O'Brien, Mortgage
160505416630 86th Ave N, Maple Grove5/13/2016Kevin L Price, Mortgage
1605055409 64 1/2 St W, Richfield5/13/2016Bryan M Anderson, Mortgage
16050569314 Nantwick La N, Brooklyn Park5/13/2016Nayubel E Bernard, Mortgage
160505711200 Harrison Ave S, Bloomington5/16/2016John J Rockwell, Mortgage
16050583638 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis5/16/2016Steven G Gilbert, Mortgage
16050591535 24th St E, Minneapolis5/16/2016Yadesa Daba-Washo, Aster NamarraAssociation
16050604232 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis5/16/2016Anyhow M Carter, Mortgage
16050615820 Oakland Ave, Minneapolis5/16/2016Steven T Fenn, Mortgage
16050628101 Florida Ct N, Brooklyn Park5/16/2016Anthony J Satchell, Markeisha SatchellMortgage
16050635203 92nd Crescent N, Brooklyn Park5/17/2016Brian A Colbert, Cynthia LepschMortgage
160506410344 Yorktown La N, Maple Grove5/17/2016Andrew T Hyvare, Mortgage
16050655211 4th St N, Minneapolis5/17/2016Sara N Komoto, Mortgage
16050663229 Buchanan St N E, Minneapolis5/17/2016Alejandro Rodriguez, Mortgage
160506715560 26th Ave N #A, Plymouth5/18/2016Caitlin Iverson, Mortgage
16050686600 83rd Ct N, Brooklyn Park5/18/2016Bobby Tims, Mortgage
16050695215 Rogers Dr, Minnetonka5/18/2016Corey S Huson, Tracy L HusonMortgage
160507014357 Wilson Dr, Eden Prairie5/18/2016Stephen M Tripp, Assessment
160507127015 Beverly Dr, Shorewood5/19/2016Jody Nelson, Patricia NelsonMortgage
16050724303 Oakdale Ave, Edina5/19/2016Jeff Carlson, Regina CarlsonMortgage
16050734660 Bedford Rd, Mound5/19/2016Heidi M Tumberg, Mortgage
160507410411 Cedar Lake Rd #508, Minnetonka5/20/2016Cheryl L King, Association
16050753616 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis5/20/2016Ralph Cork, Rhonda CorkAssessment
16050766816 68th Ave N, Brooklyn Park5/20/2016Shawn R Hougo, Mortgage
16050779837 Hemlock La N, Maple Grove5/20/2016James J Schutz, Mortgage
1605078182 Seymour Ave S E, Minneapolis5/20/2016Gerald M Bursch, Mortgage
16050791654 Marsh Ave, Maple Plain5/20/2016David A Breitbarth, Jadelle A BreitbarthMortgage
16050802607 James Ave N, Minneapolis5/20/2016Arnold L Bell, Crystal L BellMortgage
160508115512 Lilac Dr, Eden Prairie5/20/2016Bertha L Rivera, Mortgage
16050823920 Webster Ave S, St. Louis Park5/20/2016Jennifer Foote, Erik FooteMortgage
16050832607 James Ave N, Minneapolis5/20/2016Arnold L Bell, Crystal L BellMortgage
160508414615 13th Ave N, Plymouth5/20/2016Patty Branham, Jason BranhamMortgage
160508510906 Quebec Ave N, Champlin5/20/2016Leah S Overvold, Todd S OvervoldMortgage
16050864716 Chantrey Pl, Minnetonka5/23/2016Ruth A Hudson Dobbins, Mortgage
16050878025 Xerxes Ave S #212, Bloomington5/23/2016Darlene J Anderson, Mortgage
16050883511 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis5/24/2016Jim F Thomas, Corenne R ThomasMortgage
1605089749 11th ave S #7, Hopkins5/24/2016Sarah Downing, Mortgage
16050909391 Ranchview La, Maple Grove5/25/2016William D Heinrich, Mortgage
16050919240 Chicago Ave S, Bloomington5/25/2016Jackie T Bristlin, Gale A BristlinMortgage
16050921012 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis5/25/2016Yonette E Bailey, Mortgage
16050935901 Killarney La, Edina5/25/2016Connie J Janssen, Judgment
160509410230 Tarn Cir, Eden Prairie5/25/2016Norma C Schad & Clayton E Schad, Norma C Schad as Trustee Mortgage
16050957330 York Ave S #106-1, Edina5/27/2016Kari L Dunn, Association
16050963009 Walnut Grove La N, Plymouth5/27/2016Joni M Buffalohead, Eric L BuffaloheadMortgage
16050978477 Emery Pkwy N, Champlin5/27/2016Herbert L Martin, Lavonne C MartinMortgage
16050986487 Duck Lake Rd, Eden Prairie5/27/2016Ervin J Forcier, Linda D ForcierMortgage
16050995328 Irving Ave N, Brooklyn Center5/27/2016Margaret J Blesi, Mortgage
160510014911 Belvoir Dr, Minnetonka5/27/2016Philip H Rohe, Diana M RoheMortgage
16051011929 Ulysses St N E, Minneapolis5/27/2016Henry M Ongeri, Mortgage
16051021725 Sugarloaf Tr N, Brooklyn Park5/27/2016Nicholas Sorensen, Mortgage
160510315635 24th Ave N #D, Plymouth5/27/2016Cody J Hoskins, Crystal J HoskinsMortgage
16051041212 Arbor St, Wayzata5/31/2016Zoe E Vaughter, Mortgage
16051052764 Drew Ave S, Minneapolis5/31/2016Holly C Wirth, Mortgage
16051062750 California St N E, Minneapolis5/31/2016Dick Wellington, Charlene H WellingtonMortgage
160510715645 24th Ave N #D, Plymouth5/31/2016William F Kuhn, Mortgage
16051085127 Twin Lake Blvd E, Brooklyn Center5/31/2016Christopher J Fealy, Stephanie K FealyMortgage
16051098670 Trista La E, St. Bonifacius5/31/2016Karen J Breyette, Mortgage
16051105101 49th St W, Edina5/31/2016Le Truong, Mortgage
16060012331 110th St W, Bloomington6/1/2016Paul Marusich, Korby MarusichMortgage
16060022750 Cedar Ave S #204, Minneapolis6/1/2016Christoffer J Hanson, Mortgage
16060037032 Newton Ave S, Richfield6/2/2016Deanna M Himmer, Mortgage
16060049009 James Ave S, Minneapolis6/2/2016Scott M McDougall, Mortgage
16060054876 Bartlett Blvd, Mound6/2/2016David Keiski, Mortgage
16060065406 Pompano Dr, Minnetonka6/2/2016Thomas S Ketteler, Assessment
16060072908 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis6/3/2016Michael R Neel, Mortgage
16060082455 Kilmer La N, Plymouth6/3/2016Randall A Moe, Karen V MoeMortgage
16060094901 76th Ave N, Brooklyn Park6/3/2016Jeffery L Bertram, Mortgage
16060104446 Wilshire Blvd, Mound6/3/2016Vernon W Brandenburg, Louise M BrandenburgMortgage
16060111770 Bryant Ave S #108, Minneapolis6/3/2016Mary E Hirsch, Mortgage
1606012410 Quantico La N, Plymouth6/3/2016Donna E Nix f/k/a Donna E Gilliland, Donald D NixMortgage
16060137327 Chicago Ave S, Richfield6/3/2016Maurilio Arevalo, Marcos ArevaloMortgage
16060149040 Magnolia La N, Maple Grove6/6/2016Catherine W Muchoki, Wanyeki GitahiMortgage
16060157319 Brunswick Ave N, Brooklyn Park6/6/2016Jan M Charwood, Darrell D CharwoodMortgage
16060161700 Essex Rd, Minnetonka6/6/2016Amy Y Bloch, Paul R BlochMortgage
16060178355 Davis St, Greenfield6/7/2016Amarjit Singh, Prabha SinghMortgage
160601817015 41st Pl N, Plymouth6/7/2016Wallace D Gregerson, Susan E GregersonMortgage
16060207708 York La N, Brooklyn Park6/7/2016Matthew G Coller, Joanne M CollerMortgage
16060217320 Oliver Ave S, Richfield6/7/2016Ronald E Thunberg, Lisa J ReganMortgage
16060223540 Tuxedo Rd, Minnetrista6/7/2016Edward C Lewin, Marcella M LewinMortgage
16060236700 Grand Ave S, Richfield6/7/2016Sandra M Campbell, Jay B CampbellMortgage
16060249235 Trinity Gardens N, Brooklyn Park6/7/2016Carmala Khemraj, Mortgage
16060252908 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis6/8/2016Michael R Neel, Mortgage
16060268001 Camden Ave N, Brooklyn Park6/8/2016Janelle Steinbach, Mortgage
16060279031 Nevada Cir N, Brooklyn Park6/8/2016Kalvin Thongrasmy, Saynathy ThongrasmyMortgage
16060288579 Cortland Rd, Eden Prairie6/8/2016Amy J Mork, Association
16060299829 Creekview Cir, Rogers6/8/2016Charles J LaBerge, Carol LaBergeMortgage
16060303438 Aldrich Ave N, Minneapolis6/8/2016Kevin Sumpter, Beth SumpterMortgage
16060314200 Alabama Ave S, St. Louis Park6/9/2016Joy L Sundet, Mortgage
16060322200 84th Ave N, Brooklyn Park6/9/2016Joseph Rodriguez, Mortgage
160603310319 York La, Bloomington6/9/2016Robert C Garner, Vicki F GarnerMortgage
160603410557 Noble Cir N, Brooklyn Park6/9/2016Centrecia Duckworth, Mortgage
16060356457 McCauley Tr S, Edina6/10/2016Lawaljit Bhatia AKA Lawaljit Singh Bhatia, Gurvinder K BhatiaMortgage
1606036901 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis6/10/2016Teresa L Farris, Sedrick FarrisMortgage
16060371214 Trailwood N, Hopkins6/10/2016Amanda L Johnson, Matthew M BootsMortgage
16060385505 Bryant Ave S, Minneapolis6/10/2016Leslie P Peterson, Patti L PetersonMortgage
16060392812 31st Ave S, Minneapolis6/10/2016Hughes E Eneh, Mortgage
16060407538 Brunswick Ave N, Brooklyn Park6/10/2016Elizabeth Gaye, Mortgage
16060416259 Empire La N, Maple Grove6/10/2016Patrick Lawrence, Mortgage
16060426300 Painter Rd, Mound6/13/2016Frank T Speakman, Execution
160604310049 Honeysuckle Ave N, Minneapolis6/13/2016Elizabeth M White, Mortgage
16060444800 Xenia Ave N, Crystal6/13/2016Marc K Chagnon, Deborah B ChagnonMortgage
16060454313 Bloomington Ave S, Minneapolis6/13/2016Omar A Sherif, Hikmet AbdulahiMortgage
16060466101 Langdon Tr, Mound6/13/2016Stacey L Bame, Mortgage
16060475309 67th Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/14/2016Donna M Denzer, Mortgage
16060481585 Gull La, Mound6/14/2016Michael Zygadlo, Mortgage
16060492930 Blaisdell Ave S #203, Minneapolis6/14/2016Phillip M McClure, Assessment
16060506505 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park6/14/2016Erica C Fors, Mortgage
16060512505 Kilmer La N, Plymouth6/14/2016Noe G Garcia, Guadalupe Q GarciaMortgage
16060528025 Magnolia La N #120, Maple Grove6/15/2016David B Bergem, Mortgage
16060532716 Lake St E, Minneapolis6/15/2016Urban Developers, L.L.C. , Mortgage
1606054903 11th Ave S #8, Hopkins6/15/2016Maria Gonzalez, Assessment
16060554025 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis6/16/2016Magen K Kimball, Norman E Kimball JrMortgage
16060566331 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park6/17/2016Sada Ali, Association
16060574789 Spring Cir, Minnetonka6/17/2016Shirley E Markuson, Mortgage
16060586801 Emerson Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/17/2016Aaron Yang, Mortgage
16060593040 Lakeshore Dr #B, Minneapolis6/17/2016Venetta L Coley fka Venetta L McKoy, Michael ColeyMortgage
16060607150 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park6/17/2016Jeanne M Cass, Mortgage
16060611820 1st Ave S #203, Minneapolis6/17/2016David Holland, Mortgage
16060624649 Bryant Ave S, Minneapolis6/17/2016Marie S Williams, Mortgage
16060631770 Bryant Ave S #415, Minneapolis6/17/2016Holly M Anderson, Mortgage
1606064948 Westbrooke Way #4, Hopkins6/17/2016Bonita K Sherman, Mortgage
16060651523 44th Ave N, Minneapolis6/20/2016John R Syrovatka, Mortgage
16060663683 Halifax Ave N, Robbinsdale6/20/2016Ronald F Brzozowski a/k/a Ronald F Brzozowski Sr, Shirley M BrzozowskiMortgage
16060675012 Schaefer Rd, Edina6/20/2016Jeffrey B Rich, Amy A RichMortgage
16060683410 Shadyview La N, Plymouth6/20/2016Jeffry L Wolfe, Elizabeth J WolfeMortgage
16060695857 44th Ave S, Minneapolis6/20/2016Michael W Murray, Vicky J Smith MurrayMortgage
16060702411 15th Ave S, Minneapolis6/20/2016Mary Gibbs, Mortgage
160607111505 Lakeview La W, Minnetonka6/21/2016Kenneth W Brimmer, Jaye M SnyderMortgage
16060722831 Quebec Ave S, St. Louis Park6/21/2016Larry W Abbott, Mortgage
16060736201 115th Ave N, Champlin6/21/2016Frank A Barish, Sharon M BarishMortgage
16060745632 Vera Cruz Ave N, Crystal6/21/2016Brette E Anderson, Mortgage
16060754133 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis6/22/2016Bruce P Thompson, Mortgage
16060764329 12th Ave S, Minneapolis6/22/2016Sharmaine V Rich, Brian T HarrelsonMortgage
16060772615 17th Ave S, Minneapolis6/22/2016Benedda W Cotton, Mortgage
16060786233 Colfax Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/22/2016Kao Vang, Mortgage
16060793490 Lythrum Way, Minnetrista6/22/2016Daniel P Hessburg, Valerie J HessburgMortgage
16060801711 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis6/22/2016Anne M Sumpter, Mortgage
16060817620 Maplebrook Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park6/23/2016Vicki L Nehring, Mortgage
16060827112 Minnetonka Blvd, St. Louis Park6/24/2016Carl H Eide, Mortgage
16060832730 Rosalyn Ct #301, New Hope6/24/2016Mark D Kiefer, Mortgage
16060847412 22nd St W #305, St. Louis Park6/24/2016Joseph L Hunt, Mortgage
16060853230 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis6/24/2016Bernest Brown, Angelique BrownMortgage
16060864911 Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Center6/24/2016Brian R VanHavermaet, Mortgage
16060875341 Girard Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/27/2016Erin A McGillivray, Mortgage
16060896710 Vernon Ave S #305, Edina6/28/2016Joyce M Borealino, Assessment
16060903300 63rd Ave N, Brooklyn Center6/28/2016Scott M Galush, Dianna P SpearsMortgage
16060919158 Merrimac La N, Maple Grove6/28/2016Roxanne S Hillard, Lawrence G HillardMortgage
16060925716 Orchard Ave N, Crystal6/28/2016Sengchhun Sam, Mortgage
16060932750 Upland La N, Plymouth6/28/2016Ruth Henkemeyer, Mortgage
16060946100 Beachwood Rd, Mound6/28/2016Monte E Rude, Kelley L RudeMortgage
1606095601 104th St W, Bloomington6/28/2016Mike T Aure aka Michael T Aure, Jill M AureMortgage
160609614005 44th Pl N #6, Plymouth6/29/2016Ora Lee E Savage, Mortgage
160609710700 Union Terrace Way N, Minneapolis6/29/2016Thomas Paun III, Linda PaunMortgage
16060987417 Colorado Ave N, Brooklyn Park6/29/2016Blia Xiong, Her VangMortgage
16060991611 25th Ave N, Minneapolis6/29/2016Henry Amos, Mortgage
1606100910 6th St S #3, Hopkins6/29/2016Israel L Vogel, Mortgage
16061018801 Bass Lake Rd, New Hope6/30/2016Chippewa Graphics, Inc. , Mortgage
16061023611 Zenith Ave N, Robbinsdale6/30/2016Lavera Britt, Kenneth BrittMortgage
16070019925 Russell Ave N #7, Brooklyn Park7/1/2016Sherenia Gibbs, Association
16070024051 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis7/1/2016Martha Grage, Mortgage
16070033544 Columbus Ave S, Minneapolis7/1/2016David J Alexander, Mortgage
16070046421 Kurtz La, Eden Prairie7/5/2016Majorie D Friederichs, Norman P FriederichsMortgage
16070053219 Adair Ave N, Crystal7/6/2016Rufus Johnson, Lora JohnsonMortgage
160700617310 24th Ave N, Plymouth7/6/2016Catherine A Marsella, William K Marsella & Vivian MailhotMortgage
16070073909 Aldrich Ave S #12, Minneapolis7/6/2016Richard Wilson, and/or the Estate of of Richard Wilson, Assessment
16070084004 31st Ave S, Minneapolis7/6/2016Tania Garcia Estrada, Jesus C Millan FuentesMortgage
160700914194 Glen Lake Rd, Minnetonka7/6/2016James A Zachman, Mary E ZachmanMortgage
16070103425 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis7/6/2016Michael D Parker, Mortgage
1607011400 Groveland Ave #813, Minneapolis7/7/2016Jessica B Smith, Assessment
16070123918 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis7/7/2016Allene Riser, Jerry L RiserMortgage
160701311105 51st Ave N, Plymouth7/7/2016Hilario Acevedo & Bertha Coronado, Rosa M Coronado & Willie Coronado LopezMortgage
16070143859 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis7/7/2016Gary L Phillips, Mortgage
16070156464 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park7/8/2016Frances L Nack, Association
16070166701 Idaho Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/8/2016Christopher A Downs, Jay A DownsMortgage
160701710501 Cedar Lake Rd #519, Minnetonka7/8/2016Peter Van Dusen, Mortgage
16070183685 Lyric Ave, Wayzata7/8/2016Katherine Ahrens, Curtis M RobbinsMortgage
16070193241 32nd Ave S, Minneapolis7/8/2016James J Randazza, Margaret A RandazzaMortgage
16070209603 Parkside Tr N, Champlin7/8/2016Cameron E Roberson, Mortgage
16070214115 Jordan Ave N, New Hope7/8/2016Gregory W Olson, Rosy U OlsonMortgage
16070222945 Beechwood Ave, Minnetonka7/8/2016Susan Bannon, Mortgage
160702312361 140th Ave N, Dayton7/11/2016Roy D Maloney, Tamara AbramsMortgage
16070243025 Central Ave N E, Minneapolis7/11/2016Kyle Maccallum, Mortgage
16070251902 4th Ave S #6A, Minneapolis7/11/2016Dana J Kalberer, Mortgage
16070265631 Hillsview Rd, Brooklyn Center7/11/2016Nicole B Richards, Mortgage
16070275658 100th La N, Brooklyn Park7/11/2016Margaret Darsow a/k/a Margaret Gilde, Timothy J Darsow a/k/a Timothy DarsowMortgage
160702812630 74th Ave N, Osseo7/12/2016Huong Q Nguyen, Mortgage
16070298209 Douglas La N, Brooklyn Park7/12/2016Bruce Williams, Heidi WilliamsMortgage
16070305147 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis7/12/2016Ruth B Ragazzo, Mortgage
160703112821 Overlook Rd, Dayton7/12/2016Albert J Hartinger, Nancy M HartingerMortgage
16070323849 Bloomington Ave, Minneapolis7/13/2016Robert A Crim, Mortgage
16070334626 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis7/13/2016Heather S Terpening, Mortgage
16070342627 James Ave N, Minneapolis7/13/2016Glenn A Barth II, Mortgage
16070355011 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis7/15/2016Robert T Nishizuka, Nathan Nishizuka, Estate of Alpha S Nishizuka Judgment
16070363917 Douglas Dr N, Crystal7/15/2016Jose Armando, Dora MitreMortgage
16070377270 Kirkwood La N, Maple Grove7/15/2016Robert J Hoey, Dorothy A HoeyMortgage
16070383916 18th Ave S, Minneapolis7/15/2016Franklin M Theisen, Mortgage
1607039115 15th Ave N, Hopkins7/18/2016Bruce L Hayes, Dana M Hayes, Keith D Johnson, Natalee J Johnson, by assumption Scott L & Debra L NimbarMortgage
16070406135 64th Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/18/2016Kathleen Reak, Mortgage
16070414721 Aberdeen Rd, Mound7/18/2016Gail V Opheen, Mortgage
16070422506 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis7/18/2016Walter L Blakemore, Belinda BlakemoreMortgage
16070439469 Jewel La N, Maple Grove7/18/2016Karen Sognesand, Mortgage
1607044320 73rd Ave N, Minneapolis7/18/2016Judith L Kyker, Mortgage
16070453414 6th St N, Minneapolis7/18/2016Lucille M Holmes, Mortgage
16070465000 78th La N, Brooklyn Park7/18/2016William F Scotka, Deanna L Scotka, Loan assumed by James Calhoun Mortgage
16070473611 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis7/19/2016Patricia E Hollie, Mortgage
16070488600 Pineview La N, Maple Grove7/19/2016Randall R Johnson, Sandra JohnsonMortgage
16070499052 Neill Lake Rd #B, Eden Prairie7/19/2016Steven M Ecklund, Mortgage
16070502525 Fernbrook La N, Plymouth7/19/2016Palisade Holdings, LLC , Mortgage
16070516408 Florida Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/19/2016Armand D Willis Sr, Mortgage
1607052500 Grant St E #2202, Minneapolis7/19/2016Mason T Stedman, Mortgage
16070531042 12th Ave S E, Minneapolis7/19/2016Raymond M Remillard, Kellie E RemillardMortgage
16070548224 18th Ave S, Bloomington7/19/2016John Goor, April OttesonMortgage
16070553900 79th La N, Brooklyn Park7/20/2016Terry L Westermann, Robyn L WestermannMortgage
16070563535 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis7/21/2016Jason Briggs, Cynthia A BriggsMortgage
16070572546 Monroe St N E, Minneapolis7/21/2016Stephon L Frounfelter AKA Steven L Frounfelter, Mortgage
16070587936 Yates Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/22/2016Investors Capital, LLC , Association
16070591605 Utah Ave S, St. Louis Park7/22/2016Darrell DeMello, Nameeta DeMelloMortgage
16070603814 Zane Ave N, Crystal7/22/2016Susan M Arneson, Mortgage
16070619733 Thomas Ave N, Brooklyn Park7/22/2016Akwen Morcho, Mortgage
16070625641 Standish Avenue, Minneapolis7/25/2016Billy I Hawkins, Christine N HawkinsMortgage
16070634529 Zane Ave N, Crystal7/26/2016Katina Duke, Mortgage
1607064501 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis7/26/2016Sheba Tate, Mortgage
16070653065 Dundee La, Mound7/27/2016Piper Schwarzkopf, Mortgage
160706618014 Bearpath Tr, Eden Prairie7/27/2016Paul C Bantle, Heather C BantleMortgage
16070674201 Lakeside Ave N #104, Brooklyn Center7/27/2016Carlos Morgan, Assessment
16070683706 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis7/27/2016Lori A Krone, Rickey CassMortgage
16070697049 110th Street Cir W #23, Bloomington7/27/2016Catherine M Hughes, Mortgage
16070705700 James Ave N, Brooklyn Center7/29/2016Ann M Thesing, Mortgage
160707118495 Cherry Tree Ct, Minnetonka7/29/2016Ricky Guetzkow, Heidi A GuetzkowMortgage
16070727150 40th Ave N, New Hope7/29/2016Gary F Bohler, Brenda M BohlerMortgage
16070732225 105th St W, Bloomington7/29/2016Everett R Smith, Mary J SmithMortgage
16070748432 Zinnia La N, Maple Grove7/29/2016Kelsie L Tacheny, Mortgage
16070753300 Lawrence Rd, Brooklyn Center7/29/2016Timothy G Hofstad, Maryanne HofstadMortgage
16080013709 Pauly Farm Cir, St. Bonifacius8/1/2016Richard Markie, Laura MarkieMortgage
160800217925 Queensland Ct N, Plymouth8/2/2016Timothy J Oliver, Sandra J OliverMortgage
16080033950 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis8/2/2016Dennis D Holman, Jeanne HolmanMortgage
16080044040 23rd Ave S, Minneapolis8/3/2016Elizabeth A Herzog, Mortgage
16080053206 Mumford Rd, Brooklyn Center8/3/2016Brandon C Logemann, Robert A Kappers JrMortgage
16080063409 Longfellow Ave, Minneapolis8/3/2016Martin A Marrin, Kathleen A MarrinMortgage
1608007190 95th Street Cir E, Bloomington8/4/2016Angela Bryant, Quincy BryantMortgage
1608008121 Washington Ave S #1909, Minneapolis8/4/2016Lucy C Nevels, Mortgage
16080095229 Unity Ct N, Crystal8/5/2016Christina Clark, Evan ClarkMortgage
16080108508 Stanley Ave S, Minneapolis8/5/2016Janet L Rose, Mortgage
1608011406 13th Ave N, Hopkins8/5/2016Jennie E Annett, Mortgage
16080122818 64th Ave N, Brooklyn Center8/5/2016Emmanuel C Ezike, Rose N EzikeMortgage
16080134313 Alabama Ave S, St. Louis Park8/8/2016Claudia L Corrigan, Mortgage
16080144331 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis8/8/2016Scott A Bjerstedt, Mortgage
16080153306 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis8/8/2016Stephanie Nelson, Mortgage
1608016210 Grant St W #525, Minneapolis8/9/2016Thomas Stern, Assessment
16080175408 Bryant Ave S, Minneapolis8/9/2016Katie E Milburn, Mortgage
16080187010 Jersey Cir N, Crystal8/10/2016Cara A Beauchaine, Aaron J BeauchaineMortgage
16080194502 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis8/10/2016Tana L Hargis, Mortgage
16080207221 Oaklawn Ave, Edina8/10/2016Nancy K Thorvilson, Mortgage
16080215141 28th Ave S, Minneapolis8/10/2016Donald H Mathews III, Mortgage
160802218193 Cattail Ct, Eden Prairie8/10/2016Andrew N Mutnan, Assessment
16080234831 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis8/10/2016Lena Trosper, Mortgage
16080241210 Sheridan Ave N, Minneapolis8/11/2016Dedrick D Mays, Glenda F Martin, James L Martin, Merceil BurkhalterJudgment
160802518949 Manchester St, Minnetonka8/11/2016Beth R Richards, Ralph R RichardsMortgage
16080265350 Camden Ave N, Brooklyn Center8/11/2016Derek L Emery, Allison A EmeryMortgage
16080278675 Windward Cir, Eden Prairie8/11/2016Janice K Goeman, Mortgage
16080282936 Texa Tonka Ave, St. Louis Park8/12/2016Chad T Eibon, Trina M LosennoMortgage
16080294443 Vera Cruz Ave N, Crystal8/12/2016Kim L Nelson, Mortgage
1608030380 Lythrum La, Medina8/15/2016Kris J Martinson, Deborah J MartinsonMortgage
16080315150 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis8/15/2016James W Murck, Mortgage
16080323514 3rd St N E, Minneapolis8/15/2016Charles E Lewis, Mortgage
16080335041 Green Farms Rd, Edina8/15/2016Todd J Garamella, Barbara A GaramellaMortgage
16080343300 Thurber Rd, Brooklyn Center8/16/2016Joan L Wikstrom, Mortgage
160803517945 24th Ave N, Plymouth8/17/2016Richard O DeCamp, Nancy L DeCampMortgage
160803613877 Erwin Ct, Eden Prairie8/17/2016Lucas Braun, Jared A LenzMortgage
16080374317 Flag Ave N, New Hope8/18/2016Colleen P Wallin, Mortgage
16080383508 Stevens Ave S, Minneapolis8/18/2016Carlos A Cardoso Lucero, Mortgage
16080393944 46th Ave S, Minneapolis8/18/2016Besse R Kandle, Nancy S Kandle StefanescuMortgage
160804015709 Lund Rd N, Eden Prairie8/19/2016Randoll G Sloan, Danette L SloanMortgage
16080414327 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis8/19/2016Malcolm Samuels, Gwen SamuelsMortgage
16080422801 James Ave N, Minneapolis8/19/2016Anthony Kresel, Mortgage
160804310600 River Ter, Bloomington8/22/2016E. Graden Hanson, Kathy M HansonMortgage
16080446325 Vera Cruz La N, Brooklyn Park8/22/2016Dale C Post, Jeanette K PostMortgage
1608045433 7th St S #1828, Minneapolis8/22/2016Mark Schultz, Mortgage
16080466521 Stevens Ave, Richfield8/22/2016John P Reiter, Mortgage
16080476517 Florida Ave N, Minneapolis8/22/2016Jose M Vital Torres, Virginia Sanchez Ramirez, Roberto Vital Torres, Laura Castaneda OrtizMortgage
16080482701 Ensign Ave N, New Hope8/22/2016Edward M Schwartz, Bayla M SchwartzMortgage
16080497134 Excelsior Way, St. Louis Park8/22/2016Richard Lewandowski, Lalainia LewandowskiMortgage
16080502930 Blaisdell Ave S #115, Minneapolis8/23/2016Marlys E Goebel, Assessment
16080514320 Colfax Ave S, Minneapolis8/23/2016Timothy J Holdgrafer, Kelly J HoldgraferMortgage
16080523438 Pilgrim La N, Plymouth8/23/2016Amy C Lukes, Mortgage
16080535000 Oxborough Gardens N, Brooklyn Park8/23/2016Scott M Taylor, Donna M TaylorMortgage
16080546037 Colfax Ave N, Brooklyn Center8/24/2016Shawn Gillespie, Shannon GillespieMortgage
160805516420 Dayton Ave, Dayton8/24/2016Delores Bistodeau, Mortgage
1608056801 Superior St S E, Minneapolis8/25/2016Barbara E Karkie, Mortgage
16080575201 Circle Down, Golden Valley8/25/2016Anthony Osman, Mortgage
16080582800 Hillsboro Ave N #312, New Hope8/25/2016Renee M Dodds, Mortgage
1608059510 36 1/2 Ave N E, Minneapolis8/25/2016Charles S Anyway, Mortgage
16080608204 Hiawatha Cir, Eden Prairie8/25/2016Michael H Johnson Jr, Shana BloodsawMortgage
160806111871 85th Pl N, Maple Grove8/26/2016Vlada Chechetka, Association
16080626119 Habitat Ct S, Edina8/26/2016William K Rose, Mortgage
16080633044 37th Ave S, Minneapolis8/26/2016Richard P Nelson, Katherine A NelsonMortgage
16080645908 83rd Pkwy N, Brooklyn Park8/26/2016Yvette Thompson, Mortgage
160806514731 95th Ave N, Maple Grove8/26/2016Susan J Gerard, Mortgage
1608066844 West River Rd, Champlin8/26/2016Florence Horn, Mortgage
16080676464 84th Ct N, Minneapolis8/29/2016Frances L Nack, Mortgage
16080684229 Ottawa Ave S, St. Louis Park8/29/2016Andrew E Brady, Laura J KerwinMortgage
16080694710 58th Ave N #301, Minneapolis8/29/2016Dimitri Russell, Mortgage
1608070333 8th St S E #105, Minneapolis8/30/2016333 8th St, LLC , Assessment
16080715551 Elm Grove Cir, New Hope8/30/2016Zinoviy Belyavin, Irina BelyavinMortgage
16080724567 Washburn Ave N, Minneapolis8/30/2016Linda J Carlson, Mortgage
16080732411 78th Ct N, Brooklyn Park8/31/2016April Terwey, Chris VaraMortgage
16080744045 16th Ave S, Minneapolis8/31/2016Dorette M Beckford, Mortgage
16080757246 72nd La N, Brooklyn Park8/31/2016Shirley A Oliver, Mortgage
16080761061 Weston La N, Plymouth8/31/2016Polly A Berg, Mortgage
16090013500 3rd St N E, Minneapolis9/1/2016Ernest H Luick Jr, Donna J EdwardsMortgage
16090023516 Park Ave, Minneapolis9/1/2016Daniel J Beckwith, Mortgage
16090032609 Yosemite Ave S, St. Louis Park9/1/2016Thomas V Zinda, Mortgage
16090046109 78th Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/2/2016Hiep Ton, Association
16090054035 Dahl Rd, Orono9/2/2016William J Roseth, Mortgage
16090064605 Watertown Rd, Orono9/2/2016John F Serena, Joan SerenaMortgage
160900718400 Creeks Bend Dr, Minnetonka9/2/2016John F Mohr, Mortgage
16090084100 Brunswick Ave N, Crystal9/2/2016Eugene Johnson, Nancy JohnsonMortgage
16090094051 Douglas Dr N, Crystal9/2/2016Joseph M Kurtz, Amy M KurtzMortgage
16090107986 Beard Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/2/2016Todd A Dotseth, Mortgage
16090114308 78th Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/2/2016Samuel J Ross, Victoria K Hayes-RossMortgage
16090125940 Emerson Ave S, Minneapolis9/6/2016Dorothy M Calabrese, Mortgage
16090135324 14th Ave S, Minneapolis9/6/2016Carol E Messler, Mortgage
16090148825 13th Ave S, Bloomington9/6/2016Virginia L Tucker, Donald Tucker, Robert L Pikala, Susan L PikalaMortgage
16090155203 50th Ave N, Crystal9/6/2016Donald C Howe, Mortgage
16090166493 Regency La, Eden Prairie9/6/2016Tan Truong, Mortgage
1609017917 Main St, Hopkins9/6/2016JMM Properties, LLC , Mortgage
16090186645 Emerson Ave S, Richfield9/6/2016Kelly Charbonneau, Mortgage
16090191340 68th La N, Brooklyn Center9/7/2016Jacqueline Wincek, Judgment
1609020384 Nathan La N, Champlin9/7/2016Joel P Erikson, Stacy L Losinksi-Erikson, F/K/A Stacy L LosinskiMortgage
16090212610 Garfield Ave #308, Minneapolis9/7/2016Scott J Ellefson, Mortgage
16090221636 Hollywood Ave N E, Minneapolis9/7/2016Ralph E Karki, Stanleigh J KarkiMortgage
16090235095 Woodland Rd, Minnetonka9/7/2016Gregory J Brodersen, Nicole Burns-BrodersenMortgage
16090248850 Jasmine La, Eden Prairie9/7/2016MaryLee H Gerber, Mortgage
16090254001 Morningside Rd, Edina9/7/2016Lawrence L Olson, Mortgage
16090263114 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis9/8/2016Debra J Thorson, Mortgage
16090286691 Merrimac La N, Maple Grove9/8/2016Curtis Travis, Rachel TravisMortgage
16090297141 Merrimac La N, Maple Grove9/8/2016Gennadiy Yakovlev, Mortgage
16090304710 58th Ave N #301, Crystal9/9/2016Dimitri Russell, Association
16090314710 58th Ave N #115, Crystal9/9/2016Ann E Hoaglund, Association
16090323850 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis9/9/2016Regena L Buckner, Mortgage
16090331150 Black Oaks La N, Plymouth9/9/2016Margaret A Christensen, Mortgage
16090346106 Quail Ave N, Brooklyn Center9/9/2016Hector A Topete, Maria G FloresMortgage
16090357915 Corcoran Tr W, Corcoran9/9/2016Silvia V Thorson, John ThorsonMortgage
16090368550 Woodland Cur, St. Bonifacius9/12/2016C. Richard Wagner, Jennifer L WagnerMortgage
16090372734 14th Ave S, Minneapolis9/13/2016Geovanny Huinansaca, Mortgage
160903810675 Nathan La N, Maple Grove9/13/2016Thomas Reishus, Mortgage
16090395616 45th Ave S, Minneapolis9/13/2016Jeremy A Friedrich, Tasha DamonMortgage
16090401418 Irving Ave N, Minneapolis9/13/2016Yer Xiong, Mortgage
16090415641 Nevada Ave N, Crystal9/14/2016Sandra J Tjoens, Mortgage
16090426321 84th Ct N, Brooklyn Park9/14/2016Jodi L Rouse, Jerry T DixonMortgage
160904311133 Edgewood Cir N, Champlin9/14/2016Carla D Berglund, Association
16090443308 5th Ave S, Minneapolis9/14/2016June D Griffin, Mortgage
16090452529 17th Ave S, Minneapolis9/15/2016Guillermina G Nunez, Jeronimo Mendoza PenalozaMortgage
160904611013 Douglas La N, Champlin9/15/2016Tonya L Heid, Mortgage
16090472500 13th Ave S, Minneapolis9/16/2016Rosalie J Coleman, Chico P ColemanMortgage
1609048330 Ford Rd #6, St. Louis Park9/16/2016Marilyn E Pyka, Mortgage
1609049865 Bayside La, Mound9/16/2016Michael M Stulberg, Linda R StulbergMortgage
16090506636 5th Ave S, Richfield9/16/2016Jacqueline A Oster, Mortgage
16090512622 Meridian Dr, Robbinsdale9/16/2016Desiree Miller, Steven MillerMortgage
16090525227 Quail Ave N, Crystal9/19/2016Thomas R Ritter, Debra A RitterMortgage
16090534552 33rd Ave S, Minneapolis9/19/2016Rachelle Humphrey, Mortgage
16090542946 Lincoln St N E, Minneapolis9/19/2016Sandra M Palthen, Mortgage
160905512450 29th Ave N, Plymouth9/19/2016Dale F Miesen, Dianne L MiesenMortgage
160905611160 Anderson Lakes Pkwy #100, Eden Prairie9/19/2016Brent A Robinson, Mortgage
16090574120 38th Ave S, Minneapolis9/20/2016Robert A Distad, Tammy J DistadMortgage
1609058801 7th St S E, Minneapolis9/20/2016Grace Song, Eric E ShinMortgage
16090595809 Rhode Island Ave N, Crystal9/21/2016Donald J Pachyak, Arlene L PachyakMortgage
16090609996 Liatris La, Eden Prairie9/21/2016Brianna M Miller, Mortgage
16090613935 5th Ave S, Minneapolis9/21/2016Abdulrazak A Sheikh, Ruun A MohamedMortgage
16090625441 4th St N, Brooklyn Center9/21/2016Joshua M Lungstrom, Mortgage
160906313775 90th Avenue N, Maple Grove9/21/2016Miguel A Mendez, Maria O Mendez-PilgrimMortgage
16090643837 Grand Ave S, Minneapolis9/22/2016Stephen V Buck, Jennifer M BuckJudgment
16090656611 45th Ave N, Crystal9/22/2016Janice D Walker, Mortgage
16090663217 80th Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/22/2016Lori Oliver, Mortgage
16090674737 13th Ave S, Minneapolis9/23/2016Steven S Ness, Theresa I Thompson F/K/A Theresa I NessJudgment
16090681677 Eagle La, Mound9/23/2016Ronald F Lopergalo, Mortgage
1609069333 8th St S E #105, Minneapolis9/23/2016Nicholas Halverson, Jeanine M HalversonMortgage
16090701712 58th St E, Minneapolis9/23/2016Benjamin C Neal, Mortgage
16090714120 Parklawn Ave #120, Edina9/23/2016Holly Matzke, Mortgage
16090724540 Oregon Ave N, New Hope9/23/2016Barbara J Strub, Glenn A StrubMortgage
16090733535 Co Rd No. 44, Minnetrista9/23/2016Frederick A Johnson, Mortgage
16090747004 Lanham La, Edina9/23/2016David A Erickson, Janelle EricksonMortgage
16090753906 61st Ave N, Brooklyn Center9/23/2016Pheackdey KY, Mortgage
16090763705 41st Ave S, Minneapolis9/26/2016Renee K Maxwell, Mortgage
16090772624 Blaisdell Ave S, Minneapolis9/26/2016Brock Dubbels a/k/a Brock R Dubbels, Lisa A DubbelsMortgage
16090789466 Kirkwood Way N, Maple Grove9/26/2016Lisa C Jost FKA Lisa C Rogina, Derik A JostMortgage
16090794429 4th Ave S, Minneapolis9/27/2016Maeola Mckinnies, Mortgage
16090804800 Colfax Ave N, Minneapolis9/27/2016Gordon K Novotny, Carol J NovotnyMortgage
16090816010 Garwood Rd N, Brooklyn Park9/27/2016Larussell Hopson, Hawanya HopsonMortgage
16090826229 Major Ave N, Brooklyn Center9/28/2016Wilson G Angamarca Romero, Judid R EspinozaMortgage
16090831005 11th Ave S #5, Hopkins9/28/2016Wendy J Carrison, Mortgage
16090847427 Xerxes Ave S, Richfield9/28/2016Daniel A Adkins, Michele L AdkinsMortgage
16090859765 Vincent Ave N, Brooklyn Park9/28/2016Euphemia Keleekai, Mortgage
16090868935 Sylvan Ridge, Eden Prairie9/28/2016Leon J Duda, Margaret M DudaMortgage
16090876995 Magda Dr N, Maple Grove9/28/2016Kalm Enterprises, LLC , Mortgage
16090883807 Globe Flower Cir N, Brooklyn Park9/28/2016Maryann M Larmie, Sylvannus E LarmieMortgage
160908911625 Winnetka Ave N, Champlin9/29/2016Edward E McGill Sr, Kathy McGillMortgage
16090904520 Bryant Ave S, Minneapolis9/30/2016Kevin E Frank, Mortgage
16090913506 Fillmore St N E, Minneapolis9/30/2016William G Burkett, Bobbi Jo BurkettMortgage
16090924950 Pioneer Tr, Greenfield9/30/2016Cory R Fuchs, Tracy L FuchsMortgage
16090935501 Humboldt Ave N, Brooklyn Center9/30/2016Jenny R Lester, Mortgage
16090946415 York Ave S #103, Edina9/30/2016Elizabeth A Marano, Mortgage
16100013740 25th Ave S, Minneapolis10/4/2016Jesse Lee, Gabriele LeeMortgage
16100025001 34th Ave N, Golden Valley10/5/2016David R Fedyk, Lisa M Lounsbury-FedykMortgage
16100031851 Pennsylvania Ave S, St. Louis Park10/5/2016Harlowe Edelstein, Erlys L EdelsteinMortgage
16100043121 5th Ave S, Minneapolis10/5/2016Luendy Lee aka Lueendy Lindsey Lee, Mortgage
16100055955 Wedgewood La N #64, Plymouth10/6/2016Roger Sherman, Angela P ShermanMortgage
161000613633 73rd Ave N, Maple Grove10/7/2016Steven J Schenck, Sharon K Schenck fka Sharon K SchultenoverMortgage
16100072315 Ilion Ave N, Minneapolis10/10/2016Eugenia Hernandez, Mortgage
16100088948 Neill Lake Rd #151, Eden Prairie10/11/2016Sandra F Hinton, Assessment
16100097416 73rd Ave N, Brooklyn Park10/11/2016Patrick L Carter, Tammy M WilliamsMortgage
16100102480 Winfield Ave, Golden Valley10/11/2016Erik P Carlson, Angela J CarlsonMortgage
16100115246 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis10/12/2016Jennifer L Harenza, Lora L BerglundMortgage
16100121712 84th St E, Bloomington10/12/2016Esmeralda Malave, Mortgage
16100135042 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis10/12/2016Layne E Bell, David C BellMortgage
161001450 Jackson Ave S, Hopkins10/12/2016Eric Eifrig, Mortgage
16100151331 82nd St W #B, Bloomington10/12/2016Campbell Hart Enterprises, LLC , Assessment
161001610990 40th Pl N, Plymouth10/13/2016Ashley M Christenson, Mortgage
16100172209 27th Ave S, Minneapolis10/13/2016Colleen A Zarich, Mortgage
1610018822 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis10/13/2016Dorothy E Harvey, Mortgage
16100197016 Columbus Ave S, Richfield10/14/2016Sally Jorgensen, Mortgage
16100205337 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis10/14/2016Zanda Albertina, Mortgage
16100215149 Vincent Ave N, Minneapolis10/14/2016William N Scott, Catherine M ScottMortgage
16100225895 Quebec Ave N, Crystal10/14/2016Vernon E Jondall, Gertrude M JondallMortgage
1610023642 Monroe St N E, Minneapolis10/14/2016William H Normandin, Mortgage
16100242509 Harriet Ave S, Minneapolis10/14/2016Thomas Nyberg aka Thomas C Nyberg, Mortgage
16100256815 Elliot Ave S, Richfield10/14/2016Robert E Ordway Sr, Mortgage
16100269118 Ashley Ter, Brooklyn Park10/14/2016Bruce C Thompson, Lori J ThompsonMortgage
16100277200 Lee Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/14/2016Timothy L Racette, Delores M RacetteMortgage
16100289722 Mill Creek Dr, Eden Prairie10/17/2016Chad D Engelby, Mortgage
16100291309 50th Ave N, Minneapolis10/17/2016Lelia A White, Mortgage
16100305621 44th Ave S, Minneapolis10/17/2016Kathleen J Manning, Mortgage
16100318272 York Ave S, Bloomington10/17/2016Elizabeth L Rosch, Mortgage
16100323235 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis10/17/2016Christy Crosby, Mortgage
16100331565 Black Oaks La N, Plymouth10/17/2016William R Martin, Sandi R MartinMortgage
1610034720 4th St N #503, Minneapolis10/18/2016Marla J Stewart, Assessment
1610035121 Washington Ave S #1909, Minneapolis10/18/2016Lucy C Nevels, Assessment
16100366824 France Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/18/2016Mark L Lanning, Mortgage
16100375632 Emerson Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/19/2016Richard A Daher, Mortgage
16100388675 Windward Cir, Eden Prairie10/19/2016Janice K Goeman, Mortgage
16100397168 Unity Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/19/2016Martha A Scott, Mortgage
16100402837 Louisiana Ave S, St. Louis Park10/19/2016William J Costello, Hali M CostelloMortgage
16100414116 Welcome Ave N, Robbinsdale10/20/2016Steve Gebauer, Carlie GebauerMortgage
16100423600 53rd Ave N, Brooklyn Center10/21/2016Douglas L Engler, Jeanette G SmithMortgage
16100433053 Georgia Ave S, St. Louis Park10/21/2016Sylvia L Rhode, Mortgage
161004411316 Louisiana Ave, Champlin10/21/2016Patrick Larson, Susan LarsonMortgage
16100453607 Zenith Ave N, Robbinsdale10/21/2016Darryl J Parker, Michelle ParkerMortgage
16100463820 46th Ave S, Minneapolis10/24/2016Michael A Fusaro, Mortgage
161004711627 Elmwood Ave N, Champlin10/24/2016Ruben Aponte, Cecelia D AponteMortgage

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